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Xbox 360 Longplay [083] Megaman 9

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Played By: Tsunao

Classic Mega Man by Inti-Creates and Capcom.

Like all the other times, the blue bomber commits robot-on-robot violence to clear his maker's name. There was something about his robots going bad...or something.

Just like all the other Mega Man games: jumping, shooting, many spike traps, disappearing blocks. This goes back to old school Mega Man gameplay (no sliding or charged shots). There is Proto Man, but he is DLC, thus irrelevant.

For this longplay thingy, I go through the game on Normal mode with the blue bomber. Boss weakness is abused. Kept some deaths in. Deaths at Bio Devil was intentional. First time, I KNOW I wasn't going to make it (and I forgot its pattern since it has been some two years since I played this.). Second time was due to forgetting all about the core coming out. Performance quality started dipping on the Boss Rush.

No Endless Stage or Special Stage DLC.

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