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Lego Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues - Gameplay (Nintendo DS)

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Just some gameplay of the Nintendo DS version of LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues. Enjoy

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Hey what's up my Swagger's gamer guard seven aces and today I'm doing another new game lego indiana jones - the adventure continues alright oh by the way guys just let you know ahead of time this is not going to be a walkthrough I'm just doing that this is kind of like just a gameplay you know just a video where I show off gameplay for this game but yeah I'm not doing walkthroughs anymore for the rest of this year this year is almost over so yeah I cancelled my Lego Star Wars d/s a matter of fact I returned that back I've actually had this game for about two months and uh yeah I have to say this game is pretty boring that's why I could I I was going to do a walk through this game since October but I just kept postponing and delaying it because the game was really boring and really confusing you know this was one of the first earliest Lego games for the handheld so you know you can tell like it hasn't aged well and Lego games really got better on the handheld this one was just too boring now a lot of people have never played this game yet on their channels there is one but the camera quality is so crappy so at first that's why I was excited to do this because I will I would have provided the first HD Game Capture whereas like you know I can't do something if I don't enjoy it I'm not going to do it simply for the views and money no but yeah alright and this is back then with Legos couldn't talk as usual so they were more slapstick and cartoonish but this is supposed to did this is the sequel to lego indiana jones on the video game this is lego indiana jones - the adventure continues and it's one of the more men sequels of lego it was pretty much the same because the first game had the original three Indiana Jones movies you know in chronological order a way actually no in the order which it came out was Raiders of the Lost Ark Temple of Doom and the Last Crusade so this one has all three of those again including the Crystal Skull which came out in 2009 so the movie and the game count 2009 so the difference with the console version was that the original levels were bigger now and yeah so this was actually the first game where Lego changed her engine now from lego starwars 1 2 I think that also the Complete Saga and Lego Batman Lego travelers tales had a different engine when running Lego games the engine was more simplistic and that engine could also be replicated on handhelds like PSP or PlayStation Portable like one of my oldest walkthroughs Lego Batman of the video game it wasn't crappy shitty quality but because I recorded on camera but I wasn't playing it on a PlayStation console I was playing it on PSP PlayStation Portable so because back then the handheld I mean the console games were easy to replicate on a very good hand held by placing portable but once travellish child tales upgraded the engine for lego games with this game it was harder for it to be ported on a handheld it could simply couldn't be ported anymore because the engine was pretty much advanced and this was the engine travelers tales kept using up till until now their engine has gotten better and better but this is the engine debuts definitely for the majority of the years you know they've been making Lego games so this is the only handheld of lego indiana jones' - they didn't make any I think they had one for PSP but it was the same as this just with slightly better quality but that's about it so yeah a lot of people were mad looks like listen guys the reason why they did this is because Lego games they changed the engine and for them to make a good 3d a Lego game they would have to completely make a new game new type of game which they're not going to do there's always two divisions for lego games there's the console and the handheld back then it was the console the ports to the handheld like for handhelds that are powerful as a console Hypatia's portable and back then was the Nintendo DSi obviously a DES was not as powerful as played as a portable so the dance would have its own a handheld version which would be this so yeah that's the little history behind Lego games because uh yeah you know I was able to play lego indiana jones 1 lake with batman 1 and lego star wars 2 on the PSP exactly like it wasn't console the only difference is is the quality is not as high res as a console version that's about it yeah so because these games were made back in the early handheld days of lego games it was born in like I I cannot do a walk through this game so I only did a little gameplay so you guys can see how it looks like in you know I plan on doing that too a couple few more games before you know the years out but I want to focus more on live streams and doing other stuff since I hit 10,000 subscribers I really want to take my channel in a different direction especially then I'm starting school again next semester I do not want to waste my time with walkthroughs that nobody's watching so yeah this game is about how I record about 26 minutes here so it's going to be a lot to talk about I'm doing this post commentary in case you guys didn't notice so I just I have to record this because the game was just so boring I couldn't even record a ball playing so yep well alright so right now we got to look for blue Lego crates to use on this pad yeah how's everyone doing the day you know after when I returned this game I'm planning on getting a Legend of Zelda link between worlds just so I can also do a gameplay of it now I don't know what to call this because I want to because you know I will be doing a series where I only play one episode of games I don't want people be like ooh you copy from Kobe this Kobe plays no you know this is nothing new this is just many people do walk through the games that they don't want to commit to doing a full walkthrough run I mean you're not obligated to do a walk through a game I don't know what the call I don't know if I want to call it game play that's kind of bland I know if I should call it one play I don't know where sample is not a demo I'll just call it quick quicky quicky game play I don't know but yeah seeing this one we have to wait for a partner so yeah I don't really know much about Indiana Jones even though I saw a crystal school this is just you know I haven't really seen the old ones I seen the last crusade a little bit but that I remember that was when I was in high school I think the teacher played it and none of us were even paying attention to it we were all in our own world talking and stuff cuz you know I didn't at the time I think I just couldn't wait to graduate and I didn't really appreciate Indiana Jones movies back then now that I look at it's like yeah these weren't really well done movies with the exception of Crystal Skull but yeah so yeah but alright let.

Me see something all right.

Okay so what am i doing on Indiana Jones uh oh yeah he fell down oh yeah I think.

The video is messing up here a little bit but anyway.

Oh yeah forgot was going to say oh yeah okay so saying um I have to get one of the parchments here I remember the first time I played I did not know what to do so I was just confused you know like I didn't know like whether I cuz you know I'm used to like you going to help world you go into a door and you enter the level but this was a little bit different you needed the books in order to progress so I was kind of confused like wait what am I supposed to do you know it was a bit confusing I will I will definitely admit to that so yeah but alright right now the videos.

Spazzing out snare imposed doing post commentary on so whatever species been just showing a lot of problems lately you know and I rebooted this PC twice I think it's time that I get a new computer new PC one specifically designed for gaming I mean I had this for almost two years I had it in February of 2014 so two months for now will make it two years and didn't even last a tuner mark but whatever but anyway so yeah I gotta kill these spiders and I think I accidentally.

Entered into this this place where yeah yeah I think is that one place with the with the boulder thing so I just turned back because then I even forgot again I'm like wait how do I enter into the level here yeah okay now it's like the video is working out thank you alright so guys Kelly's part you have a.

Console version so much better not the PSP version so better this makes me want to play this on the playstation portable again now that was fun I remember playing that I still have my PSP I will never you know destroy that game you know and now that I'm keeping I want to start minimizing walkthroughs I now I have a chance to go back to doing what I used to do 100% in games cuz I haven't done that a long time and I feel bad I spend money on another game and I don't you know 100% it but now I can do that so I'm very happy about it yeah all right yeah I'm just confused.

Here don't know what to do and that's a red brick but I don't know how to get the red brick so whatever but yeah I.

Pretty much play every single Lego game I can think of you know the only Lego games I have not played is a Lego rock band and LEGO Friends and lego chima out of those three games I don't care about the two games lego chima I mean no not legal Chima Lego rock band it's basically just rock band with just Lego people that's there literally is nothing unique about it not only that I just know I can do it on my channel because it will get me claimed on all songs I mean it uses real song so like that's the Lego game I'll definitely pass the other ones LEGO Friends which is based on the show friends whatever they don't even look like Lego they're just made out of Lego that's also like a sissy game it's meant for girls not playing it now lego chima is a game I missed out on you know it was one of those handheld games didn't know much about it think it was based on a TV show I didn't do it so that's one of the games I wish I could do but whatever yeah I pretty much played every single Lego game and its handheld version you know so that's me man I played more Lego games now than Sonic game I think when it comes to doing the complete franchise and stuff yep haven't even man it's like almost 12 minutes and I still haven't gotten it I still haven't gotten into them written the main level you know that's like half of this video so far but oh alright now.

I can finally start on the official story so yep starting on the story you.

Know Gamefly because I got this game on gameful I want to see they have an app I think they have an app they should let me see let me see see they have an app here Gamefly so we're doing the postcard I I haven't done post commentary such a long time it's kind of weird oh sweet they have an app I knew it it's not all the time I wanna you know all the time when I do on the computer deck gotta do a password recovery.

Alright but yeah this game is just so boring so I mean I don't I don't care how much you've used this video against I don't care if it gets like 50 views I don't care if it gets 5000 views I don't care you know I'm not continuing this it's just it's too boring it's almost as boring as uh just as boring as Lego Batman the video game on the DS I couldn't finish that because that was so boring and my views weren't doing so on that but now I looked at it now have like thousands of views on all of them but that's the game I won't return to cuz it just is they're very boring they don't have variety so anybody who thinks that all Lego games are just the same or bad play these games and then you'll know why Lego games have a charm to them these games do not have a charm the handheld version back then yeah okay let me go to my cue.

Here grab I got a login got a sign in.

Here this away from four I got to put my gmail I put seven yep right there all right. Yeah and this one was this derpy mode I could not for the life of me control this truck it was like why do you bad things always have to happen to me when I'm recording LPS first except since you don't die in Lego games you just stuck in limbo yeah.

See I'm just struggling with gap I'm just struggling with trying to position that box oh whatever alright let me sign here I think even though Gameboy has an app you know it makes sense because it's gameplay I still haven't played Yoshi's woolly world I gotta get that I gotta get that game but let me see okay I'm gonna type no no no no not that.

I want to type on link between worlds yeah I get that see if I can read that.

Alright let's press in there okay.

Eight-point not really good cuz I mean this uses the same engine this was put on the same creators I think is a tri Force heroes so I might as well play this you know I've really gotten into Zelda and I definitely want to play this now okay so it's in IQ let's see okay.

That is going back that is going back hmm wanna see something okay so that's shipped in that ship on my list alright alright nice nice nice okay so that's it.

But I definitely intend on playing a link between worlds you know I heard you kid like back then and Gamefly you could only rent like one or two games out at a time then lately over the years you could upgrade it to renting three now I heard you can run up to four games at a time yeah that is crazy you know but I don't know like you know like the three services are basically subscribed to now is game fly Netflix and YouTube red I think YouTube red I really don't know why I'm even subscribed the only thing YouTube red is doing for me it's just I get to watch videos with no ads which is kind of selfish I mean yes I can't stand ads by paying $10 a month and I think they're gonna raise it to twelve just to see no ads is pretty dumb you know I would rather keep my Netflix and Gamefly and cancel on my youtuber a matter of fact they want to cancel that you know before it's December 28th yeah I don't even.

Care about reading the story here this game is was too boring I've got 11 more minutes I gotta find out I got to think of what to say for the next 11 minutes here we get let's.

See got ability ladders yeah I really want.

To do Mario maker but I wanted to wait until I was until I hit 10k subs and stuff and I don't really have a week left to record and then now I'm taking a break I'm off for the rest of the year because you know got stuff to do so I don't think I'll be able to do that much Mario maker but oh well let me see.

Something here you gotta build this all.

Right yeah I just wasted time here all I have to do is just walk around those crates right and no I didn't know any better oh crap I see we can do here all right.

Okay so now this one um okay got nine.

More minutes left we got the characters uh this lego indiana jones like like okay the first level you play here is from crystals fall so they start you immediately on the new one just to make this equal look relevant like look this equal is not a rehash right right then after total crystal skull you can go back and replay the three levels and i think they're a bit different I mean of course obviously they're different than handheld because it's downgraded from you know previously but oh well I mean the D s had its own version of Indiana Jones one two I mean one also but uh so it's pretty much like this but yeah but alright I got a lot of videos.

To edit I'm planning on I'm all about man I can't talk today I'm also planning on doing one more song theory this year you know uh yeah that one's going to be.

Tricky so I really have to plan out how I'm gonna do that and forgot this lady. That evil Russian woman twenty like it was so just like like I did not like that crystal store movie so much it was like come on what is your nearing villain you know with the short black hair I don't know.

But alright I don't even remember the movie like that's how forget it was a very forgettable movie I just remember Shia LaBeouf being in the movie and Shia LaBeouf was supposed to be like the next Indiana Jones just the movie was really me they did not need to make a sequel Indiana Jones you know so well so a lot. Of people are like hey what are the best trilogies ever people say Lord of the Rings or Back to the Future or someone's would say the Dark Knight trilogy you know and then on you know and then some people will be like Indiana Jones and everyone's like huh I remember Jeremy does like yep Indiana Jones is still considered a trilogy to me crystal skull doesn't exist like yeah oh yeah almost forgot Star Wars forgetting Star Wars the original trilogy just like how people shun the prequel trilogy people shun the sequel of Indiana Jones so I still see it as a sequel you know I don't even see the.

Fourth one is Canon really but yeah man.

These levels just go on and on.

But yeah you can see why I don't do all Lego games like Lego Harry Potter is one of four on the handheld that one was so boring and they try to make that like an RPG like your typical isometric RPG didn't work out I mean the only reason why I played it and 100% of it is because I'm a Harry Potter fan so that's the type of stuff I do but if that wasn't Harry Potter game I wouldn't even have cared about it you know oh oh yeah I'm looking forward to Lego vengers and yeah they're going to continue coming up with levels for dimensions so I like that my only which is I hope travelers tales us in continue like our whole travelers tales doesn't make a new lego dimensions like a whole new starter kit like the starter kit we have is the star kit I want to have forever and ever I don't ever want to buy another waste another $100 on a starter kit they can continue doing level DLCs I don't mind that I mean sure it cost money but you know if you're only into buying the level packs like me those are like 30 bucks I don't care about buying the team packs or the starter or the fun kits the fun packs I don't care about boats all i care about is the level pack so but i just don't want to see another starter kit because if i see that i'm out cuz you know there's a lot of people that didn't buy lego dimensions because they didn't like how it was like Skylanders but I can appreciate it because it is toys it's Legos so it really played to the lego gimmick a lot but I'm not a fan of them doing this I don't want to see like a Disney infinity 2.0 or 3.0 nope I just want this circuit to be the starter kit you know that will get forever you know like like even if they do make new starter kits like for a new version of Lego or even if they do a sequel to Lego them that's going to come with a new starter kit but I want the old circuit to still be compatible and you still work so like if you have the Oh starter kit you don't need to buy a new starter kit to play the sequel of dimensions because I have.

A feeling travelers tales is going to make a sequel to lego dimensions you know I'm pretty sure they're going to make a sequel to that game but I just don't want to have to spend another hundred dollars on a new starter kit alright and this is the only interesting cool section in the level kind of 3d is you're basically traversing through all these boxes trying to dodge the enemy fire which you really can't dodge them but it's kind of like this maze puzzle thing you know you're just working weaving your way in and out I like those kind of levels where it's like complete nonlinear and this is not a linear level at all but yeah it's pretty cool and how did I miss calculate that jump I mean come on but all right it's not a jump here.

All right so Indiana Jones do your thing I played there so many times I mean I played the level like this is the third time I playing the level the first level yeah like I said couldn't finish the game but what the game I have been playing a lot is splatoon I'm already a level seven I mean level ten almost close to level 11 and this is only the third time I'm playing it I am loving this game like okay I know I was a bit judgey judgmental of the game before but like the story mode is fun but if back then all the game had was a story mode the online was pretty Blair you know it's pretty bland I wouldn't have thought that was would be my $60 money words if I bought it you know the day it came out but now over the months it's come out with so many DLCs and stuff speaking of which I did have an interesting conversation or with Matt whose manager of Vectra he was talking about how like how nintendo fanboys always given intento they always cut Nintendo's like that they always give Nintendo like an excuse a free pass for doing things the same type of that they would not allow Sony or Microsoft to do if you don't how everyone's like oh look I hate buying season passes or games with DLC in it like a Star Wars Battlefront I mean just look at splatoon it has DLC and it's all free you don't have to pay for anything yes and no yes I mean what you're saying is not a lie it's true you know I mean they have DLC almost every month or every couple weeks and you don't have to buy buy anything but here's the thing all these DLC levels coming out at the same I mean like they're all coming out very closely together I mean these levels came with the game they were all inside the CD when the first came out all it is this has just been locked until now and it's unlocked so technically this is not really DLC this is these are the levels we should have gotten since day one because when splatoon first came out it was pretty empty that's why I didn't want to waste my money because I didn't think it was worth the $60 even people that gave it a positive review were saying that look save your money wait until the price drops but now they've just Nintendo just been coming out with DLC after DLC I mean come on is the logical to think that they made all these just recently no they've been making these levels it's just that they decided to hold them all keep them all locked and then release them out as DLCs as if they're new when they've really been on the game since day one like that to me is as bad as buying CS buying a game full price and then paying full price for season past to get new DLC the only difference is one is free the other one is not so yeah I just want a game to be as full as possible and then later on you can get extra DLC like Smash Bros for Mario Kart 8 those were done right Smash Bros 4 came out with like 50 characters already you know I mean since since then the DLCs we gotten have been Mewtwo out of popular demand um Lucas 3. You and Roy those were four new characters and gone and and also just now cloud who will be released sometime this month and they also did the smash ballot so who knows who will be announced but before all of those other characters before reward me to Lucas we had a pretty nice amount of characters in smash it wasn't like it was incomplete you know of course some people complain when you first played it you know like there wasn't as much character so you have to keep playing to unlock but so just play the game quit complaining same things Mario Kart 8 it had a forgot how like eight different cups I think yeah and then added eight more so that's really good but anyway that wraps up for today for today god I'm done with this game so yeah until next time let's swag out

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