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The Testament Of Sherlock Holmes - Walkthrough - Part 2 - Mutilated Bishop

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The Testament Of Sherlock Holmes

Walkthrough - Part 2

With Commentary

PS3 Gameplay

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I did was I actually load it again and I got the same bullshit I started a new game I got the same exact thing and so what I did was I turned off my console I did I realized I didn't do a update an update for PSN so I did that just to be safe and she's working now I don't know what the hell was that that was all about man I really don't but it almost made the game impossible to play so that's a failure though isn't it this.

Morning's newspaper Holmes have you read this article about you know Watson not yet and I won't have time to read it before you leave it's outrageous if you insist alrighty see we didn't have any of this crap before no this one.

Read the article Sherlock Holmes at the home of the mark marky-mark Castle Cunningham see that's Marquess I don't know the.

Investigation is a fiasco yesterday the celebrated detective Sherlock Holmes was invited the manor of the Marquis I'm going to call on the Marquis because that's what he is the Marquis of conyngham to supplies conclusions following his investigation into the disappearance of the priceless Samoan necklace it should be recalled that that the lady called in the detective after the police appeared flummoxed in the face of the astonishing circumstances surrounding the theft holy crap signing.

The theft indeed the valuable piece of jewelry disappear while the door to the room in which it was displayed was locked the alarm was raised by the servants alerted by the room service bell ringing out during the night when the Marquis the only person in possession of the key opened the door everyone rushed in to extinguish a fire that had started before it was noticed that the necklace had mysteriously vanished the most astonishing factor is that no thief was found within the room and all the exits were closed as usual mr. Holmes resolved the case in twinkling of the in tweak in the twinkling of an eye and not the jewel and the jewel was recovered I will not waste my time on the various explanations as to the disappearance because I would prefer to draw your attention dear readers to the last surprising development in the case following the departure of Sherlock Holmes who placed the necklace in the station save himself the Marquis noticed that the jewel was nothing but a poor copy of the original let it be forgotten that Simone necklace although plain and without ornament is unique because of the rarity of its pearls pearls which are found only in a small part of the lagoon of the arc are was that arch Apollo go of the same name into which scientists attribute their exceptional quality to the strong density of crystal of our aragonite that they are made of the prices necklace oh my god how many fucking pages.

Shake still read him.

Brought here at the beginning of the century by Lord Fenton our wick the mark Marquez's grandfather and ah God fuck I don't care for a fake bye mr. so they basically trying to blame him you guys can pause at each page if you want to leave read it but there's too much to read here that's all just paraphrase a famous detective global Spanish reservations Sherlock Holmes methods snooping the Frenchman yes I that has a digit attack that on part of the ladder Holmes is quite apparent that his character traits show more opportunities and billions in Bablu deed the behavior to loot Lulu disregard Sherlock Holmes reputation or the questions found already a fake as the detective Simone savory interest in the affair is a necklace humble servant to continue revealing the public okay.

Okay that is quite enough Woodville French culinary expert and bagpipe player might be our next king that's not so shocking my dear fellow you know exactly to which article I'm referring Holmes how can Farley dare to tarnish your reputation like that you know Watson that wherever glory walks jealousy is bound to follow as for the forgery of the necklace I suspect that we shall soon be enlightened in this regard come in inspector bayens the doors open ah mr..

Holmes how did you know I was here you are one of our rare visitors who avoids the second last step of the stairs which creaks dreadfully and if I had the clinking of the handcuffs at your belt to what do we owe the pleasure of your visit inspector have you read that rag.

Slanderer necklace I can choose huh.

Inspector can you explain this slander as the necklace of the Samoas really been replaced by a fake I don't know how the reporter got hold of the information but it's true about the necklace of course I wouldn't permit myself to question the integrity and honesty of mr. Holmes but the necklace is a forgery impossible I saw the Markus authenticated before my very eyes before Holmes returned it to its plants mr. Holmes there Marcus believes osmond Follies theory I shouldn't be surprised if the reporter isn't behind all this slander about you he's a freelancer well learned was explosive and subjective articles in any case the Marquess assures us that you were the last person to have the necklace in your hands schnitz return to the Marcus's house Holmes I'm sure that we'll have no trouble in taking apart this theory it is unnecessary such allegations collapse on their own like one of mrs. Hudson's souffles let us leave at ease to solve this problem and turn our attention to the matters in hand perhaps you're right Holmes necklace inspector I assume that.

You have the fake necklace with you it's why you're here your superiors would like me to examine it indeed they would like you to confirm or deny putting this fake in the box can't that wait I must go to the house of Lord Peregrine Maitland the Bishop of Knightsbridge and the Marchioness she is beside herself without the necklace her marriage is compromised it is the principle item of the young woman's diary what a lovely marriage Holmes.

Forgive me for insisting but don't you want to examine the fake jewelry Watson I have an appointment and it's out of the question that I arrived late it will only take you a couple of minutes you'll really pass well the suspicions put forward in this appalling article if you will allow me inspector be my guest very well goddamn let's take a look at this bitch.

Might have enough flick net necklace necklace is authentic to use I like that huh these three pearls are of poor quality but this pearl is a. Different color what a piece of crap.

This pearl is too small it is not in its place here too many defects this necklace is a fake Wow so this is nothing but a vulgar copy and at a glance it would appear that the forger has intended for it to be seen as such how could we have been fooled by such a blatant imitation I don't understand yes how is it possible Holmes do you have a theory about this I have absolutely no idea you insisted that I examine the necklace and I have done so now it is important that I keep my appointment I'm sure inspector that you will throw some light on this affair Holmes you may accompany me Watson if you care to do so goodbye gentlemen I'll keep you informed as to my inquiries goodbye inspector you mentioned a bishop didn't you are we going to his home yes the bishop of Knightsbridge i put his address on a map of London on my desk would you get it for me please alright Holmes okay yourself I'll be joining Watson right now god damn it. Have you found my map of London yes dude.

Eesti was closer than me oh my god Holmes you are a lazy bascule Matt be fine he told you what the hell it was.

There that's where we're going that first glitch I got was huge man I was able to open the door and everything it was majorly fudged up the police already.

How did you know may we see the bishop of Knightsbridge yes yes of course but come in.

What has happened Reverend what I I don't know it was last night I think I only just arrived and I've made this macabre discovery my god how horrible I haven't called anyone how did you know that well what's happened Holmes look the dishum appalling lay mutilated oh my god mutilated and killed he was.

Such a good man how could anyone be so brutal look at him he's barely recognizable now how could any of God's children be responsible for that they were evidently unworthy children Reverend now do please try to calm yourself and focus because we will need your assistance do you have any idea as to the motive behind this I haven't had time to do an inventory but nothing appears to have been stolen and anyway his Excellency didn't own anything of great value I don't know what else I can tell you note this down please boss you've been bangin little children but you aren't the police no Reverend I am Sherlock Holmes and this is dr. Watson we are here at the request of the bishop in that case I must ask you to leave and not to touch anything I must get in touch with the authorities without further delay a reverend when the inspectors of Scotland Yard find themselves at a dead end which they quite often do I assure you then they turned to me for help if you allow us to continue our investigation then you shall have the answers to all of your questions out of the question I don't even know you I'm going to call the police whether you like it or not go ahead better for everyone Reverend if you kept your temper Watson are you taking notes this affair promises to be a complex one therefore we must not overlook the slightest detail yes it seems absurd keeping a meticulous set of notes I have created a very clever deduction board one thing we can be sure of at the moment is that this crime was not for gain the Reverend has informed us that nothing valuable was stolen and indeed it would seem that the bishop had nothing of any worth to take very good Watson do continue.

Huh well make the right defects you have.

The bishop didn't know anything of value okay.

This is cool man all right let's see let's look at stuff on the floor what's this a broken file and blood near the neck.

What a strange smell chemical components I think what's this this stove is filled. To overflowing huh plus we got anything of interest there.

Is blood on this paper wait there's blood on everything bro he was mutilated with everything get a better view here a. Broken bottle of whiskey however the bishop of Knightsbridge was known for his sobriety huh.

A bottle of whiskey I can make out fingerprints stained with blood and death it would seem that the brutes who tortured the Bishop to death were intoxicated with alcohol seems that way doesn't it let's go check out the bishop himself hold up actually before we do that let's see there's anything around the room we could look at the picture of Peregrine's.

Maitland commander of the Infantry Brigade of Her Majesty's guards at Waterloo the Bishop of Knightsbridge has the same name as his ancestor and illustrious family hmm I see that.

I am missing some information I am missing some information I always not go here Reverend I'm missing something an implement with which to open this chest it could you tell me where to find it no go to the devil what are you afraid of Reverend what is inside the chest I'm not afraid of anything in fact I do have the necessary implements but if I have to give them to anyone it will be to a representative of the law and no one else god this guy's an asshole you know. Before we forget anything let's just go talk let's just go to go talk oh yeah let's go talk to this Bishop mr. Bishop are you okay check out his face wow he's.

Beat the shit you can see by his expression that he suffered terribly his mouth is covered in blood and I can make out strix of skin between his teeth or.

His chest has been lacerated I would say with a very sharp and fine blade damn.

What else we got here.

The fingers have been crushed and violently struck yeah they look look at its fingers oh my god look at this one but the thing clearly broken back washed and violently struck completely bent back meaning penis related his stomach he's covered in scratches quite evidently they weren't made recently so these wounds were not made by his murderers nothing here.

Anything at his feet.

These bands are terrible they tortured. The living shit out of him HOTAS feet his feet have been burned damn my first impression is that he wears a size 9 shoe you but what does it matter owes a thing they're a pair off doesn't.

Belong to the Bishop of Knightsbridge oh wow how dreadful God these guys speak like I.

Don't know anything else ropes a piece. Of rope it was used to tie up that poor man anything else oh oh shit yeah I.

Don't see so I don't see anything else it tells you it's been done Oh what's this apparently I don't have everything.

Ah his forearms have been ripped pieces.

Of skin have been torn off what do you think Watson I'd say that he was eaten alive it had noticed a curious degeneration of the skin tissue around the wounds my dear friend everything points to this man having Nord at his own forearms really believable Holmes Wow I didn't.

Even see that probably was so much pain he had to bite into something yeah everything's found there Oh his leg apparently haven't found everything here ah this poor man was tied just below the.

Knees to stop him from walking certainly bird mostly to free his feet my god Holmes this man was horribly tortured you just you just clued in that now are you serious okay everything I think.

We've expected all he he has something. Is missing here oh yes and what might that be his shoes Watson his shoes are missing where are they okay let's see what else I what if they've been put in here what's under here ah here's some of the.

Things that were you little robbed is for fastening the Chili's it's a Solis designed to bruise the person wearing it the bishop wore it as repentance really a whip what it is a discipline for self.

Flagellation this very pious man must have had the habit of mortifying his flesh as a means of repentance you know that reminds me of did anybody ever if you didn't read the book did you ever see uh what was it called The Da Vinci Code there's that one monk there he was like a he was an albino monk who would sin he would kill people in order to pay his sins he would whip himself and pretty much self mutilate himself it's pretty messed up well anyway that one's done I can't get in there yet so let's look around a bit.

Closed even our door hasn't been forced. Strange Reverend might I have the key no you have no authority here let me call the police this guy's pissing listen to him Holmes perhaps you should let me get on with this Watson why is he being such an asshole you know what let me do duck some stuff if it'll let me deduct stuff.

All right the veranda wasn't searched.

Hold up before we do that let's check flack bishops shoes are missing doesn't apply here chest were unable to open the.

Safe torture pen talents the bishop was.

Mortifying himself he was used to pain the bishop resisted torture the bishop punished him sup no I'd say it was this he resisted torture or did he I don't know let's find out anything else not at himself flask the.

Broken flask has some blood of his top murders made the deficient no the murderers made the bishop drink the contents of the flacc it's possible they. Did that but I'm gonna keep looking here.

Let's see what we can do what's this a scalpel of some sort a surgical scalpel coveting blood from probably four there is not any doubt the wounds on the bishop were administered with this scalpel yeah.

That's this what were you're putting your feet Watson have you noticed these prints upon the ground but yes those muddy marks see here Watson footprints can often provide more vital information the very best of informants yes if you know how to make them talk that is it's child's play Watson we will begin by excluding the contaminating prints which are yours and mine from where we came in and those of our dear Reverend who were so impatient to call the police asshole.

Oh it's a a fragment of stone peculiar.

This print came from an expensive pair of shoes and it seems recent it is not a laborious shoe huh well worn shoes with an odd pattern on the soles hobnail boots like those worn by laborers hobnail boots like those worn by laborers hobnail boots forget it hobnail.

Boots like those this print came from an expensive pair of shoes and it seems recent it is not a laborers shoe.

You huh there's a size 9 that could be size 9 size 9 God.

Everyone's got a size 9 size 9 and 1/2 ah the laborers shoes a little bigger size 9 shit size 9 and a half so these.

Two are nine and a half so let me check these questions I need something I think.

There was just one hold up wait a minute wait wait hold on hold on these two are both nine and a half's right so let's take this and see what is op nailed boots like those will a buy laborers hobnail boots like those worn by laborers okay so these still probably the same one well worn shoes with an odd pattern on the soles hobnail boots like. Though hobnail boots this print came from an expensive pair of shoes and it seems recent it is not a laborers shoe I think there's too. That's not right start again Billy one.

That's not right starting three of them there's got to be three perfect we now know that there were three crooks I forgot it excluded the recent people so there's three different shoes I didn't know that one man joined those who already in the room one man left wearing different shoes one man was carried I'm gonna say one man strange.

But true one of the crooks was wearing a different pair of shoes when he left off probably the bishops of attention we have three men who came in and left again but one of them was wearing a different pair of shoes from the ones which he came in with so all we have to do is look for a workman who likes Italian shoes yeah not necessarily uh.

Can we question this dickhead anything else we can find he still won't give me anything right what's this do this door.

Has not been forced where does it lead Reverend to his Excellency's room there is just a mattress and a stool Oh God what's on the roo what's on the mattress was he raped the bishops bedroom it is very austere nothing in particular here pretty small if you ask me.

Yeah lemme in closed.

Hey well let's do some deductive reasoning

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