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Mega Drive Longplay [219] Duke Nukem 3D

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Played by Mad-Matt

A late 1998 genesis release only in the Brazil territory. While it was sold on cart, its said the port was never officially commissioned. I played this mainly to show of its technical merits rather then as a great game that must be played.

The game makes extensive use of a dithering technique that makes use of the properties of an old rf/composite signal to produce additional colours. I have uploaded this filtered video as it is a better representation of the game and perhaps easier to watch. Both filtered and Original quality versions will be available to download from the Longplays Website.

The game it self is'nt a bad representation of the original game as it uses gfx and sounds from the original and does incredibly well given the consoles limitations. (Now I knew we could have had duke on Amiga all those years ago!)

Where the game falls over though is in its sheer difficulty. Now there isn't much to shoot at, but at the same time there isn't much ammo/health to pick up either. And those enemies that do shoot hurt alot, so if you don't know where they are, you will appear to be one shotted quite often. Even the first level does nothing to ease you into the games difficulty. All secrets were found, although non are hidden that well.

Like Doom before it, the worst part of the game is easily the music. To have put so much effort into making the game look and play as much like the original as the console can, they simply skipped over the music which is an important part of these older fps games.

The game is loosely based on the 'Lunar Apocalypse' episode of the original game.

00:00:00 - Level 1 Spaceport

09:44:00 - Level 2 The Incubator

00:22:44 - Level 3 Secret Laser

00:33:30 - Level 4 Lunar Space

00:42:00 - Level 5 Occupied Territory

00:52:00 - Level 6 Mortal Prison

01:00:50 - Level 7 Fatal Wind

01:12:25 - Level 8 Electric Station

01:27:16 - Level 9 Overlord

01:33:11 - Ending

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