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Nancy Drew: Danger on Deception Island (Part 15) - Cairns

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Смотрите все видео автора: Arglefumph: The Nancy Drew Dude.
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A video walkthrough of "Nancy Drew: Danger on Deception Island". In this section, I explore the hidden tunnels some more. Jenna acts REALLY evasive about the tunnels. Then I explore the lighthouse, specifically, the part of it that connects to the hidden tunnels and the sea caves. Then I replace the broken light bulb in the light house.

This video contains footage from the Nancy Drew series, made by Her Interactive (www.herinteractive.com). All rights are owned by Her Interactive.

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I have no idea where you've heard that before name there's obviously more to this like the other half of the picture Oh looks. Like I'm gonna be able to find the other side of the door eventually here's this.

Jumpy a walking animation again walk it. Through the town a little tunnel leading around.

Okay so we're finally through the top. Now another care okay there's a lot of Carens I died what of it oh that dude respected and last and last.

An eternal nobody will know how to save me. Wait what's that that's breaking on.

All of this was here Oh.

Huh pretty good care they expect.

We're very intelligent Oh need to do that ah I get to watch.

This again.

Digging through the tunnel and now I get.

To watch it again.

Oh I don't know what I'm doing folks. I'm lost in the mises it's amazing I.

Don't know I that's the best I can do give me a break okay this this is sleek somewhere. Please I've got enough Tenpenny nails. Thank you very much oh this looks to the hardware store her.

Stores are nice and let me guess that's another Karen is it check it out another care but the heck is a Karen is that it's not like I don't know some language for pile of rocks. Yep Elvis was there okay so my escape.

My guess is this Harley's camping here is the last thing I need right now great I'm lost I'm trapped in the underground mines and we've never escaped oh here it is this is a scape right cool well that was interesting useless but kind of inter right Nancy how's it going did you know that there's a trapdoor in the floor of your banquet room a trapdoor no where does it go it drops down into a tunnel and when I explored it I found trapdoors going up into two other shots but tunnel I don't know anything about it it's probably how those burglars got in and out look tunnels are dangerous I don't want you going down there anymore oh no I'll be fine I mean it just forget about this whole thing hmm only if you call the sheriff and tell him about it no okay look I guess if you're real careful you can keep poking around down there but I don't want you telling anybody else about that tunnel without coming to me first I got my reasons I've also got work to do hmm are you hiding something Jenna I think she might be hiding something and then in case off to the lighthouse because well Frank and Joe Hardy apparently wanted us to go to the lighthouse and whatever the Hardy Boys say you have to do because you all not see drew you'll have to do everything you have to solvable mystery you have to go to the lighthouse you have to find the male Dungeness crab I don't know why I'm doing that voice.

Okay Ock so that's where the ping ping.

Ping sound comes from. I can't go inside. And what was the combination. Three seven five four.

I don't know what the combination is I'll go back and check okay so it's three four seven five I only took out all the numbers right it's just in the wrong order mr. Nancy would automatically open that from now on that would be really nice. Thank you here I can open it right.

Maybe this opens the door to the outside that's my guess any how yes my guess is.

Right and this must be the other side of the door we saw it's this light Meister.

Oh yeah light bulbs.

I like that hold it didn't make a little sound whenever labels make a little sound it usually means you're not very well.

Whoa okay so this is a wall hidden cave.

This is odd wrestling idea what that's about. I'm in the CK's cool oh yes.

Well not much to do besides look around and get confused by this puzzle so.


Okay let's go back up. We'll go back up in the night back off Oh.

Thanks so much for that. Oh good now Tom Mac it opens for you great let's go up to the top of the lighthouse.

To try this new bowl rusted shut a perfect.

So let's see if that works.

Coco Creoles a.

There we go hmm okay that's easy

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