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Nancy Drew: Danger on Deception Island (Part 4) - Whale Trip

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A video walkthrough of "Nancy Drew: Danger on Deception Island". In this section, I beat all the Whale World games and win a prize: A free whale-watching trip! Then Holt Scotto yells at us for exploring the lighthouse. Then we talk to Katie for a bit, and find some answers to Holt's seamanship quiz.

This video contains footage from the Nancy Drew series, made by Her Interactive (www.herinteractive.com). All rights are owned by Her Interactive.

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Very much bet you will okay return it right now.

Okay here we go.



That's only never done in this photo to freedom.

Oh perfect.

- easy.

Is it.


But just sailing tonight.

I win this game then I suppose here with.

My thousand points okay.

To freedom.

Is to present I'm back.

Yes see mammals and things.

If you're milli intelligent we're called killer whales because.

How about that yes. They only have one bottle right.

Minke whales a dorsal fin shaped like.

Frank whoops the diet of toothed whales consists mostly of if fish and other man's the. First of the baleen whales.

An example of a boolean way older all neighbor toots whales not possess all day bump again the orders are the markings on their bellies.

Yeah yes.

Yeah it's no I get to try to wail a fortune awesome and there's my gray whales I like gray whales bulls are pretty cool I got a a.

Tour I won the whale watching tour all right that's cool we got free whale.

Watching tour awesome hi Nancy I want a free whale watching tour well congratulations I'll give you an exclusive tour just be you and me sounds great oh we go right.


Hello bird it's Rachel.

Let's just see you lie and utter I love otters whoa there's a killer will that.

We're not supposed to be within like 100 yards so thank you for the great tour and for letting me use your camera my pleasure thanks for your time whales rule you know I don't like this Andy guy I can like him what do we do. Now let's go to the White House I mean the lighthouse not the White House we're not gonna see the president they're going to the lighthouse.

I like this music.

Okay there's light let's take a look Oh need to get wrong.

Check it. What do you think you're doing those signs over there saying no trespassing which means keep out which means you girlie Carolee leave but I just know. Whoa grumpy old pirate is grumpy old huh.

Looks like we made mr. Scotto man let's go back to Kitty's boat where we can maybe do something.

Dr. Katie maybe she has ideas about what we can do we could talk to him about JSON stuff sounds like both Scott Oh was one of the people who didn't care for what you had to say last night he and I never see eye to eye now if I were a fisherman I'd be right as rain no matter what nonsense came out of my mouth fine Harbormaster he'd make I talked to Jenna Devlin when I was at the hot kettle what nasty rumor is she's spreading about me today nasty rumors huh do you two not like each other or something she doesn't like me that's for sure she thinks I'm a know-it-all from the big city Oh see you in a bit I'll be.

Right here I guess we can't talk to her about much but you know what we can do is Internet.

We need to find the answers to the quiz Morse code and a shooter to shoot her.

Okay oh cool nautical terms okay no thanks let's go back home search for sailboat types.

What's a shooter but with tor more maths okay very good oh so now I need to find some. Knots I'll be all set

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