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Nancy Drew 9: Danger on Deception Island [01] w/YourGibs - FOOD POISONING START - OPENING - Part 1

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Nancy Drew: Danger on Deception Island let's play walkthrough gameplay


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Let's Play Nancy Drew 9: Danger on Deception Island (Junior Detective) walkthrough with YourGibs commentary gameplay

Developer: Her Interactive

DOWNLOAD: (PC) http://bigfi.sh/1C8B7Vo

STORY: A vacation to a remote island in the Pacific Northwest abruptly runs aground when you, as Nancy Drew, discover that an unseen assailant has vandalized the whale-watching boat owned by your host, Katie Firestone. But thats just the first in a string of nasty "accidents." Is the plot in Snake Horse Harbor related to the orphaned orca whale roaming the nearby channel, or is there a deeper threat shrouded in the approaching fog? Plunge into danger to bring a mysterious islands secrets to the surface!

'All rights are owned by Her Interactive' http://www.herinteractive.com/

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Hello everyone it's your Gibbs we're back for more Nancy Drew yes that's right danger on deception island Wow I'm excited as well welcome to my latest.

Case danger on deception island to learn how to play choose gameplay overview when you're ready to start the game choose either junior or senior detective so I'm gonna go ahead and say junior yes. Dear Ned Here I am on a ferry bound for deception island one of the San Juan Islands off the coast of Washington State George's friend Katie Firestone is expecting me Katie's a marine biologist who's doing research into deepwater parasitic growth she also owns a whale watching boat and takes tours out practically every day I should be excited but for some reason I feel on edge like something's out of whack maybe it's because George invest arranged this little vacation for me and sometimes their plans don't work out so well or maybe it's because we're about to dock at a place called snake horse harbor and have a creepy name for a town don't you think or maybe it's because I haven't been on vacation for so long that I've forgotten how to relax anyway we're here it's not raining but it's not sunny either it's just kind of gray maybe that's why I feel so strange every years Nancy yours.

Snake horse hard but you just see the little Canadian flag there yeah that was hi you must be Nancy I'm Katie Firestone come on I'll take you down to the boat.

Great timing huh I just got back from getting some groceries George could not have picked a better time to arrange for you to come out here just last week this Orca showed up in the channel and now it oh my gosh what happened someone tore.

The place apart the engines a mess parts. Are missing others are damaged why would somebody do this I don't know are you.

Gonna be able to fix it I better be able to I can't afford to pay someone else to do it and if I end up having to replace a lot of Parts I don't know what I'm gonna do we better call the sheriff actually I'd rather not get the sheriff involved the insurance company would raise my rates and I just can't afford that besides I've got my very own private detective now you okay I think.

We better call the sheriff oh are you sure you don't want to call somebody look you're on vacation just go relax or a bike into town or or take my kayak out it's at the end of the dock just always wear your lifejacket and don't go past the channel markers and if the fog starts coming in head to shore fast the fog we get around here is as thick as cotton and never go out without a GPS that's a global positioning system mine's somewhere around here anyway your bunks the empty one below why don't you go unpack.

Do I have control it looks like I have control I want to look at her again see what's in Nancy's bag Nirmal stop she's got some cool clothes in here the Tattler Mayan temples used as alien landing pads cacao pottery reconstructed.

Each Hill museum Washington DC a little throwback there to her previous manager game I'm sure that some of you know which nature drew game that is from go ahead and look you know in the comments wonder what's in here looks like Nancy's.

Ice ice ice baby okay let's cut a super.

Alice stupid Nancy does fast for those of you that are familiar with me and how I play needs new games late you spent the first episode or two action here.

Ooh sandwiches Alex mentioned this to me.

Issues like you know when you get to do it won't be much of a sandwich if I don't put something in it well let's put some tomatoes in it come on tomatoes and then I'm gonna put cocoa Kringle ice cream some jellyfish.

Like that's a slice cheese yep a little bit of this a little bit of that Nancy's just gonna have some believe me too some creamy anchovies oh yeah some habanero sauce and mustard Frieda mustard so what's that yep create a mustard and a little now I'm totally gonna eat. It yourself all I know is I made myself.

A sandwich and didn't agree with me the ideal sandwich is a visually pleasing combination of high quality carbohydrates and protein just keep it simple and you can't go wrong chef Sherwood says sorry guys gotta go oh that's the second chance.

Wow when I was quick it's just like when I burned down the hotel ah let's just.

Keep it then there we go throw it away all right fine fine we'll do something legit like a little bit of Bologna a little bit of mustard keep it simple get some veggies me too actually what I like my veggies there is this better what you gave yourself food poisoning oh.

I made myself a sandwich didn't agree with me the ideal scent which is a visually pleasing combination of high quality carbohydrates and protein just keep it simple and you can't go wrong chef Sherwood says sorry guys gotta go okay come on that was totally legit say an inch fine throw away we're gonna try one more time risk us try straight belong here it's you it fine that's it that's boring man see it looks like whoever damaged your engine did something to your faucet to it it'd be great if you could fix it the pipes are in the cabinet under the sink person who messed up the faucet left all the pipes here I hope oh it's a little pipe dream. Action let's see you die just Skinner.

Where do I start that's where I start never gonna go this.

Way that's enough up here apparently well we need a bendy one you're gonna come back.

Around looks there's a lot of pipe here why is there so many pipes that doesn't go there oh maybe it's a bendy one there and no wonder this is all gonna get clogged things waiting too long for pipe you do want to have a loop there but not that looks right anyways Nations a plumber that looks.


I'll turn the water back on hmm there was something under the pipes well world and Johnson power. Suspect number one I actually have to do. Anything else over here well we've gotten food poisoning and we did a pipe puzzle it's ease off to a roaring start here Katie Firestone operator. Operator ah my trusty laptop good thing I recharge my batteries it's. An anagram brand new anagram buster bye come across letters that need unscrambling I'll be all set Nancy why do you have an e thicker combustor in your laptop Besant George said to be sure you call him on my cell phone business card for Amy Johnson this whale world place.

Your Father's Day Afternoon see if I change Islamic law I believe in God's taking the day off he is supposed to be in court all week but earlier this morning a water main broke in flooded the basement of the courthouse they turned off the electricity a safety precaution sent from your home.

Dear valued customer last week he launched a new spam filter design made any of our clients with sending up huge volumes other one we and mega data sincerely apologize for the union's API Silva Oh deception island Barbosa some old-school internet dear folks there's no coming back then that's for sure use my cell phone to check a look fast by then trashed Katie's boat and fine kitties all right.

You hear me they're the National Marine. Fisheries Service are going to give their ruling express your opinion curious here I'm just feeling with your net Here I am on a ferry bound for deception island dear Ned Here I am on a ferry bound for deception island dear Ned okay this feels like it's just a. Little noisy to me Benjamin Hawking's.

Nancy Drew coffee break.

Okay that's cool so we did enough 12 snooping around here let's go back up with better so you know Nancy for what it's worth I shot my mouth off pretty good at the town meeting last night you think that could be why somebody did this to your boat I did get pretty obnoxious see the thing is this Orca this killer whale showed up in the channel about a week ago and it's been hanging around here ever since all by itself she was getting way too close to boats so I called the National Marine Fisheries Service they made some recordings and did some tests on her analyzing them in the meantime they ordered all boats to stay at least 300 feet away from her or risk paying $1000 fine that's what the meeting last night was about some people don't like that idea the people that fish for a living sure don't they're steering clear of the whale by taking the long way around the island to get out to sea which cost them time and fuel some people say she should be captured and towed out to sea but the.

Fisheries Service has the last word they've asked me to monitor her physical condition while they study their data and decide what to do but personally I agree with the no boat zone I also think that if she's found to be sick she should be shipped to a research facility for treatment not returned to her pod I said as much last night only much more strongly who's Andy Jason Andy.

Does whale watching tours too if I had a dollar for every time he's come here trying to talk me into selling out to him I wouldn't be fixing this engine I'd be buying a new one clever see you in a bit I'll be right here okay stay there.

Watch your step stop this note wasn't.

Here before was it no whoever messed up my boat must have written it is it an anagram cuz favorite anagram Buster's GPS doesn't look so hot GPS mapper I better tell Katy her GPS is broken.

What's up I'm afraid whoever tore up your boat also wrecked your GPS device oh no it'd be ashamed for you not to go kayaking I know bike to the hot kettle cafe and see if Holt Scotto will let you borrow a GPS from him see you in a bit be careful out there you know it would.

Be rude to use my phone now this is just so old-school like nowadays we all your.

Phones texts and all that kind of stuff I think we're sitting at a dinner table and somebody is like alright let's see.

Here what do we got let's see critique oh uh not the boys right now we're gonna call the girls hello hey Beth it's me.

Hey how's it going grab the phone it's Nancy while George picks up I'm gonna turn down the heat under my roof under your what hey Nance so how's your vacation going oh well except for the fact that.

The boats been fine except for the fact that just before I arrived someone vandalized Katie's boat what yeah don't.

Worry we're both fine the engine of the boat was damaged but Katie's working on it why would somebody do something like that uh uh I bet it's got something to do with that orphan killer whale you know about that Katie told us about the whale when we called to tell her you were on your way someone vandalized Katie's boat because of a whale because of Katie's opinion as to what to do with the whale which she expressed very loudly in front of a lot of people last night Katie does have a mouth on her especially when the subject is marine life did they find any fingerprints Katie wouldn't let me call the sheriff why not she said she was afraid her insurance company would raise her rates well she doesn't have much money I can tell you that Oh Bess is that supposed to be smoking like that Oh No all right darn what my room it's ruined oh no she wrecked her it's not funny George yes it is Bess what's a roux a carefully heated mixture of flour and butter I was going to use it to thicken my gumbo okay did you say gumbo rock shrimp gumbo it was chef Sherwood's main dish last night she's hooked on this cooking show called feasting for fitness let me guess it's hosted by a guy and he's very cute but I watch it because I like his philosophy in moderation and eat only that which is made out of fresh ingredients and cooked with great skill care and judgment what else had he cooked yesterday she cooked or should I say ruined crepes they weren't ruined I mean you could still eat parts of them anyway I want to hear what you're doing Nance I can't help but think it's a little weird that Katie didn't call the sheriff after her boat was vandalized do you think she's trying to hide something I know she's her friend George but I just got the feeling she wasn't telling me everything well it's not like she's my best friend or anything but what would she be hiding it's possible that she ransacked her own boat so she'd come off looking like a victim you know to make up for her less than sympathetic behavior last night so are you gonna confront her I don't really have anything to confront her with good cuz as I recall Katie doesn't do confrontation very well my gosh George is there anything else Nancy should know about this so-called friend of yours Katie's fine she just has a few edgy little quirks that's all great that's probably what they said about Lizzie Borden whoa Lizzie Borden rip how are you guys fixed for hints we're good just say the word I better get going see ya hasta la pasta hasta la pasta indeed all.

Righty then so what else could we do oh.

Wow what a mess.

Hello no dice hey if I use your microscope sure go ahead easy access slide samples science on the go it's a flea Wow just can see its raw.

Meat let's look at all these smite as well right it's a feather why our wing that's.

Gonna need something clean hair why don't you have this particular self is beyond me Wow Wow indeed Nancy Wow oh wow well I figure we're gonna have to use this to compare something to something apparently our saboteur took all the books out of the drawer up here must have been looking for something want me to put them away if you could put them back in the drawer for me that would be awesome all right well we're gonna have to pause and we'll be back for more Nancy Drew very soon and hopefully I don't get too much food poisoning in the upcoming episodes we'd love to hear your thoughts on this particular Nancy Drew games go ahead let me know in the comments top five favorite all-time we love you here in box thanks to me local watching makes you JS Bach

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