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Enclave Walkthrough - Dark Campaign Chapter 1 - Zurana's Hideout

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Dark Campaign, Chapter 1.

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Scripted within an ancient to which lies hidden beneath centuries of dust in the guarded library of Macallan is the story of how the rift was formed though most cannot recall a time when the rift did not divide the on clay from the Outlands they were at one time unified in that time there were lands which were believed to bear the very essence of magic or they were loved and prosperous all who did not hold the secrets of the soil which were protected by the land of Jena man's fiercely the great demon Fatah knew that with this magic he would be invincible he would at last prevail over all venomously he led his army to attack the dwellers of the land to claim it as his own the battle rage and the people fell before the Taro's vast army victrolas so close that could be tasted upon that blackened time but it is a myth and there's a screwed about them on the bloody field exultant ly rose to her claim his triumph it was then disaster struck in a form of a fete a little wizard called the mighty sail with a roar of anger and anguish the wizard slash star under the ground.

Particle beam with an outraged scream.

The demon lord plummeted to the depths to be consumed by the earth he sought to rule a chasm grew from this powerful blast of magic wide and longer than any could measure it was too vast to be traversed thus separating the people who fought against Vitara forever the devastation on the faces of the defenders was a small consolation to the derogate are as they retreated to pray for Vuitton's return it is said that time heals wounds and perhaps it is true or in the centuries after the land was torn asunder it appeared that magic began to knit them back together the rift has grown smaller and can even be crossed in certain locations derogate are driven by an age-old lust for the land that should belong to them are now raising their whores building siege weapons and preparing for the day when they may take their revenge end position of the magic lands on the other side of the rift the people of seven Heim are strengthening their defenses they know another war will soon be waged against them while the armies are being gathered along the border of the rift the head counselor of Ark more more Nessa is making further preparations volunteers are being brought to her for special tasks and there are rumors about an ancient force about to be awakened one that has been slumbering for hundreds of years and it is here that our story begins violently shaken from their sleep the chosen are taken by hooded figures to an unknown.

Time has come you have been summoned here to do my bidding improve your devotion to our cause you. Should feel honored that you were chosen for if you please me you will be rewarded abundantly Oh should you fail your reward will be eternal pain your first mission will be to bring me the crystal of everything it is located in the house that once belonged as our honor a former enemy is now dead the home was still guarded though and it may be difficult for you to gain entrance but that is not my concern the crystal can be found in the library bring it to me it may prove useful very soon.

I do not tolerate I have another mission.

For you there was a merchants named Marcus he is a nuisance not only has he been spying on us but he has been bringing supplies to the Enclave I will no longer tolerate this you will find him and dispose of him the artifact you recovered has great powers I don't think that even selling hime where the old Wizards know of The Forgotten swirls throughout the realm with this crystal I can send you anywhere I decided once you are done I will open another portal for you

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