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Tomb Raider: Mists of Avalon [Croft Manor]

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Full level name: Tomb Raider Mists of Avalon - First Clues.

This guide includes:

- PLS 00:40

- Gymnasium Key 6:10

- A Note from Winston 7:13

- Empty Bottle (Fill this with water) 7:33

- Coconut 8:20

- Banana 9:12

- Tropical Fruit Smoothie 9:20

- Key Head 12:08

- Bronze Croft Shield (Secret #1) 14:20

- Key Bit 16:30

- Valve Wheel 17:40

- Bucket 18:45

- Secret #2 (Code) 22:05

- Gold Croft Shield (Secret #3) 22:18

- Bedroom Key 25:35

- Shower Plug 26:45

- Pistols 28:10

- Trophy Room Key 31:52

- Silver Croft Shield (Secret #4) 33:45

- Treasure Room Key & Desert Ranger (Secret #5) 34:30

- Security Camera DVD 37:30

- Lara’s Pendant (Secret #6) 40:50

- Crypt Key 45:40

***All Secrets Found***

Level made by Titak


"** Avalon became a more and more powerful and spiritual place over the course of many years. Its priests and priestesses lived according to the laws of nature and by the movements of the sun and moon.

Morgain, also known as Morgan le Fey, was Lady of the Lake (high priestess of Avalon) during King Arthurs reign. She was Arthurs half-sister. She made for him the sheath of his legendary sword Excalibur and she is the mother of his son Gwydion.

Sometime during King Arthurs reign, Avalon started to become isolated in time and space. Lost to the rest of the world. Only the priestesses and priests of Avalon could reach it with a small boat, willing the mists surrounding Avalon to yield.

It is believed that a map to the location of Avalon is hidden in King Arthurs tomb. But where is King Arthurs tomb? According to some versions of the legend his body was buried on Avalon itself...

** Atlantis was destroyed by the wrath of the Atlantean god Deios.

The survivors fled overseas, in different directions, but the Stone of Omphalis was saved from the destruction and was brought overseas to the Tor where it was placed in an underground labyrinth to harness its immense powers.

It is believed that the Stone of Omphalis has indeed great spiritual powers. The Atlanteans were able to harness and even channel this power through singing rituals, thus enabling them to build massive structures that could not be built with any of the conventional tools. This power could explain how Avalon, with the Tor at its centre, became lost in time and space.

** So the legends of Atlantis and Avalon seem to be connected..."

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