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Mega Drive Longplay [428] Zero Tolerance

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Played by: Reinc

What holds this game off are the platform limitations: the game is almost always lagging, and with different amounts of lag, making it impossible to develop a sense of timing; turning is painfully slow with D-pad; first steps of strafing are too slow to avoid most attacks because you can't switch between walking and running but have to always walk a little before speeding up instead, and you can't make sharp turns without stopping in your tracks; weapons and items have to be switched one by one in the inventory. There are romhacks that reduce these drawbacks though. Also, for better or worse, there is no reload time, which leads to RAPID-FIRE EVERYTHING, even though the only real fully automatic gun here is the laser-aimed gun, which I ironically forgot about until halfway through the game (hence the change in firing pattern).

All floors secured, all characters used. After completing the game, I show off the bonus "Boxing!!!", "Basement!" and "Highrise!" passwords, the latter also features Basse's security inhibiting ability and the extra animation when attacking the sniper with a rocket launcher, and then I show bad endings.

You can legally download a Zero Tolerance ROM from Technopop's website at: http://www.technopop.net

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