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Family Guy Video Game! | PS2 (PCSX2) | Full Gameplay/Playthrough | No Commentary

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#FamilyGuy #FullPlaythrough #NoCommentary.

This is my full playthrough for the 2006 Family Guy game. This is the full game with no added commentary.

Take on the role of characters from the Family Guy series such as Stewie, Brian the Dog, and Peter, as you play through 22 levels based in the city of Quahog.

Subscribe to me on YouTube if you'd like to see more full playthroughs with no commentary, it would mean so much to me!


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Still out here huh I have a responsibility to my P TV viewers Brian and nothing says must-see TV like a five day non-stop mr. Belvedere marathon gotta say I never really cared for that show put out kind of a weird vibe I think this is the one where mr. Belvedere sits on his own net and there's the weird vibe this is a day to.

Remember Rupert my mind control device is complete as soon as I broadcast my commands over the fat man satellite dish I shall be the most powerful dictator since Dick Cheney why the devil are you.

Dressed like that no I'm not criticizing I just I just don't understand your need to prance around like a Scoutmaster on Labor Day weekend what's going on out there Bertram did your mother's stop cleaning their carpets long enough to let you out of the house that was a jab at their sexuality I'm here for one thing you're.

Marvelous I see you stopped touching yourself long enough to learn how to play this thing let's get all ready do. You see that it means you can activate this object by pushing the button dumbass my boyfriend since William got me this beautiful watch hear yourself talk I might kill you tonight Joey guess what word I'm thinking of right now not kid I really wouldn't know go on guess a word. But what it's not kidding is it kitty my.

Ray gun just needs one more part let's check outside just try not to step in Brian's buckshot need to get that door.

Unlocked perhaps I shall use this mind control ray to force Lois to do it.

Damn it appears the microwave is disrupting my mind control I shall need to use an indirect method perhaps something involving the dog well my my mr. hoover's come to visit.

It's not cool hey what's in this closet.

I must find a will to reach the roof in order to confront further and then perhaps work on a sweet tears I knew.

You'll new at this but how about targeting our enemies with a lot on teacher it's there for a reason.

That's not what I meant by a bush cut damn it my tacos ready but I got excellent one of my skyhooks coupe thing my bribes at City Hall paid off hey don't forget to put in these hooks why because some infant gave me a hundred bucks ah it's one of those cutaways like you see on television however this is a video game so they are interactive succeed and I'll get more power-ups for my ray gun.

That's quite a gap time to use my glide other Aegis how dare you defy me.

Not so fast Bertram I'd rather the disk be destroy than have it fall into your hands hey keep it down up there if.

That's Meg or some kind of squirrel I'm gonna get my shotgun you fool I tricked you into destroying your own satellite dish now I can proceed unimpeded with my own plan for world domination where did. You get those wonderful toys.

Okay some kind of squirrel or Meg stop interrupting my program oh my god.

Brian call an ambulance I'll go get my purse yeah this looks like an Iraqi trailer park Bertram's obviously been planning this attack for some time but what's his master plan I must find out therefore I have no choice but to shrink myself down and infiltrate his lair within the fat man's testicles.

You know I have to come out to this hospital so often they should name it after me death is here.

If I destroy that red country box his laser walls will disappear.

Go Brown.

Oh man look at him squirm aren't you.

Guys dead yet I got a schedule to keep no I want to go for a walk oh gosh sorry.

No I'll try to Walternate electricity a wonderful combination when thinking about Lewis but now it may give us feedback ticklish.

Well normally I will be overjoyed at causing this much destruction I have more pressing matters.

I need a condenser from an electron.

Microscope and a coil from an MRI machine and then you know whatever baby.

Here this is how my family shows love last at all nice model the aperture is all the way at the top there's the koreans and their slipshod economics.

Now this is what I'm talking about me on the big screen oh yeah baby I'm looking good security. There is a man and abroad in yellow floral shirt duck in the nursery shower security to the nurses shower please.


Like to Arnhem.

Why have I bothering nothing interesting has come out of there in six years dr. Hartman to surgery dr. Hartman to surgery the doctor said there might be. Explosive complications wonder what that means I had so.

This laser please more conflicts I must have read my Reagan's last more accurately.

My duodenum.

MRI machine hmm it's in use I should have to find the palace which a stray blast could destroy the equipment I must use mind control now my ray gun does more damage what the deuce pervert from next door what is he doing here oh my god female x rays are you the head nurse.

Hey wait for me hey nurse can you examine this lump oh god I'd rather die.

You. Huh hidden pornographic scene viewable by pressing up up down down left huh.

Horny gamers believe anything Seabreeze.

Hey well you smell inseminated I can't.

Believe you're pregnant again God didn't you learn anything the last time would you like some water a treat towel to bleed on I knew it arrest this dog he violated my restraining order and impregnated Seabreeze what no I didn't he's lying and he's not Caucasian.

I'm not the father joke unless you can prove that Brian we got to lock you up damn it a speed bump who's the wise guy that put this speed bump err it's not funny Horowitz I'm looking at you yeah oh no whoop it up guys this is in poor taste.

Okay rule one for fugitives don't let anyone see you shadows like martinis are.

Your friends wow that's cruel and.

Unusual punishment what this place needs is a papasan chair oh god that smells worse than Meg's room oh god why did I eat that entire cheese basket that's the.

Second most disturbing thing I've ever seen hi I'm Brian this is the first of my interactive non-sequiturs play this successfully and I'll turn invisible for a short period of time thanks for listening.

Wow I wish I knew what lies ahead stop running you.

Why do we do these things to each other.

You run faster than my stepdad do you.

Want the Prowler don't you.


After this let's go grab a snack.

So the socio-economic structure of the streets is what is responsible for our situation attention all officers please.

Remember to warm your hands before frisking first thank you I'm gonna find out who the real father of sea-breezes puppies is I need some clues yikes that's why the prisoner can't this is part of the police file on Seabreeze jackpot lucky I didn't eat this.

Harmonica along with that trucker that guy's compass just doesn't Point North you know that guard might be a problem.

Maybe I can find something to distract him just switch this one over to the women's shower that ought to keep them busy oh yeah.

Attention all straight-laced detectives please report to the captain you will be assigned crazy no rules hotness they that if I hit under this desk they couldn't see me at all.

What would Danny Glover do.

Which cabinet is that filed in again.

Good we should play by heck I'll just play by my own rules somebody stealing my water they're crafty I'll tell you it happens when you least expect it. What would Danny Glover do.

Which cabinet is that filed in again.

But another clue nice.

What would Danny Glover do.

Which cabinet is that filed in again.

Whose rules should I play by.

Now my ray gun does more damage soon birth from your upper school hey son give me some help over here liposuction machines are leaking fat all over the place and I'm trapped in it I need three machine parts to fix it get them for me and I'll be able to open the door for you I can't stand on this. Brother but it makes for good sliding oh.

To be the Limbourg baby right about now.

I'm so glad to see the nurses have found something constructed to do the business.

Look at all this love as new has been cooking again ha good that's right shoddy workmanship I find better form pieces in my diaper.

For sauce put the motive a few sprinkles of the genius with a chance of doom.

One of his places lucky I'm saving my gender for 30.

Before educated material modern medicine indeed.

It popped free of the machine playing suck thanks a lot little guy the door should be open now.

Hey Brad how long before you think you end up in here Oh a long time unless I run into a baby with a Raygun but what are the odds of that I wish I'd studied.

Shakespeare now so I'd have something to quote before dying.

Now I'll tell you what's dead vaudeville and this is the box they buried it in take me for instance Wow.

Dr. Smith go away Stewie I'm hanging out with my boyfriend.

Come on in Sean there's plenty of room little bit so much for that.

You will see me again Stewie Griffin because I got a few to pick up in the ICU.

Finally the way up baby punch him in the.

Head dr. Miller dr. Reuben.

Come on you Apes those wine stain your interval size by a two-step.

At last the fat man now to find a way to dispatch those nurses heat these.

Last-minute additions.

Another one man this hospital sucks. How ironic angel of mercy meets angel of death if I don't already have enough to do.

Yeah I was gonna ask her out later.

What the hell's wrong with this thing come on die already another one.

Thanks to this pill I shall have no trouble breathing inside the fat man's body alright let's get small Louis Louis.

What the hell happened all I remember is mr. Belvedere was there and and I remember something wagging me in the head Belvedere that's it mr. Belvedere has kidnapped my family and for some reason wants me dead well I'll have to destroy you first you evil crafty nanny or Butler or whatever. Kind of freaky thing you had going on there nice try Belvedere thinks he can just take me out with one of his brainwashed henchmen disguised as a nurse well it's gonna take a lot more than that to keep me from getting back Lois and Brian and Chris and Stewie and and Tim I want to.

Say why say Russ.

From the youngest child for the oldest nagging grandma none shall escape my fists of fury damn you belvedere you've corrupted both the young any old stupid trash can.

Looking at over their vehicles.

I'm doing you what life did the data Plato we kind of show it freakin.

So mr. Belvedere has corrupted the police for shame oh you are so much.

Better than me really damn these mimes and their invisible walls.


Kevin and Steve Austin's left leg.

You know what else you can't see writing on the wall long feels dead.

This clam is trying to muscle in on my eggs.

This reminds me of that time I tried to open that can of tuna if I can just win this cut away the game design has promised me extra hot dogs for my snack made it freakin sweet.

Help I'm evidence in a melting all right here's another one good to see my tax money hard at work this is part of the.

Police file on Seabreeze jackpot.

Where's that bag of severed heads.

This is why I don't vote vote nice one.

Mr. president no vote it's not happening.

Another clue nice why is that a.

Lampshade that could fool these stupid cops.

Later babe I'm on duty right now in.

Time for the old lampshade the sky hey there Seabreeze click just remember.

Even morons know lamps don't move.


Must remember I can go under desks.

I wish we could hear more music and less talk on the police Channel.

Look Moslem we've been over this I'm the bad cop you're the good cop cuz you put that lamp here this is a.

Costume this is a costume it was my lunch break and chicken sounded good damn i handcuffed myself to my desk again.

I wish we could hear more music and less.

Talk on the police Channel.

Hey who put that lamp here hey who put.

That lamp here.

Hey who put that lamp here.

Hey who put that lamp here damn i. Handcuffed myself to my desk again.

Hey who put that lamp here.

Hey who put that lamp here I wish we could hear more music and less talk on the police Channel.

Hey who put that lamp here.

Hey who put that lamp here damn my.

Handcuffs myself to my desk again.

I wish we could him who put that lamp here.

Listen girl I got to figure out who the real father is so uh present wait I do.

Smell something familiar where have I smelled that before excuse me sir Channel Five's I on the street today we're asking who's a good boy I am who's a good boy I am. I'm a good boy Tom Tucker maybe he's the. Father I've got to get to channel 5 and find some proof good luck with the puppies try not to eat them.

What's that smell it's either bad meat or good cheese reminds me of my coke.

Habit all right here's another one life.

Is a stage and there is my costume Oh sirens give me a headache Hey look it's a rich burn her ah me beat.

Me I'm on fire put me out all right.

Brian I know you're a good dog just come out and I won't ask the days are you cool man control yourself not everything is a toilet.

Oh God get me out of here before I.


And do this all day Brian give yourself up.

The stomach I must be careful to avoid touching the lake of acid sort of like when I pretend the driveway of lava what.

The deuce it seems my arrival has dislodged a few things stuck up above.

This bed carpet he's been eating red carpet.

Has the fat one been eating pine cones again.

Finally a way out of this meat trap for.

These annoying pustules.

Hope to find a way to open that sphincter that's this some kind of control organ.

I'll have to grapple my way through the fat man's lungs smells like bacon in here how did you get bacon in here.

How nice that check for now works as an elevator should I fall back to the floor.

Looks like a splitter hit I would have to decide which way to go.

Splendid giant inflated cysts and clinched sphincters.

Don't touch me I'm Silas please.

There was this emulsified.

Getting in my target back.

The fat man's brain cell seems to be thinking about food if I move these thoughts to the erogenous zone perhaps the blood flow is shit for the testicles but which one to use first I'm going to.

Get me a spoonful I don't always come home would that really do nice think I'm falling in love with you.

Come on old man move those legs.

Raghavan now let's go what's our take a gander and brach.

This is a shakedown if y'all get hungry there's some cottage cheese in the fridge I'm gonna get me a. Spoon done let's follow the flow to the testicles.

Let it rip.

Somebody quite.

Youngsters were more flight in mind it's.

About time I did my fatherly duty prep. Your first.

Oh crap you bastard.

Hi dad now me I'm trying to rescue you from mr. Belvedere.

First it my God look who's here.

That was weirder than that television special on firetrucks a solitary killer the fire truck stops its prey the.

Ambulances will have to wait their turn.

What the hell what the hell.

What the looks like a truckload of fire hydrants overturned right by the gate that could buy me some time I'm gonna need a disguise to slip past that security guard bet I can find something useful in that cheerleading van.

Sometimes I stab myself with my badge pin just to know I'm alive what I said we sure got a mess here oh okay why would you think I said nothing it's not important. Sprinkler controls well I think we've learned cops love things a little hot and wet last one in has crossing guard.

Duty so much for the wet t-shirt scene everyone was hoping for.

Pardon me I'm here for the auditions come on in and cheer stuff um yes here we go give me enough give me a you give me a see what what wait wait we're going for a teen rating here gracious what won't they u6l go on in sugar damn it looks like they just. Finished I'll bet Tom Tucker is already on his way back to his dressing room I've gotta get to that door without anyone seeing me a videotape maybe one of these has evidence I can use that's it follow the.

Little red light in other news mayor Adam West reports that water theft is down by 13% this month.

But the skies would certainly help I guess it's that time man I'm gonna kill whoever ate the last chocolate Long John everybody knows I had Colonel dibs on those.

Hello giant banana guy.

Mmm I just love to bananas.

Mmm I just love bananas after the break. We'll find out how Tom Tucker has caught an STD for the third time this week no dog here just a giant banana guy hello.

Giant banana guy it's the set of the.

Popular dance show Channel Five's most popular dance show looks like I'll have to start the party or get them out of my way.

It's been about a jelly time peanut butter jelly time peanut butter jelly time where we go now to just slip past.

These dancers and out the door especially those sexy female dancers with their firm legs and aggressively low self-esteem steady Brian steady.

Another for the collection more tapes.

Around here than pimples on Meg's ass.

Crushers saws family entertainment for the Manson family some of these blades I can duck under.

This this is not good.

Haha I finally chased you down mr. Belvedere head head feeling funny black folks.

Leaving in their cat haven't slept in five days oh yeah that's right it's.

Rufus Griffin the soul brother who keeps things smooth and real and soon.

Better run Belvedere stop right there.

Oh it's time to rock a house baby.

Ample little snack for me the TV.

Hey stop it yeah you bastard.

This is even more intense in that time I forgot how to sit my ass down.

Nach try belvedere but i don't follow the man's rules.

Show your face Belvedere cuz I'm gonna mess you up worse than breast augmentation surgery messed up that one formerly hot chick or was in that movie where that Jewish kid stuck his thing in a pie.

What man.

Oh it's time to rock your hands.

Black pampas stooped if Kitty's got nothing on a black ribbon philosophy match sweet ass bitch.

Thank that long go god it's your birthday no god it's your birthday.

Let me punch your ticket sir tickets. Punched.

Yes sorry.

Give me 14 tickets to live.

500 tickets for the one who prepared you bursted.

Hahaha hell is right Oh stupid stupid.

Nobody inside lost his head.

Bring it out Velveteen son hostage here.

Nobody lost his head.

Nobody's I'm not here.

Okay mr. Belvedere you've escaped me so far but I'm onto you again and it looks like now you're over at the Indian casino I will see you there my evil nemesis right after one short game of virtual stuck behind a bus.

On my stomach again I'm beginning to feel like a toboggan.

I just need to work my way down the lung. Through the bladder.

My information said nothing about a scouting outpost in a month.

Remember to be born.

But a great sterilized.

What a great.

Oh how I will look back on my adventures here I slid through some veins jumped on some cysts and squeezed through some sprinkles good times good times to be.

Stones urine cakes floating tiles.

My charge Ramona if I can lob grenades as Batman would say freaking sweet over behavior.

Fortunately these kidney stones make decent platforms.

If that trooper alerts his Brett were announcing more firm available copies in the earth to eliminate that sperm super.

Before he leaves this fleshy Expressway.

Unless I hit each and every speed boost I have no chance of success.

Bring that trash in here is my house.

That was more pathetic than that game of Marco Polo I played with Helen Keller nakka nakka nakka nakka nakka artistical.

Said last a reception committee it is a game of dead.

Sperm killer.

I see security has been beefed up since.

My last infiltration into the testicular winter the reveille I like a good story challenge.

What a waste.

And Eames chair how the hell can you afford an Eames chair chapter one killing stuff Oh miles.

Share is orgasmic I hope these diapers absorb see them.

Oh man jolly farm review will American.

Television stop ripping off the Brits First Men Behaving Badly and now this there's nothing better than a full bush I missed the 70s and action.

If one of you little brats breathes on me again you can kick hot wait another of those tapes and action it's story.

Time children.

But remind me to fire my agent Tom.

Tucker is one perverted sob and action.

He leaves these things out.

Hut and action.

Almost there I can just cross through here and sneak into the dressing rooms.

I'd really like to do something topical like about the word I think I've got a.

Project lined up you'd be perfect for all major credit cards accepted those two are blocking the door I have to find a way to move them time for an old-fashioned crank call hey I've gotta.

Talk to a guy about not getting herpes I'll call you.

Tom Tucker's dressing room is at the end of this hallway but there's too many guards maybe I can slip through these side doors I asked for a bowl of green chocolate candies yes they're here but I asked for forest green not seafoam green yes I know I can change them to forest green just by touching them but that's not the point when Jesus asks for forest. Green he means forest green the piece you know after dying for your sins the least you could do is get me the right color candy that's it the plague of locusts is back on I never knew Jesus was such a prima donna just because his dad is some bigshot.

Yar yar that's out right yeah it was an.

Accident is that in turn back with me rum yes starting to get the shakes I'm thinking. About patches on both eyes that'll make me look hella Tom mustn't shine me pegs. Too much too glossy am bound to lose my street cred.

How you say that to me after all we've been through look you made promises promises with your body promises with your horn you. Said you're gonna make me mrs. a honky McClung bottom no I don't want to Hank or two it's gonna be tied to a bunch of other handkerchiefs I'm gonna pull and pull and they'll just keep coming in all different colors.

Oh hey that to me after all we've been.

Through look you made promises promises. With your body promises with your horn I'm here live in my dressing room because the station's Executive Lounge doesn't allow engines inside this was.

Converted into my dressing room after my old one was appropriated as a greenhouse by that bitch Diane Simmons.

This place is not large enough to hold my various award for excellence in Asian news reporting.

Yeah this is more pathetic on that time I taught Peter about Christopher Columbus breath mint too many cigarettes.

So I'll just part of the job ma'am so officer Swan for you tell me have you ever had to have hog-tie someone with those rippling arms of yours you know you're a good person you don't have to be the sober food section oh you're so modest as anyone ever showing you their appreciation for keeping the streets safe.

Smells like Vitalis and self-hatred but it's the wrong scent that must mean Tom Tucker's not the father so who is but. Dog track Seabreeze races there it's a long shot but maybe I could find something there to clear my name Tom I'm standing here.

Wondering who left a steaming three coiler on my desk I see. Perhaps I'll respond in kind watch.

Yourself Belvedere and I'm coming for you goodbye world you won't have gladys anderson to sodomized with a shoe any more oh my god this is a sign God wants.

Me to continue selling sexual favors for money i hear you lord.

Hey you're looking for a party if you're looking for junk in the trunk I'm a frickin SUV.

Oh crap always after though Redman craps.

And slice this place is pretty inky.

My milkshake.

Always after bonus.

You and he big trouble come on over boys.

My slots are the loosest in town.

Good oh oh crap this reminds me at a time I went to the disco watch how I whack my pinata there we go gathers in your glass handy.

Go down I said go down I tip my hat to.

You sir you've won this round.

You burst it.

You're roughing it.

According to Bertram's book his lair should be nearby what the deuce ha ha.

Bertram secret lair I must get past those guards damn a metal detector I will need a distraction time to use my mind-control device.

Lure the magnets you should select me for your club due to my encyclopedic knowledge of Star Trek trivia.

Apparently this creature has no mind to control.

That's it man game over I'm just gonna kill you all that was.

Almost come apparently Bertram to the fourth floor in here.

Tourists I will need to destroy them from the inside.

It's on falsely called hobos me mister.

This is atacama with Channel five News a.

Has broken out in another of coma.

It's fierce and devastating with little hope of a peaceful settlement looting. Pawns so that's how he's getting his videos.

Ah too many cones I need to destroy.

These clearing pods.

Only a straight-on shock will destroy these cloning machines.

I use a slid to get across this toxic.

Sludge. It appears I have a slide we'll each of these slaloms to activate the security door.

Excellent ricochet walls plus reagan equals fun or Stewie.

Destroy them on the inside.

Why do the cats take learn.

Oh damn my small stature if I were big. Just think where I would be.

What this must be the armory or the fantastic opportunity to hold up my Vega.

Excellent my ray gun boats now penetrate the multiple enemies.

I feel like a record update for the cheetah power.

I can charge up north area if next knob.

From now on the old finger painting was done even in.

Congratulations you're responsible for my 100th reaping of the game here's your prize.

You want this buddy thank you double coupons oh crap oh crap.

Sorry about the so many iodine stains.


Stop I see you are fat so I challenge you to a hot dog eating contest if you can eat more than me you will have to eat more hot dogs than skinny in order to win it couldn't find.

Bigger ones than this these are these.

Snacks I need more to be sensible New.

York boys got nothing on this snack move.

Hey looks like this one's somebody must.

Have blown our budget hiring all those characters we couldn't afford another minigame so how about pressing a button yeah do that yay.

Plays a bit winded take this not the solar plexus so bad I.

Was hoping those guys could have told me where mr. Belvedere is hidin Jase you can never find your way out of these casinos I hate their skimps on maintenance do you know the way out of here.

It's that freaky head again this is not over to the dark looks like the police.

Had the same thought I did the place is crawling with them gonna have to be careful if I'm going to get through the crowd here the father has to be here somewhere maybe you can get the scent off of these drop tickets.

This just in Tom Tucker has flown 5000 at the track reaction from the bookies later tonight arrow their snot on this one.

Nope not this one.

Maybe the father of sea-breezes puppies is in the luxury boxes hey there's Carter that son of a Tim wish I had a punch button.

Nope not this one it's really not that.

Hot certainly no worse than Florida and our elections are more honest.

How can these people sleep at night blowing all their money while there's people like me who have to drink cheap nope not this one arrow there's not on this one.

I say my choosen k9 had best win this time I can not afford to lose any more otherwise they will repossess my manservant nope not this one.

What are we protecting the mayor from again avocados don't ask that rabbit is a real.

Go-getter he's won every race so far I think I found my new public works director that's the kind of guy that could lock his keys out of the car I'm.

Smarter than you keys.

I love dog races but not as much as I love taffy and a man who was mrs. Caffey.

Didn't I just leave this guy.

Just think they could throw their stubs into the trash the scent isn't on this.


It would probably do me well to destroy these barrels of disease.

More sliding I've been doing town so much I feel like a dockside hooker.

What do it Gilligan Griffin runs from having.

I think it would be a good idea to avoid the boiling liquid don't you.

It's like I will have to jump the old-fashioned way.

Bertrand thinks he can hide from me at the top of this project laughs exhales funny I forgot to laugh.


I think Paulie.

Yeah a slow clap really that's more cliched at that time I did that late night talk show monologue is nothing. Happening your cutaways won't work here Stewart they're much more expensive in a video game and take up far too much disk space yeah that's a shame I had a pretty good bit on a reptile dysfunction did you hear about the guy who got a viagra stuck in his throat he woke up with a stiff neck ah ha ha ha oh my father's joke you know how this banter let's warm careful where you aim that thing I wouldn't want you to miss and kill your best friend Rupert you see.

This is what happens when you go gallivanting around in someone else's hat what's this satellite is launched no one will be safe from my mind-control and Rupert will spend eternity circling the Earth oh not if I have anything to say. About it look at you Bertram you run like a Welshman a Welshman.

Those blast doors only leave a small hose the fireproof there's balls of cats may have tracking capabilities I shall have to shoot them down I don't understand every false telecom field.

Laughs this floors electrified.

Any minute now.

You know who that is you know I'm doing that's you that's what you sound like this is an over Stuart it's time we duke it out mano a mano let's say the playground in ten minutes let's see could we schedule.

That um let's say 30 minutes but know that it could really be more like 45 excellent I'll see you there.

Here I come Belvedere come out come out wherever you are what the hell I am an otamatone nucular.

Neohuman Android you may call me Anna I am a robot ninja from the planet England sent here to seek and destroy mr. Belvedere and all who stand in my way and I can do both regular chicks and robot chicks yeah awesome.

Oh sandwich resistances mutinied.

You passed it.

Hey you there stop.

Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of whooping stupid.

And a smashed darklings and it will not.

Be staffed by cement dock fight hey.

Stupid hey stupid blow him out of the water.

Fight me sailors there'll be plenty of time to catch syphilis from crusted Oaks afterwards.

The poop deck and deliveries made in the regular stop has defeated sailors.

Repel boarders oh crap lucky no crap hey stupid boom good song oh crap oh crap oh crap.


We really.

Hey this unit just got a crazy idea why.

I'm gonna need a disguise so I can get up in the bleachers to search for that ticket perfect now I just have to get that guy out from the counter will you.

Choke me with your stick did you just ask me to choke you with my stick no cuz that's what it sounded like oh wait no no like Stewie always says when in doubt set something on fire.

Ah all in living crap fire pop what the thief when these fire extinguishers and he doesn't just painted coffee cans.

Hey you think we should do something about that Jerry man we're not firemen now I can infiltrate the stands without being seen this will not end well think they could.

Throw their stuffs into the trash nope not this one hey mr. bender seen a.

Dog around here.

Think I could throw their stuffs into the trash that bendin needs a shape.

That vendor needs a shave all right now.

I can get down to some serious smoothing hey buddy crap I better fill these people's orders otherwise my cover will be blown if I talked to someone who didn't order I'll get caught so I better remember who ordered I love month-old nachos too I.

Require some cotton candy and a large fruit punch hey over here yay peanuts.

I wish Cleveland would just leave me the hell alone I love five-year-old hot dogs I want to be serviced yo food selling guy I need another hot dog cuz I ain't the other one already hey bender show me your nuts took you long enough.

Nachos I got nachos so I I love.

Five-year-old hot dogs hey I want to. Stuff my face how about some service who do I have to sleep with to get served around here.

Hey over here yay peanuts man I didn't.

Realize how much food Chris can put away I just love artificial food products.

Thanks I've got the munch now that these morons are sated I can get to work looking for that stuff this is the scent the culprit is here but how do I draw him out I've got it if I disguise myself.

As sea breeze and win the race maybe he'll come to me but how am I gonna manage to beat those other dogs what a good looking question and I think I might have a sexually compatible answer pills look I don't want to host a right-wing radio talk show and mega dittos to you sir just slip these pills into the dog's food and you can have sex with them while they're unconscious actually I just want to win the race well whatever you're into.

Wow here we go now I just need to slip a little of this into each dog's dish and I'll win by a long shot that'll be careful not to get spotted though by the dogs or those kennel workers.

I'm standing here in the kennels at the Quahog dog track to address the age-old question why dude up a guy's gonna be a problem I need to do something to get him out of the way is that the race trophy I think I thought of a way to get his attention.

All these dogs do with bark and crap I hate my job.

Ready to race bitch tell me Seabreeze what is your favorite type of pie these.

Kennels are much nicer than the ones in Bangkok God now that was a weekend.

Hi there Seabreeze.

I was running with Chet people would be like hey Chet that'd be like hey.

Ah crap they're all mountains pundits Seinfeld followed closely by the British office followed by anything with Jon Stewart in it except deafness routine back in the packets Becker but now beggars stumbling madly Becker is fading Becker's being fast there reruns of night Court and then infomercial with the Chinese guys selling real estate them all.

That's not Seabreeze that's Brian arrest that dog I'm not the father of sea breezes puppies Joe I'm innocent sentimental hogwash but the real father is right here with us and he is none other than Glen quagmire what still less hair than a. Greek chick quagmire huh Wow I kind of thought it was gonna be that billionaire you know the guy that used to own that cable news station and was married to that 80's worked-out queen she hasn't really worked in a while kind of long in the tooth well she did have that one movie with that actress with a fat ass are you trying to get us sued.

Bring it on your Sam Nestle is.

Substandard it shall be destroyed.

Hey quagmire with this video how it's hanging.

You cannot confuse my program with your Palm Beach sex orgy.

This beach party is too safe stop with.

The negativity this is certainly a.

Target-rich environment which I'll tell you what's read we are using folksy monologues of young real Rajas but me I like the visual slapstick gang like this comically oversized powder pump makeup ha ha ha ha ha that's rich let me off Johnny.

You'll uh since you'll be tearing this town limb from limb and since no one seems man enough to make you walk the plank we've flown in one of your largest nemesis E&M aside if I do remember in my.

Latin rightly I do believe the proper word would be nemesis yeah fine with me.

Bring it what's the matter nothing to.

Say for yourself you were too busy hanging out on your island to record one line for some video game okay I got my shot let's do it so many enemies have.

Employed their own cyborgs against me this unit is impressed haven't you.

Fellow cyborg. We must pencil fight the path the.

Knighthood is paved with your Anna says thank you Jesus go Jesus it's Christmas go Jesus it's Christmas.

Ah Peter there you are Lois you escaped.

From mr. Belvedere Peter there is no mr. Belvedere he's just a TV character that we can use because Fox owns the rights to him but aside from that the actor who played him has been dead for years you destroyed half of Quahog looking for something that doesn't exist oh my god I'm a monster all the people whose ass is I can't I know you must feel bad Peter but maybe if you try to make amends with those people you make a lot of sense Lois and not to get all touchy-feely on you but what I hear you saying is that this is the kind of regret that is only cured by serious hardcore drinkin I love you problem-solving wife.

This is your last chance Stewart join me and together we can rule the galaxies brother and brother interesting OVA do you have a dental plan aye aye I haven't really thought about it you expect me to work without benefits I do speak English you know no I think the best thing is for me to kill you hologram.

Among fault.

Fabulist a field.

At your state my will how embarrassing how do you expect to rule the world if you're nothing but a big baby yeah well I got your big baby right here oh hey man what the hell we may be brothers but that doesn't mean uncomfortable seeing your bone Tony I've learned how to.

Reverse your miniaturization effect now I'm bigger than you'll ever be.

For YouTube apps.

Bertram you know of opportunity.

I have a window of opportunity.

I felt.

The high ground if I hope to do him anytime.

The guy's trunk is packet puts he has a small package.

I gave personal I have a window of opportunity.

Some hard route if I hope for too many temples.

Like Honey I Shrunk is packing cause he has a small package.

We've got to fight him over there about the sandbox of course I must destroy the. Device on his Vega.

Destroy that device on his gun.

For you too.

Anguish sustains me very well Stuart.

You've defeated me fair and square I have no option but to do this mommy.

Well oh that is such a vagina thing to do maybe so but the fact is I live to fight another day until next time Stuart I leave.

Blast yeah that was time well spent Rupert what a day I just want to get home draw a hot bath and spend some quality time with my thoughts no you can't watch I leave the door cracked Wow Horace I can't believe I.

Destroyed the town and hurt all those people and all to find a guy who doesn't even exist what the hell was I thinking.

Holy crap I knew it wait wait I already.

Paid for this well let's do this but don't hit me in the stomach for a while you know cause of the beard.


You bested hey stupid you bested.

You tested.


Oh my gosh Tina are you okay yeah I'm.

Fine Louis in fact I learned something today you can't always trust your feelings especially after watching five straight days of mr. Belvedere with no sleep and while constantly getting hit in the head by a very coincidentally large number of objects well I learned that the dog track is horse racing for poor people and I learned that I've got to stop over-scheduling myself I mean look at this book solid through next Thursday you know there's just one thing I don't get I know I was out of my mind in every way but I swear that mr. Belvedere head floating up in the sky was real hey there it is again what the hell is that you're a hoot mr. Belvedere okay now here's my screech

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