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Tomb Raider 3 Gold - The Lost Artifact Walkthrough [No Meds] Level 3 | Shakespeare Cliff

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Tomb Raider 3 Gold - The Lost Artifact Walkthrough [No Meds] Level 3 | Shakespeare Cliff


Tomb Raider 3 Gold - The Lost Artifact (TR3 Expansion) No Meds Walkthrough and Gameplay.

Key Moments: (* = dropped by an enemy)

0:55 - [Flares]

1:05 - [DE Clips]

1:25 - [MP5 Ammo]

2:20 - [SShells]

2:50 - [SMP]

2:15 - (Secret) [LMP, SShells]

4:05 - [Grenades]

5:45 - [MP5 Ammo]

6:30 - [SMP]

7:20 - [Flares]

8:00 - [SMP*]

9:00 - [SShells, SMP]

10:15 - (Secret) [LMP, Rocket, Rocket Launcher]

11:50 - [Flares*]

13:30 - [2xSShells]

14:25 - [Rocket]

14:55 - [MP5 Ammo]

15:25 - [SMP]

17:00 - [Flares]

17:15 - Drill Activator Card

24:15 - [MP5 Ammo*]

17:45 - [Grenades]

18:20 - [SMP]

18:50 - [SMP*, Flares*]

19:10 - [UziAmmo]

19:40 - Use Drill Activator Card

20:55 - [Pump Access Disk]

23:45 - [Use Pump Access Disk]

27:20 - [4xHarpoons]

27:45 - (Secret) [2xLMP]





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Wanna save my game it's that way I can start over in case I fail because there's a lot of damage here and hopefully I can get through this without dying so let me go and save the game here and now oh I just loaded the freaking game why do I do that sometimes this is what I guess I'll see you guys back at that spot what's up everybody.

Bad ass games welcome back the Tomb Raider 3 the lost artifact today we are in what's called the Shakespeare's clip and it doesn't really look like Shakespearean or a cliff by any means but Paul Magus cliff-like but anyway basically the first thing you want to do when you come in as levels we're up here some players right there for you to pick up but be wary there is a sky patrolling if you wait a split second before you come up here you'll see he won't see you you can easily get some shots off before even realizes you are there so that's nice let's grab the flares and let's head over to this alright between the truck in these boxes okay on the other side there's a door but we want to come on this side because we can move this box out of the way and underneath that we'll find some desert eagle clips which is awesome obviously I don't have the desert eagle unfortunately and according to somebody some people I've heard that don't get them I'm not sure we'll find out I guess so here is the mp5 ammo also.

You can't see it us kind of sucks it didn't see if it's standing right there kind of cat a corner to the box and then around over here is a switch now this would have been more obvious that the box wasn't in the way but yeah go ahead and throw that switch can open the door and that's all that there is in this area go ahead and enter through here we'll find this guy coming out and he runs off I'm not sure exactly what he's doing he basically just runs to like this point then turns around it comes back at you I'm not sure what that's all about and that's about it for this section too there's really not much to talk about in these areas oh yeah by the way there's another dude right here let's light him up cool and now we have. Another another box this one we have to be careful with okay because you know you come in here you may think to push push it this way but the actual right thing to do is to push it towards the gate because if you notice the gate well you can't see it but you can notice the gate it's little discolored from the from the other stuff on top of that there's some shotgun shells underneath it so let's grab those and then we need to pull the box back away from that gate because it opened and so we can go back behind there now I like the sidestep out this way but in doing that you actually spawn another dude further down here so let's just finish him off real quick and if we turn to the right we can actually grab a small med pack real quick now let's go and get that secret now you have everything out of the way haha alright so let's go in here and take a left this is really small secret just some shells and a large med pack you. Don't actually queue the secret until you stand on the towel here all right we got our things let's go ahead and leave and now you have a couple ways to go so. Well you have this area right here and. You also have this way down here which then tees off down there and also up. Here to the right what we want to do if you want all items as it go up here to the right if you go down there to the left that leads to a dead-end the actual right way to go is in this area you may have noticed that there was a event right here we could shoot this so there you go and that's the best the right way to go if you don't care about items but if you do care about items this is the way to go and it's grenades so you may want to pick them up even if you want to go the other way we jump up here don't go too far that fan will kill you shoot out the grate and then go through this thing take a left I'll show now the one names slide pick up your grenades excellent now we have the things head back that's all there was here and it's a dead end otherwise so the only way we can go now is through this ventilation area where the fire was let's go ahead and pull ourselves up in here we got a timer way through these flames now there is a quick way to get through this stuff but uh I kind of missed that window so I gotta time my way through it they're actually very nice it takes the timer isn't nearly as long as TRL ease so that's pretty cool let's go ahead and save the game real quick I should say before the fire but you know I'm crazy sometimes so but you do want to save here I suppose as well in both places now the way you want to go is you want to stand over here you see the one tile the one sloped tile that I'm right in front of or is right in front of me that's the one that we want to jump onto I want to do a backflip onto the thing so let's go up to here up against the wall make sure we're angled correctly do a back flip and then grab the ledge and now you got to move down quickly we're going to go down as far as we can here and then shoot to the left as soon as we arrive we want oh I'm gonna die yeah I'm dead of course of course so I luckily I saved recently squid and watch your die though of course nice okay either I'll see you back at that spot or I'm just gonna reload the game and continue playing so it looks like I'm gonna continue playing that's awesome here we go let's go over here to this spot and then try this again this time doing it correctly want to go down so I missed I rolled I shouldn't roll I should land and then do a backflip and then before we go anywhere else there are some mp5 amyl right here now I'm facing this way on purpose so I can quickly a roll and run and jump across here or safe okay what we're trying to avoid is that spike thing coming down that I didn't warn you about that probably freaks you out at some point while you were playing which is cool let's pull this lever and it's been dropped that great and that's the next place to go there is this way right here that we need to go in order to get back and of course you can light a flare and all that stuff there are a couple rats in here so be careful what's up I can't even there totally destroy me I got blocked this rat knows some skills he knows the strats man small medpac there on the ground to top your life off after that rat attack pull the lever it's gonna stop the fan of one of the fans okay not all of them stop but I think two of them did just be careful as you go into the fan area make sure the fans not rotating all right let's turn around and fall out of this thing I kind of just continued through here I pull the lever and just turn around and came out here and then we fall now the right thing to do is to turn around and go oh which way is it I always forget this this is the right way right here the way we went to originally to get the grenades now this is no longer a dead end because we stopped the fan alright so down here is.

The way to go cliff slide down there and y'all get you take some damage you can't avoid the damage again so you slide maybe a different way but whatever it's not much anyway if we go around this corner we'll find some flares pick the flares up and now it's time to go basically this direction so I'm gonna do. A base what I'm gonna do to get down I'm gonna do a run and jump over here towards the slope it's easily the quickest way it gets me toward where I need to go and there's no fire you got to be careful because there are some fire bins or whatever in this area and it just be careful alright let's get out some Z's or something I don't care you got your pistols if you want I don't care but we gotta shoot some dudes so top over here guy comes out there waste him he drops some small med packs it really only one but hop over here and there's another dude up there we're gonna shoot up so let's get angled for this thing and hopefully uh jump up here and grab hey what's up he sees me but he's he can't come out here it's kind of weird he's restricted to that hallway I don't know if it's considered leaving his watch or what well I got him lucky of course here he is Andy's dead whatever all.

Right it's got to be careful because there's really not much a whole lot of force damage in this I'm just you can get through this value using the med pack it's absolutely 100 percent possible in case I end up using one alright so yeah what I'm doing here is you give you a time your way through this event that's the right way to go they put if you want some items there is an another vent up here we can shoot so let's wait for this thing to go away and then do a standing jump up to here it's kind of tricky so make sure you're kind of standing in a spot I was you don't wanna get too close to the fire though right shoot this out let's turn around and we got to find this ledge there we.

Go hold on up get inside of here will find a small med pack and some shells which is nice I mean it's not a secret well it's just like an item cache I suppose grab this thing and get out of. Here now there are these you know it.

Looks like fires going through here but you shouldn't need to worry there is no fire in that hallway fall off here and now let's slide down and be careful there is a train that's gonna come as soon as you make this job it's not gonna come just yet so do a run and jump you're not gonna make it you're gonna slide down and then as soon as you get your footing hold well you know hold forward and jump and then she'll be able to avoid the Train now this is the right way to go but if you want a secret let's go get that so over here where the train.

Came from let's go ahead and save the game because this can be kind of tricky we got to make it down this tunnel without get him by train no joke so basically he's gonna come and you you don't have any room you gotta hug the wall you can either stand and face the wall make sure you're all the way against the wall and the train won't hit you or you can just sprint and just kind of hold the left and the right and you should be able to avoid it that way too back here is a small med pack and then as we're leaving before we go anywhere we want to get the actual secret you haven't gotten a cigarette I want to turn to the right and enter here to get the secret grab the rocket but that's not all it is not all turn back here run the left side of this thing I only say that because there's a slope here that you can slide right onto the rocket launcher which is awesome now we could blow some stuff up we don't have a grenade launcher eat our bleep no we don't have a great outdoor either so but now we have the rocket launcher we can totally lay waste some dudes gotta be careful though right I think it does friendly fire alright leaving I took a right heading down this track on the left side is where the correct way to go is let's do this I'll pull this lever now there's two guys inside this room but one thing I like to do is just kind of run in here and get on the bike the bike is on the other side of that box right in front of Lara the yellow one okay so let's open the door again it is timed I guess I'm not sure why but just run and jump to the other side of this thing and you should be right on top of so now we can run these guys over they're not gonna go very far I mean just pow yes now that the wrench guy is dead he drops flares let's go ahead and grab these things and now we are gonna do some some. Of this stuff with the quad bike now you should save the game for sure because there's some jumps that are crazy we get on this thing I'm gonna save up here in a little bit before I do the jumps but I just wanna get around this corner here not very uh fatal here okay so you get lined up you just pretty much want to go straight this part's pretty awesome too by the way so let's save the game and let's rev up and then yee-hah LR is cool right like. That right as you come out of this tunnel head to the right you want to press to the right so that way you don't fall your death yeah like I said this you want to say before this now I want to get lined up for this jump and just go got it over this thing there we go gun over this thing head to the right side and then hit this guy okay now that guy is actually gonna run and do something I'm not sure he's exactly what he does I think he likes some of these barrels but regardless okay so if. You're looking for the quick way to go the quick way to go is this way but if you want some extra items then we can get them now or you can also wait to get it went toward the end of the level where we get the last secret but if you want them now pan out head on over to this lever and then let's go to this. Side of everything be careful because the ledge there is not gonna save you there's no railing or anything let's pull out some gun don't care what there's gonna be a dude behind this door and these doors are gonna open as soon as you stand on the pile in front of it so lay waste destroy enter in pitiless shotgun shells get in front of this door. And this will open all right so I guess I said pull the lever I don't think you actually had to pull the lever but then pull the lever open this door and it gives us this machine or if you stand in front of it Millar is like die I can't operate this we'll see what that's for later some of you who played this level may know what that's all about so we will get to that later let's head back around to this side where we parked the quad bike up over some boxes here and then as soon as I get my Aussie selected right yeah so as soon as you hop over this thing open fire on this guy it'll make your life a little easier because he comes over here and lights this barrel which can set you on fire while you're trying to jump up here you can avoid it pretty easily but it's always best to reduce your potential damage all right so he's dead picked up a rocket over there by the way let's fall off here and we can hang from this thing and go all the way down this this area is pretty nonlinear so there are many many ways I guess I don't say many many but there are a lot of ways you can go that different from this so I'm just trying to get all the items and show you everything's at all right so I came down the ladder and I pulled myself up into this corridor walking over here we'll find some mp5 ammo this mp5 man was gonna spawn some rats over there that's kind of interesting but obviously ignore them whatever let's go over here to oh by the way it did also spawn this guy across the way which will kill ear soon let's do a running jump I'm aiming for this platform right here that has a small med pack on it and let's grab this thing I. Did forget to tell you about jumping with a quad bike one of the quicker way to ways to go is to actually jump the quad bike over to here and then basically you'll come down and you'll come through this tunnel right here this is where you would go if you if you took the quad bike now taking the quad bike also if by jumping the train with it with the quad bike it spawns another dude that drops mp5 ammo by the way so if you want extra piece of pickup a mp5 animal then you want to jump with the I'm dead you want to jumped with the quad bike and I saved just before all the quad bike mess so I'll see you guys back in the spot alright guys I am back at this spot here's the small med pack yeah I don't know what that guy was a bit busy explaining some stuff anyway quad bike action yeah if you want some mp5 ammo that's way to go alright so I'm gonna go ahead and actually I shouldn't see I should shoot this guy away you don't worry about them using the mp5 you can get some range from here which is nice. Tear them up and then this time I'm gonna do a run and jump and instead of walking off the edge but also do not hold action do not try to grab the ledge she will not grab it and you will fall to your death um by the way this is not the right way to go I should have said this'll actually know that you do want to take this way this way is gonna get you to it item there's other ways to get to the item though um but this is the quickest way so it's up to you like I said there's a lot of different ways to go through here flares right here okay. So I kind of did this little curve jump to the slope and then now what I want to do is I want to find this little crevice down here between the blue pillar and that ledge and then we want to turn around and fall just like so and then over here we'll grab the drill activator card which is cool because it's gonna let us complete the level run jump up here and there's going to be a switch right here and this is going to open up this set of doors that was over there let's go ahead and head through this way okay we'll go back we got to go through those doors now but we want to go this way because there's some grenades over here it's this stuff and now we want to.

Head up this ramp through the hole and. Then we want to go to this this ramp right here if you go through that hole I think it spawns a dude I don't know if he drops in I don't think he drops anything in fact I'm pretty certain he doesn't but yeah if you want a kill do that now let's stand here or you can do you can just run also just run straight off this thing or if you're standing there press roll beer to the left you want to you want to kind of slide half way down that last tile it's quicker so you gotta well I guess the window is pretty lenient as you go through the doors go to the gate and then turn to the left you'll find a small med pack good stuff deals you're right up that med pack all right let's pull ourselves up into this area and we're going to some massive guns ready of some kind there's dudes with oh my right well it doesn't really.

Matter how quick he killed them but they these two guys drop stuff so make sure that you take note of where they fell and grab small med pack I think the other guy drops flares maybe has been like pretty consistent with the flares and a small med pack okay there's some stuff to do in this area so if you're in a hurry go do it otherwise if you want some easy ammo come over here behind this porta potty find some easy ammo now let's go spawn some rats whatever right and let's go over here to this dude.

There is no dude but basically coming back from the port of Porto John there is this lever on this machine that we can pull it's gonna open up well start the machine but essentially it's gonna open up this gate right here fall down into here it's not a very big area use the drill activator card now we're going to activate the drill I could have showed you was on the other side of the port of John's the it's just a drill and it was basically a solid wall at that time too so not much well that sucks.

Trying to get out of here it's not a big area as soon as we leave I believe we want to take a left yes a left and then the area that the.

Drill carved out for us is available we want to fall into this hole I think you want a safety fall maybe maybe not I don't know probably not let's get out here now get some guns out there's some rats here whatever hole the lever that.

Is here that's gonna open up the gate which leads to the exit of the level but.

I only have two of three secrets so we. Still need to get that third secret be very mindful of that as you enter this area because if you go too far you end the level and you've written you lose your chance of getting it pick up the pump access card obviously picking that up is fine you can also roll there's a couple of other tiles you can get to as well you'll be fine anyway grab that thing let's do a 180 and let's get over here to this section right here we'll be careful that jump it's kind of tricky the slope is really screw you up do a run a jump for this ladder yeah man's pull up we're going to go all the way back to that machine that we saw before we gotta do a lot of climbing too because we made our way down maybe while I'm up there - I'll grab the bike so we can get that extra set of weapons the nice thing though is that by the time we're done with doing this the area below will be filled with water and we can quickly get down to the exit but I'm gonna go ahead and grab that mp5 ammo all right let's hop up here and oh when I spawn this dude or activated em or whatever light them up and we want to go into. This section find this ladder this is. Gonna take us back up to where we picked up some mp5 ammo that spawned rats and then I died so that's where we're at now which means we're pretty close to the other ladder that's gonna take us up to the top right so what we want to be so. Let's fall off grab we get shimmies I think might be a little bit quicker to do that I don't know man I'd be quicker to jump actually now I think about it anyway it's fly the top keep going so this nice thing about this.

Two meter three is that the secrets they're so massive or the the last secrets usually or at least it has a really nifty well-thought-out theme of some kind which is pretty cool I like that I like it a lot some massive secrets in this okay jumping over the barrel of fire now yeah enough I by the way my way back I failed with the choosing my weapons I kept I had the pistols out the guy made it to the barrel but it's a whatever situation okay I also then I also didn't grab the items just the kind of give the idea that you can grab the pump access card and come over here to get them later so that's cool let's go over here do these things once again I started kill this guy pick up the shocking gels as we get this.

One too now this now guys that I'm not picking this up twice I picked this up earlier in the video so I died I didn't get him the second time around let's throw the pump access card into this thing and what this is going to do is it's going to fill the basin down below now we got water flowing and everything sauce and also loud noises and.

Everything okay now that we've done that let's basically the next step if you're looking just for the secret you don't care about this mp5 ammo is jump in the water that's the next way to go I'm gonna go ahead and show you guys how to get the mp5 ammo it's I know it's like if you find out whatever but it's an item and so we might as well grab it if we can right might as well show it walk through okay so basically let's save the game this jump can be kind of tricky this train basically what you need to do is you need to kind of hit the corner of this thing and hopefully right up it Oh kind of like this kind of like that and then do a ramp go a little this thing now that do should be spotted except that I've caught on fire oh wow I've never seen her burn to death on a quad before so that's the first first time for everything I suppose alright once again was trice there we go nicely done nicely avoid the fire we go totally turn the wrong way - all right down and into this thing there are no items here so going through here there's a dude now right so that's an extra guy that spawned he does not he's not the one that drops this stuff though alright so now we got a ramp over this thing we actually don't need I don't think we need to do anything else here so if you're afraid of running this thing and crashing then you can get off the thing and I'll go ahead and show you what it's like the beyond the thing so. So basically to get around this section well I just screwed up well the guy was spawned so that's good where did I save oh right here that's not bad I'll show. You the jump again why not vroom vroom let's go to the left this time are right I guess dyslexic amazing there's the dude alright let's get across this thing some I won't get off the bike now we want to kind of do this like I don't know if I get to do it here you want to be very careful and get. Around that there we go and we want to go across this you don't have to do this by the way you can actually go down and get the stuff now if you want and then fall down this right here be careful all these dudes should be dead and then you're supposed to do a ramp over this thing as well if you're trying to use a quad bike which that's where this guy is and this is the one that's drops the mp5 ammo absolutely finally get what we need or what we came for oh no don't tell me you're stuck Laura alright so here we go finally mp5 am I'll be talking about this whole video finally got it so now the next step is. To go down so simply fall into the water now we're not done do not swim to the exit okay right there's the exit you want to swim all the way down unless you want to unless you don't care and grab this our poon ammo there's also some harpoon ammo over here over here so.

Three in this area then where these two are if you swim straight up well not straight up but over here by the wall there's an opening which brings you to the fourth this is not all that's in here which is nice if you swim up then we'll finally get to the third and final secret this is the I don't know some Jurassic era type stuff pretty cool I like it you get get over here you attacked by pterodactyls and everything it's awesome I guess we're in the middle of volcano mmm okay so basically making my way around the volcano going to the right you can't go the other way this parts kind of tricky so what you do what I do is I slide for a little for like split second and then I jump and beer to the left and she seems to make it pretty off pretty safely so right here in the center jump for a little bit jump and beer to the left off of the slope okay so I hear an enemy that needs to die so let's grab the mp5 or mp5.

Angular and he typically comes around this corner over there but I'm not seeing him this time he's gonna come at the most inconvenient time and knocked me off I know it were you at man all right well anyway continuing on we'll find our way through here he's coming at me were you it oh I.

Thought that was him oh there he is sweet okay so that's one down now I didn't jump from this ledge first the civic reason and that is because joining and jumping over to this ledge spawns one directly on this ledge so run jump pull your weapon out make sure you turn around as well lay waste of that thing he'll knock you off for sure now we gotta go that way and the best way to the best way to do that is to jump up against the wall here always going to the right around this area by the way always to the right I'm sorry always to the left but we're hugging the right side all the way around so shimmy over here and we're. Looking for that where the ledge starts to scale down and go to the next tile over you can see the seams between the tiles there and then pull yourself up and hold the jump button she'll do a backflip into this area will find a large medpac this is pretty much what we came here for there's also this over here and another large med pack and scrab that I guess and there's gonna be two pterodactyls now two of them one coming from both ends too so be careful the other one should be coming from over there but if you don't care about them then we don't you don't really need to kill them fortunately they were at the end of this so let's slide down into the water want to turn around and we want to slim down this is the way we came so we're basically going right back to the end of the level on this thing swim up and into. This section right here we've got the pump access card and finally we make it to the end and that's awesome there you guys have it 26 minutes even wow that's nice all the secrets no med packs and I will see you guys in the next level on bed s games take it easy.


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