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Nancy Drew: Treasure in the Royal Tower - Speedrun (30:55)

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A speedrun for Nancy Drew: Treasure in the Royal Tower, with live commentary as I play the game. The speedrun is done on Junior Mode.

This video contains footage from the Nancy Drew series, made by Her Interactive (www.herinteractive.com). All rights are owned by Her Interactive.

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Hello everybody our goal from here doing a speedrun for Nancy Drew treasure in the Royal tower I'm going to play the game on junior detective mode I hope to beat the game in under a half-hour that is my goal I am doing this commentary. Live while I'm playing this game so hopefully that will not distract me too much and I'll still be a little through the game and the tired away upstairs sorry about that inconvenienced gonna have to sit tight for a while she's gonna be pretty upset.

I have no idea I went up there but she.

Wouldn't open the door to talk about it wouldn't even tell me what was missing so what she want me to do about it well the Hotchkiss has a pair of ski boots in the base case so I bring them.

Up to mood mine near a trooper okay / -.

Dexter I mean Jacques so I might be a little bit quiet here just because I'm trying to focus on being in the game as quickly as possible Bonjour Mademoiselle he's what I bet you're hot Bruno brings you the photo with immediately yes I fixed our boots but you should be relaxing by the fire sipping coke on Nancy not the running errands for Dexter why is it you Americans like the second option yes I mean any time you play the.

Game you have to start the game by doing all these chores okay doing that chore. Turns out you only have to flip the one switch so that's that's good that's a time-saver there and Ross Ross Ross Ross Ross rush to Hotchkiss.

All right and this is how you turn off Nancy's dialogue I turned off Hotchkiss dialogue because that zooms through the Hotchkiss conversation notice how we.

Didn't hear a single thing she said and we didn't see any animation because she's basically just a still picture here with a dexter you'll notice we still see the animation of him talking we can't hear him but he still goes through all the animation okay I fixed the circuit breaker and I was gonna send me upstairs to get hot chicas it's dinner air get her dinner order rush.

Okay she wants couscous so problem with.

Not being able to see Hotchkiss what Hotchkiss says will become apparent in just a moment because as soon as I get. Her order for chicken wings I need to I need to solve the puzzle of becoming her apprentice she asked Nancy that random trivia question if you've played this game you know I'm talking about.

So I'm going to guess that the answer is 15 and let's see if this is correct some people turn on Hotchkiss is dialogue here okay got it right okay right and one yeah okay so now I need to go downstairs actually and relay her order to Dexter oh I should probably turn on the character dialog again so I can hear it yeah it's technically faster if I have the character dialogue off the entire time for the game but that's not that that's not fun that's not fun that's not that's not fun at all I want to be able to hear the characters right that's more interesting so here let me turn on the character dialogue in just a moment let me get to Dexter I mean yeah ah.

Cannot talk and play games at same time is not possible must stop dear George. So much for my whisper there we go well Nancy como Silva I can hear everybody again Oh what does he think I am a sous-chef bye okay so now I just go to Nancy's room and reset the time.

Okay yeah so some people I mean. Obviously it's a time-saver to not have to mess with the mess with the setup menu and turn off the voices and turn the back on so it's faster to have the voices all voices off at the start of the game but that that's kind of boring because then you watch this animation of these characters talking and you don't hear what they're saying I turned that I joined the voices back on just because I want to have fun I want to hear what the characters are saying I'm speedrunning for fun I'm not really speedrunning in order to get the world record I highly doubt that I'll get the world record the world record for this game is currently 29 11 I've got some oh gosh where am i.

I've got some improvements to that world record run so I'm doing some things a little bit differently than the current world record number one isn't to be up.

And about when others where you find.

Because I ask why should I answer 15 again and then I do that over and over again and until she says alright alright you got the answer hooray but anyway that was the point of doing the trivia question there was so we could get that conversation with her to become her. Apprentice I'm gonna do the library.

Thing and this is another difference between my run and the current record the current record makes a mistake here and I'm not gonna so what the current. Record does is they play the game the way the game is intended to be played which is with the elevator puzzle you're supposed to do the elevator puzzle in order to get into the library but I'm just skipping that I'm just skipping that so that is a time-saver for it's a.

Time-saver because you don't have to ride the slow slow elevator and as a time saver because you don't see the scene of Dexter playing I mean you don't see the scene of Dexter setting off that alarm so it's a time-saver by skipping the elevator stuff definitely also a time-saver by skipping the puzzle which gives you those three digits that I just inserted and you might have noticed when I was finger printing that thing you.

Don't actually have to what's the word you don't have to finger print all the buttons you just need to finger print a button and that is it that's all the game needs you to do so the game says ok you fingerprinted everything and great great ok so now I go down here and this is the reason why we do the chore run is for this.

Okay get the elevator out of the way it's a little faster to do this rather than to go out of your way to find an.

Elevator is one day when he was weak.

Further might get angry accuse him of interfering with the project and try to ruin his name as a carpenter so he kept quiet I was his only great-grandson on his deathbed they see the medallion and totally okay here we go this is the question about to France the journal boy.

A royal I have to check anyway I just have to.

Know okay.

I'll meet you in the locker room in a minute you are the best Nancy this is always the best I'm the best you're the best you're the best no one's ever gonna keep you down you're the best around.

Yeah navigation in this game can be kind of awkward you just need to know where the triggers are.

Six six five and the medallion is gonna show up here like right where that one button is and oh this is gonna be good skin if I can get it right yes okay got it notice I got the arrow to. Appear while the I mean I clicked on the arrow as it was appearing saving myself second second did you slip what it's.

Just that I found you out probe in the basement I called you back your room if.

You must know I'm impressed like secret Olufsen nobody loves a fine line when I was a kid I was obsessed with getting into that Tower Oh Ezra told me that a secret door I got.

It came out all over me but you got to.

Get rid of that okay here there's an old with not me read that's later because I. Got to be here from that era still dead cool if you're bent on tromping around. In the cold go left when you get outside away from the shed look for a wrought-iron gate you'll figure out the rest you're a trooper thanks buddy you're a trooper okay down down down down.

It's like if I have my mouse too far to the left or too far to the right there it won't work it will assume I'm trying to click on the elevator there so you have to be very careful here you need to click specifically on the left hand part at gate one - and flip the lever all the. Levers flipping I grab the key.

Here's step I'm a small trigger area for that one I go over here grab the key and leave.

And guess what we're gonna mean a new character her name is Lisa.

Okay now okay there's a that's that's a very easy navigation error double click accidently double click and the new zoom in on the locker when you don't want to click to the locker we're gonna spin around did you and.

Professor high school I'm just a humble.

For like 50 years.

For this I thought Dexter walking out to the maintenance check with this like green ornament thing in his hand he's up to something right maybe you should check it out I love to but I really should get to work on my article keep me posted so that's literally the only thing we need to talk to Lisa about it so she can tell us about the green medallion and the maintenance sheds so that first conversation is basically just just a time-waster because it uh you know we're just introducing ourselves to Lisa that's the whole point of that conversation and nothing she says is of interest the only thing that's of interest is the intro to her second conversation okay and here I'm gonna get the rat okay so this this should be an easy puzzle okay two three three is the. Solution the puzzle I'm not good at is the chain's puzzle I need to remember. The chain's puzzle so it's three to five one four three two five one four three two five one four okay are you Nancy two five one four now I'm gonna go to the tower right now freezing out here what kind of a stunt was that Missy well then what can I say except good thinking.

Okay yeah another weird thing about the.

About the navigation in the game is this room where I have to take two steps forward and I go pretty far into the room before Nancy can take a u-turn and turn back and look at the of the machine I always thought those kind of strange so here the elevator has reset itself because I pushed a button last time you reset itself now it's on the first floor I don't know why it reset itself on the first floor instead of the basement we know it's not on the second floor because we don't have those weights there because normally that's a death.

Sequence in this game is if you try to.

Reset the elevator from the second floor it will it will crush Nancy to death then that's a very gruesome death sequence okay three to five one four three two five one four oh I wasn't so.

Bad yeah okay and that was bad wrong way.

So this puzzle is really simple at least.

Memorizing the puzzle is just five everything down and around like that next it's gonna be the puzzle everybody dislikes it's okay I've actually got. I've got no it's so they should help so.

With the puzzle I'll just try to solve it so everything starts off in the same position every single time making this a rather easy puzzle to solve in theory if you have the starting positions just markdown which I do you could just get everything into the starting position and then it'll be fine five okay your six and then this one seven and this one is gonna be eight.

These two need to be swapped and now everything just needs to be rotated into place.

Two three one two one two three one down whoops there.

I made a couple of mistakes but not that bad overall yeah and like I said.

Everything starts in the exact same starting position so I just made a note of which ones to swap and then that was that makes it a very easy puzzle solution okay next I go to Nancy's room set the time to 5:00 a.m. so I can go to hutch kisses area.

So a navigation in this game the elevator is slow that's why I just don't take the elevator in case you are. Really really wondering place have you ever using the elevator it's too slow it's too slow so 5 a.m. because.

Hotchkiss is out of her room from 3 to 3 to 6.

Okay and now I go into her room here.

And you absolutely have to watch this video testing actually I actually went. And tried this out in my test speedruns i tried charging the battery and then watching the video does not work the game will the video will stop at the exact same spot no matter how long the battery is charged so you have to watch this part of the video then charge the battery and come back later I think it's technically possible to I.

Plug in the battery at 3 then skip ahead to find the video that's I think that's.

Technically possible I'm not I'm not going to do that what I'm gonna do is basically a double time saver basically a double time job here hey hey hey and I got the medallion yay but basically I have to do a time jump for hot kisses video because I want the battery to charge it takes time for the battery hello my fellow night out or perhaps I should say did you find your. System ionization of course not poppy and all you like just not stir response this one.

I must war that wrestle you for this if I have to end it won't be pretty absolutely out here I have the twins no. Hurry I be in my room for must and so if.

I were to check my clock here it would be six o'clock and we'll see this when we go to a Nancy's room so that it skipped way way super far ahead in time and now at six o'clock when really it.

Shouldn't be six o'clock it should still be in the five o'clock hour I did not spend an hour doing stuff ok so now we go back to Hotchkiss.

Ah navigation errors dr. Hotchkiss I'm.

So glad you stopped by internal journal it's fabulous and as an added bonus it includes Murray's official decoder something no one else has ever found before right oh right oh okay the decoder doesn't appear until you talk to her about it that's why I did that so I had to go in the room this is kind of unnecessary pain but we get to watch.

The second half of this video oh then I have to go to the people then I have to go back to Hajj kisses so I think it's.

Like technically possible to solve this challenge without using all three medallions my inventory where they are.

Useful and what's this a message yes the.

Diamond that makes it faster for me to.

Okay go right here come on come on you can do a dialog are not dialogue I can.

Do it game controls haven't seen blue yet.

Okay watch kisses now you stood coder I think I see what the symbol than this yeah I think technically you can um you can beat the game with only doing that with the red he have the red one however when I tried.

That in my practice run it did not work the games like no no no you need to look through all three three decoders so I'm like fine I'll just do that then and that's that's that's that's why I used all three medallions there just because the one time I tried doing just one medallion the game just said no and wouldn't let me okay back through here again. Three star seven seven two.

Yeah and during the scene where Nancy's talking that's another excellent opportunity to do some shuffling around with your inventory this is great I like I like doing that that is some good.

Navigation there where you don't have to move your mouse left or right and orders I probably should talk about this puzzle.

This is a randomized puzzle solution changes every time you play the game so here you cannot have your mouse all in one area and then just zoom through the puzzle okay three to five one four three.

To five one four.

I believe the solution to the puzzle up is red blue and then green on bottom I sure hope that's it okay step forward. Here.

Okay right yeah red blue green on bottom.

Oh come on no no no game what was that I was clearly clicking in the middle there I was not not whatever okay and game. Sequence so with this conversation here.

Too than option one and an option to.

Know why don't you toss me that big honkin diamond so I can blow this know what I'm gonna stab you with the spear how do you like that Lisa R atmosphere. Stabby stabby stabby stabby stabby stabby stabby stabby stabby stabby stabby what no that doesn't stop the culprit why anyway with this with this.

Final conversation that was definitely something where I played through the final conversation many many many times Oh many times and discovered the fastest.

Way through the conversation I heard.

Slightly faster to talk about the medallion switch compared to the other option where she talks about her motives you know an allowance chair surrounded by cabana boy figure it out so I decided to put them Italians in your hands and let you lead the way just a little translation mix-up when I read this okay so I should mention the timer in this game now that we're coming up on the timer difficulty level and it.

Ends when you see why I need one the ending letter plays that's when it ends I gotta stop her okay so I've got my.

Timer I've got my timer I I do have a stopwatch here that I've been running this entire time so it's gonna find that in a moment should be true you're the worst friend a diamond thief could ever have Lisa's mouth keeps moving even after she's finished talking okay it looks like it was 30 55 is the time for the speed round hooray 30 minutes of 55 seconds so not under 30 minutes as I was hoping but it still still still pretty good around 30 minutes yeah that's a really good time for this game so can anybody think of any ideas how to improve the speed run any tricks or things we can do to make the game go faster then please please leave a comment on this video letting me know I would be really interested in seeing if there's a way to improve the time now as we're doing a senior mode. You know senior detective speedrun for this game that would be rather easy it's basically the exact same thing is this the only difference being several puzzles a couple of bubbles like the puzzles in the Tower so the slider puzzle would be a slightly longer and and same with the the golden leaf tile puzzle however as you saw is golden leaf style puzzles really simple if you just have all the starting positions marked down and it always starts in the exact same position so basically what I did was I just took a screenshot of the game when I when I started the puzzle then I solved it and made notes on my screenshot that's all so that that's how I was able to zoom through through that puzzle so thank you very much for watching my speedrun I hope you enjoyed watching me defeat this game and almost a half hour stay sleuthy everybody

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