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2019 Mega Marathon - Nancy Drew #9: Danger on Deception Island

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For a 2019 Mega Marathon, Michael plays Nancy Drew: Danger on Deception Island, Game #9 in the Nancy Drew series.

This video contains footage from the Nancy Drew series, made by Her Interactive (www.herinteractive.com). All rights are owned by Her Interactive.

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Hello everyone and welcome back to the 2019 Nancy Drew games mega marathon this is game number 5's you drew danger on deception island on deception island.

High on junior detective junior level is.

Really easy if you're a great detective you might want to try to exceed your Detective Mode first dear Ned Here I am. On a ferry bound for deception island one of the San Juan Islands off the coast of Washington State George's friend Katie Firestone is expecting me Katie's a marine biologist who's doing research into deepwater parasitic growth she also owns a whale watching boat and takes tours out practically every day I should be excited but for some reason I feel on edge like something's out of whack maybe it's because George and best arranged this little vacation for me and sometimes their plans don't work out so well or maybe it's because we're about to dock at a place called snake horse harbour and have a creepy name for a town don't you think or maybe it's because I haven't been on vacation for so long that I've forgotten how to relax anyway we're here it's not raining but it's not sunny either it's just kind of gray maybe that's why I feel so strange every years Nancy I just always find it so funny that she's like snake horse Harbor what a creepy name deception island Haiti hi you must be Nancy I'm.

Katie Firestone come on I'll take you down to the boat and it's making me wonder what the last time timing huh I just got back from getting some groceries George could not have picked a better time to arrange for you to come out here just last week this orca showed up in the channel and now it oh my gosh what happened tore the place.

Apart the engines a mess parts are missing others are damaged why would somebody do this yeah go starts in Moon Lake two two two games ago that was a vacation she went to visit her friend Sally in Pennsylvania yeah it was a working vacation a busman's holiday as they call it but that that should count as a vacation she got a lot of downtime exploring the woods and we should probably talk to Katie so Katie what's up do you know who did this do you have any idea who did this no look you're on vacation just go relax or a bike into town or or take my kayak out it's at the end of the dock just always wear your lifejacket and don't go past the channel markers and if the fog starts coming in head to shore fast the fog we get around here is as thick as cotton and never go out without a GPS that's a global positioning system mind somewhere around here anyway your bunks the empty one below why don't you go unpack.

Go on vacation and see have a fun time relax here are the 50 sets of rules you have to follow on vacation try not to think about the culprit sneaking on the boat tonight and murdering us oh well now I'm scared yeah.

Chaco Canyon cultural center I guess Nancy's been visiting there there's Nancy's ugly green shirt which.

Is discussed at the end the silence by Macy's moms like you remember that ugly green shirt apparently Nancy still wears that ugly green shirt Nancy Nancy Nancy it's delicious let's.

Make a sandwich should destroy Nancy okay let's have an ketchup sandwich let's have some great Ally have some tomatoes and let's have some jellyfish.

Suddenly items you gave yourself food.

Poisoning all I know is I made myself a sandwich and didn't agree with me the ideal sandwich is a visually pleasing combination of high-quality carbohydrates and protein just keep it simple and you can't go wrong chef Sherwood says sorry guys gotta go so.

Yeah that is a game over Secrets is an Ice Cream Sandwich okay hmm ice cream. Sandwiches okay so let's pick an ice cream sandwich for our friend Katie that way we'll be able to talk to her I mean we have to make her sandwich for later on in the game it looks like whoever damaged your engine did something to your fun than to anything great if you can fix it the ice cream sandwiches won't kill you generally when people talk about ice cream sandwiches they they meet something else so where is the Mayo we have the expired Mayo that's but the mayonnaise is all the disgusting expired 1994 wine is Katie still this is.

Old nasty cheese - does that is that is that disgusting cheese it is okay so. Like what froggie midnight snack and suddenly Katie's Katie's poison I know is I made myself a sandwich didn't agree with me the idea of fat which is a very very big.

Chef Sherwood says sorry guys got a girl.

Now right one of the quicker deaths in the Nancy Drew series not the quickest death in the Nancy Drew series I think the quickest one is ghost dogs and lonely and that's if you are it what would you do is you step on the floorboards and die and yeah you can just do that within the first five seconds.

That doesn't go there here we go that's.

It so the color apparently has nothing to do with this puzzle this is such a strange puzzle but yeah the idea is that.

You want to get the pipes go around those things but that is not at all clearly articulated yeah none of the.

Pipes go inside that thing I guess that's not part didn't need to rotate.

Any of those pipes and this tells us about real world owned by Andy Jason don't just watch the wheel experiences.

Appear totally sabotage jr. must have.

Been looking for something want me to put them away. Yeah it's like the culprit literally left just calling cart there I like these fuzzy dice here by the way those are those are cool it's like it's like around the Millennium Falcon here with.

No space see if I could solve this puzzle now I'll talk about a puzzle that needs the ability to right-click tit to move the pieces around this one would be fantastic with that that ability these.

Pieces are about the same height so they clearly fit together not 100% sure why.

These books are glued together it's just the way the puzzle works I've got this.

One wrong okay yeah because see there's.

No books that there are no books which fit there perhaps yeah maybe the books.

Are just grouped together by that's how much much weight Nancy could carry at a time that's a logical explanation the game you know offered that up as an explanation I I could accept.


Yes I think we got it one of these. Several solutions to the puzzle okay we. Did it so solving the puzzle gives us this book about arboreal morphology written by dr. arena pretty much logical issues microscopic trachea analysis microtome sir and she's just got her glamour shot here at the back of the book is like yeah in the back of my book.

It is funny because in the back of my book I just I it took me like 15 minutes like went through all my pictures I'm like picture that doesn't look totally awful and I couldn't find one so I went with the picture be able to link the baby and I'm like okay people look at the cute baby it's definitely and they'll say it's a cute picture yeah.

Anyway we're gonna be doing this for later on in the game I'm just doing it now because why not so what does raw meat look like to cool it is to cool.

- cool just wait.

Good thing I recharge my batteries down the business card for Andy Jason this whale world place of his sounds kind of cool Nancy what no Nancy you're supposed to be going to his place because it is his card was found at the scene of sabotage not not not because of that oh this is.

Kind of funny things so Carson drew is at home in driving Nancy crazy my brand.

New anagram buster bye come across letters that need unscrambling I'll be all set they're.

Burglaries going here and there's an orca string up trouble hold Scotto is running for Harbormaster trying to take down incumbent nelson petuzi AK in this fall's election fancy cursor jurist Nancy stealin yes.

See we need to check the GPS and the GPS brackets this note wasn't here before.

Was it stop meddling or else look so much I.

Better tell Katie her GPS is broken.

You know Nancy for what it's worth I shot my mouth off pretty good at the town meeting last night you think that could be why somebody did this to your boat I did get pretty obnoxious see the thing is this Orca this killer whale showed up in the channel about a week ago and has been hanging around here ever since all by itself she was getting way too close to boats so I called the National Marine Fisheries Service they made some recordings and did some tests on her analyzing them in the meantime they ordered all boats to stay at least 300 feet away from her or risk paying $1,000 fine that's what the meeting last night was about trying to fix the motor without any tools or gloves well no fixing it I take it not everyone agrees the people that fish for a living sure don't they're steering clear of the whale by taking the long way around the island to get out to sea which cost them time and fuel some people say she should be captured and towed out to sea but the Fisheries Service has the last word they've asked me to monitor her physical condition while they study their data and decide what to do but personally I agree with the no boat zone I also think that if she's found to be sick she should be shipped to a research facility for treatment not returned to her pod I said as much last night only much more strongly shouted and screamed I was Andy.

Jason Andy does whale watching tours too if I had a dollar for every time he's come here trying to talk me into selling out to him I wouldn't be fixing this engine I'd be buying a new one do you want me to call the sheriff for you actually I'd rather not get the sheriff involved the insurance company would raise my rates and I just can't afford that besides I've got my very own private detective now you but you just told me I'm on vacation don't worry about the mystery come on Katie who else just changed her mind quickly I'm afraid whoever tore up your boat also wrecked your GPS device oh no it'd be a shame for you not to go kayaking I know bike to the hot kettle cafe and see if Holt Scotto will let you borrow a GPS from him see you in a bit I'll be right here I mean just as playing around with the engine without clubs or anything that's just how just how she doesn't inside.

Maybe it's a message that's odd we need.

To find all of the messages all four of the messages you have to use your helmet every single time you go biking or else Nancy dies let's go back to let's go to.

Whale world first before going to the hot kettle cafe.

Hi hi there welcome what can I do you.

For curly afro are you Andy Jason that's. Me how'd you know I'm Nancy Drew I'm a friend of Katie Firestone's I saw your business card on her boat nice to meet you Nancy any friend of Katie's is a friend of mine it is funny how Nancy can find the cafe in whale world without a GPS well she did to have the address written down that piece on that card but how does she find the hot kettle cafe even though she keeps refusing to sell out to you I must admit that is a little frustrating maybe she just likes being in business for herself I'm offering her the deal of a lifetime she'd make more money she'd have more free time I mean look at this place I run a first-class operation it's my mission to see that everyone who comes to snake horse harbour leaves with a greater appreciation for marine mammals and if I make a buck in the process that's cool too why do you want to buy Katie out she can't be taking that many customers away from you I don't like her taking any customers away from me and frankly with this whale doing it's orphan thing out there I'm losing a lot of customers to her isn't the whale just as good for your business as it is for hers Katie convinced the fishery service that she should be allowed to monitor the orcas condition which means she can get right up next to the whale while my boat has to stay away that's crazy Katie takes passengers with her when she checks on the whale paying passengers as many as she can safely fit yeah I mean wow I'm surprised we don't have a bunch of passengers like at her boat right now demanding tours considering she can get that close to an orca what do you think should be done with the orca out there nothing I think people should just leave it alone I mean why do we humans always think we know best we can barely deal with ourselves let alone a whole other species someone ransacked Katie's boat while she was in town this morning made a real mess hmm wonder if it's related to those burglaries this actually looked more like vandalism maybe Katie came before the thief could get around to stealing anything well no because I was there when Katie came back and the thief thief was nowhere in the area what kind of stuff was stolen in those other burglaries food tools clothing electronics there was no sign of forced entry no trace of who did it sheriff's still scratching his head whoever ransacked Katie's boat tore a bunch of parts out of her engine it's like they wanted to make sure she couldn't go anywhere for a while that's too bad in a way it's kind of good I mean for you at least very true as long as her boats out of commission I'll get all their customers trying very hard to. Get it to like say something incriminating there thanks for your time have a good one all right so that's Andy he thinks whales rule I do like it says get a free key chain if you buy his $30. Tour hmm and let's see do I have to like.

Check this out yeah looks like I need a key card to pro I need to see that there's a key card and then I can ask him about key cards hi Nancy I'd like to play the games in your Center but it looks like I need some kind of key card here you go this will activate all the games it will also keep track of what games you've won and it'll let you play all the games as many times as you want.

Wide it's wider than my thumb in any case thanks for your time whales rule Wow that's a view in teresting that's something we can look at this is kind of cool this is really cool looking even though we can't interact with it I like its myth please don't touch that please don't call me miss it cost like. Half as much as he does not see well.

He's supposed to say that I mean then.

You win oh wow there's just a giant what.

Do you call those underwater mines it's like Nancy Drew Creek sort of.

Dangerous things in this underwater area oh no and there's a torpedo I had no.

Chance you saw that you saw that right III hit the torpedo that's because I didn't get the dodge before the game threw me back into it yeah the hustles.

The muscles on Andy's shirt looked kind of fake it's like he tries to stuff his shirt of toilet paper to make it seem like he's got more muscles than he does.

Thousand doesn't look like a thousand is the number I'm going why are their. Torpedoes why is there toxic waste everywhere I don't know there's another mind I collect one fish is totally on just.

Writing on the edge of the whale trying to get protection okay so we got never a dull moment so now we need to swim to freedom.

Um that's the name for the purpose no a swim the fastest weren't great whale they're extremely smart orcas are called killer whales because they kill and eat another whales I got one question right please have the diet applied whales.

Small vision plankton.

Throughout a plane wheels are always there groovy whale is all of them. Toothed whales do not possess all of them I'm discussing whatever is in all of them it generally means it's all them orcas are they have markings on their.

Bellies lean whale consumes food by.

Giant mountains sail deputies burkas.

Travel and pause ok she answered all.

These trivia games that's the trivia question you can't read all this trivia stuff from flipper to Free Willy the entertainment media is full of examples of how intelligent cetaceans the military has been using whales and dolphins for decades using them to spy on the enemy and blow them up Wow Wow really military using whales as weapons we old weapons I remember this puzzle throughout the center you've been able to hear the sounds of different cetaceans me what animal makes this sound.

Nope it's not a dolls porpoise nope it's.

Just that these are very long ones to here nope that's a humpback whale.

Everybody everybody saying humpback.

Porpoise nope Oh mink yes that's the killer whale.

Because they reuse that sound effect at the end of the game and that's how I know is this the poor piece so then this must.

Be the gray whale and the number two must be the lump be like that's somebody.

Having stomach pain yes and then finally.

We have the feeding frenzy I believe.

This is one of the differences between junior and senior mode you have to score more points on senior world meeting where are their slightly faster old senior mode both of those would be an acceptable ways to make sure I don't know why it's saying oh it would.

Be more acceptable time the acceptability close.

And now that we've saw all four things we can spin in head the t-shirt a caddy cap spin again t-shirt t-shirt.

I won the whale watching tour I'm.

Surprised that he isn't there to make sure she did it she just moves the wheel over one one spot to get the tour yeah.

Nancy totally could shoot it on the spin and that definitely that fish game is definitely based on yeah whack-a-mole that's basically what it's based on yeah.

Hi Nancy that boat in a bottle you have is fascinating it was made by one of the first non-native Americans to settle here a guy named Benjamin Hawkins I bought it from this lady who kind of went bonkers after her husband died yeah and he talks about losing his customers nancy is clearly the only customer here today with Benjamin Hawkins a sailor this historian who was in here once said he was pretty sure that was a model of a pirate ship so now I tell people Hawkins was a pirate but like most of the settlers around here he was probably just a farmer thanks for your time my.

Pleasure wheels rule thanks for your time my pleasure hi Nancy wheels roll sometime thanks for your time my pleasure hi Nancy thanks for your time drop by again hi Nancy thanks for your time my pleasure she's never gonna say will hi Nancy okay let's just I want a free whale watching tour well congratulations I'll give you an exclusive tour just be you and me sounds great every three hours in extreme heat.

Excellent mapper and checking out thank.

You for the great tour and for letting me use your camera my pleasure you've got like oh this is a private tour just you and me and it's kind of creepy that it's just the two of them what happened to all the other customers thanks for your time my pleasure my pleasure thanks for your time my pleasure hi Nancy thanks for your time whales rule okay we have won the game basically.

That that's all what we that's all we really needed out of this game was whales to rule whoo so how is she gonna get the photos off of his camera good question maybe he just just maybe she.

Well well looks like snake horse harbors got itself a newcomer I'm visiting Katie Firestone my name's Nancy Drew well now why would you want to do a thing like that call myself Nancy Drew or visit Katie Firestone oh you're not one of them save the whale and heck with everybody else Crusader types like she is are you is that what you think katie is her true colors came out real clear last night us fishermen don't count all that matters is rescuing that poor precious Orca out there to heck with people trying to make a living corpse her living being hurt by that whale why no her business is booming now ain't that the hottest thing yeah if it means he gives Andy her email address so he can Center the whale pictures she's just gonna get splashed for ads for whale world poor poor Nancy she's back at the boat right now trying to fix her engine somebody vandalized it she ticked off a lot of people last night that's what she gets for being so meddlesome anyway welcome to snake horse Harbour home of cadborosaurus that's how this place got its name you know who's worse Waris well. That's the sea monster Native Americans used to see out in a channel ever so often called it the snake horse had the head of a horse and the body of a giant snake people on Vancouver Island started calling it cadborosaurus after it or one of its relatives was seen a couple of times in cadbury Bay they call it caddy for short it's because of the legendary.

Creature called caddy is it a friendly sea monster back in the late 18-hundreds he took the rap for a lot of hoodoo around here fog could roll in at night men would just vanish it was a snake horse people would say little do they know why do you think they vanished well they'd been shanghaied see a bunch of establishments in town had secret panels built right into the walls died me having a drink one minute next minute he'd be clobbered over the head whisked into a secret passageway and taken out to a ship waiting in the harbor but he'd wake up on high seas and discover that if he wanted to survive he'd better do what the captain ordered no matter what he was before he was now a sailor it was a cheap way for captain's to get crews back then reasonably for some of the town's citizens okay all important information.

That he told us did you say you were a fisherman fourth generation I fished every ocean for just about every fish you can make money fishing for lived here for the last 11 years how often do you go fishing every day the only reason I'm not out there right now is cuz I've been in and out of campaign meeting since 8:00 this morning you're running for office I think it's high time people around here started doing what makes sense instead of doing what's politically correct all the time Harbormaster we got now bends over backwards so far for the environmentalists it's a wonder he can still walk upright wants to destroy the environment and punch the Harbormaster in his face good luck winning that election whoever trashed Katie's boat also ruined her GPS oh now that's a shame she seemed to think you'd let me borrow one of yours I'll let you borrow one sure I got spare right here in my duffel you know what else I got in my duffel this is creepy that is a creepy way to start a sentence why are they getting the feeling I'm not going to like this this is a little seamanship quiz I whipped up and I'm thinking about making people pass it before they're allowed to ran to any kind of water crap once I have become Harbormaster here the idea is to cut down on having to rescue people got no business being out on the water in the first place trouble is nobody's actually taking it yet I need a guinea pig you mean if I take the quiz you'll let me borrow the GPS if you pass the quiz the GPS is yours you don't need that container for the last question see you around watch out for caddie.

Uh-huh 38-point I don't know I don't know off.

The top my head okay well a surgery quizzes on deception island powder is delicious what can I get for you Nancy since we haven't met there's only one way you could know my name on the day my aunt iris turned this place over to me she said Jenna you're about to become a real good listener Cindy she wasn't right 138 43 thank you everyone how long ago was that and iris left it to me three years ago it's been in the Dublin family since the day it was built which was back in like 1866 or something so you're visiting Cady Firestone my condolences.

What do you mean me and her don't see eye to eye on a couple of things what kind of things that'll work out there should be rejoined with her pod as soon as possible period end of story no matter what miss fancy-shmancy science degree says other people may be bamboozled by all her talk of data charts and field tests and monitoring whatnots but not me the only thing she wants is to get that whale into an aquarium it wouldn't surprise me if Katie's been secretly feeding it which is against the law by the way and you know what else it wouldn't surprise me if she trashed her own boat because she knew that after that last night everybody would have seen that holt did it and not want to vote for him I got an idea let's change this game does Andy.

Jason ever come in here everybody comes in here know how some people can't go a day without coffee people around here can't go a day without a bowl of my clam chowder in fact if you ever want a free sample just say the word everybody we've got Jenna the eavesdropper Holt who is the creepy pirate who wants to show off his duffel to everyone and he's got his fake muscles and his tours where he just goes with tour all by himself it's it's just it's just craziness he's Andy Jason in here now by any chance actually he only comes in once or twice a week says he's too busy of course the reason he's so busy is because he's too cheap to hire another person to help him run the place kind of surprised me when I heard he was trying to buy Katy Firestone out must have something up his sleeves all I can figure oh maybe you tried to take Katy on one of his personal private tours too until you just said no and that's why he hates Katy so much he can't buy her love or her business hey I just met you and this is crazy but it's nice to meet you and I hate Katy what do you know about the Shanghai ting that used to go on around here it never went on that's what I know shoving grown men into passageways and carting them off to ships never to be seen again it's just a big colorful tall tale never happened you're sitting with Katy's let me just rant about her for ten minutes okay so let's try the clam chowder she will give me infinite clam chowder think I could try a bowl of your clam chowder coming right up next one will be on the house - that's actually good here let me.

Get rid of that for you it's been fun talking to you later Gator and both of them talked about Shanghai staring forest each flag stands for a letter of the alphabet and so did those words interesting I was forced to remember this in like 7th or 8th grade alpha Bravo Charlie Delta Epsilon no no no no no it's not Delta Epsilon is Foxtrot Golf Hotel in.

Via Juliet's Sierra tango umbrella maybe.

Is weird cuz that flag game was in haunted carousel right the flag game would work so much better than this one where was I Romeo Sierra tango umbrella.

Violet uh whiskey whiskey yeah and then.

Yeah F would be foxtrot yeah I said that already it's whiskey then there's whiskey x-ray Yankee Zulu.

So we're trying to make.

Yeah totally useless thing for them to make us memorize in seventh or eighth grade although it did teach us how to.

Memorize useless information so I mean it's always good to be able to memorize it and know how to memorize things what did I miss it was hotel that's it called Hotel India whisky victory is victory you.

Uniformed Oh gang yeah I guess it's a military.

Coup visit boy and I do miss that clam.

Chowder and you too Kim PS sent me the recipe that's the Atlantic hearing even though we're in the Pacific we're going to I think that's actually a trigger for something here.

Yeah the puzzle requires you to make every single shooting memo.

Okay so how did they figure out that number that's very yeah strange I think I don't know how they came up with that number and this meat smokes oh right the North Stars.

Am i smarter very good.

What is the name of the not wrong.

Wrong wrong wrong wrong.

Yeah what kind of knot is it sailor.

Nope nope nope I already have someone.

Perfect that should do it. Dinner breath dude thank you thank you very much Dungeness crab SS maybe this.

Broke off from a ship.

That's a female the male crap has thinner middle parts.

Yes you like this house it bigs terpil I guess it's not at all a circle because it's more like anyway the males have smaller.

I really see how you know recognizing Dungeness crabs proves that you should be able to have the water but I guess I'm wrong what is crap I don't know what she's gonna say to stuff all day long here we go we found and see so now that's not a big white circle as a little it's been one so we have the milk wrap on those rocks.

Our really hard.

Yes three rocks at a time no no it'd be terrible if I had to you know depending.

On the rock you use you have to change the angles like this rock has a different solution that would be let's.

Try middle angle high power I already have some rocks.

Try number two with Louisville power.

This is a penny box that looks really good that got really close.

Like just got this big crap basket basket with crab all right let's try angle one high power we did it angle on high power.

And it's approached by Messi.

And one's gonna yell at me if I touch this what do you think you're doing those signs over there saying no trespassing which means keep out which means you girly-girly leave but i just now okay so just kicks us now and let's.

Go back to the hot kettle cafe how did Holt get there I don't know how he got there so quickly throw the rocks at hold that would be mean.

You again you were right to yell at me up there at the lighthouse so what do you want I've got a male crab I think let's have a look right as rain just aced the rest of the quiz and you'll be home free I'll take care of the crab for you I finished that seamanship quiz let's have a look right is ring congratulations here's your GPS just turn around and follow the instructions I'll take care of the crab for you great thank you I'll take care of that crab for you like what is he doing with that crab though see you around vote for home spread the word hi Nancy how's it going I found a bottle floating in the water with a strange message inside most if not all the notes you find in bottles around here were put there by Hilde Swanson she was this lady who retired here with her husband about 20 years ago they made a ton of money in Hollywood as writer producers and just wanted to enjoy life wonderful people very active in fact Hilda was mayor for eight years but then out of the blue her husband died they'd been a team for so long that well she pretty much died then - what do you mean she just kind of lost.

It started talking to walls and doing bizarre things until one day she rode to the island across the channel that she and her husband owned and never came back and now she uses notes and bottles to communicate with people trouble is nobody can understand what she's trying to say all she ever writes his letters and numbers and that one word rose I leave a couple of bags of groceries outside her cabin every week and sometimes I can see her inside but whenever I try to talk to her she won't answer did she ever leave.

Anything behind that might help decoder messages she left everything behind problem is it's all been sold given away or thrown out we'll never know what's going on in that mind of hers yes you know your cloud chatter really is awesome say no more next one will be on the house - mmm mmm that was delicious. Here let me get rid of that for you it's been fun talking to you ain't that the truth yes it's just free groceries - hold up apparently just gets free food - everyone let's see let's try get this one on yeah they call it clubs clubs that's what we call these.

So what are these jacks has the Trinity I made a royal flush I did it okay now third one goes over. Here I think this one is as white as.


I made a royal flush.

I don't think there is but hi Nancy.

Thanks for your time drop by again well we've got nothing to talk to him about now anymore it's like oh we talked to you about the one thing so never again so here's something interesting do you. Know um for most Nancy Drew games the save files are unique but this game shares a save file with the next game in the series which is secret of shallow ranch what you can do is take your secret of shadow ranch save file and open it here you know load the load as shadow ranch name in this game so when that happens on the inventory items you get you get random inventory items the way it works is each inventory item is given a number so like inventory item number one in that game turns into inventory item number one in this game that's nothing cool you can do just to glitch the game and start off with some inventory items.

Lets you skip ahead if you start off with the GPS you still have to collect all these papers yeah kind of freezing.

Glitch I would say I wasn't the one who found that out somebody and somebody pointed it out to me and I just why are you why are we. Even doing that I could try saving my.

Game now lady the messages are coordinates North forty eight forty to.

Forty eight forty two five one seven and.

Then the other one was West one two three West one-two-three Oh eight six one five.

Six one five and we just created a.

Waypoint so I'm gonna save my game here and then let's try out that random glitch let's see if it actually works our advice is the memory image back to.

Recording let's see if that glitch.

Actually works I just moved the files the save files from the one folder to the other and let's see let's go with cooking so if I tried to load cookie welcome to my latest case welcome to my.

Latest night to learn how to play - obviously I don't know off the top my head what was inside these save files.

Very good and help you cheat your way to victory but I have not exported I have not welcome to my latest exchanger on.

Deception island to learn how to play choose gameplay overview when you're ready to start the getting choose either dude dear Ned Here I am on it yeah so this would allow you to start the game with all these cool items and basically skip a lot of the game full that's nice.

Come on I'll take you down to the boat Oh great timing huh I just got back from getting some groceries George could not have picked a better time to arrange for you to come out here just last week this Orca showed up in the channel and now it oh my gosh what happened someone tore.

The place apart the engines a mess parts. Are missing others are damaged why would somebody do this are you gonna be able to fix it I better be able to I can't afford to pay someone else.

I've never been to this beach we good yes you have knowledge.

Oh I don't remember the solution to this one I didn't wrong I think that's the first.

Three I think the final three are those ones.

Oh does anybody know the solution to. This puzzle the top of their hand yeah I.

Guess we're gonna have to go all the way back the red boat was B is what somebody.

Says somebody knows somebody knows the solution to that puzzle so yeah check.

Out the Argo flumph walk through what.

This article flop have to say oh I don't know okay we really if we.

Really will have to go back to the hotel and look that up the red yellow cross no.

It's okay I'm already back.

That too bad Nancy can't look that up on her phone oh when you say look it up on your phone you mean my phone not Nancy's phone that would have made a lot of sense yes I'll just get the picture here besides.

This is where we learned about the rats.

Now that I've got to see if that I should be able to.

You again I'm pretty sure I saw a couple of dead atlantic herring on the beach earlier today is that possible nope you may have seen Pacific herring but not atlantic herring no way but they matched the picture I saw in that postcard over there perfectly because the atlantic herring are found only in the Atlantic trust me I spent five years fishing for him we catch them by the hundreds freeze em and sell them to aquariums and such to aquariums you mean to feed to other fish or just sea mammals of course what else would they do with him bring him back to life and put him on exhibit look I don't know how it is where you're from but up here seeing two dead fish on a beach isn't exactly front-page news let it go did you know Hilda Swenson sure did she even crewed for me a couple of times there she was this itty-bitty lady in her sixties hauling in Nets did it for the sheer love of adventure she was quite a gal see you around yeah whatever yeah okay so hold just does not fear you would make a great harbor master no no he would not Harbor best.

That does sound like useful information but should boys quiz so apparently there is like the scene on us checking out the rotted fish let's see if there isn't back to see at this game it looks like whatever's in here is.

What's up let's do another storyline here which is I found this piece of wood on the beach there's something strange about it what do you mean let's see it ouch those splinters are sharp that is odd it looks like it's been in the water a long time but if that were the case those edges would be dull that looks like it broke off of something just recently that's exactly what I was thinking any idea where it came from could be off a cargo ship I guess but you know who you should ask Casey Porterfield he works at the maritime library in Port Townsend you should give him a call his numbers three six zero 555 309 five he loves checking out stuff like this.

Sounds like Holt's kata was one of the people who didn't care for what you had to say last night he and I never see eye to eye now if I were a fisherman I'd be right as rain no matter what nonsense came out of my mouth fine Harbormaster he'd make I saw a boat in a bottle at Andy Jason's place he said it was made by a guy named Benjamin Hawkins as a matter of fact I've done some research on Hawkins he settled here in the mid-1800s lived in a cabin where the lighthouse is now why are you doing research on him some of the things I heard about him got my curiosity going for instance he apparently had a major feud going with some sea captain Hawkins would see the guys sail on the horizon grab his family and all his valuables and go into hiding for days what was the feud about nobody knew rumor headed that the sea captain was an ex pirate which might explain why Hawkins hid but where he hid is still in mystery I talked to Jenna Devlin when I was at the hot kettle what nasty rumor is she spreading about me today Shh why would she spread rumors about you she thinks I'm a know-it-all from the big city see you in a bit be careful out there are you the big city I don't even know if she's with the big I don't know if she's from the city what what's that that sound is that the fish no that wasn't the fish they're dead obviously I guess I was just Katy working so what we need to do is we need to go up here and we need to look at this see can I take a.

Slipper one slice of wood one glass block yeah this is gonna look so cool under the microscope let's have a look doesn't say wow this time. Well it's Wow let's call KC maritime.

Library this is Casey hi my name is Nancy Drew Katie Firestone suggested I give you a call Kirti hello Katie Firestone I've never heard of her oh I know a marine biologist named Katie Firestone yes that's her I'm staying with her here in snake horse harbor oh well then what can I do for you she said you might be able to help me identify the ship that this piece of plywood I found on the beach came from how do you know it came from a ship because it says s S on it the rest of the name is missing it doesn't mean anything now if it said SS which stands for steamship that'd be different actually that is what it says oh well then it came from a ship or should I say ship wreck what kind of what is it why would your about as much use as a beanie in a hurricane look if you want me to tell you what ship wreck that wood came from you're gonna have to tell me what kind of what it is but I have no idea well you just get yourself a book on wood and figure it out maybe Katie has one soon as you do call me back I love checking out stuff like this okay so Casey that's Casey Porterfield the same voice actor as Andy Jason that's doctor that's that. Short of on spreaking I believe his name is this is dr. pretory choo hi my name.

Is Nancy Drew and I like some help identifying this piece of wood I found I'd be happy to assist do you have our mailing address well that's the problem I don't have time to send it to you would it be possible to identify it over the phone certainly just hold it up to the phone for a couple of seconds and I'll take a reading I'm kidding of course I usually don't do this over the phone but I'll give it a try you will however need to take a look at your sample under a microscope I already did that and are you near the sample in case you need to refer back to it yep I'm right by it all right we'll get started where did you find this wood it's a piece of driftwood probably used for a crate is the wood sample black brown or yellow its brownish reddish brown brown or brown reddish brown Brown does the sample have many holes or just a couple or none at all many okay so you've got a hardwood. That's brown brown and are there some holes that are big and some that are small or are they all the same size they're all the same size no I was afraid of that there are a lot of hardwoods that are diffused porous having many holes of the same size unfortunately without seeing the sample I can't really tell which it is please check your sample again good bye okay I guess it was brown reddish I.

Got it.

Would labs Irina speaking hi this is Nancy Drew again do you think you could take another stab at identifying that would sample for me I'm sorry but my policy is to limit free wood sample identifications to one per person could you please make an exception in my case it's kind of an emergency I'll tell you what I'm doing a study on the side that focuses on problem-solving I'm collecting data by having people solve the puzzle that's on my website if and when you solve it I'll give you another free wood ID go to dub dub dub preto v2 dot lab slash consult dot HTM good luck. This is a life and death identification case this is very important I need to figure out okay so it is her this is me.

I'll she just got the same picture on her website I guess that's like the only picture she has a rather simple slider.

Puzzle you have reached the desk of dr..

Aaron afraid of achoo I'm away from my desk but we'll be back in a couple of minutes thank you it's a very silly puzzle and yeah they use this picture for Henry ballets parents and Nancy Drew number 17 legend of crystal skulls the name of the game right I think this is arena hi this is Nancy.

Drew could you try to identify that would sample for me again is the word sample black brown or yellow brownish brown brown or brown reddish brown reddish does the sample have many holes just a couple or none at all many and are there some holes that are big and some that are small or are they all the same size they're all the same size okay and the holes are really really tiny right no they're pretty sizable then you've got the tropical hardwood I was assuming the sample was a North American wood alright are there any distinct we should horizontal lines on the sample yes there are horizontal lines if this wood is used for creating then it's probably luan it's fairly common in plywood but it's a rainforest timber so it's declining in popularity blue one all right thanks for your help glad to have been of service party boys.

In this game - I know somebody wanted me to call Bess and George this is Casey hi. This is Nancy Drew I called before about the driftwood never heard of you know if you decide Nancy Drew yes that's me Nancy Drew Katie fire stones friend so what kind of what are we talking about here next yeah Nancy was holding the the wood the other way around they would be vertical lines not horizontal ones the one well if that driftwood did come from a cargo container that's part of a shipwreck there's a good chance I can figure out which one call me back in an hour or so you can identify a ship by what its cargo containers are made out of ever since the hobo spider gotten to the US by laying eggs in the wood creating of ships coming from Europe the feds have made sure that cargo ships keep real careful records of course I'll be taking things like tides currents weather conditions proximity to snake horse harbour I'll be taking all those factors into consideration - I really appreciate your doing this for me Casey and well your shirt yeah every time you fill that puzzle you're forced to redo that slider puzzle for for doctor pretty me too except I'm gonna turn down the.

Heat under my roof under your what hey Nance so how's your vacation going fine except for the fact that just before I arrived someone vandalized Katie's boat what don't worry we're both fine the engine of the boat was damaged but Katie's working on it why would somebody do something like that uh-oh I bet it's got something to do with that orphan killer whale you know about that Katie told us about the whale when we called to tell her you were on your way someone vandalized Katie's boat because of a whale because of Katie's opinion as to what to do with the whale which she expressed very loudly in front of a lot of people last night Katy does have a mouth on her especially when the subject is marine life did they find any fingerprints Katie wouldn't let me call the sheriff why not she said she was afraid her insurance company would raise her rates well she doesn't have much money I can tell you that Oh fast is that supposed to be smoking like that Oh No done what my room it's ruined.

Oh No she wrecked her room it's not funny George yes it is Beth what's a room a carefully heated mixture of flour and butter I was going to use it to thicken my gumbo did you say gumbo rock shrimp gumbo it was chef Sherwood's main dish last night she's hooked on this cooking show called feasting for fitness let me guess it's hosted by a guy and he's very cute that happens to be true but I watch it because I like his philosophy eat in moderation and eat only that which is made out of fresh ingredients and cooked with great skill care and judgment what else had he cooked yesterday she cooked or should I say ruined crate they weren't ruined I mean you could still eat parts of them anyway I want to hear what you're doing Nance Jenna Devlin went ballistic when I brought up the subject of Katie in the whale what's her problem I get the feeling she just basically doesn't like Katie very much sounds like a candidate for your suspect list to me you know Jenna Devlin may have her faults but being a bad cook isn't one of them what kind of stuff does she cook she's famous for her clam chowder which is outstanding well don't just stand there get me the recipe if you rent a cafe and had a great recipe for something would you give it away to anyone who asks for it I didn't say ask for it I said get it you're sneaky and iris probably left it to her with instructions to keep it in a vault somewhere does Jenna own the cafe or just run it she inherited it the place has been in the Devlin family for centuries whoa buildings that old are usually haunted you know oh boy here we go well they are I can't figure out if Andy Jason is friendly for real or if it's because he's basically a Salesman what so whale watching tours he keeps trying to talk Katy into selling her company to him and becoming his business partner think he wrecked her boat so she'd have to go into business with them could be Katy is allowed to get right up next to the Orca while he has to stay 300 feet away he doesn't like that I wouldn't trust him man once a Salesman always a Salesman remember my neighbor ray Olaf he was a Salesman but he quit yeah to go to work for a company that repossessed his pets when people can't pay their vet bills she's right don't trust him holts gato caught me poking around the lighthouse and freaked he all but chased me away with a stick why should he care if you poke around the lighthouse good question the obvious answer is that he's hiding something one should always be suspicious of a suspect all right I can't help but think it's a little weird that Katy didn't call the sheriff after her boat was vandalized do you think she's trying to hide something I know she's your friend George but I just got the feeling she wasn't telling me everything well it's not like she's my best friend or anything what would she be hiding this one woman Jenna Devlin she suggested that Katie trashed her own boat in order to discredit whole Scotto and keep him from becoming Harbormaster so are you gonna confront her I don't really have anything to confront her with good because as I recall Katie doesn't do confrontation very well my gosh George is there anything else Nancy should know about this so-called friend of yours Katie's fine she just has a few edgy little courts that's all great that's probably what they said about busy Borden I better get going see ya hasta la pasta yeah so George apparently I always thought those interesting Georges makes it seem like Katie as a fuse tax.

Kind of surprised we don't get to see the angry English side cainy at all in this game okay so attempt number two and.

Solving this puzzle rosebud.

I don't know what all those letters mean.

But something tells me definitely come in handy to figure out all those letters.

It was an ask JD so far so good.

I'm getting there tada ask HS AJ JD for his gift mask cold Andy.

And Jenna for Hilda yet that was a lot of mumbling for just two letters yes so this is gonna be the next major segment of the game asking everybody for a little skiff congratulations I hope you enjoyed finding this thing I've got a secret cell phone.

Oh yeah no we need to find them all through these gifts before we before we learned she wants Angeles so everybody.

Got a gift except for except for Katie he didn't. Get a gift I guess thing is before poor Katie was not friends with Hilda.

Hi Nancy I understand that Hilda Swenson gave you a present she gave me the design I used to create the keychains I give away to everyone who goes on a whale world whale watch she was quite the graphic artist since I took your whale watching tour I get a free keychain right actually I only give them to paying customers now why did the term false advertising suddenly pop into my head okay okay thanks for your time my pleasure Trin wonder what that means.

Understand that Hilda Swenson gave you something so what if she did do you think I could see it tell you what this jest problem I've been working on is giving me fits here solve it for me and I'll let you see what Hilda gave me feel free to look at the chest book in my duffel bag if you need help let me know when you're through.

And here's the code from lighthouse three four seven five so I better write.

That down otherwise I'm gonna forget.

Okay so what can white do in order to win this game well we can guess wrong.

Weird okay I'm moving the Queen where am i moving the Queen the Queen is this one so maybe d7q six hmm doesn't look like.

Six one what was that eighty-seven. People are suggesting it people who actually know what chess is.

7g huh this piece is the clear right.

Yeah that's cute let's see if it's something along correct Queen moves to d6 so black would move here perfect.

Yes there checkmate Oh Queen okay.

That's th

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