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The Story of Skylanders Trap Team - Kaos has blown up the walls of the feared Cloudcracker Prison freeing the most notorious villains in Skylands. It's up to you and the Skylanders to find and capture them. Using Traptanium™, a magic material that can harness the power of the Elements, you have the amazing ability to trap the villains and return them to Skylands to fight for you! Begin the ultimate adventure as you explore Skylands in search of the escaped villains!

Skylanders Trap Team Info-

---Release Date---

October 2nd, 2014 (AU)

October 5th, 2014 (NA)

October 10th, 2014 (EU)


PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4

Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii, Wii U, 3DS, iPad, Android Tablet,

Amazon Fire Devices.

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All righty what is going on everybody my name is boots burger and of course welcome to a brand you walked through and this is Skylanders trap team of course the fourth game in these calendars lineup of course I jumped on the Skylanders bandwagon I guess so to speak or on to the popularity of Skylanders with Skylanders Giants I actually did not get a chance to ever play spiral adventure but I really love giants I thought that swap force was a little bit of a step down in general but I hope the trap team is going to be a step back up to the quality of Giants and obviously surpassed that point as well so with all that being said let me know down the comment section below which was the series that you started watching my channel with which was the series that introduced my channel to you I'd love to hear that I'd love to read those comments just to get a little bit of a flow of of course which series you started on and I wanted to see also how many people are gonna say Skylanders Giants because I think that would be really really interesting to hear and see but with all that being said guys of course don't forget to also thumbs up the video if you guys enjoyed it and if you want to see quick uploads on Skylanders trap team and of course let's go ahead and shoot for I don't know it's fifteen hundred really high there's two thousand two thousand let's go for two thousand its Skylanders it's a new Skylanders game let's go for two thousand likes let's see if we can break that particular number so with all that being said let's go ahead and hit the X button to begin and then of course Kylene your trap team uses a lot to say feature when you see this icon please do not turn off your system sounds pretty good alright I'm not turning it off right now don't worry and now of course let's go ahead and select the story mode shall we so here we go guys greetings Paloma hi I am young and I have come to guide you on a great journey welcome to Sky a magical world of wonder and adventure protected by the greatest heroes ever known the sky London oh there's pyro trigger-happy erupt her I forgot her name blade edge I think jetpack pop Fez once it was held in the vicious grip of the most notorious evildoers Skylands has ever known that dome raiders striking from their hideout deep.

In the savage badlands the doom writer plunder without mercy until no place was safe fortunately an elite team of Skylanders wielding legendary weapons was called upon to track down these villains and bring them to justice they were the track team indeed with.

Wallop leading it looks like or at least I think that's his name I'm still out SuperDuper well-versed with all the names there's snapshot.

And there's wildfire protecting the team.

Once captured the doom Raiders were taken to the most impenetrable fortress ever constructed loud cracker prison locked away behind walls of pure trapped inium the doom Raiders would never again threaten sky lands or so it seemed for.

Many years until a familiar evil returned Oh No we all know who that is the trapped team was her follower away from sky lands and as they were drawn away from its magic they began to shrink meanwhile the shattered fragments of Cloud cracker prison were transformed into powerful traps but now you have found them and just in time sky lands most infamous evildoers are on the loose again it is up to you and your Skylanders to track them down before it is too late a great adventure awaits you Portal Master behold all right sounds good and of course you can find traps on store shelves that's where they disappear to let me welcome you to the. Grand opening of skylander Academy oh.

Boy this is great Callie I mean a new skylander headquarters there hasn't been one in ages I know you go and buzz is the most legendary skylander trainer ever there's something familiar about him ya know to mean I've seen his cane before big show long she says he's still. Pod with the opening of the new Skylander Academy may it I sure in a new age of sea security and all right there goes that.

Plan Oh Rock'em boli thing landed smack dab in the middle of our annual soda festival Prettner stay put folks while the Skylanders and I check it out all right. So here we go guys chapter number one Soda Springs I guess those are the two villains that we can find on this level the Sheep and then the big blue snail person thing I don't even know what to call it those are interesting cans of.

Soda they come in giant barrels.

Wonder where my skylander operative is all righty-roo so here comes our very first skyline replacement so of course I'm gonna use the two first calendars to come in the starter pack which is snap shot and this guy now most people that play this game will probably start with snap shot but I feel like we got to give the little guy known as foodfight a little bit of a fighting chance so let's go ahead and use him as our very very first calendar here we go guys our first Kylee replacement on Skylanders trap team SuperDuper exciting stuff what blam oh my god it looks so good it is so.

Beautiful look at how beautiful this world is so colorful all right so we've got our tomato gun all right my name's.

Bozz head of security and secret ninja commando operations around here now how's about we go investigate all this ruckus alright let's go ahead and do that use your attacks to clear out all this so of course jumping was introduced in the last generation this generation introduces the trapping mechanism now I will be honest with you guys I really wanted to do like a portal camera or something like that so you guys could hear it but with my current setup I couldn't do it without making the audio sound awful so I apologize for that and maybe what I'll do is in some of my reviews for Skylanders I'll show some of the sounds okay so I like food fight so.

Far he's got these little plant whoa look at that there blow up little artichoke bombs that was awesome can I blow up this balloon there we go I set that balloon free I sent it free get rid of these bricks cuz who needs bricks right guys.

So would a cannon that's awesome I love it oh here we go guys our very first treasure chest all right oh they change that up it's not the same button combination well then again I'm used to playing it on the Xbox and this is my first time ever playing on the PlayStation console I am playing this on.

The PlayStation 4 just so you would know ok look at these Turtles. If they look so terrified look at it they're like um we don't even want to be involved in this process they forced us into this like I don't know they just look really hilarious they look quite funny oh look at that there's like an actual radio that's pretty sweet that is a pretty cool idea I like that quite a bit can I attack it or anything ok I guess I guess you can just constantly change stations as oh okay that's pretty nice you actually end up getting some coins from that that's really really nice then that's quite awesome okay so let's carry on our merry way to the next destination these soda flats this may look like an. Ordinary harmless little sheep but I can personally assure you that sheep creep here is bad news okay there's a look very menacing supposed to be in cloud cracker prison for leading an ill-fated sheep rebellion but hey this gives us a perfect opportunity to practice our trapping skills okay whoo and take him down for me will ya I don't think he needs to be taken down he does not look like a big mitt Oh maybe yes whoa what is that hey sheep grief I was just about to defend you hey now that's not cool what is there peanut cannon okay this is awesome well you want to have a food fight how appropriate huh he uses peanuts we used Tomatoes let's see who wins okay looks like we've won that little battle featured so I've got my first trap in hand right now and we need to place a trap on the portal to trap him so here we go guys.

It's getting sucked out of that universe.

She agreed it's awesome you might be able to hear him cuz I made the portal really loud so you guys could hear it he's like I love it oh this is all by.

God it actually gets a blazer now oh this is so cool to play as you're captured and an empress to talk Monday against return okay again to return to playing as your skull that's awesome oh my god I am genuinely already in love with this game let's go save this Billy this is so awesome Oh oh man this game just brings smile to my face all the time here comes sheep the adorable yet somewhat creepy I guess which is pretty uh purports not insulting him it's part of his name after all I wonder what like how did he manage to get creep as his last name like oh yeah my name is sheep my last name is creep imagine how that looks on your driver's license that's a hard one to explain how so by the way guys if I'm not collecting everything my apologies about that that's not the intention behind what I'm doing right now.

Indeed not sure what trap Tina keep if. He's so not interested he's recording talking to the power of a trap masters crystal weapon break it open so yeah I was gonna say this is my first playthrough so I don't know where all their secrets are anything like that and I'm not focused on getting and unlocking all the secrets I will do do I will to do now I will be doing a 100% walkthrough as well so just stay tuned for that as well at some point later on whoa look at that movie the explosive popcorn mega machine or something I don't even know what you would call this all right let's tag back into food white so from what I understand in order to destroy the trapped a nyan we actually do need to have a Skylander who is a trap master in order to damage the trap attained iam so that means now ladies and gentlemen here comes the introduction of course the other character in the starter pack for Skylanders trap team and that is of course the one the only snapshot I'm just going to lean on over it place him on to the portal and here he comes all right so he's got kind of like a bow and arrow I guess thing going on which is pretty awesome so these little chompers are a good way to level up at. Least early on that is of course when you're this low level hey sheep you're freaking me out don't don't scream like that randomly that's scary okay here we. Are go ahead and collect some coins I bet you these monsters are gonna end up scaring me all the time I know it I know that every now and then she'll make a noise or he'll make a noise sorry now they're gone a little I expect that so if I ever get startled my apologies in advance oh my god I just said it and now he did it to me mr. sheep creep certainly is creeping me out all right so I'm actually liking the way that snapshot looks in the game I really like his model I like that but if you.

Really want to stay ahead of the game you'll need to check out these elemental gates yep it can only be open by a trap master we know they've played Skylanders before boom sticks you now have access to a brand new area which contains a magical hat awesome you want a magical hat because they're awesome and they make you stronger magical product i love the humor in Skylanders it's fantastic the water that is required to open all right so luckily of course snapchat is a water element so we can just go ahead and carry on our merry way here whoa look at that he can like use the back part of that as a trident almost I am smash and bash.

Everything in sight this is awesome going up Oh Oh get the Apple get the Apple on them numb them that's a delicious Apple even though it's made out of jewelry but still all righty-roo so what do we have here do I need to push this further hmm what.

Are these two turtles doing here this almost looks like an additional challenge or something okay that didn't do much where's the other turtle what did he become turtle soup wait on a minute I know there he is just now notice they were like where did he go here we are stand on this chortle elevator I guess our turtle platform turtle power imagine if he just turns into Leonardo all of a sudden that'd be awesome Skylanders Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles crossover don't mind if I do both are owned by Activision so that make perfect sense like the rights are so that we kind of interesting to see let me know if you guys would love to see that ooh speaking of hats how appropriate a turtle hat awesome there we go plus seven armor let's go ahead and put that on absolutely look at that that actually almost looks like an army helmet my god the sheep creep scared me again but it doesn't look like an army helmet doesn't it just the overall look for it I think that's kind of interesting okay so I believe we are headed back through the elemental gates which are absolutely beautiful and then we head off to see her well this here's our. Super bounce pad take it and find out why because it's super strong no I'm joking it is actually super strong oh that was quite a ride all right let's break that soda ginormous thingamajig ooh look what we have up there guys who knows what that is some of you know what that is okay why did I go back down I shouldn't have gone down yet oh hey now stay back.

These little chompy's okay here we are. We have obtained our very first soul jam and this one is four blades which is quite lovely indeed we unlock the new powerup which is instant swirl shards sounds pretty cool indeed we're not going to take a preview at it because well we're gonna play his blades at some point down the line anyway so what's the point of taking a preview it's something that we're gonna play some okay so I'm gonna drop down here because there was a storybook thing to collect here as well so there it is the story scroll has now been found and we also leveled up snapshot how lovely is that alright so this one is called mediations on boom top two number one would you like to read the scroll sure name Flynn comes from the ancient Archaean word I left this music in fact archaeans have over a hundred words for us and all of them are flip how appropriate the sheep is laughing it was perfect timing I love it this is a mystery gate portal master requiring an unknown element huh okay well I don't have an unknown element so therefore I'm just gonna carry you on my merry way all right so before we head off to the next route there's another elemental gate which oh wait a minute can I just do this does this work light element is required oh okay so wait does this have to be a trap master specifically or can it be just food fight for example let's find out I'm kind of interested cuz it's a trap master so I'm assuming it has to be a trap master huh interesting well unfortunately at the time of this recording I actually do not own a trap master of the life element yet so I guess that gate will remain closed for the time being so let's carry on on our merry way and use the other super bounce pad sugar free oh my god stop it you're. Scaring me sheep creep you're too scary uh-oh these are new enemies we didn't have these in the previous games bring em perfect timing come on come at me artichoke bombs look at that look at that Oh aha gotcha ninety damage that is awesome I actually really like foot fight he's quite cool oh my god okay I'm sorry guys it's really bad I know but it's really scaring me like I'm not kidding I'm not exaggerating it really is freaking me out every time so I'm just gonna turn this down just a little bit to about 50% cuz I had it at 70 and it was just too loud it's just too scary.

Okay so we need a trap master of the tech element luckily we do have one and that is in my opinion the coolest one from the early bunch that I have got my hands on and that is of course jaw breaker this guy looks incredible check him out down for the count he is just incredibly incredibly cool-looking so let's see his attacks he's got little jabs going on which is pretty sweet looks like there's like a little pilot guy in the actual gears and I didn't notice that on the figure I wonder if the D if that detail is on the figure okay this is kind of gross because we're walking inside of soda and then somebody's going to be drinking this I'm not sure how happy they'll be about that but hey or jawbreaker everybody likes us even when we put our feet in their soda I can't believe I just said that alright so here we go our next gift and of course guys from my recollection on my experience with Skylanders typically the game gets tougher over time so right now a lot of these unlockables and such are very easy to get but over time it's going to scale up and it's going to be a lot more difficult to do so so it looks like we've acquired a brand new hat called the bucket head it doesn't really look like a bucket to me does that look like a bucket hat to you I don't know maybe I'm crazy but let's give us five armor so that's pretty sweet yes absolutely jawbreaker is gonna look kind of stuff he looks like a female now doesn't he a little bit just kind of like a stylish kind of a old lady from England or something with one of those little hats and stuff even though he looks nothing like a old English lady because he's a giant boxing robot which I love whoa that's terrifying get out of here little guys I got you names the gopher and strange thing is he's supposed to be locked up in Cloud cracker prison to something very peculiar going on here I can tell you what's going on as we get to the bottom of it Bronto I thought he said Toronto first I was like oh that's where I live he's.

Like that typical annoying customer in a restaurant.

What kind of burps would he have after this and what's going on with your teeth dude looks like that needs some fixing. All right here we go continuing to advance I guess I'm supposed to shoot myself over there but let's first check this side out ooh here we go of course jawbreaker is a trap master so you can break trapped a neom nice treasure how lovely there we go crack that open that's quite. Lovely all right and now we can carry on.

Doo-doo-doo-doo doo-doo-doo-doo jaw breakers awesome he's a little slow but he's really cool if it's soda that gopher wants its soda he's not gonna get so all you.

Need to do is bounce on over to that next building and destroy the soda bat before he can drink it that oughta hold him for a bit okay I think that's gonna upset him but if you say so you're the advisor after all Oh what is this hello I know there's a crazy soda festival going on and a giant creature terrorizing the whole village we can still sneak in a game of sky stone smash right oh wait a minute you don't know what that is yet that's okay you deal with this saving the town business first and come back and see me sometime what you've learned how to play sounds good I don't know why I have my fists inside of your body that's a little weird but sounds good to me all right can I go over here what do we have here some extra treasure very nice there's probably something else beyond that island but I don't want to waste even more time exploring okay so here we go let's go ahead and use the super balanced pad to make our way across to bottleneck balcony hey what's up guys.

I'm here to rescue you you probably shouldn't be here by the way just giving you a little bit of a heads up balloons go the balloons will create a distraction here we go big punches go oh.

He's gonna be very mad he is gonna be very very mad I'm pretty sure that at least this is a villain stash cool tagging a captured milkman to claim its reward interesting cool that is a really good idea they used to have this for like the Giants figures and swap force remember add these extra little stashes so then I want to switch out into jawbreaker to actually collect the coins obviously in order to then later on use them for all of our upgrades and such and here we go I need to make my way down the little bridge and I think that that will make gulper realize that we've destroyed his soda VAT oh that's quite a nasty burp Oh gross that is really.

Really gross uh-oh uh-oh.

It's so terrifying to decide where to go. It's really hard to decide if you're moving in the right direction okay I need this thing to go back up go up thank you how did you get over here uh-oh can I.

Punch his hand is he trying to protect that there we go a little cannon okay.

Sorry I was just checking things out on the other side here we go come on and there we are. Uh-oh stuck makes you feel bad for him.

Right now just his expression is it guys I just wanted some soda for me.

See these two vats here my guess which imam jimbros your cooler was named soda of the year the other green stuff is bottom-feeding suction eel flavored pills even worse than it sounds but if we can switch them up and trick the gulper into drinking the eel stuff it might just bring him down the size all. Right so I guess I just need to push this out of the way will drink that later as a celebration for all our handiwork no no no don't pour down with I want to drink that oh that sounded like a really delicious soda well I wanted to try that. You gotta do now done all you gotta do now is well done okay that was awesome.

Bamberg defeated a feat it indeed so we're gonna switch out our traps real quick in the pond to track this villain and we're gonna grab our water trap place that onto there and now we will attain gulper on our team hey my trident.

Keep running I've gotta go faster yeah.

Go far go grab some soda I'll pour it all over the portal that is awesome that.

Is SuperDuper cool I love this game already bounty claimed 250 I'm assuming coins a new key stone for the gulper and I guess that is our first mission done.

Alright that is pretty awesome so we didn't do particularly great in terms of stars as you can see only attained one start of the three possible ones but with all that being said guys there you have it that is the first part of our scaling this trap team adventure in the books I hope you guys enjoyed this if you did please don't forget to of course thumbs up the video share it with your family friends favourite it as well and of course I will indeed get you folks next time peace out see you laters alligators but bye guys thanks for watching and have a fantastic day

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