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Nancy Drew: Curse of Blackmoor Manor (Part 1) - Linda

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A video walkthrough for "Nancy Drew: Curse of Blackmoor Manor". In this section, the game begins. Nancy explores the top floor of Blackmoor Manor. She talks with Linda, who's mysteriously bed-ridden, and Linda's mother who wants Nancy to figure out why. I also meet Loulou the Parrot, who is loud and upsets my dog.

This video contains footage from the Nancy Drew series, made by Her Interactive (www.herinteractive.com). All rights are owned by Her Interactive.

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Hey everyone how's it going my name is michael gray and today i'm playing Nancy Drew the curse of Blackmoor Manor welcome to my later dear Ned greetings. From jolly old England hello yeah I'm not so sure about the jelly part that's because I'm on my way to black your manner with a daughter of one of our neighbors is living the daughter whose name is Linda recently married Hugh pendulum our British diplomat Hugh travels a lot so the only people at the Manor with Linda are Hugh's aunt mrs. Drake and Hugh's twelve-year-old daughter Jane the thing is ever says Linda moved into the manor her health has gone downhill she's practically bedridden and no one's used to know why her mother is convinced something is terribly wrong who wants me to find out what so here I am about to be dropped off at a huge centuries-old mansion in the middle of a dark boggy more I can't tell where the butterflies in my stomach because I'm excited her just a tad creeped out talk to you soon I hope Nancy know at least who do I thank you.

Lord sir so here we are Blackmore man yeah and.

It's late at night and they were frogs and owls and cricket.

Whoa creepy who's there hello oh I guess.

It's nothing ah what's that ah it's a.

Ghost Dog of Moon Lake it's back for revenge we're child it is right it's I mean.

Something doing right there I'm mrs..

Drake I take it to a Nancy Drew yes and I really did see something mrs. Drake I heard something too people are always seeing and hearing things on the moor at night especially you Americans why don't you just go on up to your room it's the one with the moon on the door I'd like to see Linda if I could I'm afraid yeah yeah possible not quite ready to meet with you just now but please come see me after you've unpacked I'll be in the conservatory all right thank you okay so that's mrs. Drake and that's how the game starts off and here we are in Nancy's room where you can do lots of things hey guess what.

Yay astral charts yeah.

Thus the sun-god writing is chariot across the sky so now let's explore Blackmore Manor do I have to learn this yes I'm afraid you do if I do welcome it's a game yes but only in French oh ah that's a Jane in Ethel we'll be meeting them later as long as you want then some kind of husband you're proving to be it's not all in my head don't bother woo sounds like Linda's having troubles with her husband which is the perfect time to go talk to her right after she's had a huge fight with her husband Brenda all right nigger oh yeah Nancy Drew our friendly neighborhood detective oh well she's not black Moore Manor I apologize for greeting you under such unusual circumstances so how are you feeling yeah my feeling well I feel like oh I feel like something.

Really strange is happening evil chuckles that's never a good sign could you be more specific yeah I'd be more specific ah the ace detective is grilling me for details I'm tired all the time my mouth is dry my vision is blurry but that's not important here's what's important man see there are some doors that should never be opened there are some doors that hold secrets which must never be known that's everything you need to know now it mummy can I come in no you're supposed to be in your lessons in essence are ever I want to meet Nancy I said no Jane hey that was my stepdaughter she can be such a pest sometimes anyway I understand you feel an obligation to my mother but trust me there's nothing you can do you're welcome to stay but I strongly recommend that you go home as soon as possible oh come on Linda I can't go home empty-handed it might jeopardize my ace detective status mm-hmm Linda oh okay I'll let you rest.

But I'll be back I'm here for you if you need me Nancy tells a joke and Linda decides not to talk to her anymore hi Linda hi I'll be going now sorry Linda hmm well that's Linda everybody clearly something weird is happening with her and now let's continue down the hall where we meet oh.

It's just a parrot oh that's my dog hold.

On a second everybody Polly want a cracker okay I get the point.

Lulu fighbird into the bar behind occur.

And that's Lulu and we've got this door mm-hmm which says Beiste we walk we went in a way why I need the key which means see who as well lives twice or he who lives twice Liz well I'm not sure which who dududu in any case what you're supposed to do now is go down the stairs gonna phone call they're both my cellphone yeah so long it's mrs. Petrov how is everything have you seen Linda yet yes and I'm afraid she seemed really dim really depressed about at my wit's end I've never known her to act like this the last doctor that damnit her said that aside from a little dry skin which is not unusual for her she was perfectly fine why is she hiding behind that curtain yeah no idea when I was out there last week I got fed up and pulled the curtain back she threw a fit but otherwise she looked absolutely normal Oh perhaps but who wouldn't be pale cooped up like that something has changed her something in that house hue is just as bewildered and upset by her behavior as I am please get to the bottom of this Nancy you're our last hope ma yes she was called to Rome as a diplomat he's always being called out of the country without warning and without any say in the matter he'd much rather be there with Linda although although although what it's just that Hugh said it hasn't been very easy for him to talk to her lately whenever he calls which is at least once a day Linda always seems to fly off the handle for no reason which doesn't make sense Linda has always been extremely level-headed and even tempered she never gets angry at least she didn't use too who exactly is mrs. Drake she's Hughes aunt she's taken care of Moore Manor never since her brother died he was his father she's a bit of a character in what way the way she spends all her time in that conservatory slouching around trowel in hand murmuring to herself she would think she was burying something or somebody goodbye Ness ocean maybe more thing my niece is on call and her husband's out of town and I told her I'd go over there and babysit if she had to work so if you call and I don't answer that's why hi yay

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