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Nancy Drew: Danger on Deception Island Walkthrough part 4

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Whale World.

Difficulty: Senior detective

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Hi Nancy I understand that Hilda Swenson gave you a present she gave me the design I used to create the keychains I give away to everyone who goes on a whale world whale watch she was quite the graphic artist could I have a keychain sure if you go on a whale watch I need a claming permit Jenna said I could get one from you ordinarily you could but permits mean paperwork and I'm kind of busy right now of course if someone wanted to volunteer to help me you just got yourself a volunteer inside that box Marc caddy is a miniature of what our resident sea monster might look like in skeletal form assemble it for me and I'll not only give you a permit but I'll throw in a free clam tube and remember whales rule good.

Bingo oh yeah good oh yeah.


Good now.

Good oh yeah bingo.

Oh yeah bingo now bingo.

Wow am i a creative genius or what hi.

Nancy I finished putting that display together so you did caddy never looked better here's your permit and here's your clam tube look four little holes in the sand sometimes water will squirt out of them anyway Center the tube over the hole push it down into the sand and pull if you're quick enough the clam will be in the sand that comes out of the tube if not try try again thanks for your time. Whales rule.

Looks like I need a key card to play.

Hi Nancy I'd like to play the games in your Center but it looks like I need some kind of key card here you go this will activate all the games it will also keep track of what games you've won and it'll let you play all the games as many times as you want thanks for your time my pleasure.

Throughout the center you've been able to hear the sounds different cetaceans make to see just how good your memory is press a button listen to the sound that plays then press the button of the cetacean that made the sound if you've made a correct match the button lights will stay on when all the buttons are lit you've matched them all.



I won the whale watching tour all right.

Hi Nancy I want a free whale watching tour well congratulations I'll give you an exclusive tour just be you and me I'm ready when you are.

Thank you for the great tour and for letting me use your camera my pleasure since I took your whale watching tour I get a free keychain right actually I only give them to paying customers now why did the term false advertising suddenly pop into my head okay okay thanks for your time have a good one

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