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Iron Man 2 Walkthrough | Mission 1: The Stark Archives | Part 1 (Xbox360/PS3)

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Iron Man 2 Walkthrough Part 1 Gameplay Review Let's Play Playthrough (Xbox360/Ps3/PSP/Nintedo DS)

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Jarvis they're after the data spine get rody on the line and give them our position yes sir safeguarding the sense net know you have a secure channel.

Browdy I'm at the data spine as their sole current the rest of this attack is a ruse what why they're DMV Ordnance detectives.

Everybody move my chest.

Jarvis if you hear me in the emergency. Power we on good I am Iron Man I said it.

And I mean it I'm a superhero and I'm telling you it's amazing but what does it mean save the world change the world what does it mean I mean sure it's great. To say it's great to start foundations and give speeches and raise the glass and tell ourselves we're making the world better but tell me how can one guy save the world it's not like I'm out of ideas I'll tell you what it is it's like every time I start to get my head around something really beneficial to mankind like the free energy initiative or global climate control some genius shows up with an army of killer robots or some other ridiculous scheme for world dominance and I have to drop everything and knock heads together take rocks on great company smart people not stark smart but smart enough and they're trying to make an army of Iron Men they can't even fit an operator in there so they're literally brain dead Tony it's me we got a thing talk to me Rhodey accident the stark archives chief suit up it's a big job dear hearts trust me and I'm the man for it I am Iron Man you wanted the best you got the best and I'm not gonna lie to you I have no idea how to save the world but I've been having a hell of a time making it up and take a while.

Password is 3.14159 watching lunch yeah.

Now wake up power reserves coming online just low all I've got our visuals and rapidly dwindling life support here man groans movement restored sir but old defensive shields and weapons systems are still in upper - hurry it up Rock sons knocked down the data spine shield with their EMPs I'm the most sophisticated AI flux net ever conceived rebooting took some time yeah yeah yeah punish me for being a genius why don't you serve a motor power restored you can move the denser.

Limited repulsor power restored low-speed flight is possible weapons fire is still unreal idle the archive.

Security systems unfortunately the EMP has scrambled all the passcodes great.

Nervous repulsors.

At 66% let's just hope they haven't blown the data spines artillery shield generator do you have an ultimate plan to play house.

Upload stop dentists - progressing fortunately we are nearing the auxiliary shield generator placing a now standing.

Your solution.

Detonation sequence is going to take some time wait wait wait did you just say you're gonna blow yourself up don't be silly I'll fly out in the nick of time see progress already J put Toni's power over little progression on my dashboard yes syncing this insolent tone listen if it doesn't work they can't have Jarvis I told you that if this doesn't work now I will blow myself up.

See the beam of light is that how these rocks on guys are uploading drivers in all contribution of my stink um yes it's not the same thing.

You can welcome to multiple targets with certain.

Voter they've got 78% of the archive in there especially copy that the small aerial drones carried into transmission artists take out the little guys with the laser.

These works on weight from the data spot if they get too much I'll have to blow without a time.

Honey did we win hello Louis go pick so.

I'm guessing this wasn't no sir pepper we're gonna move to the plane we have an emergency Tony Tony how bad is this I mean really I'll tell you on the plane come on.

Coming in get ready to work I've been doing some thinking this was a kidnapping what come on let's go chop-chop kidnapping there was nobody there to kidnap I should try not to be offended miss Potts Thank You Jarvis cpap this whole thing was to cover the attempted kidnapping of my Butler it was a massive data transfer during the fight they stole the backup copy of Jarvis and Tony's doing the whole nonchalant bed right now but trust me he's worried as hell hush you they stole a portion of Jarvis well okay a big portion like 98% big but who's counting backup Tony who could possibly be qualified or capable of running a system that massive I defend myself in the back of course but what makes Jarvis Jarvis is that he learns he has experiences and memories thanks to a massive neural web you'd need a lot of hardware and power for that that means government backed Russia has been persistent about licensing an Iron Man program from us maybe they got tired of being told and yet they made a deal with rocks on rocks ons the only source of viable combat drones out there after they bought out hammer but Russia wouldn't risk this not officially but I know who would general Valentin shadow why didn't he just declare himself Emperor or something president he controls the Tesla energy program for the Russian military with Roxxon Hardware his insurrection might succeed gold stars for everyone Jarvis we're going east round of White Russians cheers everybody we're about to shut down a rogue Iron Man program before it has a chance to get anybody killed

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