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Tomb Raider 3 Walkthrough [No Meds] - Lvl18 Lost City of Tinnos

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Key Moments:

1:30 Rocket Launcher

1:50 Uli Key #1

3:35 Button Puzzle

5:55 Path to Secret #1

7:21 Secret #1

10:05 Arena

11:30 Switch/Platform Puzzle

16:30 Claiming Secret #2

18:35 Secret #2

21:00 Uli Key #2

23:05 Earth Trial

24:25 Switch for Secret #3

26:00 Oceanic Mask (Earth)

29:00 Secret #3

30:20 Wind Trial (Maze)

33:30 Oceanic Mask (Wind)

34:55 Fire Trial

40:00 Oceanic Mask (Fire)

40:45 Water Trial

44:35 Oceanic Mask (Water)

46:40 Mask Placement

Tomb Raider 3 Walkthrough Playlist


Level 19 - Meteorite Cavern


Thanks to Zorbos for the thumbnails!

After each level, I inventory Lara's gear, add in what items I have used in the level, and subtract items that I started the level with to produce a list of total item pickups for each level.

Level 18 - Lost City of Tinnos

5 Save Crystals

6 Small Medpacks

5 Large Medpacks

16 Flares

3 Harpoons

4 Grenade Rounds

1 Rocket

60 MP5 Rounds

120 Uzi Rounds

50 Desert Eagle Rounds

2 Shotgun Shells

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What's up ladies and gentlemen welcome to tomb raider 3 I'm badass games and today we are doing the lost city of Tino's 10oz whatever you want to call it I have no idea how to say it properly and I don't care if you correct me or not so yeah this is a definitely difficult level to get through without using a med pack especially considering they have that water part with all the blades spinning and yeah it's not very fun but I can do it and I will prove that to you guys in this video right here so let's start off with a comment here from lyric master 2007 he loves or she loves sorry this person loves how high-quality my videos are and that's exactly one of the main things that I do is I ensure that the quality of my videos are good so I I really look highly upon my videos to make sure that they look good so that's why they keep improving - alright so the first thing that we need to do is actually go grab a key so that way we can open a door to pull a lever which will give us a ladder we can climb to press some buttons and perform a puzzle that will let us get to the next area so yeah a bunch of Tomb Raider type stuff you know regular hopping and no enemies in this area luckily and there's not very many items either now this lever that I pull just open the door down below me and I'm gonna go down there here a little bit I'm actually going to go claim these items that are over there in the corner or over there in the distance and we just run and jump and grab this ledge right here pull up and as you can see one of those those items is the rocket launcher I got that back finally but I will not be using the rocket launcher it is uh pretty much useless for the most. Part I got the desert eagle you don't need anything else other than the desert eagle okay so this is the door that I just opened that I mentioned and right here is what's called the leaky I'm going to pick that up I'm gonna use that to open up some more doors. To continue into the area behind those. Double doors right there all right so the UH leaky goes right here in the slot so place this bad boy to open up these gates right here and this is gonna let me get access to the other side of those double doors so we just climb on up and.

Once we get to you know about about here it's good just do it back flip to get off this thing now right here is a lever you let it flow right here's a lever um all it does is open this door so I'll pull it just to show that to you but I won't be going through that door ever so it's pretty much pointless to pull that lever pull this lever because you notice that room I haven't been to yet when that lever has been pulled in order in order to bring out the staircase so there's a total of two levers that need to be pulled in order for that to happen and the other lever happens to be down here behind these double doors that I just mentioned earlier so pull this lever finally it pulls that ladder out and also opens these double doors so you can easily get back into this room now I'm going to go into that room and climb up into the area with the buttons now.

This puzzle there is actually some rhyme and reason to this thing it isn't just you know press these certain buttons if you look at the pictures on here you see a man at the top you see a bowl and then you see a plant and the way you're supposed to reason through this is sort of like a food chain type thing you have the man which eats the bowls or eats the animals which eats plants so this is definitely a button to depress alright so here's another one a man will eat birds and birds will eat fish this is definitely a fact nature here's another one a man will eat plants that's true but a plant will not eat a bull all right so that's not a button you want to press a man will eat fish but fishes will not fishies will not eat birds so that's not a button you press a man eats birds and birds eat plants this is true so we can press that button and those are the sequences necessary to open this door alright so continuing on we are going to encounter a new enemy that we have not seen yet and it's the most annoying enemy in the entire game I'm sorry but I hate these these Firefly bugs things and oh my gosh I can't stand them I'm gonna grab the safe crystal and I'm gonna kill this guy fly in here alright oh they're. Pretty slow which is nice but I mean themselves just just one by itself isn't annoying it's the fact that there are many and I'm actually gonna save my game right here because I'm gonna go get a secret right now and it's inside of one of their hives and they do nothing but just keep spawning and I'm I'm not sure but I think that they spawn infinitely and so you can never really run out of bugs to kill so yeah um run jump over to.

Here and now you light a flare let me show you something now if I stand here I'll throw the flare you see that platform that lit up it's an invisible platform so uh yeah here's ago here comes another bug that I'm going to kill that thing this might take a little while because I gotta do a lot of a lot of pesticide stuff kill a bunch of these bugs jump and then grab in the air and we'll grab that invisible platform now there's gonna be more that come I don't slide bar to slide and there's.

Another one this to come out of there I'm going to kill him too like there's gonna be another one well doesn't matter they keep coming there oh I missed the jump are you kidding me let's watch you break her neck that was awesome okay I'm gonna reload my game and I'll see you guys back in that general area this is a very difficult secret to get so okay I'm here and as.

You can see this is a you know very dangerous secret indeed oh man I didn't want to do that but there's a lot of places where you can fall and on top of that these bugs will push you off of the legends so that yeah they're very annoying bugs and like I said they don't they don't stop spawning which is really bad so angle for that invisible platform jump and grab pull yourself up and.

And probably yet another bug.

Dai bug and I'm trying to hit this corner there's another invisible platform here alright now that I actually land on that we're gonna need another gun that's gonna kill them off a liquor oh gosh push me off isn't he no I got luck.

Alright so let's get in there after I kill this guy right here die alright.

Let's grab this small med pack now I'm in the secret and there's gonna be another Firefly here pull out the Desert Eagle because yeah alright so right here. Are some Desert Eagle clips and some grenades so let's grab that Oh another foot ah why'd you take so long to shoot.

That gun it doesn't matter alright umm they don't take away a whole lot of life but just hop from the edge there and then do a tumble easily to turn around and kill those guys alright now it's time to that's not what I wanted to do I always like flares and I don't want to alright so mp5 hop over to here and then.

I'm gonna take this because they're going to steep they're gonna keep coming there they're not going to stop dudes they're just going to hop over to this platform and try to find the edge there.

We go oh here comes one over this edge I guess.

He's gonna come just yet that's fine I'm in the corner so I can just do a running jump over to this platform and then fall down here and I made it safely thank goodness now I'm going to go ahead and grab my pistols back and take them out that way I don't waste ammunition not that it really matters I'm pretty close to the end of the game but I don't know it's like the gamer inside of me just doesn't want to ever use weapon and I don't know.

If I can get away with using the pistols I just this is how it is for me that's how it is for you - please leave me a comment and let me know because uh I don't want it I don't want to be alone in this this feeling all right there's a small med pack in this little trench here and now we're gonna fight yet another new enemy that we have not seen yet but very very powerful and they shoot beams at you they do a crapload of damage and the best way to take care of them is clearly with a desert eagle always with the desert eagle man always as soon as she points a gun start letting off count seven oh that was close so seven shots.

Destroys one and that's good to know because I got to fight a little bit more of those some more of those later in the future watch out for the fire trap now down below me across that bridge there was a secret but the doors shut and also. There's a secret in the room that I was just in but it's too high so we got to go do some stuff in order to get those secrets now I went to the left when I entered that room I'm coming to the arena where I got to fight three of those big guys but I'm gonna use my desert Eagles takes care of one and then.

There's another one behind that gate and another one behind this gate and this gates going to open up before the next one before the one behind me so I'm gonna stand here and just wait for this.

Count to seven.

And now the gate behind me will open.

Thus I jump to avoid those those sparks. That they shoot at you now this was the last skate that opened and behind this last gate there's a lever that we need to pull it's going to raise a platform just inside this arena that we can use to continue on into the next area so to climb this block and that platform that raised is that one right there so now we can actually come up here and there is a way I guess you can get around that you can actually jump around a pillar if you jump properly but you know those guys are dead anyway by now so whatever crawl through here and now we begin the.

Switch puzzle switch platform puzzle pretty intricate and I actually like this puzzle a lot now when you have get in here and you go to the left you go through this crawl space and behind here there is a some flares and some easy. Quotes now let's crawl out of here now be careful you don't wanna go too far in the crouched position because you get hit by that swinging flame and just pretty much instant death it's not going to kill you instantly but you will die because you get caught on fire there is water in this area and I'll show that to you right now so you can keep feeding yourself med packs until you get down there but yeah okay so there's a bunch of platforms in this area that are lowered right now you can see two of them right there there's a third there's another one right there that's up right now okay and then there's one right there that's down and there's another one right there right below there that's.

Down and then you can see that one down too um in order to get through this I want to show you what you need to do clearly because this is the wall this is the walk through why would I not show it to you okay so that platform that's up right now is going to get thrown down so get taken down because this switch right here does that the reason why we want to do that is because this switch also controls the other two platforms that are underneath Lara right now the other two that I showed you the one down there and the one directly underneath me they control those two platforms however it requires two switches in order to raise those platforms that other switch is underneath here so we throw this switch and those two platforms are now up and we can use that to get down below because there's another switch down there that we need to throw okay so.

Let's take another look that platform that right there is down but these two platforms right here are now up as you can see now just do a back flip like. That and then stand against the the wall here and then just do a hop and you'll land onto this platform and then do a tumble and you should land near this switch so pull this switch and it's going to raise the platform that's above whare so we're going to go do that now.

Be careful in this area because if you look over to the distance you see a crack in the wall right above Lara's head and that crack is a hive for Hornets or for fireflies or bugs or whatever you want to call them they do not spawn until you step on the strip down there directly below Lara directly in front of them below Lara as soon as you step on that strip they begin to spawn and they do not stop so keep that in mind hobble onto this platform pull this lever now this is going to drop the lever I'm standing on someone quickly do a side jump but what it also did is it raised the there's a platform over there underneath that monkey bars you can see that it did raise now we got to get over to that I want to run and jump over to.

This platform and then I want to climb up to here.

And what I'm going to do is I'm actually going to pull the first switch that I pulled in this area because it's going to raise that one platform that lowered but it's also going to lower those other two platforms I was just on which is.

Okay because we want that other one we'll use right now so do that climb. Crawl through here and fall off here off here and we can jump over to this platform here now and now we want to get on to that platform that's underneath there in order to do that you want to jump in the air and grab but you don't want to you want to let go of X as soon as you're grabbing in the air and you'll slide right underneath the thing and land on the platform from here hop up and grab the monkey bars and then monkey bar your way all the way across this area to the last switch that we well the.

Last switch we need to pull the edge of the area there is another switch in this area that's going to open the door to the secret that's underneath the bridge where I faulted the two huge sparked shooting mutants whatever you want to call those things so let's pull this switch to open the door to get out of here and it's going to raise this platform right here and we can use this.

To get out of to get on top of these monkey bars okay so now I have to open.

That door underneath the bridge now the key thing though is that door is timed and it's very far away and so we are timed and the timer is pretty relatively short so you got to be quick and we're going to see just how quickly I can do this so a pull lever and go go go we want to sprint sprint sprint and then over here by the B hi we just want to fall off and grab in the air oh wow you.

Should make it in the water oh no go forward okay so now let's hop over that strip it. Shouldn't spawn any of those flies which is what we don't want to do now we come into this room and now we want to sprint all the way to the back left corner this is where we can exit at. Hop up here and climb your way to the top and like I said that door is really.

Far away and I'll get there eventually but you got to be quick I mean I can get there and I think it takes about maybe five seconds before the door shuts so yeah do a side jump and there's going to be a lever here that we need to pull real quick pull that lever it's an open this gate for us you see that keyhole we're going to be back for that here in a second alright so now we need to make it all the way back and we'll be back in this room trust me but the way that I'm going is going to take me out great there's more bugs this is where I came in before here's the fire trap now we got to get through this without getting hit might want to stop for a split second but don't want to waste a whole lot of time there that's for sure now we want to come over here and time to go get that secret whoa.

Whoops that's not what I expected to happen and here's the secret door nice.

And this contains the safe crystal some desert eagle clips in a large med pack oh look there's bugs above me I'll use. My new Z's on them because I haven't used those very much in this game at all.

Ah bug on me so many bugs this level.

They are so annoying come on all right now we got to get out.

Of this pit here if Laura would stop.

Randomly doing things let's climb our way out of this stuff there we go this.

What I want to do and I was gonna.

Actually show you how long that timer was but I made it in and out and then I had to fight those bugs so um yeah I'm pretty sure the door shut pretty quickly after I got out of that though so just and there's a lever inside there in case you get shut in just so you know okay so we got all that stuff and we have two of the three secrets that are in this level let's go get the last one so we're going to go over to let me show. You where the secrets at right now it's actually up there in that hole where you see the ladder you see the doorway but we got to do is got at least the movable block that's sitting up there and we're going to do that that's going to let us get asked I really don't mind wasting the we're.

Not wasting but using Umi Guzzi ammo because I'm not going to be using them very much and it really doesn't matter I mean I'm toward the end of the game so okay so now this room I forgot to go I got the key first let me go get the key nevermind let's go do that real quick and then we'll go get that last secret.

Oh yeah I forgot since I went this way first there's going to be a bunch of bugs that spawn and come follow you and it's annoying alright so this is the.

Area that I ran through real quick I didn't explore but there is only one thing of interest in here and that is the key to that lock that we saw earlier as I was going to get that secret so that key happens to be right here pick this bad boy up and then yeah we probably got a fight and there's.

Probably gonna be a lot more that come so that's annoying but we'll put up with it I suppose so let's climb up this ladder real quick.

Once again climbing ladders really slowly so I'll go ahead and mention a comment I got a comment here from Zach slick and this person says Laura is so badass she can be two seconds away from freezing to death but if she gets out of the water she can be completely warm in a couple of seconds not to mention the fact that she she's you know wet and for freezing cold water in a freezing cold environment um so yeah she's pretty baller like that so I don't know how she does it man but then again it is a video game and you have to sort of take that into consideration okay so now these other rooms that we can go into all have a specific what is a common element or something like that to them so this one you can see you got the mountains on this drawing this one is of Earth okay and then we have one over here to the left which is of wind and then we have one over here of water which is the one that I hate I'm gonna actually save for last we got the one for fire right there so each element has a specific thing to do and they're all pretty much knowing but we got to do it now I have the key I'm going to throw that in the key hole later just to emphasize the fact that you need the key in order to get through this level okay so I'm going to do earth first now this entire area is covered in I'm not the entire area but the area around this stone spire here is a all quicksand so we got to be careful if you go around to the right side then you'll make it just fine you don't sink too far but if you go left from the entrance then you will probably sink down and at least lose some life you can make it to the other side without dying but your have to use a med pack and clearly that's something I don't want to do alright so the way to get off of this is.

Actually not too far ahead from now but.

Yeah Lara is going to sink and just to freak you out and the lever that we need. To pull in order to access the final secret of the level is in this area and I'm actually going to grab that as soon as I climb out of this stuff okay the exit is right here there's a place where you can pull up right here and now the way we want to go is up there but first we need to go flip that switch to get us access to the last secret do a running jump over to this.

Platform here we can climb up into this.

Little hole here and in there here is going to be that lever that I've been speaking of and a small med pack come on grab that thing come on Lara slowpoke pull the lever now that's going to drop the block in that room and I see if another bug it's freaking bugs man I. Don't have a phobia for bugs but man they're annoying in this level luckily this is the only level where they're at - man I couldn't imagine playing the entire game having to worry about those things all right so let's hop our way back now whatever it's guild this way all.

Right there's really nothing else of interest in this area there is a Firefly bug over here dispose of him I suppose.

If you want I'm not sure if he'll activate if you go around the other way because there is two ways right there but I've always I've always went that way and killed that guy so all right now we come into this area and we claim our first oceanic mask now you don't have to come this way first you can actually go to any of the other elements first I chose earth in order to get that secret first that's the only thing soon as we grab the mask this the gods become angry and the earth starts shaking and you got to be careful because those things from the funk and the sealing will kill you oh I just lucked out there all right so.

Yeah more stuff falling from the ceiling now there may be an easier way to get down or a quicker way but I'm just going to take the long way I'm not sure I mean there is an easier way you can get down but you take a lot of life away - at least that's the only one that I've found I'm not sure if there's another one that you can take or not now we've got to be careful because all that quicksand is now gone and it's a long fall at the bottom long enough to kill you obviously okay so from here you're going to run and jump over that platform but we have to take note that when we land on that platform it's going to cause the ceiling to crash on us so we're going to run and jump and as soon as we land on it just step back and grab the ledge and we will avoid the damage from that now walk forward and hop over to the here and now my I'm gonna actually save.

My game just in case because I've been known to miss this jump I might actually do that this time so yeah gonna save it.

Jump straight forward I believe and then just run yeah okay just run to that good thing you want to watch out cuz that you know you saw the ceiling fall from that and that will take away a lot of life if not kill you alright so we want to fall oh well that's fine alright so yeah as soon as we there's nothing dangerous here soon as we get to hear the rumbling finally stops and we are out of the earth oh wait I forgot about this trap but before you go through this trap don't forget about the Desert Eagle clips that are sitting here in this little cubby there alright so these things are swinging let's run through these things don't get caught on fire pull the lever it's going to open up a trapdoor that we can use to climb out of here.

And now we enter this hallway in this hallway you can go several different directions clearly go straight you can go that way where there's some water and and go that way which is the proper way that's the exit all these other directions are returned from the other elements they are all returned paths all right so here we are back into the mask room I have the pipe one mask and I have one key so keep that in mind we're going to need to use those later I'm gonna go grab that third secret right now and there's probably a bug in here I gotta kill now luckily these guys do stop.

Spawning I'm pretty sure that they stop spawning already um we actually want to move this move will block one tile forward it's going to give us easier access to that ladder you may actually. Be able to grab the ladder without doing that but whatever.

Alright let's climb up and you can see.

The trap that's right there it's going to be a swinging fire thing again whoa whoa Laura you freaked me out what's wrong with you okay so we queued the secret we claim the save crystal and the large med pack that are in this secret and we can leave knowing that we have all of the items in here watch out for that flame thing again that's not the last we've seen of that. Okay now let's go into oh gosh.

Running out of luzie ammo I like how quickly they kill. Those bugs though oh I see one right do I know I don't see one usually a green glow means that there is one okay I think I'll go into the maze next which is right here and luckily for you guys I've created a map that's going to make this easy for us to get through so first I'm going to do is I'm actually gonna claim the Uzi clips and then the flares in the small med pack then the shotgun shells I'm going to come back down and go claim another small med pack and then some grenades and then I'll be done so that is the route that I will be taking let's go do this alright.

Bluesy clips that I want are right around this corner and now let's go up to the small med.

Pack and the flares that are actually hidden behind a behind a movable block which is why I have it marked as yellow and the red is actually dead ends and.

There's no that's the only hazard in this area is that one fly the other hazard is getting lost which well I have a map for you guys so don't even worry about that all right so here we are let's claim the flares and the small med pack and now let's go get those shotgun shells.

And they are right here. And now we're going to go back and we're isolated from the other side of this maze from here so we actually got to go all the way back to almost the beginning. In order to get to that to the other area so let's do that and I hear a bug and I'm not sure exactly where he's at I've never actually ran into ran into him so wait did I just lose myself I'm like watching the map here I think I know I'm good all. Right let's go this way my map.

Down and I should be into the arm it takes us to the small med pack here it is alright let's go back and I'm. Gonna go claim those grenades and then I'll exit this area.

Run all the way to the end and do a. Little bit turning turn to the right and claim the grenades.

Now let's leave now the exit actually you know I said that the bug was the only hazard there's a there is actually an exit hazard I'll explain how to get through through that okay so at the very top you see this rolling thing well it's not going to come at you you're safe the only time that thing rolls is if you get on the other side of it where it's going to take you down to a pit that's going to set you under fire anyway so if you ever land down there you're pretty much dead anyway okay so up at the top of these slopes here which where we need to go you might be able to see the mask up there there are a couple more really spiked things and as soon as we step onto this it's going to cause one to roll just side jump onto this slope and then slide side jump back and you'll avoid them and then there's another one here and just do the same thing the other one didn't want to roll not sure why but I think gotta be a little bit higher claim the oceanic mask and that is the end of the wind section so we've claimed we've completed the earth section and the wind section so all that remains is the fire in the water and I'm gonna go do the fire one now kill any bugs that may have spawned.

Alright so here's that return path return corridors oh there's well I see you I see.

And you're dead alright so earth done.

When done fire next.

All right so this one I really don't have to draw a map for you guys they already pretty much give you one if you stand at the top of this thing here it shows you a map and you can see where I'm at right there if you light a flare it tells you the platform's you can stand on in order to get across X is clearly where I'm at I didn't mean to do that but I look at that anyway the X is where I'm at and those platforms I'm going to show you exactly which ones those one on those are this is one right here the other one is straight across over here the next one. Is along the wall there oh no don't throw the flare oh oh I knew.

You're gonna do that Laura no all right I got to go through a bunch of stuff I forgot to say I say it in the earth area so I got a yeah flare death that's what. That was ladies and gentlemen and it's annoying I'll be back in this spot okay guys I am back in the fire spot and this time I'm not gonna lie to flare okay that flare killed me I don't like that so let's get across this flame area without dying and as you can see you notice that as soon as I fell into that that white water whatever it is acid I. Suppose kills you set you on fire and you die can't get out of it sucks now on top of this platform right here this is not a platform with the items on it that is not a platform that you can stand on or the right of the map doesn't say you can't stand on but you can actually stand up for a little while and you can stand on it long enough to clean those items I'm gonna show you how to do that so you take a hop back do a running jump right for them and you'll land directly on top of them pick them up and then do a back flip as soon as you grab those things now standing on the platform that I'm on right now actually turns those flames off so it turns them off so you went that way you have a completely refreshed timer in order to get across we got to get up over to that area right there so there we go.

Alright now over here there is actually a large medpac as soon as you stand on that tile it's going to throw that thing at you and you may think that's actually not reachable but it is I found that if you like hop into this thing like this kind of crazy you can actually move your way toward the large medpac and claim that thing oh she got out of it.

Get in there Lara Lara Croft grab it now.

New one now new one now no grab that.

Thing there we go and then it kind of spits you out on the other side here and you can go explore up the ramp if you want but there's nothing up there so let's just get back through this thing nice little glitch.

Keep going Lara she'll be through here in a second go go go.

Alright now we enter this area and this is so difficult um you got these statues blowing fire and you can see the invisible platforms that they are illuminating I'm a man holding walk and well that's what I. Wanted to do I wanted to light if I didn't want off I wanted to save my game that light a flare because I'm afraid I might actually get burned here um and I. Should probably throw that flare get rid of that thing okay so what we want to do is we actually want to stand here at the edge and hop and grab in the air and grab the edge of this first platform now you want to make sure that you're all the way to the edge and you'll see why a little bit but we need to time ourselves with these statues were watching shake their head three times that's one two three and then pull up and then do a running jump and grab in the air and grab the far platform and then watch this guy two three and then your cell phone and then Revere to the left or to the right and then run and jump and make it over to this platform with the lever and it's going to turn off that other statue that's breathing fire and now we sort of got to do the same thing going back make sure we're always the left and then count that statue so you've got one head jig two head shakes three head shakes and then veer to the right and run and jump over to this platform now be careful as you enter this room it's going to cause another most lamps Sweeney flame laps you don't want to get hit by that oh wow that was so close.

Grab the oceanic mask that is three out of the four we still have one area left and that is the water area and I'm saving that for last for a reason hate that one okay so let's go do that. And I'll yeah I'm gonna have to save as soon as I get in there well not as soon I'm going to save it a particular moment in that area where the hard part begins.

So I have three out of the four oceanic masks I have the UH leaky that I need and I am just about done with this level guys all I have is one more area I saw haven't used the med pack I did not fall like I did last time so I have a little bit more life than from that before I died and I did before I died okay so as you can see you have these things twirling around there's one in the water there's one just below me and you just got to tie yourself this is a very difficult spot to get through without getting hit it's if you don't want to use a med pack then it's even more difficult because yeah you can actually they don't hurt too bad but when they do hit you they are when you get in the right spot they can kill it quickly so keep that in mind now I came back here to get a large med pack that's in the water here you can skip this is not necessary alright let's exit this area and make sure you stay crouched like this and we want to back.

Off I guess it really doesn't matter which side you go but I'm gonna back off on this side and before I get in the water I'm going to save my game because this is where the hard part begins let's hope I can get through this without getting hit at all that's what I'm hoping for now it's all about timing and angle in order to get past these things so I'm gonna go right here and then I really it's really hard to explain exactly how I do it but it's like you gotta watch the blades go just just before they cross the path and then you'll swim right past them and now let's pull the lever now if you're too close it's really difficult to get through it because if you're too close to the blades as soon as you start swimming she moves forward just a hair and you might just end up getting really close to one so yeah just got to be careful and now you see these four doors here I went to the one on the left and now I want to go to the one on the right this hatch right here is timed I open that hatch by pulling the lever and I'll explain the other doors the top one is just an air pocket that's all it has however the one with a switch and it also had an air pocket so keep that in mind the bottom one is the exit the exit from the entire area so we're going to need to go through that one eventually - all right so the first thing that I might do is actually claim some of these items that are in here there's some Desert Eagle clips that are on top of the of this little platform here over here in the edge so let's grab those and now we got a timer self to get back and now let's go back up here now the next place that we want to go is over there you can see a lever I don't always see if I can you can see a lever in a little pocket there where there's a stationary blade that blade will begin turning as soon as we get close enough to it so yeah we just got a time ourselves it's all about timing it's all about angle so swim Lara swim get in there and pull this lever pull the lever pull the lever stupid flare what are you doing. Oh she keeps picking up the flare no polo heifer Lara damn flares man damn flares I hate them okay so now let's time our way out of this thing swim forward twice and that's it let go over here on top of the ledge there is some ooze eclipse and now let's time ourself through this it's an error I'm going to need it and now we want to go back that same direction but this time underneath that platform that lever that I pulled open the gate that's going to give us access to the oceanic mask the last one that I need all right so let's get through this oh whoa there we go all.

Right so far so good I better bite my tongue though alright. So there's the oceanic mask and grab. That and let's go grab the saved crystal and pull that lever now the lever is it's not going to show you what it does but what it does is it opens up the gate to let you out of here and I'll show you where that's at right now because I got to go there anyway I got to go through five more of these spinny blades so let's see how well this goes oh gosh oh.

Gosh let's get some air now this next one's a long one we got a pull lever and there's some more ammo that we got to grab on the way out of here so let's get. To the bottom here and then tie ourselves through these spinning blades.

Ooh so that's four of them I only got one more that I got to go through and if I can do that then I can do I did this without getting touched so pull the lever here that's on this wall it's important because it's going to open the gate to let you back into the original area at the bottom of here of this thing there is some mp5 clips so don't forget to grab those and now this is the area I'm gonna go through the bottom because that's the exit so time yourself through that yeah high five everyone and this gate is the one that the switch near the oceanic mask that's the switch opened up that gate so you guys get what I'm saying alright so yeah I made it through the water part without getting touched I'm so amazing who wants to touch me I'm kidding don't touch me I'm Todd I have a touch phobia alright so swim to the very top of this and yeah that's pretty much.

It we're going to pull this lever we're going to fall down into the corridor the return corridors head to the left and exit and now let's replace all the masks and turn the key in order to exit the area and mask it doesn't matter which order you place the masks at all it's just the masks go in those slots here place one mask there oh man whoops it's not what okay so.

While I'm placing these masks comment from metal machine maniac says since Laura took us on her graphically enhanced ventures I've always thought she's been a militant feminist extremely anti animal rights she's the kind of lady who likes to dominate a man and I would have to say that she's not technically um a feminist I don't know she's just she kills anybody doesn't matter it kills anyone that gets her away I mean Sophia natla are two examples of females that she that got in her way it just it happens to be that men get in her way a lot so let's place all of these by anti animal rights I'll agree with you there man she loves killing animals turn that key and then this beam of light that was in the center is now gone and we can fall down here and slide down here and we're going. To get a cutscene and end the level we'll get some stats after the cutscene we're going to see exactly what dr. Willard was up to.

That's interrupting the.



And that is the lost city of Tino's saying I got a fight that thing next level and I know it really good strategy doing that so found all the secrets didn't use a health pack and I will see you guys in the next level the final level of the level of the level level level of the game and then we have all hallows which is a bonus level for finding all the secrets in the game so I will see you guys in the next video and I promise that well I will have that video with you guys very shortly and I'll show you guys how to get through that very easily I'm badass games and you guys are watching to marry take it easy

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