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MDK 2 Walkthrough - Mission 1

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Mission 1 - "Beware the hand of Hanz!". Oh dear god, the Earth IS flat. What's worse, it's SQUARE.

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Kirt hectic never wanted to be a hero he was content with his life and wanted to live out his years in quiet dignified the anonymity sadly it was not to be Curt was employed as a janitor for dr. fluke Hawkins eccentric man of science the messes were large but the pay was good so when Hawkins left Kurt followed little did he know what was to come the doctor had wished for a place away from his detractors away from those that taught him at with janitor and tow he left the earth vowing to return only when his genius was proven the greatest of the duct his inventions in exile was the six leg the canine and max max was the perfect assistant and his appreciation of firepower made him a fine watchdog as well all was peaceful until the invasion aliens from a strange dimension attacked the earth arriving on energy streams and landing great mine crawlers to destroy everything in their path the forces of Earth were helpless before the onslaught dr. Hawkins had to act Curt was outfitted in an untested coil suit and sent to try and disable the machines he was reluctant but he had no choice he was the Earth's last hope Curt fought valiantly driving to the very heart of the invasion there he challenged the alien leader a grotesque creature named Gunther glut and with Max's aim'd Curt was victorious as their leader fell the invasion crumbled are the aliens retreated their tails between their legs in their wake they left the earth battered to spoiled even ruined but not beaten no not beaten now with the aliens. Rounded and order restored our heroes can return to their normal everyday lives or can they only time will tell come toast Kurt. You've done well everything's Jake for sure yeah well. Whatever don't sell yourself short those aliens never know what hit them a major setback for them I'm certain yeah I'm glad it's over yes it's all over I just knew it mine.

Crawler in Sector 8 6 7-5 309 Oh gravy.

That's Edmonton well Kurt I hope you're.

Up to saving the world one more time is you sure are quick to send me down you're the man for the job Max and I will help if we can but for now it's up to you jinkies I'm so.

Before you begin your assault Kurt I've got to refresh your memory on how to use the coil suit use your directional keys to move around try pressing two buttons at the same time a diagonal movement use the mouse to look both up and down and turn side-to-side once you're comfortable moving about stand by the arrow in the center of the room and face the exit this is where we begin with the shooting use the fire button to fire your chain gun and aim with the mouse destroy those targets in front of the exit.

I've placed a grenade somewhere close by walk over to it and add it to your inventory now let's learn to jump and.

Use your parachute look for the Harris floating platform in this room run toward it and jump on it by pressing the jump up now jump to the platform closes this way try a para jump to the next platform press and hold both the jump button and the forward button to glide your target try jumping onto that nearest platform kurz you'll notice you can't land feet first on that one but you can jump high enough to grab onto the legend pull yourself up.

Right enough jumping around that I've turned on a fan in the middle of the room stand on it and open your parachute.

By holding your parachute open in the updraft you'll be able to reach the large plant above you now let's teach you how to use your sniper scope first get this sniper grenade by bumping into it stand by the end with the edge facing you can strafe.

It's dive mode while your fire button and shoot your gun shoot the two small targets near the door.

There's the item selection so that goes right to change a grenade now shoot the big target we return you can leave the room by snapping the lock on the door Jose Jose Liam you're made of.

Dr. the pilot is gone what now what I.

Can't hear you there's something behind

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