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Nancy Drew: Danger on Deception Island Walkthrough part 1

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Danger on Deception Island is the 9th installment in the Nancy Drew video game series created by Her Interactive. It is based on the Nancy Drew book Whispers in the Fog.

When Katie Firestone, a friend of George Fayne, invites Nancy to Deception Island, San Juan Islands for a whale-watching excursion, the sleuth arrives to find Katie's tour boat heavily vandalized. A threatening note was left behind that warns Katie to "stop meddling". Katie requests that Nancy not contact the sheriff. Nancy then begins to investigate, and, after hearing many opinions from the three other characters in the game, learns about the orca that has recently shown up in the channel on the island. The townspeople are have constantly been in argument with each other since the orphaned orca showed up as to what to do about it, or if to do anything at all. Nancy has the opportunity to visit a local cafe and try the clam chowder, visit the whale museum and play for a chance at a free whale watch, investigate an abandoned lighthouse, explore sea caves, and in her free time, build sand castles on the beach. She also discovers something sinister that has been plaguing Deception Island for generations...and will require the help of one of its most legendary and eccentric past citizens to solve the mystery.

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Welcome to my latest case danger on deception island to learn how to play choose gameplay overview when you're ready to start the game choose either junior or senior detective dear Ned Here I am on a ferry bound for deception island one of the San Juan Islands off the coast of Washington State George's friend Katie Firestone is expecting me Katie's a marine biologist who's doing research into deepwater parasitic growth she also owns a whale watching boat and takes tours out practically every day I should be excited but for some reason I feel on edge like something's out of whack maybe it's because George and Beth's arranged this little vacation for me and sometimes their plans don't work out so well or maybe it's because we're about to dock at a place called snake horse harbor and have a creepy name for a town don't you think or maybe it's because I haven't been on vacation for so long that I've forgotten how to relax anyway we're here it's not raining but it's not sunny either it's just kind of gray maybe that's why I feel so strange every years Nancy.

Katie hi you must be Nancy I'm Katie Firestone come on I'll take you down to the boat great timing huh I just got.

Back from getting some groceries George could not have picked a better time to arrange for you to come out here just last week this Orca showed up in the channel and now it oh my gosh what happened someone tore the place apart.

The engines a mess parts are missing others are damaged why would somebody do this do you have any idea who did this.

No look you're on vacation just go relax or a bike into town or or take my kayak out it's at the end of the dock just always wear your lifejacket and don't go past the channel markers and if the fog starts coming in head to shore fast the fog we get around here is as thick as cotton and never go out without a GPS that's a global positioning system mine's somewhere around here anyway your bunks the empty one below why don't you go unpack need any help no I'm all. Unpacked.

Ah my trusty laptop good thing I recharge my batteries.


Apparently our saboteur took all the books out of the drawer up here must have been looking for something want me to put them away and you can put them back in the drawer for me that would be awesome.

Okay what's the best way to get all these in here with no space left over.

Complex morphological issues microscopic trachea analysis microtome surfacing.


It looks like whoever damaged your engine did something to your faucet - it'd be great if you could fix the pipes.

At least a person who messed up the faucet left all the pipes here I hope.

This goes here.


This goes here.

This goes here.

This goes here this goes here the Pikes.

All fix I'll turn the water back on hmm there was something under the pipes.

I wonder what's in here.

This note wasn't here before was it.

Yes doesn't look so much.

You know Nancy for what it's worth I shot my mouth off pretty good at the town meeting last night you think that could be why somebody did this to your boat I did get pretty obnoxious see the thing is this Orca this killer whale showed up in the channel about a week ago and has been hanging around here ever since all by itself she was getting way too close to boats so I called the National Marine Fisheries Service they made some recordings and did some tests on her analyzing them in the meantime they ordered all boats to stay at least 300 feet away from her or risk paying $1,000 fine that's what the meeting last night was about I take it not everyone agrees the people that fish for a living sure don't they're steering clear of the whale by taking the long way around the island to get out to sea which cost them time and fuel some people say she should be captured and towed out to sea and what do you say I agree with the no boat zone I also think that if she's found to be sick she should be shipped to a research facility for treatment not returned to her pod I said as much last night only much more strongly who's Andy.

Jason Andy does whale watching tours too if I had a dollar for every time he's come here trying to talk me into selling out to him I wouldn't be fixing this engine I'd be buying a new one do you want me to call the sheriff for you actually I'd rather not get the sheriff involved the insurance company would raise my rates and I just can't afford that besides I've got my very own private detective now you I'm afraid whoever tore up your boat also wrecked your GPS device oh no it'd be a shame for you not to go kayaking I know bike to the hot kettle cafe and see if Holt Scotto will let you borrow a GPS from him see you in a bit be careful out there you you.

Well well looks like snake horse harbors got itself a newcomer I try not to make.

A habit of talking to strangers mister I'm hold Scotto I'm Nancy Drew Cady.

Firestone said I might be able to find you in here well you're not one of them save the whale and heck with everybody else Crusader types like she is are you is that what you think Katie is her true colors came out real clear last night us fishermen don't count all that matters is rescuing that poor precious Orca out there to heck with people trying to make a living course is the way she makes her living being hurt by that whale why no her business is booming now ain't that the oddest thing she's back at the boat. Right now trying to fix her engine somebody vandalized it she ticked off a lot of people last night that's what she gets for being so meddlesome anyway welcome to snake horse Harper home of cadborosaurus that's how this place got its name you know who's cadborosaurus.

Well that's the sea monster Native Americans used to see out in a channel ever so often called it the snake horse had the head of a horse and the body of a giant snake people on Vancouver Island started calling it cadborosaurus after it or one of its relatives was seen a couple of times at Canberra bathe they call it caddy for short does it ever do anything back in the late 1800s he took the rap for a lot of hoodoo round here fog it rolled in at night and men were just baby it was a snake horse people and say yeah little dude a No so it wasn't the snake horse well they'd been shanghaied see a bunch of establishments in town had secret panels built right into the walls guide me having a drink one minute next minute he'd be clobbered over the head whisked into a secret passageway and taken out to a ship waiting in the harbor he'd wake up on I seasoned discovered that if he wanted to survive he'd better do with the captain ordered no matter what he was before he was now a sailor it was a cheap way for captain's to get crews back then in an easy way for some of the town's citizens to make money did you say you were a. Fisherman fourth-generation I fished every ocean for just about every fish you can make money fishing for lived here for the last 11 years are you retired fishermen never retire young lady after all what would we do go fishing only reason I'm not out there right now is cuz I've been in and out of campaign meeting since 8:00 this morning you're running for office I think it's high time people around here started doing what makes sense stead of doing what's politically correct all the time Harbormaster we got now bends over backwards so far for the environmentalist it's a wonder he can still walk upright whoever trashed Katie's boat also ruined her GPS oh now that's a shame she seemed.

To think you'd let me borrow one of yours I'll let you borrow one sure I got a spare right here in my duffel you know what else I got in my duffel why am I getting the feeling I'm not going to like this this is a little seamanship quiz I whipped up I'm thinking about making people pass it before they're allowed to rent any kind of watercraft once I become harbor master here the. Idea is to cut down on having to rescue people got no business being out on the water in the first place trouble is nobody's actually taking it yet I need a guinea pig and that would be me if you pass the quiz the GPS is yours you'll need that container for the last question see you around watch out for caddy what can I get for. You Nancy since we haven't met there's only one way you could know my name on the day my aunt iris turned this place over to me she said Jenna you're about to become a real good listener Cintron if she wasn't right so you own this cafe and iris left it to me three years ago it's been in the Dublin family since the day it was built which was back in like 1866 or something so you're visiting Cady Firestone my condolences your condolences me and her don't see eye to eye on a couple of things you mean like the whale that work out there should be rejoined with her pod as soon as possible period end of story no matter what miss fancy schmancy science degree says other people may be bamboozled by all her talk of data charts and field tests and monitoring what nots but not me the only thing she wants is to get that whale into an aquarium it wouldn't surprise me if Katie's been secretly feeding it which is against the law by the way and you know what else it wouldn't surprise me if she trashed her own boat because she knew that after that meeting last night everybody would assume that Holt did it and not want to vote for him I got an idea let's change the subject does Andy Jason ever come in here everybody comes in here know how some people can't go a day without coffee people around here can't go a day without a bowl of my clam chowder in fact if you ever want a free sample just say the word is Andy Jason in here now by any chance actually he only comes in once or twice a week says he's too busy of course the reason he's so busy is because he's too cheap to hire another person to help him run the place kind of surprised me when I heard he was trying to buy Katy Firestone out must have something up his sleeves all I can figure what do you know about the shanghaiing that used to go on around here it never went on that's what I know shoving grown men into passageways and carting them off to ships never to be seen again it's just a big colorful tall tale never happen think I could try a bowl of your clam chowder coming right up next one will be on the house - whoa-ho mmm that was delicious here let me get rid of that for you it's been fun talking to you back atcha

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