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Nancy Drew: Shadow at the Water's Edge Walkthrough part 1

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Shadow at the Water's Edge is the 23rd installment in the Nancy Drew point-and-click adventure game series by Her Interactive.

Nancy Drew travels as an English teacher to Kyoto, Japan with friends Bess Marvin and George Fayne as a reward for solving the preceding mystery in the game series (Nancy Drew: Trail of the Twister). Once she arrives at her ryokan, however, she discovers that not all is as it seems. Strange events, supposedly caused by a woman who died there mysteriously, are scaring away guests. One by one, the guests leave the Ryokan Hiei, until Nancy is left only with the secretive family that own the inn. Unable to resist a mystery, Nancy works to discover who, or what, is haunting the inn.

All right are owned by Her Interactive


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Dare to play.

Hi I'm Nancy Drew this is my center of operations my desk go ahead and poke around if you want to know the particulars of how I do what I do take a look at the book titled how to be a detective it's really helpful especially if you're new to the mystery solving business and be sure to check out my scrapbook I put memorabilia from all my past cases in there a lot of them were pretty dangerous and at times really scary but don't say anything about that to my dad okay he worries about me enough as it is and whatever you do read what's in the file called case file that'll tell you all about the mystery I'm about to try to solve if you think you're ready to dive into that mystery just click on the plane ticket and you'll be on your way after a string of tough mysteries I decided it's time to take a break to do a little sightseeing I'm taking PG Crowell Meister up on his offer to send me to his favorite ryokan or traditional Inn in Kyoto Japan I'll spend the days teaching English and my nights with Bess and George exploring the sights fashion history and nightlife of downtown Kyoto from what I hear the N I'm staying at is known as one of the scariest places in the city I'm not sure why people say that I might have to poke around a little to see what's really going on at the ryokan da.

Hi I have a reservation under Nancy Drew ah.

Do you believe me now a versa it only.

Fell it did not you know better I'm very sorry she she's just a little.

Upset she does not want her here tell her to go now what was that about why is.

She upset please don't worry about that here this is your room key.

Thanks your room is on the second floor I've already had your bags set up please my name's miracle come to me if there's anything you need is that a robotic cat.

Yes Sookie isn't she the greatest lintel Oh got her for me I've wanted my own pet cat for forever but I can't have one at the dokkan I came into work one day and there she was right next to the sweetest note from Len taro I've never seen a robotic cat before what does it do she's not on it she's Sookie it's okay she didn't mean it actually she doesn't really do much mainly sits but oh wait I just learned something neat Sookie that day.

Wow that's great that's all I remember right now but she can do a lot more I should figure out what the rest of the commands are come to think of it although to be honest it's a little more believable if she just does what she wants your grandmother seemed very upset about the portrait breaking it's a big deal she thinks it's a bad sign that the portrait fell from the wall why is that it's a very special portrait it's one of the two remaining images of my mother and it was taken shortly before it's one of my grandmother's favorite portraits what is a real con Agra con is almost exactly like a hotel or spa but far more traditional this Jochen has been my family for generations passed down from mother to oldest daughter in order to preserve the traditional style the food the care taking every little detail is as it would have been generations ago how long has the real con been in your family a very long time my grandmother says it has been passed down since the early 1700s so one day you'll pass this place on to your daughter that must be very nice well I'm the younger daughter my older sister you me will be the one to take over the Yoakum oh my grandmother is offering a few classes in traditional arts she's in room 18 at the end of the hall what happened to your.

Mother I shouldn't bother you with our problems Nancy please it is very nice outside a perfect time to relax and enjoy your surroundings Nancy please be.

Careful there's too much broken glass.

Don't touch that.

Hello Nancy you made it how was your ride it was pretty good I love Japan I have done so much shopping and Georgia's convention is crazy I've never seen so many people it's totally sold out you sound pretty excited well yeah kind of hard not to be here I don't even know where to start have you ever had mochi it's a revelation Nancy I'm not even kidding and the shopping conference meeting already oh yeah did that do it no okay no hit though. Know that you do it then we are on yes.

Yep why is that so hard it's so is it.

Anyway what's your story what are you up to you coming over I'm still getting settled in but I'll be able to see you guys soon how's the whatever it is you're staying at vehicon it's great a little strange though when I was checking in a picture fell off the wall and everyone was really weird about it huh oh no our trains going to be here in a sec gotta go see you Nancy bye.


Time to grade some papers.

If I have something to send this might come in handy.

Whoa hang on man only right now what do you mean the bats the blue banner means the baths are for men the red banner means women only I don't know why we don't mention this at the front desk this is useful information anyway I'm rentaro I'm out in the garden if you need anything.

Hi again I'm Ren Terra it's nice to meet you officially so um you're still here that's surprising I'm Nancy what do you mean surprising did I say that whoops so you're American from New York City now a place called River Heights it's in Oh okay that's one of the places I always wanted to go I mean you'd have to be crazy to live there but on the other hand you'd have to be crazy not to live there it's one of those um unwinnable do you work here technically it's a complicated thing we've got going on I'm sort of like the handyman around here so should I bother getting to know you or are you going to be like all of the rest what do all of the rest do gets booked in the middle of the night pack their bags and never come back even the ones who come to see the ghosts who I shouldn't be telling you this oh well already did if you see Tokaido this conversation never happened ghosts what ghosts we got one of those.

Haunted hotspot guides so we get a lot of ghost hunters here and that's always a treat because they're totally not obnoxious so people think this place is haunted well some people think this place is haunted kind of like some people think the moon landing was faked and some people like adult contemporary don't be one of those people you like puzzles I guess you can say that I figured you're going to love this it's called an anagram what's that it's just another example of how awesome numbers are that is a cool and all but they just make words I mean get with the game letters numbers on the other hand get a few handfuls of those and you can make a bridge or send a person into space or express the makeup of our genetic code or they can make a neat picture okay take a look in here. All you need to do is look this over and finish the pattern and when you're done picture here take this give it a shot. Bring it back when you're done and I'll give you something better sure and there are instructions inside.

In case you get stuck Miwako seems to really like Sookie I know which is great because that girl is hard to buy for and it's been sort of a gift heavy year either she's getting crazy sensitive or I'm becoming a huge jerk hmm how to say it's definitely one or both of those things what are you building there oh this this is the rentaro 4000 I saw that got inspired by Sookie what's it going to be a robotic dog or maybe just a robotic dog's leg I'll be honest I had no idea how long these things take to build but then again a dog's leg is not a good gift without the rest of the dog so the borders aren't creepy come to think of it is it going to be a gift for me wacko oh definitely she's my robotic muse but she's not robotic not that you think she is and this is why I work with machines that totally oblivious to awkwardness I'll let you get back to work catch you around

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