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Nancy Drew: Danger on Deception Island Walkthrough part 2

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Holt's Quiz, wood sample puzzle

Difficulty: Senior detective

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A book on sea monsters very cool.

Hi there welcome what can I do you for are you Andy Jason that's me how'd you know I'm Nancy Drew I'm a. Friend of Katie Firestone's I saw your business card on her boat nice to meet you Nancy any friend of Katie's is a friend of mine so you consider yourself to be a friend of Katie's I like to think we're friends or that we could be friends if she'd just be reasonable you mean if she just accept your offer I'm offering her the deal of a lifetime she'd make more money she'd have more free time I mean look at this place I run a first-class operation it's my mission to see that everyone who comes to snake horse harbour leaves with a greater appreciation for marine mammals and if I make a buck in the process that's cool too why do you want to buy.

Katie out she can't be taking that many customers away from you I don't like her taking any customers away from me and frankly with this whale doing its orphan thing out there I'm losing a lot of customers to her isn't the whale just as good for your business as it is for hers Katie convinced the fishery service that she should be allowed to monitor the orcas condition which means she can get right up next to the whale while my boat has to stay away Katie takes passengers with her when she checks on the whale paying passengers as many as she can safely fit what do you think should be done with the orca out there nothing I think people should just leave it alone I mean why do we humans always think we know best we can barely deal with ourselves let alone a whole other species someone ransacked Katie's boat while she was in town this morning made a real mess hmm wonder if it's related to those burglaries what burglaries a.

Bunch of stuff was stolen from two shops earlier this week food tools clothing electronics there was no sign of forced entry no trace of who did it sheriff's still scratching his head whoever ransacked Katie's boat tore a bunch of parts out of her engine it's like they wanted to make sure she couldn't go anywhere for a while that's too bad in a way it's kind of good I mean for you at least very true as long as her boats out of commission I'll get all her customers thanks for your time my pleasure.


Am i smarter what.

That looks right yes.



Very good.

Perfect that should do it I have to.

Bring him a male Dungeness crab.

In April a committed.

Thank You me.

Guess maybe this broke off from a ship.

There's something in that bottle and it's stuck on those rocks.

You again I've got a male crab I think. Let's have a look right as rain just aced the rest of the quiz and you'll be home free I'll take care of the crab for you I finished that seamanship quiz let's have a look right is ring congratulations here's your GPS just turn around and follow the instructions I'll take care of the crab for you great thank you see you around watch out for caddy.

What's up sounds like Holt Scotto was one of the people who didn't care for what you had to say last night he and I never see eye to eye now if I were a fisherman I'd be right as rain no matter what nonsense came out of my mouth fine harbor master he'd make I talked to Jenna Deb Lou when I was at the hot kettle what nasty rumor is she spreading about me today do you two not like each other or something she doesn't like me that's for sure she thinks I'm a know-it-all from the big city I found this piece of wood on the beach there's something strange about it what do you mean let's see it ouch those splinters are sharp that is odd it looks like it's been in the water a long time but if that were the case those edges would be dull that looks like it broke off of something just recently that's exactly what I was thinking any idea where it came from could be off a cargo ship I guess but you know who you should ask Casey Porterfield he works at the maritime library in Port Townsend you should give him a call his numbers three six zero five five five three oh nine five he loves checking out stuff like this see you in a bit be careful out there.

Maritime library this is Casey hi my name is Nancy Drew Katie Firestone suggested I give you a call pretty girl Katie Firestone never heard of her oh I know a marine biologist named Katie Firestone yes that's her I'm staying with her here in snake horse harbor oh well then what can I do for you she. Said you might be able to help me identify the ship that this piece of plywood I found on the beach came from how do you know it came from a ship because it says SS on it the rest of the name is missing it doesn't mean anything now if it said SS which stands for steamship that'd be different uh actually that is what it says oh well then it came from a ship or should I say ship wreck what kind of what is it why.

Would your about as much use as a beanie in a hurricane look if you want me to tell you what ship wreck that wood came from you're gonna have to tell me what kind of what it is but I have no idea well you just get yourself a book on wood and figure it out maybe Katie has one soon as you do call me back I love checking out stuff like this.

I don't know this book is for me but.

Maybe if I give dr. prade Obito a call she can help me out.

This is dr. pretory Chiu hi my name is Nancy drill and I like some help identifying this piece of wood I found I'd be happy to assist do you have our mailing address well that's the problem I don't have time to send it to you would it be possible to identify it over the phone certainly just hold it up to the phone for a couple of seconds and I'll take a reading I'm kidding of course I usually don't do this over the phone but I'll give it a try you will however need to take a look at your sample under a microscope oops I better go do that I'll call you right back.

One slice of wood one last slide.

There this is gonna look so cool under the microscope let's have a look.

Arina provecho speaking hi this is Nancy Drew again I've got the sample already all right we'll get started where did you find this wood it's a piece of driftwood probably used for a crate is the wood sample black brown or yellow brownish brown brown or brown reddish brown reddish does the sample have many holes just a couple or none at all many and are there some holes that are big and some that are small or are they all the same size they're all the same size okay and the holes are really really tiny right no they're pretty sizable then you've got a tropical hardwood I was assuming the sample was a North American wood all right are there any distinguishable horizontal lines on the sample yes there are horizontal lines if this wood is used for creating that it's probably luan it's fairly common in plywood but it's all rainforest timber so it's declining in popularity blue one all right thanks for your help glad to have been of service maritime.

Library this is Casey hi this is Nancy Drew I called before about the driftwood never heard of you know if you two said Nancy Drew yes that's me Nancy Drew Katie Firestone's friend so what kind of wood are we talking about here Nancy luan well if that driftwood did come from a cargo container that's part of a shipwreck there's a good chance I can figure out which one call me back in an hour or so you can identify a ship by what its cargo containers are made out of ever since the hobo spider gotten to the US by laying eggs in the wood creating of ships coming from Europe the feds have made sure that cargo ships keep real careful records of course I'll be taking things like tides curve weather conditions proximity to snake horse harbour I'll be taking all those factors into consideration - I really appreciate your doing this for me Casey and well you should

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