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Mega Man X2 100% walkthrough - Part 1: Introduction and First Stage

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A 100% walkthrough of Mega Man X2, released to SNES by Capcom on 1994. Played through "snes9x" emulator for the PC.

After defeating and destroying Sigma at the previous Mega Man X game, X and the new generation of the Maverick Hunters still are fighting against the resistance of the remaining Mavericks. Now, X is heading to an abandoned Repliod factory to wipe out and put an end to the Maverick rebellion. There, he found a lot of Gigantic Mechaniloid CF-0 been produced, but only one active at the time, and X have to battle with him. After that battle with X victory, a group of three individuals appears and they're observing X from somewhere. They start to talk about a mysterious plan and a collection of something, and that X is blind to what is happening around him...

On this video, I show the basics of the game and play the first stage to access the 8 Robot Masters (Mavericks) screen.

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