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Metro Last Light - Walkthrough Part 2 [1080p HD] - No Commentary

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But we're here pull yourself together we don't have long before nightfall okay okay with the tunnel collapse the only way to reach the escalator down to the otter station is cross the surface and trust me we don't want to be caught out here in the fucking duck Oh your luck are too much this place seems lived in Rangers probably I don't know and when there are Rangers shit shorten.

Filters we'll have to make do. No come on take what you need we're all brothers in the metro hey creative I.

Could use a good watch like yours knowing how much air you got left is a master you know I've heard of things.

Roaming around that even bullets can stop you have been through some bad shit I know but not like what's coming at you. Remember if you want to live don't drop your guard for an instant okay whoa that's impressive I heard about this place that plane was headed into Moscow when the whole city caught fire the building when it crashed that's the end of the theater the ice is throwing up here it's almost like spring are too much maybe we'll live to see the summer wait wait wait wait wait there's got to be an underground bath somewhere around here the ranges would never cross the square out in the open okay we could walk down the wing here okay so much for the Sun those clouds moved in fast.


I do.

Basic Aussie let's hear a bit.

This patient yeah.

Jake okay but I do what fucking mess do it fast the school basket won't be needing gears ya think.

I'm gonna be sick tread carefully they say these tunnels shelter more than just making believe it's overkill but this fucking place of death makes me wonder.

Let's go out to the light check that.

Stop get out.

Shit that's what's close okay I'm Jim no more things like that let's get to the plane before another pet comes for move it.

I've heard stories about this place shit. Hey ty opening it now you've gotta jump.

Oh well yeah let's try together moving.

Look at him don't lose your head in here understand me okay let's go one Ranger.

Told me this was applied from Majorca families depending from vacation you know.

Wasn't meant to give I feel - clear.

Jack are you seeing this shit -.

I to him what is this.

Q look better live.

What happened then with that shit we're losing power like 76.5 head.

Shit our stars.

Don't panic.

Breathe I had to breathe smoke is soft wet smoke.


Sure what with you if you head and walk.

The head from here suffocated take this.

One here oh okay okay let's get out of this place now now I took go right pick.

It up pick it down.

You owe me one okay.

Eddie we almost there.

Crashing Englishmen assume the plane and we would almost better get dirty the movie on the second floor.

The answers to the TF it is done the next corner we have to move now follow me faster Chester come over here.

Oh give me a hand.

Listen what are coming we are you gonna find the answer to many of them we have.

To warm the station get to the escalating.

Inside what.

Like a stroll through the park huh.

Our short visit to dead Moscow the phantom of the past is over Pavel and I helped each other out again and our returning down to the Metro as real partners down you can survive the wastelands any other way but now ahead of us lies a populated station the theater it's very close to polish if Pavel manages to lead me through the red line guard posts I'll be home in less than an hour okay sorry about that.

Dangerous times right they're going up soon but there are many Watchmen around we were lucky to get here okay there's a nest in the building by direct play is such a bad thing today oh you want a nightmare it's waiting for you out there not since going just three men who clear. A nest we need a couple squads at least so what now you're not going to gather the men first we're waiting for the guys on their way then get the Beast some hell you're cool come on in say I'm two.

Centimeters so forage take it easy.

No one's chasing anyway we sighted watch you so much well if you list they acknowledge you as a person but anyone deemed unnecessary is chased off but hyung I hope it this happen we've been in the wreck all our lives and now we're a freak ah this happens all the time but.

Why fight one they keep raising the standards last time it was our neighbours this time his ass would be long before Fuhrer has the station to himself but what do we do now the boss is busy now wait here please be glad we won't have our skulls measured every so that's our plan the station next to this one is revolution square one of us bread and evolution is spitting distance to polis so I as a good communist which I am will vouch for you they'll have to let you through and you'll be home in no time what do you think are you the one they just told us about yes we are great come in name so my spartan friend have a look around there's plenty to see huh I'll talk to my people and find you.

But have a good rest but you do understand that we can't wait there forever I don't make a whole.

One butch got my Lola.

Bullets are the last surviving theatrical critic bullets for mercy on your souls i disgust myself in we sit.

Drinks party lights all around videos. Death in this war me one.

But really they're just dumping niggers wow that's a demon so scary just like the real thing a demon look at the plum behind no. That's his website swings like this when taking off and my dad's long lots of demons we're right on Kamisha this is a demon.

So Nikita when do we become you and father have you got enough money to last a week two days maybe in my life is over.

It took so long to say that.

These will surely make your enemy work up a sweat you can still make it to stalkers instead of mere aides look I got money for three days drink this thing to have when there's many of them and only one of you.

These bullets are good it despite being hit.

Well the case is in blue but these are will make boys come again piece from Benny's speech stalker man seller ever.

Tell us more like to have something heavy from the surface they can look at it to join you in a couple of days we won't charge much grenades guaranteed to keep your enemy war.

Grenades affordable it's serious my amount.

Throwing knives silent in deadly.

All its poets purchase exchange sale.


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