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Sega Saturn Longplay [007] The Story of Thor 2 - Legend of Oasis (Part 1 of 4)

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Played by: Deskawa

Also known as Story of Thor 2 in Europe, this is the sequel to Beyond Oasis for Genesis. The gameplay is more or less the same with much more focus on exploration and less on killing enemies. While it's a good game, it would have been good for it a bit more character development and a bigger overworld.

This walkthrough is divided in four parts.

Part 1:

Ditto Dungeon Until 12:30

Efreet Dungeon Until 30:10

Bawu Dungeon

Part 2:

Brass Dungeon Until 40:01

Shade Dungeon

Part 3:

Airl Dungeon Until 37:26

Extra exploring for items

Part 4:

Mystic Room Until 1:03:06

Agito's Tower

I intented to do a 100% walkthrough but I missed a few scrolls.

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