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Top 10 MOST REALISTIC GRAPHICS Upcoming Games 2018 & Beyond | PS4 Xbox One PC

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Tomorrow all right in the world of anthem of you and your friends are freelancers the heroes who leave the safety of the walls of for Tarsus to explore the unknown protect humanity let's join two players as they head out on an expedition hey pop you ready to go just grab us with supplies just already what are you gonna use today I decided to go with the Colossus I'm gonna use my ranger try out some new upgrades every corner I'm not sure one.

Who's always supplies on this guy yeah.

He seems like a problem for another day.

Weirdest part the heavy I'll go low you flank.

Hang in there almost there.

Have you been in there yet haven't I wish to do that later with Kim yeah you could use the XP hello treasure.

I think we got some actual bad anyone anyone we're under attack anyone in the area we're under attack think that's part of proxies mission.

You can equip your javelin exosuits with gear that brings devastating power to calm all the scars have a heavy have.

Time to use that mortar there's a bunch.

More coming in okay I'll get this round.


Gon be something good oh yes Jerez wrath.

Oh nice large-scale world events like Schaffer stones are dynamic and pull you off the beaten path with the promise of new stories to discover.

Oh shaper Starman coming okay actually let's get some more people hold on a sec hey guys what's up hey what's happening. Right behind you.


This storm is getting crazy.

So what are we supposed to do fly into it all right let's do this.

See on the other side.

Our story is out there this is a cruel.

World and humans have almost eradicated your kind entirely here we can see two of them hacking away at the body of your father probably take a trophy spawn.

Enough get away and well child you can.

Easily be killed even by the weakest humans.

We're trapped on this bridge there's an escape route okay I think we're safe as.

You move around the caves and tunnels that these creatures inhabit you'll see what humans have done to your kind over the years sneak to safety.

No one of the things about being a young creatures that year you could crawl into spaces that no human could follow.

Now this huge cave it's a mysterious tree it's one of the last few places of refuge in the world for creatures like you so that's the world through the eyes.

Of a young creature running away from even the weakest human now we're gonna go forward in time and see the world through the eyes of a larger more powerful adolescent creature see what they're capable of doing.

Three two.

Oh shit to dock.


Look around brother you know how this is gonna.




Mission is great even if you don't catch anything that wasn't a bet libery and some acids huh you got a kind face nice day.

Impress marry me when you helped free-falls in what.

If I died right here and now by the water I'd be happy.


I'm nested with sin.

Reason that they may know why.


Where is the other apostate.

Clip her wings.

Your demons are coming cut her down.

She's one of them left.

Watch your backs.

My name is Joseph Ferris and I'm the writer director of a way out a way out is a story-driven co-op game it is designed played and experienced only in split-screen co-op which means you have to play the game with a friend either online or on your couch the game starts in a prison you play as Vincent L do you and a friend will get to know your characters and unfold their story together you don't know anything about me man maybe not but Harvey kills aren't very close to me with or without you I'm going after let me show you some of the scenarios in the game on the right side you see Leo was already in prison on the left you see Vincent who just arrived now if you look to the right again you can see that Leo can be controlled while Vincent is in a cutscene here is another one Vincent Alejo are now in the laundry room your goal is to smuggle sheets using a laundry cart you can approach the scenario in different ways either get the cart with Vincent's you know I got a good pack right here I think it's got your name on it it's broken I don't know or with Leo.

Yeah but I think those two guys is just about to fight ah fuck top what was it. And a way out you will experience something new all the time everything you do in the game is unique for that scene we want you and your friend to be focused and engaged throughout the entire story but let me tell you this is just the beginning of what experiencing in a way out.

Relax man I got this I missed it.

He actually says hello citizen car but you guys are all laughing when you saw the guy.

The actor that we had that was in people to Planet he's actually in squadron 42 he plays a character called waiking styie. Let's go and see the distress beacons about almost three kilometres away over there scope out all right so let's.

Figure out how to get there since you can't fly handily we've got the constellation pillar so we have.

So you know you saw the constellation a killer commercial a while ago we are now doing this.

And you know unlike me all those bouncy you have to type don't hear but I'm sure what you guys get on Park fun and speeches with real awesome videos let people walk all the way around the planet or they go to the ballot they see in the distance because that is not a skybox that is actually the proper.

Washington coming sandstone.

That's that looks like it's getting close okay let's get out of here.

Shit hurry up bitch okay jump.

All right that's not good just lost Iowa it let's see yeah that's where the black box is.

Right it's where the black box repeat so let's let's see let's find a way out.

Rosa walls and that's where we are they're coming up that she's probably about eight and I tell me this away

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