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SPIDER MAN PS4 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 [4K HD PS4 PRO] - No Commentary (SPIDERMAN PS4)

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SPIDER-MAN PS4 Walkthrough Part 1 and until the last part will include the full SPIDER-MAN PS4 Gameplay on PS4 PRO. This SPIDER-MAN PS4 Gameplay is recorded in 4K HD on the PS4 PRO and will include the full Campaign.


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Starring one of the world’s most iconic Super Heroes, Marvel's Spider-Man features the acrobatic abilities, improvisation and web-slinging that the wall-crawler is famous for, while also introducing elements never-before-seen in a Spider-Man game. Mix and match a varied set of evolved combat mechanics, including melee, aerial combat, webs, stealth, and unique high-tech gadgets that highlight Spider-Man’s boundless acrobatic agility and active combat style. Sony Interactive Entertainment, Insomniac Games, and Marvel have teamed up to create a brand-new and authentic Spider-Man adventure. This isn’t the Spider-Man you’ve met or ever seen before. After eight years behind the mask, Peter Parker is more experienced, confident, and masterful with his dynamic powers and abilities than ever before. However, balancing his dual life as Spider-Man proves difficult as he struggles with his own personal responsibilities and relationships while knowing that the safety and fate of New York City rests upon his shoulders.

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All units level for mobilization locations Fiske our disk SWAT is 10 84th.

Fisk tower all units stand by warrant is enroute.

Captain Watson Ave did you take him down yet no we're at his Tower but still waiting a forint mind if I join in on the fun you know how his lawyers are it's what needs to go by the roster come on Yuri I've been waiting eight years for this you really want to help head to time square sounds like his guys are trying to keep my backup for reaching a scene you got it almost there.

Uh hello Parker where are you we must. Run through the demonstration at least once before the grand committee arrives yes sorry yes dealing with a personal issue I'll be in soon promise better wrap this up quick then get to my real job.

It's like you're recalling the cavalry.

Times Square Watkins is under fire bring.

In the hammer.

Who's ready for their hot fresh cup of bodily harm.

Gotta warn ya feeling.

Oh. Somebody just student.

Man Fisk has a lot of guys on his table.

Almost done here new we're about to go it'd be there soon can't wait to see Willie's face when you slap the cuffs on.

Okay Yuri all done what's happening.

Yuri Yuri.

I knew this would you know quietly.

Get more backup and lock down the airspace you're at you okay you mix out of that building we're gonna lose it I'm gonna go do your thing.

That's up where you going.

Sorry to break it to you but you do not got this buddy.


I guess this is what they call a hostile workplace.

Take those shooters.

Pick that's all of them come on come on.

They shut the elevators down take the stairs I prefer a more direct approach.

Spider-man has status heading to the upper floors and hoping nobody turns on the elevators our choppers are taking fire looks like Fisk has armed men on every floor he's desperate and he's hitting us with everything he's got I find you in this not yet we just picked up chatter they're wiping all their data servers we need that evidence if we want to put him away for good okay server room it is call from a better answer hi MA what is all that nobody's watching a superhero movie what's up I just wanted to make sure we love you too.

That's my cue spider-man.

We can jump around how exactly do you think this ends well for you.

On to the next one regret your life.

Choices yet gotta find that server room.

Before there's no evidence left.

If I go in this way they'll destroy all the evidence I should look for a sneaky way in there we go it's like my own private Ventress.

Just maybe a dirty criminal but he has remarkably clean air vents hurry up bog wants everything a race can't make it delete any faster.

They're so cute when they're oblivious.

Is this tech support I forgot my password spider-man don't let him near the console.

Get it on gotta access that console.

Before everything's gone let's see just how good their security is oh you guys forgot the latest kernel patch says the guy frantically erasing.

His search history true but that's part.

Of my charm isn't it.

Get up or down now.

Pastor Troy everything look around I did.

What have you ever done well there was. That time I took down a pompous overstuffed crime lord before breakfast the scum I kept in shipping discs it's.

Almost sad to see it end we'll get ready. For the main event.

Yuriy an explosion just I thought this could have the whole place wired I'm sitting in a bomb unit I'll make sure no one gets in their way like the fireworks.

More where that came here move up.

Hey guys I guess bombs are part of Willie's Getaway Plan trap you go after them we'll look for the bombs.

Somebody everyone clear out evacuate the building I'll find them I'll lift it.

When you're free get out fast if you can walk help the injured got it.


Thank you okay Willie coming your way.

Spider-man it's eurie how we doin captain could be better our choppers took a beating we just had to ground our last one if Fitz calls in a chopper we have no one to stop it from landing and no one to chase him if he flies away why do I get the feeling that's what he was planning all along because he probably was damn Yuri get EMTs up here fast we're trying.

Oh incoming.

It's enough out of you one locket little.

Excessive don't you think.

The bomb squad guys get through this.

Settle down I've got enough for everybody okay mr. bomb squad must be.

Somewhere ahead of there okay.

You guys alright we were just about to call for backup I think I'm in lead the way we'll be right behind you heads up boss.

You guys were dead when all along so.

Your plan didn't work on to plan B getting kicked in the face.

Hey Yuri looks like some of your guys were on fist payroll good news is they were Willie's last line of defense I'm right outside his office take him down with pleasure.

Writing your memoirs don't forget the hyphen between Spyder and man get the chopper ready I won't be long I'm.

Surprised you made it this far but your foolishness ends now.

You do know I can still see you right ah.

For me you shouldn't have.

How is this happening What's Wrong Willie you seem angry I will destroy you.

Best shot give me an opening you'll die.

As uselessly as you live.

You are everything that's wrong with this city huh I was gonna say the same to you you know what to do.

I can't remember something I said.

So should we kiss now yeah maybe later.

Finally off to Rikers huh you know I think you've got more enemies in there than I do if you think this will be more than a minor inconvenience gotta go hey good luck Willie I have a feeling you're gonna need it idiot I'm the one who kept order in this city one month why not you wish you had. Me back the kingpin is heading to prison.

End of an era you think I should celebrate maybe take a vacation.

Parker Rory the committee will be here soon we need to run an equipment check I'm almost there blocks away guess I'll just do it myself no don't it's not safe gotta love Ducks.

Enthusiasm but sometimes it gets him into trouble better get there before he hurts himself.

I'm sorry I'm late.

You started about me the grant committees director will be here soon. It's fine Parker I invented this equipment I think I can handle it.

Maybe we should abort not yet hold on.

Achtung this are you okay another setback.

But what close is anyone hurt no it was.

Always energy levels exceeded our expectations from a certain viewpoint that's a very positive development it doesn't smell very positive I assure you in the next phase let's not get ahead of ourselves is there somewhere else we can discuss this maybe you should take the rest of the day off Peter but we'll talk later.

That was a disaster how could the damper have failed I know doc said take the day off but I have to figure out what went wrong.

I think we've got samples of every type of prosthetic in existence.

Our first volunteer subject lance-corporal texador lost his arm overseas and now just wants to hug his daughter again.

It's amazing how quickly the prostate you are in bad shape little guy.

Let's see what's wrong with you.

Circuit burned out dammit if I'd been here to do the pre check I would have caught this.

Got it okay need to reroute servo.


Nice super smooth response see if we can.

Tune the prosthetic script force.

That's better should avoid bone-crushing handshakes at least.

Today's the day grant review we're ready the work has progressed at a remarkable pace I honestly never thought we'd get the tinsel actually weighted back to an acceptable tolerance but Parker the boy has an eye for guerrilla science like none other just as I was ready to order a custom machine replacement part he returned from the hardware store with a bottle of solvent and a toothbrush bang actuator problem resolved the boy is a genius a chronically late genius.

It's already ten after him where is he surely he couldn't have forgotten today's we're sorry I let you down doc.

Peter thank you again for doing these blind reviews peer review is the backbone of great science you know as we've prepped for the upcoming fitting I felt an itch in the back of my brain is this really the best method of limb replacement silly I know but I keep thinking might there be another way.

Duck was testing a new contact material for the prosthetic.

Hydrogel polymer composite strong but there's a lot of impedance better tell doc to keep looking for other materials.

All right I should get out of here before I screw things up for Doc even more.

How many lab fires the briefie now auto 3/4 that's how you know we're progressing out of the ashes of failure great diet before don't think dr. Octavius is optimism has ever been shaken.

Graduation feels so long ago I interned for doc in college you made me realize I could do as much good for the world in a lab coat as I could in tights maybe more.

Docks made huge breakthroughs this whole career but he's always been upstaged usually by Oscorp this time it's going to be different.

You know just yesterday we saw an extraordinary reaction cascade in the limbic bridge if we're looking for result not cascades dr. and results you'll have trust me our work grows more promising every day that reaction cascade was pretty awesome.


Spider-man it's eurie visca make it to Rikers yet not Rikers our boy qualifies for the VIP treatment he's in the raft ah joining scorpion electra on the rest Fisk should be honored that's a steam company can you swing by the precinct got an issue that could benefit from your unique skill set for you Yuri anything I'm on my way.

Huh looks like Jameson's got a new episode I wonder what my number-one fan thinks about the fish sit down.

This is just a fax with J jonah Jameson where listeners lets you discuss the issues affecting our city with Pulitzer Prize winning two time two time Pulitzer Prize winning former publisher of The Daily Bugle blowed the book end and as always if your water mr. Jameson's books spider-man read or Venice within 24 hours of our broadcast you'll get an autographed copy at no extra charge no personalizations again welcome to just. The facts with James jonah Jameson alerting you to the threats you don't even know about let's dive right into the call tell me are you a police.

Officer prosecutors may be an award-winning reporter for decades on the job like me no I'm a plumber my.

Toilet shut up let me explain something to you about crime bosses soon as one goes down every Punk with a gun a tracksuit and a drawer full of gold chain decides he's the next Godfather we're gonna have a gang war in the streets but does that web-headed moron give a damn of course not he got on TV that's what counts yeah well I can get copper pipe without paying kickbacks now so until that gang war starts I'm on the webhead side and you'll be singing a different tune when three new mobs are lining up to charge you triple for that same pipe or just break your legs goodbye someday Jonah I'm gonna get you to say something nice about me silly.

Now that you quit smoking what do you tell people when you come up here that I need a break from their crap fair enough. So why'd you call me that date to the policeman's ball you got a black and white suit no ball this year anyway we spent too much integrating Oscorp surveillance tech worth it though right it was till an hour ago my system went down citywide every tower how they tell. Me someone sabotage the central server and now all the towers are offline hmm inside job maybe it's gonna figure it out later right now we need to get the towers back online fast and you called me oh that's sweet I called someone I could trust plus the signals are scrambled and we have no idea how to fix it whoo I love a challenge you break it you. Buy it I thought you trusted me.

Let's take a look at this tower input bands have been shifted.

We just had a tower come back online was that you not just a pretty mask on whatever you did any chance you could do it to the other towers sure but just so you know I had to sync up with the tower to fix it I'm seeing all crime data in the area now it looks like there's a break-in happening near me great I've got units nearby don't bother I'm on it do it watch my back.

Pretty sure these guys didn't forget their keys.

Okay wrapped up thanks for that now I'm seeing an assault near you you're in luck URI your favorite tough but lovable grizzled seen too much detective into town spider cop so you're.

The snitch back off creep yep she's the.

One I said back off.

Leave me alone keep your quietly don't touch me get away from her awk away now she's dead.

Yeah all clear ma'am I knew Jamison was.

Wrong about you you're a little weird but you got a good heart have you got somewhere to go I could take care of myself I'm sure you can but just in case there's a place called the feast center seen it I don't want charity they got the best wheat cakes in the city hands down mom used to make those I haven't had any a long time I'll check. It out Thanks spider guy it's spider-man.

Hello should be able to spot the next Tower from up there.

From his elevated position spider cops advises destination ii surveillance Tyler narrating what no of course not.

The chief never did understand spider cop thought he was a loose cannon already regretting this but I can modify.

These towers to track more than just cars.

Score towers are picking up all kinds of RFID signals now including one nearby is that oh wow.

One of my old backpacks from high school forgot I attached tracking dots to these.

I wonder how many of these are scattered around the city a menu from my first.

Real date with MJ I wish I could have afforded someplace fancier but she didn't seem to mind.

Still there got a robbery a few blocks away spider cuts on it part man part spider Oh cow.

Open the safe do it hey fellas da spider-man.

Morvant guys if you work this harder than legit job you wouldn't need to be criminal all right Yuri I'm gonna pair.

The last Chinatown Tower now don't you mean Spyder cops get a repair it I've been doing a little thinking Yuri policing is a young man's game and Spyder copies well he's no spring chicken please be going where I think you're going as of today Spyder cop is officially retired oh thank god I need a drink we'll treat tonight Yuri drink to the memory of Spider cups tireless Yuri you're are you there guess the emotion of a moment overwhelmed her really him.

Not good can't have people taking pictures of my three chest hairs tools I. Need for suit repair at the lab when roof dr. Octavius is left for the day.

Doctor how did it go with the committee I'm so sorry I screwed things up not at all Peter they're just nervous in the face of imminent triumph they'll calm down they always do should I head back to the lab for cleanup no no I'm stepping out for dinner anyhow we'll resume tomorrow short break then back to creating the future wish I had.

Bottle and stones a man's optimism sounds like he's left the last of the day good time to work on my student private.

Oscar's respond to a car crash civilians are trapped need immediate respondent Union Claire.

Just a little more.

Don't panic I'm here someone's trapped in that car that's everyone thought I was here to help.

Looks like Doc's gone for the night time to sneak in some spider work.

Interesting ducks hardwiring in a basic spatial mapping system.

Very cool arms we'll have a sense of their surroundings now should help with body awareness need to tune the arms gyro to Auto Orient.

Done this will really help users maintain their equilibrium while wearing the prosthetic ducks trying to lower the overall power consumption of the prosthetic.

Great way more efficient and probably safer too we really need to get better.

About organizing our workspace the grant review was a debacle yes but it may also prove to be the inspiration I need we can no longer simply meet the committee's expectations we must exceed them.

I wonder if I could 3d print a web shooter you can't believe I've never tried that.

Hmm what was doc working on with this.


Looks like another potential prosthetic contact material.

Oh hydrogel IPN this looks promising but.

It'd be a great tissue interface.

Hmm what was doc working on with this.

Great conductivity not sure about long-term wear and tear though mic delaminate easily doc was testing the.

Biocompatibility of graphene.

Not great pretty high cytotoxicity not sure I'd use this as tissue interface.

Barker dr. Octavius I what you got there. Chinese if I know you'd be here I would what are you working on oh just a side project.

Of course it's you oh yeah I I don't.

Know what come on Parker it's obvious let me explain I only wish you'd told me sooner I wanted to but I was afraid that. If word got out my family might be in danger huh yes I guess if you design his.

Equipment you're bound to be a target too yeah yeah don't worry your secret's.

Safe well I'll leave you to it.

Check your email.

I hope this isn't how dock fires me.

Peter the revelation of your second job as spider-man suit crafter is that the right term is a reminder of the good man and partner you are no matter how hard you work you still find time to help others I hope you don't mind but I noticed the suit was a bit damaged and I took the liberty of sketching up some of my own improvements attached to a few ideas I had on how you could enhance his suit and help protect spider-man who does so much for this city looking forward to the incredible work that we are doing and changing the world together your partner and friend Otto.

White spider huh hmm.

That should do it.

Camera crew.

New suit same old me.

Spider-man I think I figured out how fitness men are keeping in rackets Rafi's construction sites wasn't that shut down when he was arrested no it's one of his legitimate businesses multiple investors we can't act without cause but now you've got that right that's why I'm hoping you can keep an eye on the locations tell me anything suspicious you got it I'll be your nosy neighborhood spider-man.

An Oscorp visitor batch from when I interviewed there would have paid well but dr. Octavius offered the chance to really make a difference funny my fear.

Of heights didn't go away when I got my powers I had to come to the top of the Empire State to get over that hey my mark one web-shooters managed to improve the storage capacity a lot since then but the basic design still the same.

I better be more careful with my adoring public jury I'm in a fist construction.

Site and there's a lot of guys here aren't exactly constructing what are they doing I want to go find out huh.

Just got a text from Doc looks like he attached an idea for a spidey gadget man does he ever stop inventing wow this.

Looks like it could work hmm let's see I.

Can't read this awesome doc could be.


We need an army of spider-man.

We had this guy once he decided to offer a drink on the way to a delivery that was his last delivery you know what I mean we get paid well because we deliver and it had to be spider-man.

I know I. Spider-man can't be.

Anybody hear that.

This is gonna get bloody I need help over here.

Lead the way.

Spider-man no firearm dealers then the.

Backsight gun run let's see what I can do to cut down the supply.

Dang looks like they called their buddies.

Hey guys welcome to party house rules leave your shoes at the door unless you're not wearing socks in which case some socks already.

Places lockdown captain actually web down and someone finally reported shots fired so I've got officers in bout good work Fisk has more construction sites.

Throughout the city betting their fronts to keep an eye out and report in if you see anything suspicious if I'm gonna.

Find all the Fisk's construction sites should recalibrate my mapping software to be more accurate using a depth map post process on photos of popular landmarks should do it and I know just the one to start with.

Good news I think I smooth things over with the grand committee if Lance Corporal texador spitting tomorrow goes well we should be okay that's fantastic doc we're back on track officially as the long as our little incident escaped the mayor's attention you read the 50 tomorrow definitely go go great we're gonna change the world doc I'll settle for not starting any more fires see you tomorrow Peter here's to a successful day.

Good ol Empire State and I love this town time to grab a snapshot that'll do.

It maps should be recalibrated now haven't done much photography since quitting a bugle forgot how much I enjoy it should keep an eye out for more landmarks to shoot huh mr. Lee hello Peter its Martin.

Lee I just wanted to let you know we need a little extra time to get that from a party I guess the cake delivery is stuck in traffic oh sure thing just let me know when you're ready and I'll swing by great okay get some time to kill I can see what's happening out in the city.

Captain Watanabe gave me her cell number when she finally decided to trust me she's risking a lot if anyone finds out she's helping me she'll lose her job.

I can stuff that car.

Nothing five dark.

Here's your stuff.

The water heater is off our webbing cause yet we no idea just waiting to happen.

Hi mr. Lee hey Peter we're all set for the party whenever you're ready cool I'm on my way.

My resting fists brought all the small-timers out of the woodwork.

Nothing puts a pep in my step like halting an illegal drug deal.

Hi mr. muggins if this is about the rent.

Wait I get paid at the end of the week.

Good yeah good day and the vulture.

Cracked my Islands it almost blinded me that was a wake-up call had to upgrade to a stronger material.

Gentlemen I'm gonna ask you to leave the store.

Gotta be a special kind of crazy to rob a storefront in the city spider-man protects.

Mugging reported need an officer on the beam mobilize on touchdown now where. That's what that bag.


Mr. Lee's probably in the kitchen getting ready for the party what about my dog no problem but always on a leash and never in the kitchen area of course man this is great you guys are great thank you so much hey. Pete good to see you you too hey Peter hey guys how's the game going does it look like it's going I'm winning get this guy checked for dementia Pete I'm crushing him well the important thing is having fun huh I have a lot of fun whooping his ass and your dreams crazy lady what a game Pete we play for peanuts no no no do you rich for my blood I'll leave you to it.

Yo beat an ad of yours is a safe you're telling me hey Peter what's up just.

Dropping in.

Hey Martin so sorry I'm late you're right on time just keep her distracted while we get everything ready you got it. Hey there's my favorite aunt Peter what a nice surprise it's Mel ah yeah sure oh there are some heavy knots no no I mean I mean I mean not yet I mean I came to uh I just just wanted to talk okay.

Okay um Peter are you in trouble.

Do you need my no no I mean I mean I'm a little behind on my rent but no no no no I'm fine girl problems again huh oh that's Chris I still wish you and MJ could work things out she's a great girl she is but the two of you would make some beautiful baby Peter what is it come on you can tell me.

These past few years you helping me through college and working here sacrificing so much and asking for nothing I just wish there were more people like you in the world he's right five years ago you walked in here and told me you were inspired by my mission to help others now it's you who inspires me Thank You me for everything here's four many more years of service.

Thanks again for setting all this up no I just wish I could do more no maze always told me if you help someone you help everyone maybe we should send May to City Hall to have a word with mayor oh I got a run thanks. Again for the party and everything it really means a lot.

Voicemail from URI should check it outside.

Think of what you want and the universe will send it to you.

I could patch these shoes.



Voicemail from URI hey silent alarm at the auction house holding Fisk's estate sale just tripped could you check it out quietly I don't want to make a scene if it's nothing fisk estate sale sounds fun wonder what the kingpin had hidden in his closets.

We got this spider-man thanks anyway.

Guess how I feel about clothes yeah.

Sorry don't apologize I always wonder if.

I will stop wandering after losing my parents and Uncle Ben there's so many times I would have fallen apart if not for you well that works both ways Peter I just wanted to make sure you knew that may I I don't know what to say oh I think mr. Li needs my help I should go see you soon dear I love you love you too.

Intensional unit should not be reported proceed to Sutton place over.

Oh oh man.

I meant to wash this gym shirt six years ago PU.

I'll tune my earpiece to listen for sounds of someone struggling.

Gotta be one of these cars New York's noisy but my mask can zero in on muffled sounds it's kinda tied up got an algorithm in the suit that can extrapolate where the kidnappers might have gone I'll set my earpiece to focus. On muffled voices but it easy and I've got you but I was gonna die thank you Oh No they're back.

Last ballgame Uncle Ben ever took me to I need to get this framed I could really use his advice now.

Suena caveny please.

Would you look at that half the crime towers back up already with spider cops on the job come hell or high water the job gets no she'd never admit it but the.

Chief was warming up to spider cop his casual disregard for by-the-book thinking was a breath of fresh air she'd come around some day Yuri said quietly.

Better find a back way.


I am losing patience where is the file.

There's someone else here they must have taken it dose masks who are these guys.

There's no one here but us we will find the file or you will die this is bad they'll kill her if I alert them need to pick them off silently Yuri the silent alarm is legit masked gunman in a single hostage looks like a heist in progress copy that sending units your way keep the situation from getting worse in the meantime can do got to do this quietly don't want to alert the others.

They always look so cozy lift up like that should web him from above whoa.


If they're here where are they I don't know move it Pete bad guys are getting ready to be bad.

Hey what is that.

This totally belongs to don't move buddy. If I had a nickel for every don't move.

Hey Pete MJ what are you doing here.

Same as you working at least it was oh I.

Think this is yours yeah face so Robbie's got you covering a break-in for the bugle well Robbie doesn't technically know I'm here and it wasn't a break-in until a few minutes ago uh-huh let me explain.

Excuse me hi Mary Jane Watson I am covering the Fiske estate sale hello Craig said we do this tomorrow I like to get a jump on things well I don't you'll have to come back tomorrow right okay I'm sorry hey Craig no sorry.

It just it looks like we're gonna have to run something else on the cover I don't know maybe the expressionist piece.

You know what I think I can make today work are you sure you're here no moment like the present Thank You Craig never mind we're good let's get started.

Look around and familiarize yourself with the items I'll be waiting by the baccarat statue when you're ready to begin can do.

That Fiske saw himself in this a great man willing to do what others wouldn't dude had no self-awareness I get why.

Peter does it but I never totally loved the heroes hiding behind masks thing feels like part of being a hero is standing behind your actions being willing to say yeah that was me that's the sort of hero I want to be at least.

Fist cut Peter opened like a pork sausage with this the first time they fought Pete got away collapsed in my yard half dead and I had to steal my dad's car to drive him to the ER the first of many nurse MJ moments too many.

I remember when Fisk started illegally importing artifacts like this he bought the local harbor to cover his tracks and laid off the old staff including my dad mr. dad was here now to see how the tables have turned hmm sim car yeah.

Weren't they just in the news sometimes.

I feel like the whole history of the world is just boys playing dress-up getting into fights.

I can't get over this image so much tension between these two figures.

Kyoto so beautiful part of me wishes I.

Could drop everything and travel the world but life and work are here let me. Know when you're ready to begin sounds good nice hated this cane so tacky.

Heard from the underworld huh super tempted to ring this guy and a helmets.

My bid for this collection of villainy and deceit starting at ten thousand broken lives and dreams 10,000 going once.

Me would love this I gotta admit I miss.


Why did this call this Vanessa starting.

With the prize a one-of-a-kind car came on Baku beautiful it's a Mifune correct mr. Fiske has exceptional taste did you know him well before his arrest in a professional context I handled many of his sales let's move on please.

Now this exquisite piece exemplifies the traditional to Russia comas huddled inc effect the two neo are so imposing I can see why Fisk liked this piece definitely his style he loved the duality destruction screams but creation toils in silence was there ever anything irregular in any of the sales you handled for him no no of course not not that I was aware of.

Notice the intricate gold inlay on this ceremonial tea set assist a friend in the DA's office mentioned that Fisk used art sales tool under stolen goods I'm sure I wouldn't know anything about that oh I know I was just wondering now that he's arrested if you had ever noticed anything strange you know what I'm actually running short of time why don't we grab the cover photo while we can when I told my DEA friend I was doing a piece on you he mentioned your name was familiar just the photo please stand right there.

Are you sure there's nothing you'd like to say may be off the record regarding Fisk's activities I don't think your readers would have any interest in damn it wait here please wait I recognize that.

Statue can I get a photo not Greg I'll. Call you back my dear I think it's time. For you to go oh um could I use the restroom real quick fine follow me thank you this this is a really lovely space it is and this will be the last time you see it the ladies is around the corner be quick of course be right back.

Hello Craig funny you should call because the reporter you sent is clearly not working the puff piece we agreed upon no she's here now I've got to get.

Into that back room if that statue is what I think it is this just turned into a huge worry what do you mean he had to. Reschedule if she's not your reporter who is she Craig who is in my auction. House oh my god no I do not trust you to.

Fix this well the first thing I'm going to do is have Miss investigative journalists arrested and the second thing I'm going to do is collect your head Craig dang she's pissed it is most.

Definitely a threat sure Craig right.

I don't believe you.

Uh-huh he told me about this Fisk used.

It to hide evidence why didn't the cops take it I know this statue opens but how.

That's the Neil behind them but it looks different she certainly is cozy with.

Fisk ah he's holding something.

Statue can move most common pose is latent power mouth closed left arm down right palm facing forward hmm.

Maybe these pieces move nice so close.

But a piece is missing I've seen these.


That's it Norman Osborn what is this.

Devil's breath what is Devils what.

Excuse me sir you you can't be not good.

Where's the statue it in there for one.

Gentiles who life.

I was on my way to the exit when I saw.

You you're lucky to be alive this is the guy I saved five minutes ago listen whoever these mask guys are there after this file but I'll never get it out of here well the place is swarming with them right okay um you hide back there I.

Take out the bad guys you make a break when it's clear sounds like a plan good to see you Pete yeah you too not exactly how I pictured us meeting again now honey it's exactly how I pictured it.

Did she change her perfume focus Pete focus should clear these guys out before.

I push forward will do how about that.

File what's in it that these guys want so bad I know it's on something called Devil's breath Fisk was hired to build a secret research lab for it clear what Devil's breath is but it seemed to scare Fisk it compares it to Pandora's box no much shook this we need to get you in that file out of here hang tight.

The ocean with a wet trip gotta stay.

Silent there we go.

That's all of them MJ.

Stop no.


With the hostage-taking guys on your.

Hand are you guys so never fought a choice before I mean I've watched.

Specters but no technically spectres aren't ghosts all coaster specters oh.

Good fight it goes stays on the old bucket list.

Daily cardio check.

Huh looks antique I think I know someone who could help track down where this came from a job for later I just talked.

To Craig you are not the reporter he was sending you don't even work for heritage arts never said I did hi Mary Jane Watson Daily Bugle yes you will not write a word of what you saw the record what do you know about the file those masked men stole that I took what about the long history of stolen goods Fisk has laundered at this auction house your editor will be hearing from our attorney.

Mix may the last six months never happened.


Since when who mix become Italian no idea but I'm still glad to mix these fries totally best in the city so how's. The grind the bugle well yeah well I just got an all caps text from Robbie about my so called antics tonight so it looks like I'll be meeting with a legal team again as soon as he reads the article you're gonna write guaranteed promotion so would be mass guys what's.

Your take just another night in the city what's your take I guess by your story there let's not make this all about business house how's it going with you did did you get that promotion no but we're on the cusp of something really big you know Oscorp would hire you in a heartbeat right one phone call the hairshirt but dr. octavius's work will help millions I'm right where I wanna be right where I should be almost sounds like it's more important than your other job I've never heard you talk like that before when I can change in six months why did you ask me here Pete you know just uh just dinner between friends friends is that what we are named you could be you know a thief is that what you wanted there's a lot of baggage here. Yeah sure but is that so bad I mean baggage can carry good things too like like money and keys raspberry lip balm.

Do you remember why we broke up this is. A trick question isn't it saved by the siren talk to you later go.

Love seeing you two together again you always were my favorites.


Hey it's me what's with the units heading down third. Sucker didn't you just get through yeah.

No worries Herman's just a big cupcake I'll let them back in right goodbye bedtime just had dinner with my ex after saving her from masked criminals and now I'm gonna go beat up a maniac who uses shock waves to rob people what a perfectly normal life you have Peter Parker.

Peter I just want to make sure you haven't left any equipment you've built for your friend around the lab it's no bother to me but if the grant committee stops by again don't worry doc I make a point not to leave anything there but I know my friend appreciates you looking out for it there's a lot of people who don't like him very much his audience in.

This world are those who don't let oles like him and stand in their way people like us you said a mouthful doc take care.

I wish I knew who made this comic about me kids got a future.


Look at it this way you might actually let you break in you'd be going away for a lot longer oh yeah a blind guy gave me.

His card in case Spiderman ever needs a lawyer wait hold on if he's blind how did you know I was spider-man.

Now for listener faithful Queens rights you're so full of anger and I wish you'd get help managing it it's terrible for your health well I know it's my place of concern but this is a common misconception that I have to correct I'm not following I'm full of law I call out injustice corruption and crimes against humanity because I adore this city and I want it to be better what you hear in my voice.

We don't need you.

To be a little nighttime bird-watching well I was watching for a nocturnal Raptors in the park when I noticed a bunch of men armed with rifles over at Belvedere Castle thanks for the heads up miss Stephanie let me know if I can help I'll keep an eye on the activities from up here thanks for the assist Stephanie why would armed men be a Belvedere Castle got a hunch they're not tourists.

Fisk's man this isn't good.

That's all of it let's find out what they were up to I'm not sure what's going on here wonder if there's any info I can get from this flash drive awesome Stephanie a bird just stole a flash drive full of evidence maybe a pigeon is that normal it is nesting season so I'm not surprised you know the nest in the trees just elby's to the castle great I'll check it out he's got buddies great comeback with.

That flash drive your dirty sky rats.

Intelligence remarkably intelligent huh hey pigeons sorry about the dirty sky ranch thing maybe we can make a deal whatever Fisk is paying you and birdseed I'll double it big doesn't have a drive.

Got the drive back to the laptop to see what fist men were up to looks like they.

Were uploading a worm to the Central Park Wi-Fi system this could give them back door access to a ton of personal data come to think of it even I use this network wait it's still uploading remotely there must be multiple access points Stephanie you're my eyes in the sky see anything else strange in the park Thanks people look out for anything.

Else I need to get to that junction box before the upload completes if they can't access the laptop they can't upload.

Knock him up.

Three sided Warbler hey I just noticed two other junction boxes being hit thanks for the heads up I better get moving two more I never thought I'd say this why does Central Park needs a strong Wi-Fi coverage I thought people came here to get away there they are need to keep them away from that box.

We didn't see that coming they're the.

People of Manhattan can rest easy knowing that their passwords and cat videos are safe oh no are you sure.

Lock the roof entrance and hold tight I'm on my way we need to get to Stephanie before Vic's men do she wouldn't be involved if it weren't for me gotta have something to do on stakeouts.

They're trying to break down the door I know you're working on this spider open up nearly there.

Yeah split up and find the girl with the binoculars.

It's up.

That's all of them check on skip huh.

Thank You spider-man that was a little more exciting than my average night of birding hey thank you your eagle eyes stopped an incarcerated crime boss from harvesting half the city's personal data not too shabby huh plus I found a nest of red-breasted nuthatch is when you triple kicked that guy in the face real beauties too you want to check them out thanks but I think I'll focus on jailbirds for now.


Love it excuse me pardon me.

I understand we have another low information call over think we're Petroff thanks to spike right let's see if I can set her straight you're on with Jay jonah Jameson I just want to say that I've never seen Manhattan no faith and peace compare what it was like when Spiderman first showed up for now okay fair enough I will then we had police and firefighters doing a wonderful job there was crime sure but nothing they couldn't handle of course we do have things now we didn't have that maniacs who shoot electricity out of their eyes walking piles of sand.

The point they didn't exist before he came along at best he attracts them but I've often wondered if they're in cahoots wow I've never actually heard anyone.

I could never give this prototype.

Spider-tracer enough range to be useful but I did adapt the tech into my web traps which really come in handy.

And add in a third response were reported to a field all the third gear Bowery please respond gonna guess these guys are treating baseball cards gotta be honest not a fan. Of Big Pharma.

Nothing puts a pep in my step like halting an illegal drug deal.

The verge on the village.

Hi Herman seriously.

That's what you said let's consider it.

Wait I forgot you don't have emotions. Come on Herman talk to me so we can make an interesting gotcha now let's talk.

Now did honestly Herman why are you robbing again you know the police are watching your every move I mean we all know you're kind of dumb but I don't think you are this stuff you must be desperate which means you're not just stealing for yourself must be working with someone or for someone tell me who it is now or make me punch in energy later your choice.

That's like zero personality but your suit is awesome can we talk design details.

Good work spider-man did you learn anything about his motive that's right but he's not very talkative plus I think he hates me you have that effect on a lot of people but you love me right Yuri I tolerate you Wow. That might be the nicest thing you've ever said to me looks like I got some.

Free time maybe now is a good time to look into that mask.

Puts em J hey MJ you're up late just.

Catching up on the news looks like you had quite an adventure with shocker tonight yeah he was unusually combative anyway thanks again for dinner what do I owe you how about a favor you still have that mask from the gallery yeah I'm actually on my way to the feast center now to ask Martin Lee about it Martin Lee why he has a degree in dart history if anyone knows about the origins of that mask he will just keep me in the loop like I said I think there's a bigger story here and I plan to be the one to break it up sure so I can call you like whenever yeah whenever whatever so I.

Guess we're talking about cool spider plushie Oh a toy designer made this prototype to get me to licensed my likeness too bad there's no way to get paid without revealing my identity a menu for my firt.

You might have heard about the robbery in rosemon zhongsan house what you probably didn't but my sources confirm is that the perpetrators were wearing masks horrible demonic faces yet another example of the explosion in masks criminals since Spiderman came on the scene let's hear your thoughts here on with Jay jonah Jameson yeah I see your point but spider-man stop those guys today saying he's like them because he wears a mask isn't fair it's like prejudice wrong here's a little lesson in the English language my friend prejudice means to prejudge someone before you know anything about them I know all I need to about spider-man he runs around causing chaos wearing a mess where doesn't have to answer for shenanigans and of course he costume so he gets attention to be authentic insatiable ego now if I am a mentally unstable person and I see him getting all this coverage what am I going to do is called copycat behavior people it's ruining New York.

Almost morning mr. Lee you'll be here soon I could use a snack.

Mr. Lee's usually in his office now you.

Guys holding up all right this moron thinks I'm going to move in with my daughter hey that'd be great she hasn't asked but she's not gonna I'm not going anywhere you don't know that nobody does well I'm not going anywhere that's a promise.

I could really blueberry okay.

Peter thank you again for helping me with the Social Security website glad to.

Peter I do for you I'm sorry to bother you mr. Li I have a friend Mary Jane she's a reporter she's doing a story on art imports and she found this piece she wanted an expert opinion on it and I know you have a degree and this might be the first time I actually get to use it let me see what you have interesting.

Where's she finding I'm really not sure well what is it a replica of an antique Chinese opera mask I haven't seen one in years this symbol here roughly translates to demon demon.

Well my father read me ghost stories with that mask and symbol in him when I was young scared the hell out of me.

Peter listen that mask it's it could be.

Connected to dangerous people Mary Jane might want to find a different story what do you think she's in trouble I don't know.

Why take the risk.

Hey the symbol inside the mask means demon hit really spooked mr. Li never seen like that he even said you should drop the story fat chance do you think mr. Li knows more than he's letting on no I think he just had a weird flashback or something I know his childhood was pretty traumatic yeah makes sense demons huh catchy name okay gotta get writing see you soon well that went about as well as I could have hoped veteran homel

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