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Part 8/8 - Nancy Drew #8: The Haunted Carousel Walkthrough

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This is the last part for the walkthrough/playthrough of this game. All parts of the game are copyrighted to Her Interactive. Does not contain audio commentary.

All rights are owned by Her Interactive (www.herinteractive.com).

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As you seem to have a lot of money far more than the park pays you I can't help but wonder where it's coming from all right I have been making money on the side but it's not what you think I've been helping someone design a roller coaster I even let him borrow the blueprints for our coaster so he could study them not steal them I kept it secret because it could be construed as conflict of interest this guy knows I'm taking a risk so he pays me very well now your turn it's obvious that you've been nosing around in here how did you get in well it seems that one of the security guards has been doing a little extracurricular surveillance work Harlan I knew it bugged him that this place was off-limits but spying on me that guy's got a real problem as for you I'd appreciate it if you would kindly remove your nice and efficient little self for my office I have work to do hello Nancy how goes it here's your pliers I found them in the haunted house behind that hidden door which led to a booby trap I told you mine were missing maybe somebody found them and left them by that door on purpose I don't know but they proved nothing I do know that there's a dummy in the haunted house that's been red-tagged it's missing an arm any chance we'll be up and running again in the near future got the arm right here just needed a battery that's one of the dummies joy trends father created probably why the circuitry is so bizarre it works though so just reattach it you'll need pliers oh and don't forget to take the red tag back to spymaster bishop thanks for your help one open mind sees more than to open eyes.

That looks tight enough.

I need to take this red tag back to Harlan.

Hey Nancy what's up could you please turn the juice back onto the dummy in the haunted house that Ingrid was fixing here's the tag you've really got the system down don't you I'll just flip the switch and you'll be good to go I'll see you around go get him.

That must be glory these stairs sure not feel very safe.

Oh my gosh these must be jewels from that jewel heist I should probably take these with me a letter Joy's father must have left it for her my dearest joy I hope miles and his riddles have helped to remember how much you adored this horse and how dearly you love the woman who gave it to you I found this picture of her years ago but I didn't want to give it to you until I knew you were ready she loved you more than anything joy we both did dad yes if you want to see where glory was carved look for Kessler symbol on the wall I could never spend a lot of time in there very strange vibes.

So this was Kessler's workshop.

Somebody's been making reproductions or should I say forgeries.

I'll bet that's the carousel horse that was stolen Nancy Nancy Nancy what have.

You done it's what you've done you stole the horse you fabricated the whole haunted carousel thing to increase its value and now you're making not just one forgery but several you think you let everyone believe you were just a hopeless procrastinator but this is the real reason you're behind in your work isn't it right on all counts unfortunately you're not gonna get to tell anyone else ever no wait look what I have they're diamonds real diamonds someone stole them 23 years ago has dashed them in the park well well little icing on the cake that's right you wanna.

Hear ouch hey I've got to get out of. Here.

I'm trapped I've got to get out of here I got you Nancy you're cornered you. Might as well give up.

Ah soon as I get out of here I'm going.

To call the police Elliot so don't bother making plans for tonight or the next 10 years Darren dead after trapping.

Elliot I managed to pry the exit open and had Harlan call the police Elliot admitted to stealing the carousel horse and planning the remote control device he knew that publicity from the hauntings would increase the value of his forgeries needless to say he's gone back to not liking me piling on the other hand adores me now because not only did he share the credit for busting Elliot but his sudden fame brought him three job offers he's staying on at captain's cove out of loyalty to Paula but he's happy knowing that being an ex-con will probably never be an issue for him again as for Ingrid she properly attributed Elliot's bad behavior to a deficiency in some mineral I couldn't pronounce and joy when I gave her the picture of her mother she started smiling and has yet to stop inventing miles was the best thing her late father could have done for her in fact when I went to the park to say goodbye just now she wasn't in her office she was riding the carousel ever yours Nancy.

You you you have reached 5 5 5 4 4 6 8 I can't come to the phone right now so please leave a message hi Beth hi George well thanks to you guys I'm leaving here and flying directly to the Pacific Northwest for some much-needed R&R George I just got off the phone with that marine biologist friend of yours she insisted I stay with her and she even said she'd take me whale watching on the tour boat she owns anyway thanks for arranging this little vacation YouTube one whole week of peace quiet and sitting around doing nothing this is going to be awesome bye.


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