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Nancy Drew: Danger on Deception Island (Part 21) - The End

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A video walkthrough of "Nancy Drew: Danger on Deception Island". In this section, Nancy sneaks around the smugglers' ship (they're smuggling animal pelts!). Then Nancy finds Katie, we figure out who the bad guy is, and Nancy escapes from the bad guy with the help of the orca. All right! Game over! After that is the preview for the next game, and the end credits.

This video contains footage from the Nancy Drew series, made by Her Interactive (www.herinteractive.com). All rights are owned by Her Interactive.

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If the crew sees me I'm done for okay.

What are you eating beef jerky liberated it from that camping supply place what some still can't believe you robbed both places the boss was fit to be tied especially after you hit that cafe having that tunnel with all those trap doors and nobody suspecting a thing it was like being a kid with a key to the candy store I couldn't help myself wonder what's in those those look like animal furs hey no snoozing boss says.

This Nancy Drew person is a real troublemaker like she's gonna show up out here I'm just telling you what the boss keep oh they know we're here.

Where'd you put the notebook boss as it nice of Hilda nutjob to leave it behind like that huh I'm gonna hold this off with that that's for sure.


Okay let's see what's in here must be.

The Orca I saw before.

Okay. Katie oh my gosh who's hostage Nancy I.

Was afraid no one would ever find me what happened how did you get boys you know I fixed my boat and went right out to check on the whale only the fog was rolling in and it was getting dark then I finally saw her only she was being fed by some men in an outboard they were putting some sort of harness on her when they saw me they rammed my boat then grabbed me tied me up and brought me here I don't know what's going on I think I do they're using the whale to bring up smuggled cargo from a shipwreck Shh listen someone's coming hide hide.

Well Katie you'll be happy to know that your friend Nancy will be joining us any minute hey how'd you get that gag off well it appears she's already here all right where are you Nancy if I could.

Make it back to my tie I got to go get help somebody stop her no trapped.

Not cool well what do we have here I knew it was you all along and I told her and Jenna if anything happens to me they'll know you did it nice try but I can smell a bluff a mile away you are about to become the victim of an unfortunate kayaking accident or maybe I'll tell my customers that the snake horse got you yeah that's what I'll do here.

Yeah the wheel who did you give that for say good night Nancy nuts way to go.

Buddy I knew we were safe all along because.

We've got Orca power dear Ned I've got.

To hand it to Andi Jason the plan he cooked up too he covered smuggled animal furs was a darn good one first he got himself an orca that the Russians had trained for covert military operations then he made it look like the whale was an orphan so he could hide her in plain sight while she did his dirty work at night then he and his henchmen disabled Katie's boat to keep her out of their way they needed work gloves so they stole hers in fact and his henchmen couldn't resist using the tunnel they'd found out about and Hilda's notebook to steal practically everything they could get their hands on but now Andy and his buddies are in jail jenna is serving more clam chowder than ever katie is planning to vote for holt after all Orca is getting along great with a local pod and is rapidly losing interest in humans and I'm back on the ferry headed home see you soon Nancy PS just before I left I saw something up here then quickly disappear in the channel by Katie's boat she said it was just a log but I'm pretty sure it was you-know-who saying goodbye.

Do you can hey assessee detected congratulations solving the case you get the orienteering expert using the GPS to.

Navigate difficult passageways cool hey. Fellow detective ever been to our ranch I haven't that I've been invited to learn it's in Arizona and it's called shadow edge and I can't wait to go you're invited too I should probably warn you it could be a little dangerous.

Nancy Drew the secret of shadow ranch britches the next game in the series well that looks.

Like it's the end of the game okay everybody thanks for watching.

3d artists well I've seen these credits I've seen these names about you know 12 times before here's Tim Burke again. And that's Megan gazer and Rob roughly maybe that's a new name.

Pencil tester it's always good to have your pencils tested before you write with them.

Okay there's Lani Manila as always.

Rob Jones is Joe Hardy they thought him after Joe Hardy as promote the game Saturday oh it's Jonah Vaughn's freaking he's doing stuff again that's nice. Good to see that he's working on one one game and there are the special thanks.

The whale Museum in Washington.

Deception Island is a fictitious island set among the very we're real and very beautiful San Juan Islands we encourage you to visit them but look out for caddy.

Mmm-hmm okay so that really is the end. See you later everyone

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