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Sleeping Dogs - Year of the Snake Walkthrough - Part 1

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Sleeping Dogs Year of the Snake Gameplay Walkthrough. Sleeping Dogs Year of The Snake adds new police missions set immediately after the story of the main game.

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Welcome ladies and gentlemen for a deal so you guys have probably been waiting for for a long time Dewey's back with me where I am and this is Sleeping Dogs DLC. Year of the snake I've been looking forward to this for - you want us to do more of this make sure you hit that like button so we know you only have to line the button anyways because it's Sleeping Dogs that's true. Good to see you eh got a coin something about an urgent problem in the New Year celebrations yeah about that uh-huh seems you made a lot of bosses unhappy lately so I'm serious look I can't ignore a direct order just because I think it's wrong come on and neither can you listen so I'm in purgatory now is that it - mid for my sins you upset a lot of people let's not even get into the property damage out there or the total carnage that seems to follow you everywhere you go bosses aren't happy - screw them I'm a cop you're gonna put me on the street or not in a manner of speaking what does.

That mean wasn't in a manner of speaking me oh I look fantastic we're meter maid no damn right he tomatoes the shit I wish I would give anything to be meeting made from your life doing oh yeah even this job giving his man directions I'm being a helpful person I'm like yeah you want to get to the giant statue of my dick you just take a left on Johnson Street and then BAM I'm confused are we. Supposed to be like under krump undercover like no this is after the events of Sleeping Dogs yeah but so are we not in Hong Kong we are we're absolutely but what if we run into one of our old associates like what the fuck you don't associates do we we took those motherfuckers down but there's still people who knew we are way shit well maybe we were gonna take those people down to look at us even this motherfucker a ticket sucks he said this sucks well it's not my fault holy Sh like I do it so oh my god what don't run after him get in your car here what the fuck wait don't go all sizes Creed on me locate.

The suspects trying to business I'm enjoyed using blue vehicle license 1 2 X 4 4 8 must be a rental before it parently means it's a rental I don't know how they shoot how they do that without checking what's up the guy in yellow you went that way that way okay do I go that way all right are you okay with that I am okay well this suit that way is wearing it's fantastic excuse me people uh the police uniform really yeah oh I'm so official probably get all the ladies with this a beautiful I'm more four-way chef other folks by the yellow shirt I think I wear what.

Stop all areas shit beggars son get up pursuit that's the guy from the Gangnam style is that he's wearing the yellow suit no I think it's the same yellow sue it thank you think you're mistaken oh yeah you're probably right yeah I don't reckon over like a giant tattoo what up it's what Dad ha ha ha ha hey what do you do way no well you're under arrest play is already attacking people oh good. Oh man that's not this one from Joe Joe and he we took him down he's good he's got to make sure that we're asserting our dominance but that was we're just gonna leave him there yeah you know there's a place now wait doesn't a suspect over there over where thanks there take it from here where oh there you go you got you go to market now Oh g'day rose goes on those guys are performing for us do it never doing please do he is running away what's the kid on no I'm joking Raymond he did it he almost jumped me I'm caught Oh God oh my god this place is full of people son of a bitch get back out come back now I'm gonna get you I'm gonna get you girl you'll get that foo I'm gonna get that foo and that girl and everything oh he's gonna get what you got nothing beat this.

Shit up you're not just so hard you like defying gravity yeah kid it's how I play games I would think about me locate the fuzz one more suspect yeah you'll get one more let's do it if he's smart he would have gotten out of here because we were nailed to people yeah well he's not smart isn't I mean maybe he this guy the last guy isn't the blame like these are just suspects we don't know that they're actually at fault here there's something yours oh well this is like a purse or something do it I thought it was a Turkish it was a part aside on there you might want to check him out I'm on it we're weird guy down there doing a good thing there's a nice marker two toes well in the Duke we're back to the where we started what the French toast sticks he's some guy completely Judea was the wrong way oh man we wouldn't expect him running back at I want to there we go ready go oh shit God take you down the power. Rangers hey oh they are all like very nice the color card coordinated good but they don't know who I am I'm Wei Shen excuse me get down I was bit I believe I was in the middle of you talking about oh oh and the best part I'm just beating the shit out of at you know I can I can say that like with honesty because there's so many good parts asleep not yeah you know I was gonna say something but what oh you got a Taser son what you.

Got a Taser what hahahaha I didn't know I had that but now you do what's cuz you got come here come here you gotta make a phone call I don't want your face come here you you're all the UH one phone booth three good person I like it it's helping yo investigate the suspicious vehicle notified what if I don't investigate the suspicious vehicle then what and you get fired off the force I get freaked on I don't want to be off the phone remember you're always looking forward to leash I am so shit. There's a bomb Raymond there's a fucking bomb in that car we need to do something about a key I have a bomb yes a bomb.

Squad what we need to wait to that bomb I'm already in the car driving away I'm not waiting to get really yeah well also really people over disobeying a direct order right right come where are you going but you just got to do what you got to do if I don't wait hopscotch it I'm professional doing enough you know that about me oh you can drive it into the ocean oh wow oh god Raymond swim I'm swimming Wham I'm swimming Bob's gonna blow up man I did it we're alive no way.

Uniform Lizbeth what is this shit at the. Bottom of the ocean negative dispatch I need to follow up you have an address on that license plate you got an address.

Who's ever heard of a plate with two fours in it as anybody yeah I mean I guess technically I haven't when are they ever honk oh please get the fuck.

Out of the car what's the guy who's gonna go the pastor she'd ride alone is it I'd be okay with that a little sidekick you're Robin to my Batman oh yeah that's how that's how you know Wei Shen is badass he's getting a Batman reference that's right Oh get his cars bad turning we're good though Oh time to investigate the address I'll investigate your address no I don't know what that means shut up whoa that's one way to stop it.

Is a warehouse you know there's always fun things in a warehouse I agree oh dude remember this do you remember this hacking I don't ever hacking I'm lying you do I do it I do he's got a bad cough he's been sick.

For days I've been sick for almost a week now well what the if I get sick from you do as for a god I will find it Aegis anymore our guide where you live you know where I live what is our visit you you are planning on visiting me later this week anyways I am what is in the chili boys and girls who wants to come over to his house for chili mmm I make some pretty badass Gillian my does the truth will set me free doing sis gets weird and weird it's like some bioshock shit I don't know what's going on oh oh shit do it you can crazy they're planning their bombing attacks we're.

Gonna turn up beat your ass yeah well maybe dad just got a nice bill yeah well hope it works out well for him is it no no it's not you could potentially give it I could potentially pick up that night but right now I'm a cop I don't wanna oh he's got french toast sticks down and off my block homie oh my goodness I am Oh kick in the face ahh was over here was scared he's intimidated I've been terminated to this way fucking shit patio oh that dude over there is delivering hi I'm a cop who doesn't play by the rules bitches I think I have to like tase them.

For something hazing or you got friendzone what the hell boy doesn't need help oh he's kicking my ass what we are damn it why we lost I stabbed a guy doing no one seems to care no they don't know it yet they they they had on here that man was stabbed when I got here yeah and all the witnesses you're truly weighted you know disposed to go so something you guys just don't stay down there we go there we go no this really.

What is your deal guy you're still getting up he's still he's still not done I had an idea I'm not to the please come there we go get the fuck in the car get it accosted yeah I thought we doing hurt busted busted him for the bus bullshit.

You're looking at 10 years minimum I look at you and I don't see a guy with the balls to do that kind of time I won't do it 10 days none of us will what's that mean when the new year starts it's all over so your prisons your laws they don't mean anything to me what's over what happens on New Year's the world it ends how do you mean ends master Qiu.

Teaches when the year of the stay begins the world will end all of its creatures will be divided into two groups those who helped usher in the great reckoning well feast in heaven alongside the great master himself the unbelievers will be cast down into hell let me get this straight masterpieces where is on me son.

Bitch yeah legends whoo wait said when.

The year of the snake begins the world ends world end doesn't the year of the snake begin like every 12 years yeah it's all about someone the world ends every 12 years obviously and it takes 12 years to get back to where we are today ah so uh yeah can I steal a cop car this is a kind of stealing events to the cop car I mean come on belongs you oh you got bomb squad I got a truck I can take please cars no one's mad at me sweet on what's going on now though so that was that was our probably auditions behind you what there's like two missions doing who's that mission and there's that mission we're going to go to plaza patrol but you guys want to go see us do plaza patrol click that little annotation for the next video and you will see it then see you then bye dewy

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