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Nancy Drew: Curse of Blackmoor Manor Walkthrough part 4

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Who's a pretty bird in the mirror and.

That doesn't look like a curse barber and a picture of a parrot I wonder if Lulu has something to do with this Oh is the word barber mean.

Anything to you watch the magic word uh please be sorry that is incorrect know what magic word magic word magic word magic word ideas a deal the word annoying comes to mind. Magic word magic word magic word ideas a deal okay okay I guess I'll go try to figure out what the magic word is y'all.


Yes do you know anything about Lulu's magic word magic word oh yes you see my brother and. Grandfather would play a word game with Lulu I never understood how it was played but they'd play for hours Lulu would sometimes grow sullen and refused to play the game anymore unless they told her that what was it that they have to tell her it's perched on the tip of my tongue ah they had to tell Lulu that she was a very very clever and beautiful bird goodbye good day.

Dropping the mangia matey I know the magic word magic word magic word what's the magic word Lulu is a very very clever and beautiful bird a beautiful ah.

Easy Lulu you're hurting my ears Oh what's your word barber wait wait wait aah me bye bird my bird.

Parisa tea the dog no attention to the. Bird behind the curtain oh not good stale it fail it Lulu it's.

Me you don't have to be scared I know da da you're just playing a joke on me aren't you okay I won't nothing there oh yeah does.

The word picture mean anything to you you very very clever and beautiful bird you cake first no hungry and fast egg first a cake huh alright I'll see what I.

Can do.


Aren't you glad we don't have to use that thing to cook our food I saw the kitchen what happened to it I guess you could say I happened to it but it was Ethel's fault she inspired me to study the oxidation rates of different kinds of cookie dough's only my snickerdoodle experiment got away from me I'm going to bake another cake for.

Lulu if that's okay help yourself.

I'm going to bake another cake for Lulu that's okay help yourself.

You you.

Earlier the Superbird Polly is a stupid bird folliat a stupid bird Polly is a super bird hello Lulu one a yummy cake.

Cake oh no I can't.

All right then what does the word picture mean to you picture picture buck bye bird need me I love him for. Yesterday.

And not get into number behind the curtain hello oh very very clever and.

Beautiful bird what's up with the word baby bonnet baby monitor yeah baby baby bonnet bye Bert I did buy my attention from the bird behind the curtain.

He gave me such a fright what were you doing in there I was looking at the artifacts they're quite intriguing oh I see well I didn't realize you were so interested in the treasures of Blackmoor do you think there is treasure hidden somewhere in the manor no not at all at least not the treasure you're probably thinking of the pen villains have lived here for centuries the house resonates with their presence any hidden treasure and black more would be found in the family's history in the pen villains passions and deeds what you're teaching Jane looks pretty rigorous but interesting I believe young people need to have a well-rounded education and learn what every other pendulum should know have you seen a book in Jane's room called the Mutis Lieber yes the silent book it's quite fascinating and very old Jane's grandfather left it with me to give to her it almost seems as if it's telling some kind of story yes that a long-lost story whose meaning will probably never be understood have you ever heard the legend about the Beast of Blackmoor of course everyone who grows up in these parts knows it but it's just a myth one that unfortunately proved to be quite damaging to the pin villains damaging to the pendulums well yes Eleanor Penn Volyn was executed because the villagers believed that she had created the Beast things cannot get much more damaging than that do you know much about the pendulum family history only that they were very well respected and talented family many of my ancestors were tutors of some of the pendulums and I feel very honored to continue that tradition well I won't keep you any longer goodbye Nancy for yesterday hello.

You're such a very very clever and beautiful bird I bet the word hour means something to you cake first little hungry first egg first yeah yeah I know the drill and the winner it Polly in a stupid.

I'm going to bake another cake for Lulu if that's okay go right ahead.

You're gonna need a bigger bowl who's a pretty bird in the mirror hello Lulu won.

A yummy cake cake oh no I can't.

Yes good so tell me what the word hour means to you glass our glass bye bird I love you.

You're gonna need a bigger boat.

Polly is a stupid bear Polly is a stupid bird oh if I said ant to the very very clever and beautiful bird it would say yeah no I'd say add yeah bye Bert Bob's.

Your uncle and Oh Aaron oh pretty bird.

It looks like the rest of this grid is on the other side of the wall.

I'm has come foreclosing box

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