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Sniper Ghost Warrior Walkthrough - Part 1 One Shot, One Kill (Gameplay Commentary)

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I was so excited about the second game and it's now delayed. I'm a little gutted but let's try out the first game. Please show this part a massive amount of love with likes and comments. If your new subscribe, it's free

Sniper Ghost Warrior Walkthrough - Part 1 One Shot, One Kill (Gameplay Commentary)


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Hi guys and welcome to the first part of a sniper ghost Warrior this is a game I've been thinking about doing for quite some time because a sequel was coming out very soon it's actually reading delayed is meant to come out in January next week it's actually coming out in March now which is really really long so I was quite pumped about a game I was really looking forward to it and why it's my snipers and silver shooting game so I was really looking forward to that and doing a little bit different it could ticket delayed so I thought let's go and check out the sequel it seen it seen the sow in the Steam sale so we're gonna check it out it's $4.99 UK pounds I think it's about $10 $8 so yeah really cool so let's get.

Schooly on a single player action answer story mode this is the Gold Edition which has a few extra maps but it does it pretty impressive I do like my um my snoring games I played a Sniper Elite v2 I don't go for easy for now just because I'm a noob of this game and I wanna go too crazy into it welcome you to join us.

Let's show these rookies what they'll need to survive welcome st. dominic camp rookies nice of you to join us let's show these rookies what they'll need to survive rookies this is sergeant tyler wills he's here to demonstrate some basic techniques sergeant from the tape. She's gone to face she's doing the face what sagas are hearing this what if ankles were really since differently whoa might turn it down a bit remember rookies you need to be more precise with your shots aim down your side for better actors oh sorry.

Why haven't you smell good seems like a bit Frances sweet it looks.

Fun so it's like the no sir Sarge.

Hit the deck take aim at these huts down the hill you must remember what the. Distance to the target wind conditions and your own pulse each of these have an effect on where the bullet is going to go that pretty little red dot tells you where the bullet is going to hit sergeant take down the three targets my god stupid dog easier see it's all floating around my god moves around a lot not it so yes if we was actually.

Standing up it'd be a lot more wobbly around oh yeah.

Whoa over there Jesus you can see mean quite another oh yeah my god what the hell morning.

Around the Kim like a little red man Oh.

God sergeant snuff out the two tangos.

Hiding behind as far as I can see me nothing hold your breath.

Billy stop control still winning duck.

Mood I'm crushing mode pick up fucking. Name whoa hello you're less visible to the.

Enemy however if you move and the enemy is near he can hear you just based on your stance well hide in the area you've got 45 seconds to find good cover Moo.

Stay hidden.

This is a vital one as well it's good.

Enough still up 25 seconds left just.

Feel a little bit intense I did we like that snap game Peter I really like that sort of to breathe in and got a nice little red venusaur indicates where you can shoot really sore I do like looking being patient that's why we enjoyed it. That's why three attempts if you like this game because I thought this is gonna be pretty epic I focus in Spanish it sold over 2 million copies as well sort in a Cell weight pretty well I'll.

Continue now we go to a story I think general Bastas is attending a meeting today in an old refinery facility on the Isle torneo Coast agent Mike Rodriguez is on an undercover mission will also be on site he will set up the shop for alpha 9 a sniper spotter team killing the general will put an end to this file regime and its inhumane practices.

Mother - this is alpha 9 we have reached the ruins can't see any enemy personnel from here proceeding to the sniping spot proceed be advised that scans show hostiles patrolling your area got that.

I'll be back in you up from a higher level it'll be easier to clear the area this way on my way well officially but that's the situation.

By the least.

And see anyone the environments look quite cool her graphics are quite impressive oh this is quite an old game that it's not them you're stuck on a rock it also it's quite all gamers comments 2011 as well reasons like actually covered this game as a fault nor we done wolf who's when this game actually come out so guess in sample.

They're wrong at some point here.

Of the kilomole just nice not your.

Friends won't help that's pretty cool throw one nested him.

Pushes even though I can see his pushes.

New see million about I'll have a little.

Friend poking out.

You are kidding me I was a joke that was completely unfair.

His wares ago when I did went out thinking a gun a mother thing alone for.

That guy's just in front of us bit a.

Little bit sneaky.

Ha nice like the blood she's wearing it.

When you got against cover and if a schizophrenic on me of it laying down.

That's it one of you can heal yourself.

Does have three lucky injection all things which I guess means you can I hope X repoed news at the snap-in spot.

Let's go out of here.

Back to my iMovie shooting of this Harriet is a good idea they run off near the psychic spot but we'll need all your skill to continue that my mate I've even.


I use requests about it already for me.

Climb up here I think like the graphics.

Do that quite impressive their leaves look quite nice I know this over random floating a bit I'm quite impressed with this game so far fun quite um gives you know blood pumping a bit Hey and I'm eight come in mother 2 alpha nine in.

Position push the transactions in progress three vehicles parked around the building two hostiles entrance at dango spread across the area I do not have an F only on the target got that.

Mother to switching to frequency.

We've located the target and have a visual window on the Left heavily limited view of target background waiting for further instruction.

Explosions went off I don't know why they went off this time a little.

Teammate then crazies it. Oh yeah we're on the face.

Oh no how it really hurt oh man holes.

How about I'm sure like I still I just hide him behind no he's looking I'll see ya I just rope again.

Move to drag.

About nothing even slowly coke with it sweet.

But the amount of enemies it might be about here we do a machine gun there's a.

Couple of guys in front they are gonna. See a few red opener oh nice I enjoyed.


There we go oh my god was that still.

Going how can you see me.

On the god pacing of my.

Go again what's over there got him in first bit.

Quicker now who's our to come feel my blood pump in a bit it's a good slam it's a big gun get under there come on squeeze because we all quit this surf crashing how does it feel myself no bikes it's the key button anyway if any of you are interested my.

Almost here goes normally people just end up.

How's it like there as well and you're Irish haha I have blood we see despair who put.

His gate go super car was fear what the.

Job had been done behind us a partner.

There is.

It was that just saw a guy running.

Across the road.

It's got tricky first mission I didn't put you find the thick of it you know your sniping skills I'll call.

This could be puppies in this.

Kill him nice exploding barrels doing that every game one whoa hello.

Yeah exploding barrels have to be in every game I've always game sucks moose close I'm sure that if there's a fan running button all these do is ship.

Rodriguez would to get a fight or else he's a goner.

While hoping in his boat and speed off after him thanks watching that first part we hope you guys enjoyed it and the way the penis read like favorite and subscribe especially as just being a first part it helps me out so so much police like a favorites ever comment my sniper in Italy on was a Victoria walked I'm sure they've got on the boat yeah it's definitely a fun game I'm really pauses if plan some more yeah thanks for watching I see you very soon for next part

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