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Mafia II [2] Walkthrough: Chapter 14 - Part 2 (PS3/Xbox 360/PC) [HD]

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The 38th part of a complete gameplay walkthrough of Mafia II [2] for the Playstation 3, XBOX 360, and PC. Played on the XBOX 360. Hope you enjoy. Please rate and subscribe.

Developer: 2K Czech

Publisher: 2K Games

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Hey hey thanks for coming by I knew I.

Could count on you before Frank's organization is sit down with the other bosses and it took almost all my guys's bodyguards so long have nobody around to handle this a job for me Derrick these guys still don't want to work why why cuz of that deadbeat you fire hey shit well veto that other thing I left the wait can you help us out here with this first what's happening well this deadbeat didn't come to work for a week pretend that he was sick total bullshit so I fired his ass anyway some of his buddies are upset and they threatened to strike all I gotta do is show up with a few guys who look like they mean business that'll scare them and don't forget all about it I'd give you a thousand bucks you win all right I ain't gonna say no to that kind of money all right all you need to do is stand behind me look tough right Steve Lucy.

These fucking guys really think all the fuck they are the Saint the first time I have problems with them you know no how many of them there is three four ten how the fuck should I know does it matter it's just uh what are we gonna do it all depends on how do you labor negotiations go just let me the wallet talking I don't need just opening your mouths of proving out still notches up so what's.

The problem here fellas who want you to give Big John his job back it's me that decides who gets hired and fired around here and I say he'd fly all we're asking is for you to hire him back he's got a family he needs a job I've made my decision hey I told you easy does it Vinny you want to do this peacefully we bust our asses day in and day out for this fat fuck and if anything ever happens to us he'll screw us over just like voice now young man I don't want to hear another word about that fucking dead who you calling a deadbeat a crate fell on the poor guy while he was working for you broke both his damn hands well that's his fucking problem not mine and I suggest you get back to work before somebody else's hands give you flowers are really.

Starting to piss me off there's no need for violence please put it down we don't want no trouble don't look that way to me right now looks like you got big trouble don't you love you so don't want to start looking for new jobs you'll be back to work in the next ten minutes Sabrina while a duel with your mom your. Skillet is boy ancient now your dad used to talk about you all the time you look just like him what are you doing working for this bastard after what he did to your old man fucking mouth right now don't listen to what Vito he's full of shit come on let's go full of shit huh that bastard killed your father Vito what they just trying to get on the escape Derek hey stop pointing that don't you ask him how your dad dragged at that night we seen him take a walk with Steve and then Steve come back alone and all wet stop pointing that thing at what the hell happen with my father Derek you've not so what were you gonna trust me Ortiz now unemployed losses we known each other for a long time Vito think of all we think wall wets things you dive in and try to save him because he wouldn't stay underwater shot Vito you swore a note I was there a loyalty to the family is greater than to our own families tell that to my mother yeah should I kill him how lot he will settle things with him later you disappoint me Vito you really do I'm.

Gonna do a hell of a lot more to disappoint you Derek.

Your dad's know right now get that fuck before he runs away time to teach that fat fuck a lesson hey where'd you get that doesn't matter okay the odds are even now let's teach that fat fuck all right follow me guys Joe can handle himself.

Let's go Beto we got you back.

When we're done with you I'm gonna feed you to the rats you know you're making.

The biggest mistake of your life you.

Think you can just fucking do something like this like father like son I veto.

This your old man veto don't worry you're gonna see them soon we could.

Still work this out veto.

I spent my whole life trying not to make.

The same mistakes my old man then I find out I'm following in his footsteps it was good to finally know the truth though and Dericks death also helped me resolve another problem whoa looks like.

I just found Derek's retirement funds.

We think things from you what about the cops yeah they might be a problem but anyone who sought us where we did it in self-defense you were never here all right good luck that machine.

Only the finest attire for a man such as yourself that looks cool

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