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Mega Drive Longplay [168] Vectorman

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Played by MadMatty

One of the best platform/shooters on the genesis. This came out towards the end of the consoles life and utilises all the tricks to show that it can keep up snes.

Not so apparant in the video, but on a CRT screen all those black lines merge with the nearest color to produce another colour to produce more colours on screen then the native palette allows. This allows some nice transparancy effects that genesis cant do in hardware and pre-rendered 3d imagery similar to Donkey Kong Country....yeah I went there.

The game itself is fairly linier, but at the same time offeres some hidden path that can help or hinder, but at least leads to a tv pickup. Alot of the time I feel the weapon pick up are not in optimal places so often run out before meeting a gang of badies to kill.

I almost forgot to mention the music. The game shines here and shows what can be achieved when the sound artist knows how to utilise the hardware. Fm Synth at its finnest ;)

I did die a couple of times due to running out of time. This is no speedrun as I tried to show a few hidden areas. I think I may have missed on energy ball too.

I hope to see the Pinnacle of what md is capable of in Vectorman 2 as one of the last games released on the system.

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