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Kingdom Hearts 3 (English) Gameplay Walkthrough Part 3 - Ratatouille ( No Commentary)

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Kingdom Hearts 3 (English) Gameplay Walkthrough Part 3 - Ratatouille ( No Commentary) This Series will include the ending, all bosses & all cutscenes. Played on XBox One X

Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLjen7U7PlzEpA7ojUju5ReYQpdMm-tYTc

Twitter : https://twitter.com/Xcagegame

Future Walkthroughs / Gameplays: http://goo.gl/wCvNro

Nintendo ID/ PSN / Xbox Live: Cageccc /Switch: SW-1782-6512-8513

No Commentary Gameplay Walkthrough by Xcagegame

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We got more cubby blacks for you to choose from.

One round.

It's so exciting.

Whoa watch out.

Look is there some kind of blotch up there on the screen.

Hmm oh it was what do you think they're.

Up to hmm.

Look on that branch the Heartless have him surrounded oh no what a platter yeah.

Here we go.

Here we go.


Good it's over yeah.

Well take care.

Whoa what is lucky that little fellers.

Parked on your head huh you know maybe.

He wants you to pick up the fruit for him okay that's fine but I can do it by.

Myself I just need to collect the fruit.

Right then.

So what are you gonna do with all this anyway huh well okay you be careful.

Going home see you around.

Next stop the mansion.

Babloo Belair sure seemed happy.

Here we go.

See ya.


I see that building up ahead.

What do you think guys this place is even creepier than I remember way old me do say that this mansion is haunted.

Hey there thanks for the heart attack Oh.

What did I scare you Oh har bad so how.

Did it go did you get any leads hmm nope. Fraid not the asking around thing was a total bust yep this old mansion is our. Last hope.

You guys ready another Twilight town awaits yeah. You.


Here we go.

The password was sea salt ice cream right okay I'm in let's get that.

Transporter working oh man.

The transporters been protected protected from what I guess from us we.

Can't use it to get to the other Twilight town why not it worked before we Sun soar there well that was then and this is now and there's no other way. None that I know great hello Sora you.

Wouldn't happen to be in front of a computer huh well yeah but how do you know that I was tinkering with Anselm's computer you know to decrypt the code that was left in it and I noticed that someone had logged in from another terminal I figured it might be you oh yeah the log terminal oh and what'd you do then who.

Was it then logged in oh hi there this is pence I'm the one who logged into the computer good as long as it's a user that we know we can trust yep but I'm kind of stuck here hmm one of the programs is protected so I can't run it which program the transporter to the other Twilight town it's the only way to find Roxas you gotta help us another twilight town and a transporter.

Okay a virtual town inside the computer made of data what date escape Phyllis.

Hmm we've seen one that's what we used once to investigate Jiminy's Journal maybe I can do something Pence let's get. A network set up my address here is okay.

Sharing is enabled huh what are you able to fix it now that our two computers have been successfully networked together I can take control of the terminal there and change the privileges and roxas yes for the virtual.

World to be completely realized ants on the Y's would have included Roxas is full data in the construction meaning somewhere on your machine there's a log of that data that basically we can.

Decipher Anselm's code more quickly and we can analyze the virtual twilight town while we're at it okay.

Glad you're following along don't worry we'll handle it I'll call you back as.

Soon as we know anything more Thanks Oh before I forget a bit of troubling news it's about one of the organization's former members you knew him as Vexen but to us he was Anselm's apprentice Evan he was recomputed like the rest of us but hadn't regained consciousness yet sometime after Lee left Evan vanished alias and Dylan the two you knew as Lexia sands Alden they went out looking for him but he's just gone and I'm starting to worry you.

Think he's on their side I think it's a real possibility he's a devious researcher you should be careful all right thanks oh no we don't work I totally forgot.

Really but what about all this hey both. Are important we're gonna need some cash to go to the beach also don't forget the pretzels got it bye for now hmm oh I get it he's thinking ahead.

Later Sora yeah see you Haner bye Donald goofy hi oh and since I'm Manning the.

Computer here you guys are in charge of earning my share now pretzel for pets.



So what's next what about the plan.

So you think you can bring Roxas back oh.

Hey it's um.

Sam this roxas should never have existed in the first place what you seek is impossible roxas does exist his heart's inside my heart and in the unlikely event you did manage to separate the two where is it you think you can put his heart well Roxas used to live in the other twilight town right so I'm just gonna put him back there do you even realize what you are saying the other twilight town is just data a heart can live anywhere even inside data there are hearts all around us hmm Ansem and xemnas used to be part of the same person right but look now they exist separately just fine if they can do it then I don't see any reason why you and Roxas can't find a way Oh in.

That case by all means nothing would please us more than Roxas return of course you wish he'll never answer to you again still so.

Blind and nobody is what's left behind when one gives his heart to darkness there is only one way to bring Roxas back which is for you to give your heart up as well Sora have you finally decided to call upon the darkness what go on then the.

Shadows are never out of reach now set.

Your heart free wait it's not darkness.

Not if it helps him yes we go I know.

Like this.

Thank God.


Come on.

Herc's said he said with all my heart.

Okay then all my heart it is I'm getting Roxas out are you with me Donald goofy I don't know what Ann.

Simmons M this one but I think we better tell the others to watch out why okay then let's head back to town.


Here we go here we go.




Like this. Yes it's over.

Well I bet you there's a lucky AM bomb here.

Here we go.

Well hold my bagpipes it was you ladies who rescued my chef strong huh wait.

Didn't he sell ice cream in Hollow Bastion that's right but Uncle Scrooge here is what you might call a world traveler cool how are you uncle scrooge.

Oh hello Sora you're looking hale and hearty I heard you were on another grand adventure with these two a hope Donald isn't making a menace of himself friends.

So Uncle Scrooge what's that you were saying about a shelf oh right right the. Chef of my Bistro here wanted to show you his appreciation so he big this for yup hmm what is it.

The whole cake it's for us huh naima settle down the chef wants you to know it's not a cake but a target of fruit who does hawaii keep it under my hat may I introduce little chef oh it's.

You it all started a little while ago.

When I was enjoying one of the best meals of my life and when I asked to speak to the chef I met this sweet genius as it turns out he wanted to expand his culinary horizons so I thought that's an opportunity and the finance the whole operation. Oh I think he wants to cook some more for you that some ingredients especially anything unusual that'll be pollen kinda like a scavenger hunt and the more the better the mark of a truly great chef is creating masterpieces out of anything it can start right here in town we'll do anything to try more of little chefs food torch sure it looks scrumptious. Leave delicious okay the ingredient hunt is on.

Indeed in a wee bit more before Krypton can begin yes war still short let's keep searching.


Last one yours watch.

Little chef needs more ingredients we better keep an eye out.

Let's see if there's Moe's.

We can't leave little chefs still needs our help.


We can't leave little chefs still needs our help.


Hey guys hater. Oh let hey boss done with the posters.

Hey good what kids you guys work for. Uncle Scrooge here at the Bistro um do we he gave us a short job putting up these special posters mister McDuck's hosting an open-air Film Festival in the courtyard cool huh Oh Sora hold your phone up to.

The poster okay there you've just.

Downloaded a promo game for the film you can try it later. Of course ludie pervade a bit of entertainment and then give folks a nice cozy place to relax like me bistro here they'll all be happy and hungry and he got to spend their money gawrsh sure is.

Kami i always wondered how he keeps customers coming into his businesses over and over oh yeah I'm no business guy but I sure wouldn't want to be one of uncle Scrooge's competitors seriously oh right I need to warn you guys why.

Well those creepy crawly things might come back for more so stay on your toes sure but don't we have you guys to take care of him for us you have to leave again mm-hmm but we'll.

Definitely be back when you're gonna slow down sorry just do me a favor well what is it don't make it too tough I know how Roxas feels to be lost but Donald and goofy Kairi brought me back by wishing with all their hearts mm so I was hoping the three of you. Would do the same and wish for Roxas what that's it that's no favor we'll all wish I'm wishing yeah me and pence - yeah thanks.

Aren't you making it a little too obvious we were instructed to guide him yes just.

Look at them they wouldn't get far if we did not spell it out fair enough but.

Let's not forget how many times Soros still managed to rain on our parade if he wavers from the path we lay we destroy him but in that case we'll have. To find ourselves another vessel that is why we never have just one iron in the fire.

We brought some ingredients.

Is the food ready yet huh hmm he hasn't.

Started huh whoa whoa hold on hey hey.

Oh no oh whoa would you you're gonna make me cook.

All right we did it all right we did it.


All right we did it.


You I'm sorry I left without saying goodbye did master yen Sid tell you I'm training to become a keyblade wielder like you that's right no more waiting for you to come back from your adventures I want to get out there and do my part to help Merlin has used his magic to bring us to a place where time doesn't matter we can take as long as we need to complete our training he's an amazing wizard oh and.

By us I mean me and Lee he's really sorry for all the trouble he caused I told them it's fine but he won't stop apologizing I'll admit I was a little scared of him at first but I've gotten to know him better all he ever wanted was to help his friend honestly it's hard not to like him every now and then.

I catch him staring at me when I ask what's wrong he says I'm not sure I think I'm forgetting something don't know why surah I think it may have. Something to do with you your journey is.

All about helping people some that you've never met before and some likely that you have they're all counting on you it won't be easy but I hope you'll.

Remain the happy and cheerful surah I know there's no heart your smile can't reach what's wrong.

Huh nothing sorry Lea what I am.

The letter yep Chisora technically yes.

But I won't send it it's more for me ask.

Merlin he'll deliver it for you yeah but it's okay I just like talking to Sora even if it's on paper oh okay oh.

Here ice cream really yeah.

I asked Merlin to pick these up you know we did both some in keyblades gotta celebrate your sweetly.

What well nothing I just. You're trying to remember what you forgot well I yeah yeah.

So tomorrow you and me in the ring you ready course don't hold back Lee promise.

Huh are you okay li Wow yeah sorry.

You're crying what's wrong something in.

My eyes me.

I'm gonna go sorry okay but stop.

Apologizing fine on one condition.

What call me axel from now on got it.

Memorized yeah okay axel.


So this is the place where aqua fell into the realm of darkness after she dove in to save Terra yeah she. Said he was acting strange strange how exactly she sensed darkness in him and they ended up getting into a big fight right and in the aftermath the two of them disappeared around the same time the guards found a stranger with white hair lying unconscious here in the square a man calling himself Zayin ort.

Ansem the wise took the stranger in but that was a mistake Seiya north betrayed his master stole his research and along with his fellow apprentices separated his heart from his body Zain orts heart took his master's name handsome and traveled to the past to give his younger self instructions he even briefly had control of you his.

Empty body stayed in the present took the name xemnas and founded organization xiii their goal was to prepare thirteen vessels for Zayin orts heart until we put an end to the organization but all. The while young's a inaud had been visiting the future to choose thirteen vessels of his own parts with strong enough ties to him to begin a new organization the real organization xiii. And now they're looking for a fight with us but what happened to Tara I thought you said that aqua saved him yep she did.

The problem is we didn't notice you remember the end of the mark of mastery exam when master zan Ord made his grand return that's the zan art I remember he was already a pretty old man then but how do you explain and summon xemnas his heartless and his nobody isn't it strange how young they look why aren't they old men it's because Zayin odd was using a different body when the split happened that face from the portrait I mentioned it wasn't just some stranger that Ansem the wise took under his wing it was the young man whose body masters in or possessed no way that was.

Terra Master Xehanort was using Terra yep pastors in or told us another on our list belong to him he was talking about Terra turns out Hawk was saved more than just her friend that day okay but master xehanort is an.

Old man again now where did Tara's body go hmm it's cuz masters in arts collecting vessels he claimed to have two of our seven lights we got Sora back Patera must still be on the north side he's with Organization 13 we should warn Sora yep and Merlin - yeah.

Hey I got a tip for you.

Whatever get ya.

We reach the like this.

I was watching that sorry but this is no.

Time for television Rex gotta say that gig is pretty impressive really I like.

You Sora most woody what gives are they.

Bash all right guys today we teach those.

Mask intruders who's boss is everybody in position wait hold on I don't think I'm emotionally prepared would you calm down don't worry here got you covered.

It's go time.

What in the world where are we hmm oh my.

Gosh have we been shrunk and and look at us with limitless fun will amplify and. Clear and border. Gorge me who's gonna protect the order from Vale atlas okay we go on three one.

Two wait what are you doing.

Who are those guys.

Yes yes yes.

Are they new wait I know this your your.

Oh Zahraa huh my name is Sora Oh stay back for all we.

Know the intruder said slow down there.

Rex we don't know them but we can trust them they're the number one selling heroes in the country yeah it is mom was the Water Forum hams right did you see how easily they took care of the intruders I bet they're here to figure out why all our friends have gone missing and why buzzes laser started actually lasering and all the weird stuff that's been going on I mean that's what heroes do right let's not jump to conclusions hmm I gotta be smart woody.

So you're Andy's new toys police you.

Sure did a number on those intruders those are the heart was we've been.

Fighting against those intruders for a while I knew it hmm okay huh in that case you're all right by me my name's woody put her there hey now hold on I'm sorry actually my.

Name's Sora well I'm goofy and I'm Buzz Lightyear.

Call me him it's a real honor and I'm. Rex I'm your biggest fan in fact I've been playing your game for months now and I've already gotten you all the way up to level 47 but that muhammad' boss is really tough again I can't figure out how to beat him oh I wish slinky and the others were here they'd be so happy to thank you all troops and attention sir strangers from.

The outside welcome.

They're all toys so that's why we look the way we do huh excuse me you said. That you battle those intruders before tell us where and why oh well we are.

Well you must have come from somewhere take it easy buzz what matters is that they got those intruders out of our way for at least a little while no need to interrogate oh yeah buzz Woody's right noted but still hey mmm-hmm have those.

Intruders the heartless been a problem around here no they just showed up a little while ago in fact those heartless materialized.

Right after all of our friends up and vanished yeah dad what well gee it can't just be a coincidence hmm it wasn't always this lonely one day we. Woke up and we were the only toys left here nobody's heard from mom Molly or Andy.

We keep waiting for Andy to come home. You really care about him yeah he's the.

Best friend that toys like us could ever hope to have all right we better start looking huh have you got any clues we can go on any other strange things that happened well mmm there's one panic one big thing.

Huge sir what thing after everyone went mi a the intruders didn't come alone they arrived a guy wearing a hood dressed in black just like you as a matter of fact he's the only other toy we've seen outside of you three a black hood but that would mean Latian you know.

Who it is yeah they're bad news it seems like you. Have a lot of enemies we may have a hunch what's causing all the weirdness would you mind if we handle this I'm sorry but we're not gonna leave this to you huh if that guy had something to do with our friends vanishing then he's our problem too we've got to work together right so then.

Where can we find that guy Sarge any word from the recon team the latest reports place them in town sir at galaxy toys then galaxy toys is where we're going sorry huh follow me it's out the window and down the roof not so fast cowboy hmm you seem pretty gung-ho about going but shouldn't we stay here and wait for Annie well you've.

Got a point but we've tried waiting look if we go with Sora we might find a clue are you with me buzz.

Of course okay let's move out come on.

Let's head over to the toy store nice.


Okay the first thing we've got to do is head down the street galaxy toys is on the other side of town.



Hey why doesn't that toy move I guess it. Hasn't figured it out figured what out I can make it move for you.

You're from the dream the first of the Saiyan orts I'm so honored ooh you remember me.

Oh no he can't look out one hearts.

Shadows fill the emptiness of another see how they bring him to life like heartless and nobodies they fit together enough why are you doing this there's a darkness we are missing it must reclaim the way hearts connect in this world can provide us with a clue so we made a copy of the world and then pulled those hearts apart I wonder how you'll handle the strain wait what does that mean don't let me down buddy what is going on.

There's this boy a friend or foe I think. We've got our answer.

Yeah if a heartless know how to do it there's no reason you can't do what.

Brilliant I'm on.


He was being controlled he wasn't just switched into battle mode by accident buzz it's nothing I'm.

Confused that guy in the black coat did he say he made a copy of the real world what's that mean it probably means they split this world in two your friends in one world us in the other only one of the worlds is real and the other is just really convincing you can't be serious oh that's right you're from a video game. Well maybe in your game that's how things work but here in reality you can't split worlds well this is ridiculous hey woody let's go.

I admit it does sound just a little far-fetched but say we have been taken to some kind of alternate world that would explain why your laser is real and is it really that crazy worse than evil Emperor's and protecting the galaxy any of that ring a bell hmm point taken but that just means these strangers are part of the delusion and I say it's time we parted ways in what home thought we were friends not strangers look I get that it seems weird. But we know something's wrong with this place we should stick together soraa's right they helped with the intruders so they might help find our friends they have been there for us so far you can't deny that come on every.

Toy deserves a fair shake am i right tell it to that toy over there.

Hmm Sheriff sir Rick's has just been Dido napped what's that my men saw him get hauled up to the second floor sir and hammering the aliens are maa come on we have got to find them please let us help ya. Well buzz do you really think we can save our friends on our own we didn't get very far before we got to take all the help we can get don't worry Sora can be reckless and Donald grumbles a lot it's talent you can trust them it's true oh he does see.

You they don't seem bad am i right buzz okay fine we do need the extra help but.

Just so we're clear I remain skeptical about this I'll work with you till we find our friends oh okay thanks for the.

Help Sora Donald goofy my jokes will. Return to the palter.

This ascent is gonna be rather tricky too bad we're not strapped to a rocket huh hey think. We could use that oh it's perfect come.

On guys

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