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Nancy Drew: Curse of Blackmoor Manor Walkthrough part 2

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I'm sorry to bother you again but Jane told me about the lady in black what lady in black Jane never said anything to me about a lady in black that kid is so weird I just don't get her she seems very concerned about you.

Yes I know I just don't know how to be a stepmother to her she's just so strange look just forget about me you can't help me and that's that I'm sorry Linda you have to give me a chance everyone is so worried about you if you just tell me what's happened maybe I could help Linda. I made a promise to your mother and I plan to keep it I'm here for you when you need me.

Oh he's just a parrot yeah no you didn't.

Get Joe dead Joe what's your name okay I.

Get the point Lulu no no no no no no no do you by any.

Chance know Latin West a robotic been a vidi vici semper obese Applebee moratorium crap I'll take that as a yes. Would you mind translating something for me I are away a queen opium autumnal is the longest.

Day of the year is so Stadium the summer solstice the shortest day in Bruma the winter solstice equinoctial Burnham is a spring equinox equinoctial eternal as' is a fall equinox equal tonight Lulu's. Always right by Bert who's a pretty bird.

In the mirror I need the key this must.

Be mrs. Drake's room there goes my cell.

Phone hello hi Nancy it's mrs. Petrov how is everything have you seen Linda yet literally speaking no but I did talk to her not that she told me anything I'm just about at my wit's end I've never known her to act like this the last doctor that examined her said that aside from a little dry skin which is not unusual for her she was perfectly fine why is she hiding behind that curtain I have no idea when I was out there last week I got fed up and pulled the curtain back she threw a fit but otherwise she looked absolutely normal a little pale perhaps but who wouldn't be pale cooked up like that something has changed her something in that house hue is just as bewildered and upset by her behavior as I am please get to the bottom of this Nancy you're our last hope where is Hugh he was called to Rome as a diplomat he's always being called out of the country without warning and without any say in the matter he'd much rather be there with Linda although although what it's just that Hugh said it hasn't been very easy for him to talk to her lately whenever he calls which is at least once a day Linda always seems to fly off the handle for no reason which doesn't make sense Linda has always been extremely level-headed and even-tempered she never gets angry at least she didn't use to who exactly is mrs. Drake she's Hugh's aunt she's taken care of Blackmore Manor ever since her brother died he was his father she's a bit of a character in what way the way she spends all her time in that conservatory slouching around trowel in hand murmuring to herself you'd think she was burying something or somebody goodbye mrs. Petra goodbye Nancy oh one more thing my niece is on call and her husband's out of town and I told her I'd go over there and babysit if she had to work so if you call and I don't answer that's why bye.

Looks like john pendulum may have developed some of the plans that are in here himself.

Doesn't work.

A carnivorous plant.

Messing with their plants is probably not a good idea all settled in good I'm.

Happy that you're visiting Linda but I know how much you've teenagers like your televisions and loud stereos so I must insist that you act respectfully and civilly while you stay with us since my nephew Hugh is away on business I am in charge of this household and if there's one thing I cannot stand its noise Hugh's daughter Jane is staying with us and would very much like to meet you but please try not to distract her she has her studies and mustn't be disturbed during her lessons is anyone else staying here we do not have any permanent house staff if that's what you mean the pen villains have always been self-reliant we get on quite well without being continuously mollycoddled by a squadron of insipid gossiping ne'er-do-wells now we do have two other houseguests a mr. Nigel mukajee who is researching the pen ville and family history in the library and Ethel botany Jane's tutor do you know what's wrong with Linda Oh Linda's simply needs some time to adjust to her new living situation England is not the United States we do things differently or should I say properly here the doctor believes it's just a case of nerves her mother told me she refuses to let anyone see her is that true I don't know and the doctors don't know no one seems to know anything all I've been told is that Linda is unwell and that in her stead I must look after matters now please I really do not have time to entertain you you may have the run of the house but do not break anything and refrain from mucking about with items that aren't yours two rules Jane seems incapable of following and before I forget our kitchen is being remodeled so our dining situation is rather unorthodox I've made arrangements with a local restaurant to deliver meals to us there should be a programmed number for them on the phone in your room feel free to order whatever you'd like I spoke with mr. Tucker at the Boar's Head pub but frankly I'm not at all sure what he said yes his language is quite colorful isn't it he's cockney you see my brother Alan and I love to make up cockney rhymes when we were young we drive our governess quite batty haven't got a pot of glue haven't got a pot of glue but how we teased her had a glue a clue dear haven't got a clue rhymes with glue you see the picture book in Jane's room do you know much about its history my brother Alan found it somewhere in the house he was quite fascinated by it but he'd never let me look at it I'm concerned about that thing I saw outside it was purely your imagination unless you saw a stray dog but I will not countenance any historic sis issue we have enough to worry about with Linda and please do not get any ideas about going outside to investigate I do not want you tracking mud all over this house what was your brother Alan like he was quite remarkable he taught linguistics and computer science and won many prestigious awards he loved games especially pranks and was forever tinkering with this and that I do miss him sometimes but now he's gone he died a month after my husband passed away and ever since I've been here all alone until Hugh came back from the United States that is can you tell me about Lou Lou Lou Lou is a very old parrot she must be over 80 years old please be very careful with her especially if you feed her parrots have quite delicate constitutions you know goodbye run along who's hungry who's.

Ready for some mummies did you say something mrs. Drake not to you dear.

Wonder what happened in there.

Yes are you here from the agency it's about time agency oh dear you're not the typist from the spiffy specialty agency are you well how do you do I'm Nigel mukajee pleased to meet you my name is Nancy Drew are you visiting Blackmore Manor I'm researching the penvenen family and mrs. Drake has graciously open the library for me nothing much has been written about the pen villains until now why do you think that is it might have something to do with their scandalous history or perhaps it has something to do with the family treasure scandalous history well having. A family member burned as a witch can hardly be considered a mark of pride I dare say and then there's the whole business with the black mole beast who was the family member Eleanor Penn villain tried and convicted of witchcraft in 1650 quite the height of the witch trials here in Essex it was rumored that Cromwell arranged the conviction Cromwell Oliver Cromwell Ironsides I suppose they don't teach history any longer in the u.s. lady penvenen was a rather vocal critic of Cromwell's policies and helped many of his enemies flee the country whether she actually was a practitioner of witchcraft is unknown although many visitors to the Manor during her tenure reported hearing strange ghostly bells some even saw phantom hands floating about the manor tolling their charmed chimes.

Tell me about the pendel and family treasure for centuries the pendulums have been very secretive some believe their protectors of a fabulous treasure or of some dark secret. Can you tell me about the Blackmore beast it's a story that's been told for generations out here during the 1600s many of the villagers reported seeing a strange beast with red eyes and giant fangs prowling the Moors they asked the mistress of Blackmore Manor Eleanor penvenen to put a bounty on the beasts head but oddly enough she not only refused she forbade anyone from hunting the creature it was rumoured that the beast was Eleanor's husband whom she had cursed for finding out too much about the pen villains secret when I was walking up to the house I saw something with red eyes that called out to me really how extraordinary are you sure it wasn't just jet lag positive and I heard make this kind of growling sound perhaps it was the cursed husband of Eleanor Penn villain prowling about the Moors in search of lost Yanks very funny who are all those paintings of in the Great Hall those are the pen villains who owned Blackmore Manor at one time or another have you seen any ruins anywhere in the manner you mean like Norse runes no I haven't I don't really know much about them anyway dead languages aren't really my bag you know I'll let you get back to your work goodbye fascinating piece isn't it James.

Penn valance sculpted it in 1591 although it appears that wand was added at a later date he was quite a flamboyant figure and never married but one day a child appeared quite mysteriously in the castle and he took her in as his own that was Elinor and many of the town folk believed her to be a changeling or fairy baby do you mind.

If I use this computer no not at all but it's very old feel free to use mine if I'm not here.

But two artists way those manuscripts.

Are very old and brittle they date back to the 14th century odo pendulum collected most of them his father Randolph and son Milo were rather more interested in military victories than in book collecting interesting I'm. Researching phillipe pendulum and it appears that many scholars believe he was a pirate that would explain his source of wealth.

Those are mainly Penelope pen villains collections of French novels she was a patron to a raft of artists and her salon was quite popular she was quite the libertine even kept her maiden name after her marriage.

Hi Nancy do you think there's a treasure.

Hidden around here I highly doubt it I mean if there were wouldn't someone have already found it when I asked Ethel about it she said that it's the penvenen name and heritage that should be treasured look do you know what the password is for the computer in the library yes but I won't tell not unless you beat me at skullenbones my friend Hugo bought this for me it's like go fish but you have to collect three of a kind of weird things like zombies and ghosts you go first do you have any.

Skulls here you go that's a match do you have any tombstones here you go do you have any ghosts sorry do you have any spiders sorry do you have any bones.

Sorry any bats you're going to have to go dick do you have any haunted houses nada your witches please sorry do you have any coffins sorry do you have any spiders get out your shovel do you have any zombies nada do you have any spiders get out your shovel do you have any bones dig that's a match do you have any spiders sorry do you have any tombstones. Here you go that's a match do you have any haunted houses here you go I got a match do you have any bats here you go I. Got a match do you have any zombies here you go do. You have any coffins go dig your witches please all yours your witches please fraid not do you have any ghosts here you go do you have any zombies sorry I got a match do you have any coffins all yours do you have any coffins fraid not do you. Have any zombies here you go I got a match do you have any spiders here you go do you have any spiders nada your witches please all yours a match you're doing great do you have any coffins fraid not you got a match good for you do you have any spiders I win. One good job okay the password from my grandfather's computer is on his coat of arms plain as day. I should get going au revoir.


Welcome my adventurous friend don't tell my sister but there are ghosts in black more men are 13 of them to be exact the problem is they're very shy so they only come out when it's very late at night usually just after midnight and even then they only show up in quiet places like the Great Hall and the hallways in the conservatory what's worse then only come out for a very short period of time but if you can find in touch all 13 ghosts in the time you're allotted come back here and they'll give you a prize one which I guarantee you'll enjoy so who's ready to go in a ghost hunt oh dear my watch tells me that the ghosts are not likely to show up right now come back between midnight and 4:00 a.m. farewell till then.

That must be the food I ordered ah. Loop-de-loop otherwise known as soup this smells delicious I'm stuffed

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