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Let's Play Jedi Academy (Light Side Ending) - Part 2: Mercenary Activity, Tatooine

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A "Let's Play" of "Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy", released by LucasArts, Raven Software and Activision on 2003. This is the PC version. This "Let's Play" is done on the "Jedi Knight" difficulty. This is a full Light Side gameplay, meaning that I'll only use Light Side Force powers and finish the game on the good path.

On his first mission, Jaden heads to Mos Eisley at Tatooine with Kyle to investigate a rumor of a mercenary activity involved with the Disciples of Ragnos. There, he'll find some trouble and scum villainy, but he'll be helped by a very known ally of the New Republic: Chewbacca, the old Luke's Wookie friend who appeared on the Star Wars movies along with Han Solo. The Millenium Falcon, Han's space ship, it's also inside the level.

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