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2019 Mega Marathon - Nancy Drew #29: The Silent Spy

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For a 2019 Mega Marathon, Michael plays Nancy Drew: The Silent Spy, Game #29 in the Nancy Drew series.

This video contains footage from the Nancy Drew series, made by Her Interactive (www.herinteractive.com). All rights are owned by Her Interactive.

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Hey everybody I'm Michael and this is the 2019 Nancy Drew games Banga marathon I'm on game number 29 the silenced by and I'm gonna be a little honest I'm tired and I'm pretty tired so I might. Have trouble solving the puzzles here because I really want to go to sleep right so I'll be relying on all you friendly people watching this live stream to help me out through any any really difficult portions of the game so. The storyline of this game is that Nancy is summoned to Scotland where her mother died her mother died in a car accident I think she died in a car accident in Scotland so these top-secret spy people mi 13 Cathedral says hey eight years ago Kate Drew died and a single automobile crossing the outskirts of Glasgow that's the official version of your mother's death but it's not the entire story her death was not an accident we have evidence that she was killed she was killed by revenant she was trying to stop Rev Annette from releasing a virus on the city and then they murdered her okay and here's a picture of mom hi mom.

Doo-doo-doo ma ma ma ma ma ma so here's.

A flashback a flashback Nancy was a little child eight years ago okay so she was 10 she's what a 4th grader at this.

Point yeah she's like a 4th grader.

Drew residence Kate speaking you know this line isn't secure Moira stop I'll call you on the secure line.

Wonderful ok so that was mom that was mom mom got a call from somebody named Moira.

This is where mom was in the picture okay now what oh hey my suitcase I'm on.

It that guy's a thief Nancy got attacked by a random villain as soon as she shows up in Scotland not a good way to start your vacation I really really thought I was going to get that guy sorry thanks for trying I'm Alec Nancy that's. A nice offer but why would you want to do that it doesn't look like you work here I'm in the business of finding people who don't want to be found well I won't turn down help so you're a private eye I'm more of a Skip tracer when someone goes off the grid I get a call and track them down they skip I trace I had some very important things that belong to my mom in that suitcase I really need them back go check into your hotel I will find your suitcase Thank You friendly handsome helpful man so he's gonna help me get my suitcase okay so here's the key card.

Nancy gets a call from her spy contact hey glad you made it America people contact you and there is a case file in your room read it memorize it that's your playbook it'll keep you alive I'll go a bit of housekeeping the dude gets old I'll call you when I'm ready so it's actually gonna be a while before he calls the spark and does anything right now he's just I don't know sweeping the hotel room where he's doing his spy stuff I'm not entirely sure so we have some money that's good. And top secret top secret Nancy's eyes only so two pages so uh hi hi mr. drew. So I've got some bad news for you so Cathedral the good super spies so we didn't actually send you that message we didn't actually send you in a letter bring in your hair to Scotland so it's actually the villains the villains brought you here under false pretenses Nancy but I guess we're just going to go along with the villains plan and have you do the work for them because yeah we're fantastic spies that way so we're gonna meet Moyer up that was the person that Kate was talking to and in the phone call Nancy's gonna be Moira you know Moyer was Kate's spy partner there they were working together so we need to figure out where Moira is and this is Nancy's thing okay so I seem to recall that noir defy Moira we need to talk to Alec because he's a Skip tracer so if they skip he traces so that that means like if somebody's got a picture that needs to be copied he will trace it for you oh and there's an easter egg if I put four one one into the safe four.

One one three let's go with that that.

Doesn't look like it did anything oh four four one three three yeah it shows.

You how tired I am I can't even copy a four-digit number okay so we've got an.

Easter egg that's actually great I think the Easter eggs uh-oh by way oh let's let's meet a stranger let's meet a stranger the American Girl do I know you you do now I'm Bridget I'll be outside there's something very important I need to tell you so apparently in Scotland people just introduce themselves to you and act like they're your best friend that's really nice I'm glad everybody in Scotland is so friendly and helpful that.

Actually is really nice now Nancy doesn't have to make friends everybody in Scotland hmm make friends makes friends for her I think the only access to my floor and the main floor the only rooms are can visit are gonna be the ground floor and the main floor.

So there's Bridget I'm gonna ignore her actually I'm gonna I'm gonna go over here and Alec Alec you need to find you need to find Maura for me why did you come alone don't you have family friends surely you have a boyfriend I do then why do you travel so lonely this isn't exactly a vacation no this is very serious I'm here to find out what happened to my mother who killed mommy I need you to find someone for me I am to please a reporter named Moira Chisholm where it is no one knows how to find her that seems right in your wheelhouse if I knew what the wheelhouse is a degree I think it's in a boat well that seems useless or it's a baseball thing double useless but yes I'm on it does it make more sense if I say it would be right up your alley that that's that's that's another phrase which means basically the same thing Oh Nancy gets a phone call for the villains.

They've got audio footage from mom and they will give us this audio footage I mean they'll give us more audio footage if we do they're in there trick so are we gonna do this are we actually gonna take something from this locker and deliver it to their place are we gonna do what the bad guys are telling us to let me know what you think I should do okay there was no argument about this everybody agrees yes we need to we need to do this we need to do this we need to go to gift look and just work with the villains break the law I think if I put my Easter egg here I can use my Easter Egg to buy tickets maybe what's the Easter eggs for yeah.

Okay I used my Easter Egg to buy tickets without spending any money Thank You Easter Egg that's that's what the Easter eggs are for in this game it's really awesome.

So now Nancy is the one who's being strung along with her with her dead relatives hmm usually Nancy's talking to.

Other people about their dead relatives this time people are talking to Nancy about her dead mother good it before then we have like three dead relative games in a row we had the captive curse we had number 23 shadow at the water's.

Edge and we also had trail of the twister so yeah they had three games in a row with dead relatives very very interesting whoever makes this this game series must be obsessed with death why.

Do they keep sending me these old recordings of mom so mom apparently left some sort of puzzle for somebody she called from a bunch of different locations and it was a puzzle and I'm sorry but we don't get to solve that puzzle that sounds like that would be a cool puzzle but we do not get to solve it it makes me sad okay so let's let's talk to the hot guy again I think I found your friend great we're fair warning she's a hitter she hit me did you provoke her Oh somebody saying eustacia and drop off is the one who wrote all those games about dead relatives okay that makes sense that makes sense just a little why is she so important she wrote an article I thought was pretty interesting about hitting strangers no doubt she's out in Berenstain you can take the train out there why would she hit strangers I thought strangers were very happy and friendly in Scotland you're telling me now the other people are just hitting strangers why are you still hanging out here I'm a big fan of announcements and I got a love ash real beep now and again wait for that who doesn't I need to kick off.

At a second sometimes and I get sick a Russian over then it grew on me I like watching travelers trying to imagine the worlds they carry with them in their heads and I got a thing for the crumpets here I think I could have been a great professor of psychology but I never could sit in a chair now could I so Alec you got a steady back home have you.

Heard of revenant like the fancy word for ghosts Yeah right no I weren't a ghost he was proper like he was kitted out and one of them talks us and snacking on a kind of thing I have no idea what that sentence means revenant is supposedly a terrorist group you've never heard of them nope so hardly terrifying they're more of an obscure this group nothing you've heard nothing about this group no and neither have you don'tdon't dawn okay yeah so he.

Just liked staying here at the train station watching strangers that is kind of creepy I don't know strangers are very very strange in this game I hate you once I'll hit you again are you looking for a smack Moira I really need to talk to you it's important if you want to talk come back with some food Oh acid are you an American yes you don't know anything about Scottish food okay just simple names get me the oatmeal parfait turnips and potatoes haddock and a bit of lunch if you would.

So Moira Moira forces me to give her food right off the bat so yeah I guess she's the first person we've met in Scotland the first stranger we've met in Scotland who doesn't instantly want to become Nancy's friends she will become Nancy's friend after she gets food and actually that's that's pretty relatable though I would be somebody's friend if they were giving me a bunch of free food or in Scotland how did you know never mind how I know that's not the point you're deflecting you don't have my permission to be in Scotland come home right now your permission I think I'm a little too old for that what you're too old for is running headfirst into a dangerous situation and leaving the rest of us to clean up after you what is with you right now calm down Nancy you don't get it I'm not angry at you who could have fooled me I'm scared please just come home so dad found out because Nancy used his credit card that's a good explanation yeah Nancy's got to be 18 years old in this game I mean she was able to flee the country without permission that means she has to be 18 right maybe I don't know well dad is very worried and. Angry and I love how NASA is like why are you why are you angry just because I'm dealing with a bunch of terrorists who killed mom you think it's dangerous or something why are you being so difficult Nancy if I help you I'm pushing you right to whoever has lured you there I can handle myself your mother said the same thing yeah can I have mom's notes no it might.

Be helpful I bet it would be extremely helpful but no you really can't they're gone gone where i shredded them you what remember when you picked the lock on that filing cabinet which one I'm going to pretend I didn't hear that to my knowledge it was just the one I mean which one the only one ever that one I knew you were looking for her notes so I shredded everything so it's all lost it's all lies how could you do that I thought it might prevent you from doing what you're doing right now so please Moira who's Moira who is Moira Chisholm stay away from her my source at Cathedral wants me to find her okay that's it.

I'll let you go yeah just because Nancy's overseas it doesn't mean she should be all sassy and mean to dad I mean come on let's give dad a break poor dad it might be good to read up on the attack so this is the attack so it was. 14 years ago the future that almost was.

Quickly mom stop that that he will attack good job mom do anything Moira. Asked for we need to make cookies not wait make cookies we need to get all the food so each item has a Scottish name that's what this menu is all about it tells us what the Scottish names are but I've got a hint here so I'm just gonna use the hint so the hint says a Kraken Smokey's and tablet Greenwich just one of the things on our list now to get the rest Smokey's so dad I wanna solve the mystery come on.

Dad okay and then the other one was this food really I would not order somebody to bring me soup like it's gonna get cold on the train ride here right now to Bears damn to deliver this tomb or should we talk to Bridget I can make a cookie here oh hello you want to make some money then make some cookies the cookie order shows up down there make it exactly as shown if you want to get paid the more cookies you make the wealthier you get it's a test to see if Nancy could deliver soup without spilling well I just failed that test.

It's a masterpiece yay these are huge.

Cookies yes these are huge cookies okay we have sprinkles and then it's another heart right yay more cookies the faster. You make them the more you get the more you get in tips that's what the woman explained not bad if I do say so myself.

Okay two people two people think we should talk to Bridget that's enough for me let's talk to her you had something important to tell me just that I love Americans some people say you're ignorant entitled slobs but not me I don't know that was important of course it is you've got the best cities the best bands Hollywood your star may be faded but you're still the cool kids at the global lunch table teach me your wave I'm sorry but I'm. Sort of in the middle of something pretty important I'm a little overbooked you say that now but I can tell we're going to be friends or enemies either way get used to this face right here okay she loves Americans because we're super cool and awesome how do you know I'm American how could you tell I'm an American I've got that sixth sense about these things I saw the guy on the train I just walked up to him and said you're from Belgium aren't you he wasn't but he should have been he just had that look can I follow your and for a whole lot you seem really nice the nicest ask me gran but I can't really have anyone following me please don't take it personally no I understand.

Can you tell me a little bit about Scotland just a bit done well it's all did call didn't I like it all the same I got a book about it I could get it for ya it's only up in my room okay thank you thanks lady okay so she she just ran up to her room to get a book yep I like her hair but she's kind of crazy people are making fun of her accent you know what I think her accent is probably better than mine I'm just pulling off the random accent off the top my head I'm not even really trying all that much so here we go we got your food while you're out that what you wanted now please I need to talk to you about my mother her name was Kate drew Nancy I had no idea I would never him please come in hi MA what are you doing here just visiting your mother would shrug a bit whenever she was lying now I see its genetic you knew my mother Kate drew quite well we wrote for the same newspaper I knew you too what okay so somebody's pointing out you know what I mean Bridget's like oh the American girl um I mean she knew Nancy was American even before Nancy had said anything so she doesn't know Nancy's American based on Nancy's American accent and it's really annoying that like Nancy didn't introduce herself she could have skipped that puzzle simply by saying oh hey by the way I I'm I'm the daughter of your best friend there's a photo go on take a look that's me indeed it is believe it or not I was once your favorite person in the world but mainly because I snuck you sweets when Kate and Carson weren't looking I'm so sorry I just don't remember I guess I didn't really expect the last time I saw you see that tea set uh-huh yeah you'll notice the lack of teacups that's because you broke every single cup sorry I was an accidental terror accidental please get back here nothing accidental about you'd make eye contact grin that vicious little grin ahead and smash then you'd laugh like it was the funniest thing in the whole world he must have been a nightmare yeah you were sorry you have no idea how good it is to see you who is that even as a baby Nancy was a very spicy not that I know of Hite know what's going on no okay so.

Apparently somebody was following Nancy I bet it's the culprits the culprits used - Nancy - fine Moira and now and now Nancy's gonna die unless she hides somewhere safe like here would you look.

At that oh no actually kind of sounds like Alec I do the culprit sound exactly like Alec that's not good okay let's hide here underneath the kitchen sink let's do it.

Would you look at that oh okay well the.

Place you really need to hide is the closet because I know they checked that closet and under the sink but they don't check the third closet or the second closet stay put and don't make a sound no matter what you hear what Shh there's a safe behind the breaker look under the teapot follow what you find to the safe house safe house what's going on if it's starting again no one can know you're here I'm getting sassy comments so I'm in the closet now and that other thing was the armoire not a closet my mistake. I apologize Oh gentlemen you must be. Here to abduct me oh come is that really nasty fear okay.

Moira got kidnapped right away I wonder why they didn't search the house this time wow whatever they only search the house when they know they can get Nancy oh wait I need to I need to go over here and I need to look under the tpod this must be the new girl Moira referenced for the fuses it could be a wardrobe yeah could be a wardrobe too that that is another that is another thing it could be.

The dududududududu that's a phone charm.

Okay that's a cool thing we need to get from the armoire slash wardrobe okay and.

I got a book which is important for a puzzle later on and who sent me a text message I also airy nicely at the desk and now I have your phone number Oh Cletus la Bridget yeah so um.

Apparently the phone the front desk just gave out Nancy's phone number to a strange stranger Nancy doesn't seem to care much about Maire getting kidnapped oh yeah Moyer was escorted away by somebody I didn't see she wanted me to head to a safe house until things cool down dad seems pretty upset about this trip in fact I've only heard him this upset is right before when right I've only heard of this upset right before mom left for Scotland maybe it's very dangerous number from.

The teapot yeah that front desk I am. Giving it a very terrible review it's not a good front desk I know it's these three on the outer and then one of the inners got it this must. Be for the safe house in Loch Lomond all right Loch Lomond okay cool oh and these are letters from Kate Maire thanks I'm fine now here's a puzzle you might want to you you might want you might want to take a picture of this because this is a puzzle okay let's take a picture of this puzzle thank you mommy giving me puzzles she knows just what I like Laura I can't come back I'm not coming back we're trying to make me come back and be a spy again I I have a family now I have a family and while lots of letters Wow lots of letters okay here's another thing tune in to the Declaration of Arbroath and then this is like I'll.

Need to open muscle we'll be doing a long long time from now.

And yeah now we can go to Loch Loch Lomond or lock little mint the pronunciation changes depending on your regional accent although I'm pretty sure the people in Scotland have Scottish accents I got that picky wanted here you.

Go that's more like the book you insisted on giving me but okay I'll take the book just as soon as I finish staring at your kneecaps okay.

Thanks do you work or go to school er. What do you do you think I'm from Glasgow is that okay oh it's glorious.

I'm actually from weten it's always been a dream of mine to live in the city and I'm sort of checking it out to see if it's for me good bye good bye.

Let me see how does the song go on the bonnie bonnie time then the monkey is a fine in the bonnie bonnie banks of Loch lormand actually pretty sure the song doesn't have any monkeys in it but the song is more fun than a barrel of monkeys big sad news coming down the.

Pike breaker breaker any idea how selfish you're being right now Bess.

Something's going on it's bad I think my parents I think they need to have some marriage counseling they don't know how to work out problems in a nice normal way okay no you're not doing this keep.

It down you made me a promise this is more important what do you want me to tell Nancy huh then then her mom doesn't care enough about her to stay just leave then run off to Scotland Oh grow up Carson grow up Carson you're just so that was.

Uh apparently you know like Nancy's thing Nancy said I've never seen dad this mad except the one time that's the one time dad was equally mad dad through an absolute fit when mom left for Scotland and mom died on that trip okay. So the high score is Kate amazing Moy nificent Kate space Twist of Kate shizzle bad boy is better what a lark. Not a bull's-eye let's give this a shot. Yeah give it a shot I get that Jo.

Well this is where Nancy gets her sass from it's clearly not from dad it's clearly from mom that's ten year old.

Best I guess 10 year old best sounds well exactly like an old best to be honest but we got we got a different. Voice actress to play you know young Nancy and unless I'm 100% mistaken the.

Voice actors who does young Nancy is actually related to the voice actor who does Carson they have the same last name if you watch the ending credits so that's pretty cool development that's really nice okay so we got a free.

Crossbow it looks like it's missing a part that's not crossbow that's just a bow oh no something destroyed the back pipe part now we won't forget to hear the bagpipes oh no this is clearly a tragedy very much so I'm crying over here come here's what that's what bows are like in case you didn't know so the great Highland Bagpipe Scotland's national instruments oh and this is how we play it yeah.

So isn't that one of the Nancy Drew books one more Nancy goes to Scotland it's on the cover of Nancy playing the bagpipes just like look at me I'm so cool I know how to play bagpipes so ah.

Let's see so this is the safe house this is a nice place to stay hide for a couple of months while you're hoping not to be destroyed by villains but but but but but wait a minute that clue said to tune into the Declaration of Arbroath oh and this is a good thing too that's a puzzle that's another puzzle Moira's notes mentioned something about tuning in I should figure out what I. Sorry I didn't mean to interrupt you Nancy where's her book about here it is.

Okay so the Declaration is just.

Somewhere in here April 13 to 20 so Oh 4.

1 3 2 0 0 4 1 3 2 0.

Yes this spy computer much use must must use way too much energy for this to be completely off the grid yeah that's so cool guys we've got a spy now it's totally spy area Nancy come see me I've.

Put a card in your safe yet password is your room number times the price of a serving of haggis at the deli outside the hotel why why not Jabberwocky I knew.

That was important so this is mom mom left a note about her Jabberwocky poem which is a major thing major poem and more notes more notes I think that was the only important one though the Jabberwocky I don't know the password and we don't have those bugs so we don't have to worry about it quite yet so let's see it said plastic that's what the thing said I need to figure out how to press these stones in the right order plastic is fireplaces and then these are the letters so hey it's gonna be st soap.

S I can spell the word plastic I can.

Spell the word plastic I can't do like multiplication with that last four digits off the top of my hat no I can't do that I wouldn't need a calculator okay I and then see she was this one.

Whoo I need to figure out the password.

So I will not be able to solve this puzzle until later sorry so the room plus the hagit is is 36:35 thanks thanks. Everyone that's really helpful that's actually that's actually yeah pretty helpful so 36:35 is gonna be over here here's.

The price of haggis here does it say what the price of Pegasus I I guess I have to look up here anyway 36 35 is what people said so I'm gonna hope I'm gonna hope that's that's correct.

The safe is 36 35 my luggage Alec must.

Have had it delivered I'm actually kind of surprised mom's stuff is missing did Aled take it dun dun dun well we've got we've got the the luggage we've got the mom jeans back but but but but we don't have the Jabberwocky code to get in here again 3. 6 3 5 so we're gonna have to find the Jabberwocky poem another way another way and we should probably you know confront Alec about his his stealing what mm-hmm what was this let me use my superspy eyes what that is.

Not normal I need to take a closer look at her room so I was really hard to see it kind of looked like she was checking her cell phone trying to get reception but she was actually using a bug scanner she was checking her room for bugs I think that's what that that evil thing it's not evil but I think that was a bug scanner it's really hard to see but I think I think that's what she was doing I think it was a bug scanner check that's haven't thats just can't check have to do that there are tons of things here so i need to call for help to get Jabberwocky Ned Ned you can take it right now she's not spying she's watching your dad wanted me to book a flight to Scotland yeah I knew that might happen I did not what's going on dad seemed really upset I did not know that you were in Scotland Nancy you probably should have told Ned about this so people are asking the very important questions is Nancy wearing mom jeans right now or is she wearing a kilt maybe she's wearing a plaid skirt I think I think that might be it yeah he is he thinks I'm in danger and he's just now noticing this he seems to think that it's different this time he might be right yeah did look like like she was just it looks like Bridget and her room was looking around trying to get the best light for a selfie yeah that's that's what it looks like well tell me what's happening okay so I need to find out what happened to mom I got a message to come find out what really happened to my mom I thought your mom was in a bad accident when she was visiting a friend well that's what I thought too but but what but something weird happened before she left my mom and dad got into this fight it was like nothing I'd seen before but I didn't know what to do about it you were just a kid Nancy it wasn't just a kid I was her daughter and I should have done whatever it took to get her to stay Nancy maybe your dad is right maybe this is too dangerous it might be best to just come home Ned there's a reason I called you and not someone else it's not the charm it's never the charm that's the backhand standing by for the compliment sorry that's not how it meant to put it Ned I know you can make the promise I need you to make promise to help me even if that means pushing me towards something dangerous do you understand what I mean I don't good oh thank you from here on out no holding anything back no protecting me for myself I could agree with that I knew you could and I'm sorry to ask that of you all I ask is you do whatever it takes to make it home in one piece have I ever missed a date yes all of the time have I ever missed anything that was really important to you no then it's a deal yeah that's a really deep conversation I don't like the way that that conversation went and come on Ned we loved your trademark Nickerson charm you're you're a charming fella aren't you okay so um we do need to ask so yeah lawyer was kidnapped Nancy maybe should mention this oh I I went to see the friend that my mom was visiting when my mom died and uh she was kidnapped the friend was kidnapped right in front of me this is dangerous I need you to get the original copy of the Jabberwocky poem original meaning the color version my mom had I need you to scan it and send it here should I ask your dad he'll say no so Ned I need you to break into my house and get that poem don't Besant Jorge have keys they do but they're out of town all right I'm sorry Ned no need to. Apologize you've certainly made my life weirder but you've also made it much better if all you ask in a return is a little burglary now and again it's a fair trade technically it doesn't count because you have permission I don't think the Nancy said it school approach will be all that effective in a court of law hey if your dad catches me do you think he'll still be my lawyer so huh yeah Ned's gonna break into Nancy's house and try not to get caught by Nancy's dad too bad you know there's nobody named Hannah who lives in that house that Nancy could ask because that would be very helpful yeah mmm yeah Nancy have I ever missed a date Ned pulls out a calendar allow me to tell you how many dates you've missed really.

Strange strange in what way she was waving this odd device around her room weird that raises a red flag or to see if you can get across to her room now let's just break into the room of the strange person who's doing terrible stuff Moira was kidnapped whoa by who I have no idea be careful out there okay okay well I'm sure Nancy will not miss anything important like an anniversary date with Ned I'm sure that's never going to happen in the future game because Nancy Ned just have such a great loving relationship this strange girl seems awfully interested in me tell me more she's just visiting here two or so she says but something seems a little she's a little too interested in you you could say that she might be lonely where she could be after something do you think she could be keeping an eye on me could be see what you can find out about her okay thank you nuts defer I'll let you go I need to use the keycard Ewan.

Gave me to activate this panel that's new it must be part of Cathedral security okay so that card gives us access to the top-secret spy room what's.

Up pretty impressive or are you my Cathedral contact my codename is young and before you ask nor I did not choose it would I've chosen something bear shadow Blizzard or some bad word that doesn't a also sound like a name you'd give a horse so hey are we talking to.

You about do you have anything that could help me keep an eye on Bridget well not as such unless you're not.

Afraid of heights no are you check this out find a ball and you can use this to zip across the courtyard it's not safe but it is fun.

And I already have a bow so that's good can you look into Alec fell for me I is.

There anything you could tell me about Bridget batgirl stairs I ran her background on a hunch and northen try not to let her become collateral damage she seems sweet yeah I love his shirt everybody in the chat it's making fun of his shirt but I am loving this shirt I want to shirt just like it okay not really in any case yeah so who is. Revenant and why are you talking to me now let's go with who are you sir why are you my contact in order to do my job I have to have top information clearance but I'm not an agent per se civilian liaison work often Falls to me if you're asking what that means you're may not like the answer may not absolutely won't you're not considered a player you ever considered an asset yet more or less on your own you get to chat with me and that's it okay so basically I'm at the bottom of the spy totem pole I'm not important enough to do anything besides talk to this guy I'll let you go goodbye.

So what we're supposed to do here is just break this let's turn the heat down.

To low to rush the temperatures Scott.

Sorry I'm guessing that alarm means something a little bad is happening surfers are getting a bit hot that alarm triggers when I need to cool them Doon if they overheat everything gets it right so you have to go back there and reset it every time the alarm goes off I I talk to you later bye okay that's it.

For you and I know we've got a million things to talk to him about but I'm not gonna talk to him but I need these things I care spike here gimme gimme gimme it's locked it's locked by this and this is offline we can't solve that puzzle yet come on you and come on buddy now see this is your personal portal into the archives what you need to do is find all the things actually this is very important we're gonna have to take your picture that I believe yeah where's the rest of the staff here.

Frank Hardy classified classified classified classified classified friends. With Nancy they've got a file on Ned. Also known as Ned gir Ned win Ned stuffer Nedley Ned word mattered Ned few everybody has their own like.

Codename here they're all named after birds or something Joe Hardy operative. Known to other intelligence agencies extremely proficient tactician great at finding cheeseburgers some of the files.

Are locked with a password.

George has a file.

Yes this is kind of hard to find whatever you're looking for Hannah just not important okay cool.

Yeah I think that's everything well I don't know if there's anything else we need to find here's Bess and then let's.

Just let's break into Bridget's area now.

Okay question everybody do we want to do this do we want to cut the lines on the trash compactor we got two votes no and.

Then we got a bunch of votes for yes let's break the law let's let's let's do some public damage you're kind of a.

Terrible person here but yeah let's do this okay the line on the trash can poem you're cut we're we're the shears here done I guess now I just wait hmm okay.

Yeah Nancy's a vandal what message okay.

That was mom's final message yeah so these people just want Nancy to cut the phone line I mean a trash compactor line what a random thing for them to make Nancy do hi Nancy so how am I on.

Speakerphone yeah yes Nancy you are on speakerphone oh okay I would like to remind shut up. Ned don't talk to Ned that way actually at this juncture that might be warranted Thank You Ned you're welcome shut up Ned Nancy do you want to take a guess at why I'm upset with Ned right now he broke into the house well can't say that doesn't factor in I'm upset with Ned because he let you talk him into something dangerous and he wasn't smart enough to stop you whoa hold on all due respect mr. drew you're wrong I'll do respect mr. Nickerson you're a complete let me finish I know how serious this is but I also know Nancy better than her own father I assume as well as but I can. Admit something you can't and just what exactly is that nothing I say is going to stop Nancy not this time I understand why you don't want to help her but that'll make things more dangerous for Nancy she called me because she knows that my faith in her is stronger than my fear for her so now you can tell me to shut up the poem is on the top shelf of the bedroom closet can you go get it and give me a moment with Nancy sure thing mr. drew sorry i burgled your house Nancy I don't know what to do here kiddo I wish you would just come home but I think Matt is right and you were right to go to him Thanks I'll talk to you again soon that is a good person he was so patient he's such a good boyfriend Nancy Nancy you should be nicer to him seriously. Oh mom's copy of jabber woman what now to figure out what it means how did Ned send it that quickly that wow that's.

Amazing okay Ned it's confirmed Ned is fantastic Wow he got that sent this quickly I couldn't even believe it that was fast.

Hmm so yes that definitely a cool guy.

Got it he's almost too good for a Nancy although and she's pretty awesome herself check this out.

Need to be quick about this Bridget could be back at any second she could be back any second yeah I don't have spy.

Glasses so I can't really do anything here yet this is straight-up weird she's tracking my movements I think I better find out more before I confront her about this takes notes on meeting Nancy okay okay so this puzzle.

Takes takes forever I think so I'm just gonna like let's see No so these sides.

Yeah so I'm just gonna cheat my way through this puzzle I'm sorry everyone.

At this point in time.

And then Nexus this line is light blue and Nexus gonna be yellow okay.

No I already messed up geez okay we're. Gonna try this again number one is black that's going to be these two sides number two is going to be blue and that's going to be a top line bottom line number three is going.

To be a white which is this line and therefore it was red so we're almost back to where we were okay so five is this one and then six is this one this is yellow so it's gonna have to be seven as this one looks like sevens of green looks like okay and then nine is this.

One and this one so that's orange orange. Okay ten this line so that's green it's.

Basically you know what the lines are you have to make you just need to figure out what the correct order is because they overlap each other in a very specific pattern this is 12 and then 13 is going to be green here.

That should be it cool oh no I didn't i.

Forgot this yellow here is she talking about a dead drop I work fast enough I might be able to intercept the package okay so she and some sort of evil eye person is talking about the dead drop I need a cue I get an L what does that even mean okay good said she has no weird text messages she should be putting all the pieces together okay and then that's it let's leave that puzzle is definitely made for colorblind people no no it's not cool so now we're gonna.

Do the dead drop because it's pretty awesome. We need to get rid of her oh no we can't do the dead drop it's I shouldn't do this if bridge is here I need to get rid of her somehow Oh what.

What happened someone broke into my room yeah that was me sorry about that what was taken my money just your money what kind of a question is that well money's sorry just trying to see how I can help oh oh here's how we're gonna get rid of her we're just going to give a really really obvious fake distraction I just saw a group of men in suits headed toward your room they look like spies or something what what I saw a bunch of spies going into.

Your room and this is clearly not a distraction hmm hmm hmm oh wait how do I.

Open this do I have a screwdriver from somewhere do I need to get a screwdriver from somewhere okay you'll need a screwdriver to remove the plaque first did that can't check that check still have to do that did that yeah and her accent totally disappeared she was screaming angrily that's done can't check that still that still haven't done that let's just get hints for everything here I have to figure out the passwords blah blah blah blah okay so I don't I don't the the tavern Inn gift oak is the one with the screwdriver and I just missed it am I just a terrible person so we have to go back to gift milk okay we can do that I can't believe I missed it so.

It's right here yep.

Okay sorry about that everybody let's let's use the screwdriver.

I need to sly the track of canisters out.

Cific remember this puzzle let's see and. There we go so this is sort of like the.

Towers of Hanoi puzzle just turn sideways I think yeah so I'm gonna have to get number two so I can get number four if that makes sense but in order to that I need to get number one so now I get number four okay so do I get number two up I get not I mean one and two up so I need to get number one down so I can get number three down okay and I put one back up so that I get two down and then I get one down puzzle solved huh got it okay if these are all real.

Intentions Bridgette was up to these places in the game are real fill a blue bag with 35 pounds 35 pounds yes I do put it in the trash bag and you'll get your top secret spy glasses cool so we're gonna get our top secret spy glasses if we grab this blue bag this should work for the deaddrop cool and I got a text message but let me do the Ted the the deaddrop first okay Bridget's not gonna notice when I do the dead 12 right in front of third I'll give it some time and see what happens next you really think she should notice like we did it right in front of you oh well let's let's do I need to make more cookies so obviously we're gonna need to get a bagpipe part what if I don't have that much money vending machine stupid vending machine I have a desire but you're not the funds okay I need 25 so I'm going to need 10 more yeah we have to get rid of her in order to open up the instructions to the dead drop but not in order to do the dead drop that's crazy Wow um speaking of crazy oh let's see. Sprinkles heart need to work on my.

Cookie spotting skills oh I messed that one up okay oh well this is got a bear yeah.

Whoo oh no okay let's see pink stripes is.

Free coals yellow on top star how is there such a thing as a wrong cookie Oh No oh jeez okay I just need to get one right and. Then I'm finished with this puzzle all right. It's a masterpiece did it okay hey Bridget where were you I wasn't sure if you had a party or if you've got murdered either way it would have been nice to be invited I went to spend a little time at a cabin who just goes to a cabin by themselves shut up did you bring Alec you know Alec I know he's not into me but no I see why Alec did not come with me and how do you know about him anyway I'm not here to judge there's nothing to judge let me check the docket hmm may I refer you to the case up three verses Nancy and Alec tree alleges Kay is is.

Enough Oh fine I believe you I'm just jealous ing okay so uh Bridget you're kind of a.

Liar with the fake accent what are you really up to you've been tracking me since I arrived I bet your name isn't even really Bridget no your name is in prison who are you really why were you asking me so many questions ah thank you I am so sick of that accent and I am so sick of you go home Nancy.

Drew otherwise you will die.

Her voice changed and my glasses that bridge is real name so her real name is Zoe but the glasses are broken so we're gonna get Ewan to fix them go home otherwise you will die home.

Don't the deal with that Alec Villa yeah anything interesting no he's harmless harmless I think so but.

I know for sure what kind of spy are you. Is it strange that Bridget would get these glasses from a dead drop whoa. Yes what are they augmented reality glasses but these this is a custom job I. Wonder if it has solitaire oh that's a shame just the basics can. You examine these and see what they're for may take a bet I'll let you know when they're done you know to ease up on the stealing I'll give them back I'm just investigating should avoid investigating. Any big-ticket items during a visit I really hate the embassy people humans more of a behind-the-scenes guy who wears weird t-shirts and play solitaire yeah he's not really good at the whole researching people to make sure they're not actually villains how do I get into the glass storage case the storage locking mechanism is half broken and I can't get it to open unless it's all the way faxed if you get it back online can I give it a try no kiss self out.

Doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo goodbye see it owned ya the cookie shop owner is probably watching Zoey and Nancy get into a fight and was all whatever check that's done let's see if we can do any of these other things it's like these are puzzles for later on puzzles for later on puzzles for later on there's a. Locked entry archives that will help but we need to break into the archives first.

Let's just talk to hi how's it going the creepy messages I'm getting on my phone Hootie are you the one who sent me the message to come to Scotland no do you know who did no do you know why yes in fact I do someone thanks you have special insight into the secrets that were lost with a kid through I don't know perhaps you did how about you get caught up on the basics batteries before making up your mind is it true that revenant only.

Allows others to act for them those are.

Phone conversations my mistake maybe Alec has something new what for you mm-hmm what's going on I know you stole.

My glasses why didn't you say they were missing sorry to upset you that make it less fulfilling you have a problem my friend keep them by the way i remote wipe the drive you want to play spy enjoy the toy here's the deal you go forward like we never spoke what are you going to do spy stuff okay so uh everybody this is the real zowie wolf and apparently she's a spy. What is going on who are you nothing and no one go home no I'll say.

It's slow if you stay you will die I'm. Not intimidated by you you're a prop get that everyone you meet here is using you wise up and ship out thanks for the warnings Oh make it quick okay Zoe you are disguised you were. Trying to get me to talk to you what's your angle Nancy you were so loud I'll. Tell you what I can but here are the conditions you trust only me from now on right like that's going to happen fine then trust no one no one not even your father my father he would never lie to me you need to understand revenant goes after weaknesses we all have them when your father's weakness is obvious it's you he'll lie to you if someone can convince him it'll keep you safe okay but but nothing someone's been talking to him if you don't believe me ask him about it and listen to how he sounds and don't you think it's funny that he's having all these passport problems out of the blue that's revenants handiwork okay so Zoe.

Is the most spy looking spy ever she does look like a spy why are you standing outside of the hotel just am there must be a reason you're hanging out here aren't you kidding me leave it alone no but seriously what are you doing just hanging out being cool what I'm just trying to figure it out either you let me help or I'll go public with what I know you're killing me here how many nooses do you need around your neck oh you can't help me but I'll let. You see this through you'll let me but if you stay you're not my friend you're not my hell / you're a tool in every sense of the word and you'll do exactly what I say yeah that's not going to happen I need a.

Bag and drag from this drew you know I.

Shouldn't trying to be good who are you talking to that's the guy I call when I need someone kidnapped you've got about a minute - if you run but don't it's sad to watch call it off I'll do what you say I'm gonna need you to cancel that last order here's the deal you go forward like we never spoke what are you going to spice up let me get this.

Straight you're an American yep what are you doing here trying to pry as much information out of you before you end up dead is that a threat what is going on who are you really and who are you spying on keep it down no I. Will not there's no end to the secrets I can say really loudly so anyone even that guy walking by could hear I can't believe she had the nerve to say that to your face shut up please not unless you.

Tell me what's happening no if you pull that again you and me are done okay so Nancy and Nancy could talk to Zoe forever oh my gosh how long have we been talking quick five hours so who do. You work for who do you work for it's a name only a dozen people know even if I told you it wouldn't matter it's Deirdre Shannon isn't it an American agency in a sense. What exactly is a bag and drag the name is the explanation it looks pretty terrifying but it is the fastest way to get on an international flight what was so important about the information my mother hid want a crash course in international intelligence because here it is every day that passes without a large-scale atrocity is both an accident and a miracle I don't have time to explain it why don't you talk to you in how do you know I'm talking to him no wait why first please second. Don't talk get him to talk cool all right I know don't call I don't have your number I do have your number you sent me text messages right Bruce your text message yeah right here oh hey guess what Moira says Nancy I made it through all right nine back home so I should have seen this text message earlier guess what Moira's back home she got away from the kidnappers I don't think she's gonna explain who kidnapped her her why she's just gonna say it's dangerous but it's okay now I've got those glasses for you here the drive was wiped not all that slowed me down nothing worthwhile on there anyway the basic OS is there so you're now the proud owner of neat spy glasses what exactly do they do right I don't know yeah you're really a terrible spy Ewan I'm sorry definitely not something the average person would have I I'm picking up on that I think she actually might be an American spy listen we're friends with the Americans but I don't trust her I'm going up a security level that means extra security on the Left passcode voiceprint I'm skeletal recognition you well may be able to get anyone else so what's what's the new passcode Wow where is my voice okay see um goodbye yeah seriously what's the new passcode it's like okay there's a new passcode on the elevator I'm not gonna tell you what that passcode is it's like thanks buddy you and changed the security he must have left a clue for me to get back down but I bet I have something that might help it's spiked glasses okay one two three is it small to large maybe oh no no I.

Guess it must been large to small.

Okay I'm su and changed the security he must have left a clue for me to get back down I bet I have something that might help yeah seriously you and should have given me should have given me the passcode and where's the where's the worth of skeletal recognition stuff where's the voiceprint yes he doesn't say anything granted she did talk to herself right there but that's just because Nancy talks to herself an awful lot and guess who also broke the the security silly keep out of here hi Zoe.

Gone stealing stuff ah by spite friends.

So you're breaking things no it wasn't me a friend found her way in and broke my case not pleased right no not in the least what exactly did she take throwing bugs expensive one-of-a-kind really kind of awesome drone bugs no that's that's good bye bye she stole the drone bugs well is this open this stuff now or die group the color yeah yeah I can completely clear the board oh okay ever done puzzles like this before.

And then all the yellows nope I've already messed up I'm lost I need to find some way to get all these screens or get these Pink's together yeah Oh.

Nerds do I do that no before I got it.

Wrong this this involved so much work and effort and thinking okay still hasn't gonna actually have to put a bug in Zoey's things that way we can spy on her stuff somebody said start with yellow okay starting with yellow okay yeah.

Let's see if I get that here doesn't.

Work if I do that that still doesn't work now I can't get rid of those big.

Yeah there we go yellow and now the greens are lining up kind of nicely kind of nicely great let's get rid of all the.

Blues now so I can get rid of these Pink's here yep there we go that was it. So now I can break it here that's the one coin I need right I guess we don't know what we need these coins for yet so I'm not gonna take the coins because why would I that's a thingy and can't check that off.

Yet I'm still missing something here I okay what did I miss here we go there's a clog oh hey and I got a I got text I. Have a sense you're doing something right now oh no Zoe put a bug on the bog wait that doesn't even kind of make sense one bug because it seems to.

Indicate the game seems to indicate we're putting a bug into his room we do have two bugs in this game oh no spy message we don't actually get a choice.

We have to do that we have to tap this computer hmm evil spy people forcing me to tap you it's computer well okay break.

In this room here yes this very large. Obvious dragonfly bug goes here done I'll give it some time then check in with a program at the cabin that's a code alright looks like I'd better get cracking. I'm not sure we can actually solve that code quite yet yeah we can't because what we have to do is listen to Zoey using her bug thing as always she's going to say the passcode out loud that's what it's always going to do is she was gonna say the passphrase out loud and since I don't have the passphrase yet I can't actually open that okay so we're going to annoy him.

Thank you and catch me stop messing was odd this is a time challenge here.

Okay so while he's gone trying to fix that we were just gonna bug his computer I need to place the red end of a clip on a green symbol so the same symbol appears at both ends of the clip got it.

I think we want to do these long ones first.

I think I've already messed up but that's okay I can survive and fight another day.

That one goes there um let's see where's this this no I started.

Yeah I've already messed up okay yeah all Alec has to do is to turn heat back up and sit down to this chair he doesn't really have to take all that long to solve that puzzle okay fine fine fine that that makes a point okay look that's.

The solution down here so these ones are.

Left and right that's the area sort of.

Left and right this this entire column is left and right that's what to know what to say so I guess I mean it's like this if.

We've got a left and right column it's got to be that just has to go like that.

And then everything else is up and down.

That looks up and down this looks up and down that looks down that looks left and. Right actually that looks down that looks down this lips up that should do it now to find the remote readout program readout program is gonna be.

Nancy the tops top cool thing so now.

This is a strange map of the world we've got our missing part of Australia and part of the United States that's an accurate map of the world but the rest of it got cut off well we needed to go back to Loch Lomond anyway in order to listen to Zoe's spy code so yeah let's. Do that make it quick I can't believe you broke into that case what is your problem I've got you and under control it was glass.

Get one of those I have the situation covered I know that's why I cheated cheater cheater pumpkin eater you really think I'm going to be killed I hope you aren't but you're here to figure out what happened to Kate she was killed by the same group who will kill you if you don't leave now you know now you go and you're not afraid of these people far from it they're the only people I'm afraid of I'll let you go goodbye.

Your presence support Clark was Moyes uh.

You know name so yeah she lied she told.

Kate she was gonna have back up but apparently she lied thank you for finding my suitcase I hope you don't mind I took a peek inside to confirm it was yours I gotta say if you're so attached to your mom's jeans why did you take them on an international flight those are mine oh yeah eight you look.

Nice today he said we the hopeful smile let's just move on there was a poem in my suitcase it's missing what are you talking about there was nothing like that in there not that I saw okay so Alec are you culprit.

Have you been sending me messages no and the way you say that makes me think these aren't your standard messages you could say that yeah so that's the answer to the question is mom wearing is Nancy wearing mom jeans are killed well she can't be wearing mom jeans now otherwise that conversation would have happened therefore Nancy's wearing a kilt for the entire game got it if anyone is threatening you I need to know right now why because common courtesy I don't find. That particularly reassuring since I'm not sure who is after me right I've been meaning to ask you about that right now you and I have about the same amount of information unless you actually know something yeah I need to know are you.

Really who you say you are why Pat means know it does but I'm a friend and I did save your life back there doesn't that buy me a bit of goodwill agreeing to find my suitcase was nice I'd hardly call that saving my life I was perfectly happy in my routine taking jobs making money crumpets everything that could be good was good then I met you went out of my way to keep your present tense and yet the sass you want to know about me tell me about you until you're ready to do that leave me alone I'm not leaving until you tell me what's going on great I enjoy your company okay nothing. Until you tell me what's going on see you around bye so Alec is being being mysterious and stuff okay let's meet Moira though let's meet Moira first.

Hi Moira you're back all right there so how are you doing what's the story with a cabin you sent me to the cabin is one of many cathedral had it fitted with tech for Kate and me once colony started to heat up no one but Kate and I knew of the location do not give that information out to anyone my mom know.

Each other we were both in the same Jay school program she was a better journalist than I was and I hated her for it fact I made plainly clear after graduation I was happy I'd never have to see that smug face of hers ever again until of course in true Kate style she called out of the blue to say she'd set me up with a job at the paper she'd been working at I don't know if she mistook my hatred for a healthy competition or what it was all about your mother had this infuriate in the habit of expecting the best out of people she confused me and to be nice to her I dare say I miss her almost as much as you must yeah so help them set up this secret cabin I mean the tech is clearly up to date and still working there hasn't been a third party right my father told me not to trust you something's not adding up here I'm not sorry that I late I'm sorry that I have to tell you the truth yeah I can see that your mother came back to Scotland because I begged her to she told me for a month that Cathedral was like her family but you and Carson we're her family she had a responsibility to you she had made a promise to your father and she meant it but I begged I told her I believed she was the only one who could help me stop the attack that wasn't the lie what was I promised her she'd have round-the-clock mi5 protection from wheels down to meeting you at baggage claim back home she trusted me there was no one watching her was there no shortly as she saved untold lives I took hairs with that lie I took hair from you with that lie please forgive me better yet don't forgive me get angry and leave and go home okay don't worry.

We got a phone call from the villains which told us this information already we already knew you lied to mom and lured her here under false pretenses Nancy so you're a spy so you are a spy.

And my mother was she she was why didn't you tell me earlier I made a promise to Kate that if anything happened to her you would never ever be dragged into this mess what made you change your mind you dragged yourself in from here on out it's survival everyone keeps telling me.

To leave I can't do that you still don't get it this isn't dangerous to just you you just made your entire life a target your father your friends anyone who knows you does that include you I don't factor me and I bought my ticket years back years years back so what happened when you were kidnapped what happened when you were gone I don't want to talk about it why not maybe it's personal did you ever stop to think about that who kidnapped you why seriously my mom had a.

Song she'll was played do you know anything about it she loved that song it may just be sentimental but I don't know doubt it Oh wonder why Nancy brought that up yeah uh-huh the song is important but why are we just messing it out of the blue why are people after you right now the colony operation is restarted and they're looking to pick up where they left off Nancy your mother's death wasn't an accident I know that's what the message that led me here said I know it wasn't an accident your father knows it wasn't an accident the only other people who know are the people who killed her that's you sent to you the message so the culprit sent Nancy the message well we kind of already knew the culprit slurred Nancy here under false pretenses did my mom.

Live out here after I was born not quite she'd come out here for months at a time with you and your father back then we were still writing together you weren't in school yet so you were good to go anywhere and Carson used to like it here those were good times no but seriously yes she was kidnapped I really would like to hear more information about Moira's kidnapping instead that just story of gets thrown under the bus how did you become friends. With my mom we worked together at the standard she did features I did news she was a good friend so the two of you worked together back when you were a reporter still AM well a blogger so hard to say how was my mom involved with a colony operation your mom stopped it how much is no really the operation needed three things someone to develop the biological agent someone to make it in quantity and someone to distribute it in a way that would affect the entire city your mom broke that chain I don't know how she okay here we go okay this is the important conversation we trickered at everybody yay so mom basically found the person who developed the biological agent that's how mom broke the chain do you have anything that will help me understand what my mom was doing here and why she was involved in tracking such a dangerous group at first I was a police matter but your mother was studying them for Cathedral she had a crazy theory which was here in this book that gives us more. Clues thank you talk to you later bye thanks Maura okay Nancy Drew in the mystery of people keeping secrets from her and not telling her anything ever poor Nancy oh hey guess what so this is a clue for that one puzzle yeah let's do it so let's go back memories are you really.

Going to go have a seat no dad told me you're leaving why Nancy it's not like that are you coming back I know you heard some stuff between me and your dad but you've got the wrong idea kiddo then what's the right idea you'll understand when you're older why is that always all you say trust me if I could tell you everything I would but for now I just can't now come and sit let's practice I'm sorry I just can't.

Sassie Nancy oh that's so awesome I don't know she's kind of a bratty child but I still think it's really cool so Nancy did try very very hard to try to keep her mom from leaving it didn't work well obviously it didn't work when when when her attempt was be mean to mom until she she stays yeah that's that's generally something that doesn't work why won't anybody tell me anything well it's because your your your your your ten sorry I don't think she would have.

Believed mom if mom said well I'm actually a spy I stop terrorists it's a long time ago from releasing a chemical agent and I might need to go back to stop them again I'm not quite sure so we. Do as we follow the puzzle in mom's book in order to put all these pieces together that book we just got from.


And it looks like this should be you were a worthy opponent but I beat you a.

Buck can't pass this up mr. Bali is.

Sincerely dead I need to find a chord to play this this is sincerely dead yes.

Random random stuff this goes here time.

To figure this thing out I'm not sure we can solve this puzzle yet that's done haven't done that check that's dad can't check have it haven't done that yet.

That's that's what I mean I'm not sure we have all the clues for that puzzle yet something's attached I wonder if I could enhance what's here so it's just a picture I mean this is from Ewan say.

Words here we go.

That's it this is a picture of Nancy's.

Mom back when she was a spy and stuff.

These letters must be one of her codes musical notes and I forgot I forgot to check the musical notes I'm such a terrible terrible spy who's over here from where I come there I go that's a passphrase alright but what is it for hey new girl blew my cover but I'll remain here at primary sign until I no longer can that little brat stole my glasses that's done a great deal haven't done yet haven't wanted to work on an approach at this point he can't be oblivious to my presence the drew girl is as unaffiliated as she presented herself my attempts to pry more information out of her have been more or less useless excellent so we found out.

All that top secret spy information Zoey.

Yeah that's kind of cool it so he said because let's actually see if we could do the cipher wheel puzzle or not I have a feeling we can't I don't think we got all the clues for it but if the game says I can then I'm going for it.

The solution okay so it's those things.

It's gonna take a lot of going back and forth isn't it let me just do two.

Symbols at a time so exclamation mark and then two wavy wavy things then.

Brackets and an asterisk we have to go.

Back and forth between this a lot check.

So then it's a plus a mustache and then the other thing.

Yeah there's puzzle a lot of going back and forth even even when you know what the answer is.

Cinci it's gonna be this.

This this and.

Okay we got it 1 2 3 1 2 3 4 5 6 1 2 3 4.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 things would be ace I think she's talking about this song she wrote okay convinced dad to help me with that dad's been useless from here on out I don't really think dad's gonna help but yeah let's do it anyway we're gonna call dad for help I'm stuck here what do you.

Mean my passport has been revoked what by whom I don't know I'm working on it but I'm not surprised the world your mom moved in yeah when were you going to tell me about that I can't fix this for you I'm not asking you to fix things for me I'm not helping you dad I need the.

Sheet music to that song mom always played I think mom hid a code in that.

Song a code I remember she told me that there were certain musical phrases that's good for each of us I know that's true then it is she wrote the song for me a long time ago and then when you were born she rewrote it she added you into the song I really needed that I can't I'll get it to you I can remember it it might take a little while you play piano your mom taught me that song but it's been a while I'll see what I can do thanks dad I'll let you go. That is going to eventually give that to. Me at some point Zoe I changed your codename to something unfit for print lol let's see I forgot.

To actually buy this thing oh we've got another puzzle cool I like puzzles so let's see the back pipe part which we needed for the bagpipes so alex is gone Oh can't we spy on his stuff yet I guess.

We cannot okay then let's just go back to being a spy here oh right it's ready.

To play yay okay still have to haven't.

Haven't check so mom played uh played.

Those letters okay so the notes were a G.

C ee oh my goodness so much okay so in order to play G all the holes get filled.

Up it's gonna see we do this ke is these.


He is gonna be this a is gonna be this.

He is this.

Okay and the high a is a strange one so one two three all these clothes and this. Open and see is these two.

Looks like I made a mistake somewhere.

Let's try it again then so the notes for.

G hf e f g yeah that's definitely a G.

Then C was this that's definitely the.

High C Lucas and then e that killed.

Something oh my gosh I killed something here my goodness okay we'll try again you'll notice that the hint for this puzzle is not exactly the greatest it's like if you have stuck playing if you get stuck playing the notes then you're an you're you're in terrible trouble well I got messed up once but I'm not gonna mess up again right okay let's go.

And then it's gonna be a high a.

Finishing with the C great okay we did that puzzle this gives me a record which we will play at Moyes place and this I. Think that's for the the Jabberwocky puzzle so let's go to Berenstain cool we're going to be reset if we're just gonna listen to a lawyer is not here conveniently so she can't over here this top-secret information beware the Jabberwock my son take the first of green second orange third purple fourth red fifth blue sixth brown seven so this is a complicated a code in.

Jabberwocky beware the Jabberwock my son.

Did that haven't done them did that did.

That still have to do that fixed blue sixth brown seventh okay so we still. Can't solve the puzzle yet it says we need to find something that's in the locked archives so once we get that locked thing in the archives then we'll be able to solve the Jabberwocky puzzle.

Alik here can i bug Alec no I cannot I know I'll buck you later on Alec don't you worry let's fix mom's fix mom's mp3 player.

Right over here it's not working I think.

There's something wrong with the outlet is that a bug who is listening to me also note to self do less thinking loud yeah oh no and the bug explodes whoa well here goes my evidence why is a. Raven like a writing-desk ask the raven follow the raven to the archives the scientist is ever in danger someone must tell him to run the vaccinated will arrive while the rest of us are asleep hi mom wish I knew what you were talking about me too I don't I have no idea what that that one clue is about the vaccinated. Will arrive while the rest of us are asleep you have no idea what that light light is about I don't know maybe top-secret spy stuff but in any case Nancy said follow the rape mom said follow the Raven to the archives which is code for the password is Raven.

I'm surprised they haven't changed the passcodes in the past ten years actually that's that's the crazy part of this puzzle I need to crack this code okay and this is the second part of the record the record so it tells you which letters to use transfer the letters in the order they appear to another sheet of paper or something like that and this.

Picture of mom was highly classified for some reason by finding a letters mom indicated I'll be able to find her encrypted text so here we go that's a.

Code alright looks like I'd better get cracking all of a sudden it just becomes. I know one of the long words of.

Scientists yep scientists scientists.

Number so ya know now we get a cryptograms puzzle array we didn't actually have to transfer the letters off to another piece of paper or like like bombs no it said type in.

Caretakers at the cabins computer to get.

The phone number from or to the scientists highly classified concept art.

I mean a pretty pretty photograph of mom that's very nice very pretty fun at some.

Point dad's gonna send that music boss but we need to do the the Zoey special special thing yeah we've been we've been waiting on this for a while just because there's so much so much it's been going on now we're gonna work this by over here we have spy.

Glasses so the passcode was from where I come there I go.

So the solution is going to be from.

Where I and then we have to spell out. This word these were in that that one.

Book The Mary Queen of Scots book I believe and we have to spell out this. Word there's something strange about the.

Backing on these car did that so we got special cards this is a code of some sort I need to figure this out there must be something around here to help read this digit Zoey Chloe who are you really whoa Samantha quick she's a spy wait this means she knows exactly who I am you just figured out she's a spy Nancy Wow okay so Samantha quick this is Samantha quick everyone Samantha quick the one who has mean to Nancy and Phantom of Venice Nancy imitated her about making the deal with Enrico toss onto the pieces are somewhere in this room that's the spy we're dealing with right now we are dealing with that spy so yeah what a. Coincidence the spy that Nancy has a personal connection to happens to be the spy on this case so this is an.

Incredibly long complicated puzzle it's not incredibly long or complicated it's just I don't know I'm terrible at it where are you little spy pieces.

Here's one too we need to find seven of them let me take off these spy glasses spy glasses don't help here one is on a chair here.

Just zip lining on the hotel and Glasgow yeah that's what Nancy does she's just a zip liner it's it's it's amazing there's.

Five think well well one on the table.

Here I think there's one on her bed.

Memory is telling me that there should be one yeah I don't know where the final.

One is yeah and she hid all the pieces just all over her place right okay so.

There are different locations in they are at different locations depending on whether you're playing on senior mode or junior mode that's sort of why I'm totally failing here I better not leave.

That way yeah let's go to Samantha quick ask her what happened with with Collin and Justin like the Collin Justin character from Phantom of Venice I need closure for Collin no no no no okay I can't find I can't find the final piece Nancy will not leave through Zoey's door hmm so I'm just resetting the timer here.

Have it done that so under the rug between the bed and the sofa the pillow near the nightstand with a notebook on the pillow it was here I don't see any.

Pillow here oh oh okay I already grabbed that one let's just go through every. Every every single location here so first was under the rug we got that between the bed and the sofa was it.

Under the rug between the bed and the sofa or were those two different things I wish I could read these notes okay here we go under the rug here got that one behind the pillow by the nightstand with a notebook already got that one by the base with the dragonflies okay I guess we already got that one on the table if the pink rose is yeah I already got that one on the table chair next to the wall that one on the mirror on the.

Mirror where's the mirror that's the mirror so let's see if I can find the mirror can I get one on the mirror I don't have a much better I don't have a better way of looking at the mirror here on the left side of the books on the small table yeah I can't it doesn't look like I can get a better angle of the mirror so yeah.

Okay so I just checked all five of those all seven of those spots here we go is this a better thing of the mirror no I just ah this is not helping me at all.


Unless it was the mirror and the other direction here it was part of the books after all okay never mind okay found it finally let's see what that message was Ned Ned is trying to be cute thanks Ned Oh look at the notes and then we put these things in we want them to cover up everything change the pieces so they all fit completely within the grid it should reveal a message a top secret awesome message yeah.

Nice music memories the memories so this.

Is a solution her nipa I wonder if that will turn up anything in the archives that's the other password to the archives pernessa yeah Ned has Nancy senses he.

Can sense when she's in danger good Ned keep code something of a joke.

Kate Kate just loves crazy codes for whatever reason yeah I noticed.

Return of colony molecular structure blah blah but I can get the deck of cards and the ace I might be able to find the formula okay so the formula is split for security reasons hidden inside the cards you just need to soak the cards in water I'm securing each card and hey guess what we found all the cards except the one except the one the one the ace I think dad sends us the ACE or we get the ACE with the music forum Club something like that in any case let's just soak these cards I think they need more time to soak they definitely need more time assume I'm.

Going to bug Alec come on Alec no you want me you know you want me to spy on you right.

Okay I'll wait a spy on him later still. Have to do that check still have to do haven't done did that that's done that's done haven't done that okay so three things I need to do I guess I could call dad again see if he's figured out the that one that one song is everything.

Okay did you finish the song I'm working on it seriously dad you were too rude Annette I was angry I know but I'll talk to him about them up somebody's pointed out something thank you very much and oh now we could talk to dad about a million things I'm supposed to notice this I should investigate that chair when I can now we can spy on dad I meant spy on oh I like the colors into the correct circle I should be able to get this off there as well this is gonna.

Be yellow like this whoa who is this.

Note about yeah spying on dad is obviously impossible but spying on Alec totally possible so we need to find a way to listen in on Alex a top secret phone call somehow okay do I put a bug in his luggage or do I put a bug in his chair.

We need to put a bug in and Alex stuff but he's not here right now so I need to find a way to make him show up you use the alibis Samantha quick before haven't you yes I have been meaning to tell you about this you don't steal someone's alias that is so rude sorry I'm just goodbye goodbye.

So now alec has a bag let's see what you. And your tiny little dad or up to sir great so now we can do two things at the same time I like me I like being a good spy who does multiple things on the same trip okay so we're gonna listen in on this bug I did what you said when are you going to keep your end of the bargain Oh give me that she's going to figure things I am soon enough she's coming yeah I got the bag I'll put it where you can find it the dead drop location yeah the lost purse I get it just promise me you're not going to hurt her I want to talk to her now I want to hear her voice what is he talking about did that you displace Sonny when yeah okay so we don't need to hear any more from you mister Alec thank you and the password was caretakers that's the scientists number I think I need to warn him about what's going on by the way from the duration of your trip please read all of my texts and a Scottish accent okay so the scientists phone number the one who developed the link for Archimedes the one who developed that top-secret formula that in that that revenant tried to use to take over Glasgow in the world maybe.

I don't know can you tell me why you're so important to them just stay calm.

Explain how I can help everybody thinks.

That the bad guys have kidnapped Alex's cat that's why he's so angry I want to hear her I want to hear her give her back now I can stay alive You Know Who I am my bio Kennedy who made the wrong with friend and bat forty-year and I'm over my head agreed they're leveraging my family I get to make the formula for them exactly why did you say yes I care about my family more than I care about offworld and reindeer dead revenant threatened your family why were they after you.

What were they looking for they will do.

Everything I can to keep you safe but you have to work with me I anticipated.

Is basically just leaving that for the culprits to find great. And I think that's everything I think I think that's that's Deb haven't done still have that's Bob I mean obviously we have to do that stuff okay so the cipher will the music theme music theme yet I don't know I don't.

Know I think all these clues are all about the same thing oh and we get.

Fluffles if you touch one little hair on her head oh I'll be so mad you can't help my little fluffy she needs to see me out I want to hear her say meow now.

Come and sit let's practice I'm sorry I just can't like mother like daughter I'd say well too bad you're doing it did you.

Know I wrote this no I did that's why I wanted to teach it to you these aren't just notes there's something hidden in the music these notes here they represent you they find their way into every song I play this phrase this is your father are you in this song somewhere but it's not important you and your dad are all I can hear when I sit down to play then why are you leaving we have no idea how much I want to tell but I honestly can't why not just know. This if you knew you would understand are you coming back I really don't know that's not a fair thing to say trust me kiddo I know I know life isn't.

Fair should we confront Alec yeah we might as well confront Alec about that that weird stuff Oh No and bad stuff what no I.

Would never give that to you you were.

Listening in okay what happened.

Nancy whoa five points we're living like a rock star this wasn't me you've got a strange dot on you run to.

What's going on no idea I have no idea.

Where Alec went during that scene but for some reason he yeah I guess he's chefs and answering the elevator and then he runs in the other direction but Nancy goes down to cathedrals really what happened this is going to be bad oh.

Oh are you okay.

What happened two men came in they tied me up they were looking for something what I have no idea I'm so happy to see.

You get less happy why someone ransacked my room and some gunfire might have been involved at least you're safe out of the moment it's time for you to leave no I'm setting it up you're leaving no I won't take no for an answer you're not my mom you can't make me do it man I'll let you go see you don't ya Ewan are you in trouble cuz it sounds like you are it really does okay so Nancy takes a brief detour to make sure you and was kidnapped it sounds like a weird day to us why we could help dad said that here still I should see if any clues were left behind okay so did anybody leave clues behind yes actually where are those clues is.

This a laser pointer does that mean that attack was staged nope no I'm not it's not a phase this is really important to me I need to save mom okay got us used to awful um so guess what it's a laser pointer that was not actually like the laser sight on a rifle that was just aleck using the laser pointer and alec is not here so I can't confront him still have to do that thanks Alec thanks Alec I really needed to confront you and then you just decided to go away whatever oh I need to.

Check the cards make sure the cards were stolen sure I can do that but first lawyer is gone again poor Maire like we. Met her and and she was here that one time we had a conversation and then that's about it she's gone for like the rest of the game so we need to play those notes and they are this NoFD ba.

Come on no gfd be g FD be a that was it.

In the Nancy e ay ay ay ay and then.

Several days funneling card need to get this one soaking and added to the rest great so we need to get this added to the rest although when we check they won't be there I think I think somebody stole it oh no it's scary times but if it was Zoey with.

The laser pointer I had to be somebody inside right Elmo somebody had to be holding the laser pointer and we saw Alex hands during that scene right maybe his hands.

In any case somebody stole the cards the. Cards are gone let me put the Aces. Wow there must be more cards somewhere. Yeah where did that laser pointer I mean he must have just bounced the laser pointer off off the earth off the mirrors or something he was really good with the laser pointer okay just to stop questioning it and then somebody okay so.

Who has the cards now is it Alec who faked the attack or is it somebody else tell me something good maybe it's Alex cat I found a laser in my room I figured.

You'd want it back I got to thinking who could have staged the break-in who was there to plant the laser and fake gun shots using squibs I don't care what they're called Alec you need to explain what you're doing and who you're working for fair enough you took my playing cards why I found it I was meaning to give it back to you oh you're a bad liar I'm a great liar when I want to be Nancy I'm sorry who are you and what do you want if I tell you what I know you'll be killed I don't need anyone to keep me safe alright I'm only telling you this because I do believe you'll find out anyway and I believe that you'll end up getting yourself killed by asking the wrong person the wrong question take this secures his information once you see her sister again so he's being blackmailed they actually kidnapped his sister and that they forced him to steal the cards Locker 36 and these are notes so if you're reading this letter it's because I'm I'm in I'm bad bad trouble it's funny they use this trick don't they use this trick like to two games from now and labyrinth of lies I have to go be safe yes somebody writes a letter to the place it's like dear police if things go really really bad you should read this letter which explains every single thing that happened so the culprits are stealing it's the guards the culprits of school they've kidnapped Alice's sister it's basically and his sister apparently what I don't know does this sister have a cat I'm not sure I know you bug my room what do I have that everyone wants so badly we believe that the operation your mother knocked offline involved a biological attack against Glasgow we think she intercepted a delivery intended for revenant you were brought here because no one can find it and the going theory is that you're the key to what Kate knew I didn't even know she was a spy no one thinks you know what it is we just think you know it talk to you later goodbye well we do know it basically the key was so yeah those are.

In fact things that only Nancy's family could order to find the top-secret. Formula which we have here the cards will tell okay let's get this as quickly.

As possible.

Where's this one code here okay um yeah.

Cuz this piece goes somewhere over here.

Underneath it is this those two pieces go together like that. That's a trio of pieces that fit together quite nicely this piece goes over here in this corner red piece is gonna be like that quite that red piece.

This one okay that looks good this is.

Gonna be a piece that's not gonna be.


It's gonna go somewhere over there this goes here we need a green piece here.

Right green piece goes there puzzles.

Obviously don't have the answer in front. Of you see this here yep this is the.

Formula for the biological bomb agent my mom was hiding I can't let this fall into the wrong hands okay I found it so.

We finished the puzzle and guess what now that we've have the top-secret formula we're gonna get robbed hey my.

Deck of cards give that back this isn't yours it belongs to the government what can't just come in and take everyone back sit down if you don't.

Want to wake up with a concussion.

Doesn't wait for you to be ready.

Yeah Nancy Nancy put no effort in trying to stop join the club alright let's try again once more huh.

Just leave them.

Why do we need to close up of Zoey's eyes here I didn't want to wake you you seemed so peaceful where are we. Dumpster I think this is a trash compactor and it's compacting sure why not you seem a little casual has been the last 10 minutes trying to wake you up wore me out a little you're gonna have some bruises i undid one of the locks then my leg got trapped you need to do the other lock looks like the release is trapped behind the rebels I'll need to get it out hmm I think I can do this not reassuring all right well I'm gonna do my best to enjoy the time I have left it'll be brief painful and full of garbage but that's life isn't it and that's the metaphor I'm writing into the grave the much smaller and flatter than average flavor there's just no way I'm spending my last moments on earth with huge how do you think I feel you're you what's your deal huh I just want to help and you're nothing but a problem you can't help Nancy you're out of your league soon so yeah so what if I am I. Always in and never stopped me before it's dark imagine I'm making thoughtful face.

Gosh no preset button on his puzzle is there.

Yeah there oh my gosh okay.

That's a really good line by the way with with Zoey's it's okay that never stopped me before.

She got it it's got to be something like this I've gotta burn this one and this peacefully right yeah there we go lesson that's got to break the chain. Yep.

Good god let's get out of here.

What are you going to do now nothing we on the other hand have our work cut out for ourselves Oh what's next so any bright ideas uh she she accepts me as.

Her partner now that's so nice been tracking everyone else but you and has taken my computer tap offline maybe it's time for me to go confront him wait no no no if you have any better ideas go see what you can find out from you in great I can use these to tap those computer again let's go crack some skulls I don't do that me either just let me say it okay go ahead moments gone I'm just going back to my room and reapplying eyeshadow now thanks for ruining the moment Nancy okay.

So with this particular spy posle sorry.

Left and right is gonna be two bottom ones and then a top one so upper left-hand corner alright just like the first time just like the first time so upper corner down here well that's.

That's not correct is it that's left and right that's left and right and then everything else is going to be up and down everything else is going to be up and down let's hope these notes are correct.

Yeah Nancy she's trying to be super cool spy and then and then you just had to just had to ruin the moment all right.

What's he really up to so yeah we're gonna bug him the exact same way twice is that really the best idea we could.

Catch did that check that's done oh okay I guess we do have to run run to the place in order to get that we have to go here yeah those ending scenes were great.

Oh my gosh I liked it a lot so tapping the computer somewhere you and it's got a special coin I think I might need to borrow it for a while special coin Locker 42 yeah Nancy's.

Mother it's like no no you're gonna be better than me oh just just just cut to the heart and you're too late all the.

Tears will not stop coming okay and I I was actually not meant to go downstairs.

Okay right coin.

Okay so we were bugging him and un's a secret lair that's done what did my note.

Even say okay so he gave me clips and tap you ins computer before okay so this is what mom went to say she said I wish I could tell you but I can't it's actually classified okay I forget which locker was this one he. Was this one huh this one that one.

What Wow UN's been planning the attack.

From here so you and is the culprit everybody miss drew your mission if you choose to accept it looks like you had a hard time writing that initial letter so 1 2 3 4 5 let's take a picture of this so he's.

He's just has a messy lair very messy and this is where luggage goes to die basically that's where luggage goes to die and here you he's the one who lured me in I mean III knew that already but this is such a dramatic heartfelt letter from mom it's like Nancy I know you're upset with me for leaving mom loves a great love letter or I love you I'm I'm imperfect I'm flawed but my love for you is not just her father you're not just like dad you aren't perfect either you try to be perfect but you don't need to be you just need to find a life that fulfills you life that fills you with energy and purpose and be fair be truthful and take care of those living I want to throw everything at the wall every bit of motherly advice school boys college career marriage but no no there's just not enough time and Ewan is just a total jerk could you scribbled all over this heartfelt letter and it's just.

Sad it's really sad do you have any new. Notes about this that's not gonna figure out this letter thing for Mom I give him one hour and then I'm cheating okay half an hour I don't know mom I found your letter I don't know what else to say sometimes life literally sent you a reminder to never let your insecurities cloud the things you know to be true about the people you love and the people who love you I'm sorry I ever doubted you mom.

I wonder why that letter didn't get to Nancy you why mm-hmm what happened to the letter I found a secret room at the train station with everything you would need to stage the attack this all points to you in spoiler alert but yeah you're right we need to assume he's ready to go can you handle him yes I can good give me the glasses I'll set these up so we can keep in touch I'm gonna put a team together to scour the city for bombs you find a way to neutralize him got it here I'm sorry I'll take those.

I'm just busy staring at your kneecaps I'll take care of it. Okay let's do it we're gonna stop you in yes somebody must have intercepted that letter for a Nancy's mother I don't know how I don't know why I clear Zoe yeah we.

Don't know information about when she wrote the letter obviously she did it before she died but how did you and get his hands on this letter why did he intercept that letter he's just he's awful I hate to say this we can't do.

This alone I'm looking in where and Alex Dunphy do you on one thing at a time how many.

Bombs do you think you and was able to make nice move no one touched anything.

Until we found both four get in there and take you an out I'm on it it's pretty easy to defeat him all we have to do is you know change the temperature and then he's easily defeated in fact it's not even here why can't I just defeat him now cannot say I blame him for adding a password and we saw the password so 1 2 3 4 5 yeah he's not here what am I supposed to do okay so now I remember.

Okay so we are distracting him here on purpose stop messing with bot oh and he's angry with me okay I was not fast enough I didn't show this off.

Earlier and in the game my mistake.

Time to make sure you and can't escape so this is a trick we're trying to make sure he can't escape by setting up the firewalls yeah I didn't show this earlier wrong firewall really okay.

Number three why would you do this.

Because I can you use my mom to lure me here so you could get some stupid formula yep just figuring that out now are you we're going to stop you yes we defeated. The culprit by changing the temperature just mess with the thermostat and then the culprits defeated haha.

Take them offline in specific order okay first you need to gather all of the correct USB drives from the server's around the room first thing find the red drives from the four observer it's it's great it's like okay Nancy you see why why did you do this human because I come any other reason no don't really feel like telling you any parts of my back story right now cool glad we had this chat you okay so Forbes is this one that's not the one I need nope that's poor okay so.

It's here nope that's not the one this. Okay hmm. I don't I don't think that's there nope that's not the one random guessing for the whatever seem correct got it yay we did it the green drive from the camera.

Service more.

Cameron server the blue drive from the server okay we're gonna have to go back to where we were there a server is on the left good now get the yellow drive from the Murray server so many servers. As you can tell these match with those Tartans from that tartan book we got earlier flat get the purple drive from. The Douglas server. This one here's the next step go to the main computer in the server area you should see a lot of us be important okay I'm gonna try to solve this puzzle I really do like how the end of the game this game gives us like a ton of rapport they're going to be bringing look at the board any lines connecting them yes yeah.

Yo and it's just he has the back story is just doing it to be able you guy you're going to need to move faster okay so let's see if I can figure out this puzzle on my own without any help okay already failing this puzzle haven't done.

That let's see every row and column needs a different thing Shh this is either going to be formal here see I don't know okay I'm just too.

Tired okay so apparently this is purple this is blue this is yellow and then. This is red do I need to wear my cool spy glasses I guess I can't take my cool spy glasses off I mean they are pretty cool.

So why would I why would I take my spy glasses off when they're so awesome.

It's read and understand me hello this is gonna be no this is gonna be no I think we're almost done so this has to be great in this room.

Screen and the system I did it yes you.

Did it yeah you won I'm foil that said wait a second I just remember I've got another oh no she is he's got the final bomb in here with him I found the last bomb it's in. Here with me what you're looking at is a biological parts of biologics placement important dreamily the blocks must be removed in the following sequences small small medium large consecutive blocks.

And I think what must be that's a small small medium large yeah you just sitting.

There you're on your own in there buddy.

Anyone's just sitting there it's like I'm gonna wait for her to disable everything and let her think she's won before I go football I've got another ball ha ha ain't IA stinker but really if you.

Didn't say anything the mob would have gone off his plan would have succeeded yeah he would have died though he would have died but he would have gotten his. Revenge on Nancy.

Oh no this one let's see this is blocks.

Have to be next to each other cuz I need.

Obey this 3 and this would have to be 4.

That's that's 10 right there so I need. No there's no way I can get five now so.

Yeah this is gonna be impossible okay it.

Says 1 is gonna be like this and that's gonna be like - okay I'm gonna try to take it from here how am I gonna get 3 this is the only way we could get before so they're just gonna have to be this unless 3 was that yeah 3 floor ok so in.

Order to get 5 it's gonna have to look like this live and then 6 6 is very tricky cuz 6 you you're barely touching 6 for that one and this is gotta be 7 and now we've cleared a lot off the board it's pretty something.

And the bomb is disabled whoo whoa that.

Was too close I defuse the bomb yeah you did it.

I'm foiled etc.etc oh wait a minute I need to comb my hair how does that help stop me I don't know my hair's just kind of messy I want to look good for my police photo she was kind of annoying.

It was eventful to say the least I'm not entirely sure I should have come but in some ways things worked out better than expected the colony operation has been stopped again Zoe told me that all information related to the colony formula has been destroyed for good Ewan is gone he was taken into custody and I can honestly say I have no more information it seems like he was just a guy who felt small who was tricked into doing the bidding of strangers who made him feel important he never had the tools he needed that's why he had to lure me in I'll give him this he knew how to get my attention revenant is still out there but for now they're on the run I don't think that's my fight anyway at least not for a while I think the Zoe will be able to manage without me speaking of last I heard Zoe was working with Alec to track down his sister those two working together it's only a matter of time before she's brought home safely it seems that's just the next step in Zoe's mission to expose and bring down revenant she has a huge task in front of her that from I've seen of Zoe's work revenants got plenty to worry about that is kind of a terrible explanation for you and it's like okay he became a super spy trying to take over the world because he felt like he wasn't really very important like what no come on there's got to be more more to the story than that right right Alex's brush with revenant has pushed him to set aside his work as a Skip tracer in the course of tracking down his sister he made some connections with Cathedral and not surprisingly the rest of that is classified Moira's seemed happy to see me and to her credit I really believe she wants to make up for her betrayal of your trust it's strange I expected to be angry with Moira but I'm not I know her motivations were good even though her actions weren't and I see how much she misses you I think I should keep in touch with her I think that's what you would do and I guess the last part of the trip is you I found the letter you wrote all those years ago I don't know what else to say I think I was so desperate to solve the mystery of your accident that I forgot I already knew what mattered I knew who you were I've known that my whole life I see you when I look in the mirror and at dad and at everything you loved and I hear your song whenever the world is quiet enough I'm headed home to see dad and everyone else I'll write you again and I will find the rest of those letters even if it takes a lifetime love Nancy the rest of the letters wait there are other letters wait mom sent other letters what I okay well lena patel is.

Not one of Zoe's fake identities no that's a character from the next game in the Nancy Drew series actually I'm not crying you're the one who's crying okay I'm not crying that ending doesn't make me cry.

Get her to scoop in time to see the winners announced you guys are slim guys.

Aren't selected to be on the show on the other side of this note Oh Bess yeah.

That's a very emotional Nancy Drew game silence bye okay you sound good sit the.

Bench it's nice hearing someone play the piano again your mom said that the best gift you could ever give a child is a house full of music I like that you know she was not a natural musician I was there when she started playing really uh-huh just terrible I just assumed she was a natural no I mean you remember her singing voice remember it I inherited it when she would sing the national anthem yeah I remember does this sea of heads would turn back what this looked like who is this person and why does she hate music I always tried to hide yeah until you realized you were just as bad worse but she owned it like you she was always just happy to be who she was I I'm glad you got that from her I still miss her me too I'm sorry it took you running off to Scotland to talk about this stuff Hannah stepped in and you kept marching on and I didn't want to interrupt I felt the same way about you you know by avoiding talking about the painful stuff we didn't talk about the good stuff either I think it's time I agree what's your favorite memory hmm a favorite doesn't have to be the VIII favorite I loved it when we'd go up north in the fall for the doughnuts they were so good we should go again agreed what was yours easy the day I met her yeah I don't know that story now sit tight takes about nine seasons to tell it correctly well that's it for.

Nancy Drew the silent spy hope you all enjoyed my live stream I'm sorry I was half asleep during the entire thing but hopefully hopefully my commentary was amusing nonetheless and here are pictures of all the various characters oh boy so Alex's shirt was different in the original concept art I wonder why they changed his shirt everybody was making fun of his shirt so it seems like maybe they shouldn't have changed it I it looks kind of cool it's got the the number eight everywhere I don't know so much similar design though oh and here are the bloopers yeah busted so that's.

Why the map is always messed up it's because it's just a cover for his solitaire games hey it's Nessie I Nessie Nessie go home.

Go home Nessie you're just making a mess. No isn't anyone curious about my life no. Baxter for me sorry punching bag neither Ewan nor you get back story so that's officially the.

End of the video thank you for watching everybody hope you enjoyed it

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