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PC Longplay [217] Postal 3 (part 1 of 3)

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Played by: Aero

Good or Insane? The choice is yours. Following the Apocalyptic end to the Postal Dude's week in Paradise, we follow him and his insane pitbull Champ as they emigrate to its appropriately named sister city, Catharsis. Unfortunately, due to the Global Economic Meltdown, psychotic left-wing "Green" extremism and hypocritical Government corruption, it turns out Catharsis isn't a much better place to live.

Note: There is an editing mistake in the police Daveland stage, so you will see a small portion of the level twice. I blame Spongebob!

Video Contents:


0:00:52 Paradise Dream Bridge

0:09:24 Porn World

0:15:55 Diseased Cat Roundup

0:20:49 Jen Walcott's Bodyguard

0:24:44 Cash Mart Robbery

Good Path:

0:30:17 Police Academy

0:42:19 Patrol Mission 1

0:51:52 Save Uwe Boll's Career

0:57:16 Arcade Shootout

1:03:59 Homeland Security

1:13:02 Police Monkey Lab Assault

1:22:29 Patrol Mission 2

1:33:25 Eco Zealot HQ Assault

1:40:15 Police Gay Rodeo

1:46:06 The 'Motorcade'

1:52:30 Police Daveland

2:01:03 Apocalypse Again

2:24:30 Good End / Credits

Bad Path:

2:30:36 Cash Mart Robbery

2:34:18 Meet the Zealots

2:43:04 The Champ Whisperer

2:47:16 Segway Repo Man

2:54:34 Slave 'Boy' Escort

3:01:01 Monkey Test Lab Assault

3:06:47 Krotchy Meal Toy Delivery

3:16:08 Mexican Viagra Courier

3:22:17 Prisoner Without A Clue

3:34:40 Battle Damage Krotchy

3:46:34 Gay Rodeo

3:53:32 Champ Rescue

4:09:54 Daveland

4:14:18 Bad End

Bonus Videos:

4:16:27 Neutral End

4:18:03 Save Uwe Bolls Career - I ended it ;)

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