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Nancy Drew: Danger on Deception Island (Part 12) - Matching

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A video walkthrough of "Nancy Drew: Danger on Deception Island". In this section, I call Casey and learn about the shipwreck the wood came from. Then Jenna makes us do a food-based matching puzzle in order to get Hilda's gift to her.

This video contains footage from the Nancy Drew series, made by Her Interactive (www.herinteractive.com). All rights are owned by Her Interactive.

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But first we need to call back that.

Casey fellow okay let's get away and sit distance away from Katie and then we can call Casey because you know he doesn't call us back you have to call him back.

Maritime library this is Casey hi this is Nancy Drew any luck finding what shipwrecked that piece of driftwood came from sorry can't talk now I'm waiting for a real important call from Nancy Drew Casey that's me I'm Nancy Drew oh then I got some good news you know the name of the shipwreck the SS Whitechapel Don take five years ago right there in the channel outside snake horse Harbor about a mile and a half due northwest of the lighthouse really I hear that channel up there's been pretty busy what with that orphaned whale messing things up for the fishermen and all anyway everything fits except one thing I knew is too good to be true the Whitechapel Dawn went down in deep water real deep water too deep for currents to be carrying debris up from it just not possible huh could a recent storm have churned things up down there I've been doing this type of research for 20 years young lady when I say something's not possible it's not possible yet somehow a piece of wood from it washed ashore was there anything unusual about that ship it was just a regular old freighter bound for San Francisco from Vancouver British Columbia nothing unusual about it if you don't count the rumors what rumors about the smuggling the ship was smuggling something after it sank some crew members said there was something unusual about the cargo it had been carrying that's all no specifics just rumors how many people went down with his ship zero everybody managed to survive official cause was foul weather but whenever a boat goes down in those parts they always unofficially blame it on Oh what do they call that sea serpent up there caddy no thanks teddy that's what they call it patty anyway this has been fun young lady but I need to get back to work oh by the way I just got done emailing you something what I said I just got done emailing you something great thanks well goodbye Casey garage caddy I certainly hope he doesn't operate heavy machinery you and me both Nancy you and me both okay let's check her email.

Okay they sent us this website the hot.

Kettle was originally called the Royal Flush saloon interesting so I guess I.

Was thinking on the right track when I was trying to get a royal flushes well NIDA occur games on the wall like nobody else started doing that though. Nobody else and I mean it's been around since like when Jenna said like 1800s nobody else besides me ever thought of doing that oh I'm probably looking far too deep into things the video behind antsy oh good you got the clams let me take those from you I'll take that clam tube off your hands too you'll never guess what happened while I was home getting that necklace for you somebody broke in here the sheriff just left well no really was anything stolen what's weird is I'm not only missing food like bread and eggs and stuff like that but it looks like they also stole a bunch of tools and some boat parts how'd they get in both doors were locked when I got here and none of the windows were broken it's like a ghost did it would it be okay have I looked around if you want to play detective please be my guest if you have any questions just holler hmm hi Nancy how's it going do you have that necklace you said you'd go get well swerte my knees got hold of it last time she was out here and locked it up in some kind of toy box it's on the table over there if you want to try to open it cuz unfortunately I can't it's been fun talking to you back atcha great so it's locked in a box. Don't see any boxes on any table so this is it matched pairs across all three.

Screens oh oh come on you couldn't figure out how to do this it's a matching game these things are so simple I just messed so you just match the pictures okay maybe it's not so simple I seem to be screwing up.

Oh come on there we go there's one.

There's no other salt and peppers.

I saw this somewhere there where though.

There's another match.


This is difficult right okay I get it.

Well not as slightly difficult you have to deal with three screens but still you. Should have been able to figure out how to do this.

See any matches there that was a match for something here but man welcome all.

Something's got a mask there we go.

Little whatever that thing is.

Okaywell cheese was on the search screen room for bread and breathless we're on.

The second screen nice isn't right here there's brother than ah.

Hey sandwich quick sandwich.

The kettle.

Red bread bread all right any more matches I.

Can take it off like a salt and pepper.

And pepper.

Very and struggles and this has got to.

Be a really boring video sorry about this folks this is me doing matching.

Whatever the heck that thing is.


Screwing this up bananas and grapes.

Haven't seen those before grapes grapes.

Something here has to match those two okay

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