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Let's Play Jedi Academy (Light Side Ending) - Part 17: Dismantle Device, Yalara

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A "Let's Play" of "Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy", released by LucasArts, Raven Software and Activision on 2003. This is the PC version. This "Let's Play" is done on the "Jedi Knight" difficulty. This is a full Light Side gameplay, meaning that I'll only use Light Side Force powers and finish the game on the good path.

On this mission, Jaden will head to the Yalara, a very primitive planet aith an also very primitive people who doesn't ready to integrate the galactic society. Because of this fact, in the past, a Jedi Master named Broden Kel Verdox harnessed the power of the planet to create a cloaking device, to hide the planet from the rest of the galaxy. But someone else has discovered Yalara. And in the fear of the cloaking device been stolen because of his power, Jaden was sent to Yalara to disable or even destroy the cloaking device. But he'll find that more people are very interested in this powerful device...

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