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Blade Runner Walkthrough part 1

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Blade Runner is a 1997 point-and-click adventure game developed by Westwood Studios and published by Virgin Interactive Entertainment.

The player assumes the role of "Blade Runner" Ray McCoy, who must hunt down a group of replicants (bioengineered beings designed to look like humans) in 2019 Los Angeles. Rather than re-tell the 1982 Blade Runner film, the developers of the game created a different story set in the same universe, which serves as a side story to the events of the film, with both narratives running parallel to one another.

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I'm leaving now Lucy my sweeties I.

Cleaned out the tiger cage and sorted all the meal bends so if it's all right it's my turn to fix dinner yeah haven't you forgotten something little one just one little thing mr. right sir please it's been a very long day I don't want. To know Lucy I thought we'd settled this last week don't let's forget who pays your salary we're closed come back tomorrow wait I haven't finished the door I told you we're closed we're not here to buy little man we've come to sell you can't possibly have anything to interest me these are extremely rare animals of the highest quality what a coincidence so am I.

And I hit else my heat interesting today sir perhaps some virtue yeah not my animals please I'm not taking you.

But what of honor little man at what price honor oh my god no that title is the rarest specimen of a seat Tiger Tiger burning bright the night one.

Report to precinct headquarters down three ravine country I was just finishing up my 12 out on patrol when I got the call welcome relief considering that the most action I'd seen all night was a schizoid grandmother doing the shimmy and her underwear in the second sector.

6x1 reports to his headquarters three repeat boundary last time I had a three was with some hooker vomited Thunderbird on Brian's desk and yours truly led the cleanup crew year-and-a-half on the job. It was still the dirtiest work I've seen where's captain Bryant took a sick day got himself a heinous case of ptomaine poisoning he asked me personally to run the unit in his absence guzo was one of the old-time guys who took their knocks in the streets he had a friendly way about him but you didn't want to turn your back on him if you were less than a friend hope you've been enjoying your leisure time kid cuz it's time to take that thumb out of your ass hallelujah don't get too excited the other blade runners are all jammed up Holden sucking dinner through a straw gaffs working the Tyrell break-in and steals working special undercover looks like you got this one by default you really know how to make a girl feel wanted animal murder done it run sinners ooh illogical I'll just be a schizoid glitz but we got the call old man runs at her lost something like a billion Qin Yun's worth ten to one this ain't a job for rep detect you got something better to do perfect your French cooking maybe.

It's lemons night slim I thought you were on special assignment wasn't too damn special after I had the suckers out what happened couple of fours were masquerading as fibroblast insulators down at Kaiser I just up like a nurse they never had a chance I'll bet you put him on the machine he'll know there's a beautiful little thing in here called the magic and it ain't ever been wrong you develop it you got a brilliant career ahead of you I'm working on it what's coos I got you doing tonight a.m. run sitters animal murder Oh those skin jobs got no respect for anything that truly lives and breathes and that goddamn Eldon Tyrell ought to be zipped into a body bag and flushed deep space get rid of him we'd be out of a job uh-huh I think we're all overdue for a little off-road paid vacation you can stop staring at my ass now you got eyes in the back of your head all you got to do is ask slim.

Animal sales was a profitable and prestigious business since most real animals had died out after the Terran war there were plenty of electric ones though powered by rechargeable batteries no self-respecting human would own one of those frauds what do you know about.

30 counts of animal murder and one of aggravated assault the shops been thrashed you ought to see this Tiger Cup they got in there it's a goddamn tragedy how's old man rancid her holding up state of shock he's been moaning and complaining about his world caving and you'd feel the same way if they were your animals how many perps at least two bloody footprints all over the scene must be a delightful sight find anything else out here zilcho. Row actions inside abstract art all over the walls and ceiling I never did appreciate art scratches and paint.

Flecks and I knew what they meant unless the city had bought a jet-black firetruck somebody had a big fat traffic ticket coming find something piece of chrome from a car no I think it's horse chrome that I didn't tag it I already checked for a.

Crowbar some kind of tool no luck but it looks like we've got some Layton's make sure the lab boys run them through the mainframe human and wrap canvass the.

Area maybe somebody had his eyes open I'm on it.

Judging from the distance between the prints I was looking for two very big men one dragged his right foot indicating a possible injury or lameness the other appeared a lot more controlled graceful even quite a pair makoy LPD I'm.

Absolutely certain Luci Devlin was involved in this heinous act she's the young girl who works for me she's responsible for all this mayhem no of course not it was two men acting in concert with her obviously obviously would they look like big and scary and absolutely malevolent can you.

Think of anything they might have been after first I thought they wanted money but I don't keep any in the shop then I thought they wanted to steal my animals but they started executing them could they have been replicants who else would be capable of such barbaric acts you.

Ever do any business with the replicant manufacturers Tyrell corporation I resent that accusation just wondering officer last May I personally sold governor Cole big an exquisite purser on cult I have been a guest at his house on three separate occasions do I look like I need to carry artificial product.

Tell me about this Lucy there's not a lot I can tell you she's only worked for me for a short while she's about 14 years old with pink hair a very attractive young thing how'd you find her she came to me with a reference from Ogilvie's in the North West Zone and he's a very reputable wholesaler you treat her well as well as any young talk should be treated she got a desk or some place where she worked she used to eat over there see if. You can dig up that reference from Ogilvie's yes it's somewhere here just a moment.

Here you stick around I may not be.

Finished with you big caliber possibly.

Offworld combat weaponry ballistics might give me a fix on it I ruined totally rude you got any disks.

From that camera it's irrelevant those murderers also destroyed the camera thousands of jingyan's worth maybe it photographed them before they shot it out hmm I guess you've got a point that I believe this is the disc from last.

Night peachy oh my animals.

Hmm a toy dog how he leads in Chinatown.

I'd eaten there myself a candy bar yuck.

Wow isn't that cute it didn't add up.

Animal murders the lack of any theft the small animals alone were worth a good chunk of change on the street it seemed more like an act of vengeance find.

Anything else out here this woman said she saw that kid who worked for runts in her hanging around with a big fat guy last week find anything else out here this guy lives across the street says he heard a crash late last night looked out his window and saw a black sedan speeding away from the scene find anything else out here zilch Oh ROH actions inside abstract art all over the walls and ceiling.

Mainframe and shooting range violent street crime in the city rose again last year by a whopping 26 percent according to the latest figures from the Department of Justice governor Kovac attributed the change to the dramatic increase in the number of specials registered as city residents and promised a tough new set of standards for the city immigration bureau by next month old copies of Case.

Files notices and memos the usual station junk uploading personal clue.

Database downloading mainframe clue.

Database clue database transfer complete.

Run set a crime scene.

Hello there Lucy give me a hard copy of that it's some kind of insect give me a.

Hard copy of that.

A sushi menu from Howie Lee's give me a.

Hard copy of that run set her crime.

Scene he looks familiar.

Give me a hard copy of that hmm muddy.

Boots guess he's from out of town give me a hard copy of that a black ground.

Car looks like it's been around the block a few times give me a hard copy of that.

Local license plate give me a hard copy of that.

Laboratory got anything new for me Dino.

I was wondering when you'd show your mug around him because the shell casings from run siddhis should be in the Museum of military history how's that they're from an Ender rifle it's standard-issue offworld military hardware heavy caliber that puppy can punch right through a tank what can I conclude from that whether use this piece didn't just walk into their local sporting goods store and buy it those babies are collectibles and they ain't cheap anything else we got the. Animal corpses from run sitters but there wasn't a whole lot to work with bone marrow about 50% were real the rest were fakes so run sitter was ripping his customers off state-of-the-art fakes miles beyond the crap you see on an award rope the kind that comes from legit manufacturers they're the ones that usually produce equality what about the wounds most of them were shot point-blank but we're looking at some others sloppy cuts with a knife like the perp was really pissed off at something but your knife could be but who cuts meat anymore nice bunch of wraps I'm tailing hope you're not pulling a meat cleaver out of my back next week anything else that black paint you found on the fire hydrant it's from a groundcar you sure the angle of impact was almost head-on and there ain't too many spinner drivers klutzy enough to smack a street-level hydroton VTOL mode I heard your wife got her license back huh you're a real funny guy look boy anything else a piece of chrome you found outside of run Siddhas is from a 1995 Pontiac nice set of wheels it's okay now what I call it classic anything else zip man try me later.


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