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Saints Row Walkthrough Part 1 No Commentary

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Saints Row Walkthrough Part 1

Saints Row Playthrough Part 1

Saints Row Let's Play Part 1

Saints Row Ending Final Boss

Saints Row 4 Gameplay

Xbox 360


Saints Row 4 Walkthrough Part 1

Saints Row 4 Playthrough Part 1

Saints Row 4 Let's Play Part 1

Saints Row 4 Ending Final Boss Battle




The protagonist, who is never referred to by name, begins the game in the fictional metropolis Stilwater, which is based on cities such as Detroit and Chicago, in the middle of a gang war between several gang factions. Though he attempts to maintain distance, he witnesses a fight amongst the three major gangs, namely the Vice Kings, Los Carnales, and the Westside Rollerz. Members from one of the gangs attempt to gun him down, but the 3rd Street Saints, led by Julius Little, step in and save him. Julius informs the player that he formed the Saints to bring down the other three gangs with the goal of returning peace to the streets. After proving himself to the Saints, the player is initiated into the gang and asked to assist them in taking over the city. The player, over the course of the game, assists in several missions and stronghold takeovers directed against each rival gang in turn, slowly bringing the entire city under control by the Saints.

The first part of the game has the player working with another member of the Saints, Johnny Gat, and his girlfriend, popular R&B singer Aisha, to bring down the Vice Kings, who control most of the Stilwater's entertainment. They successfully target several of their interests, but eventually Johnny is captured by the VKs' enforcer Anthony Green. The player then kills Green and saves Johnny. However, Johnny is injured in the process and needs to use a leg brace afterwards. Later, Vice Kings second-in-command Warren Williams leads a coup against the leader Benjamin King, and King is forced to flee. On Julius' orders, the player saves King and attacks Williams, who is later killed by the Kings' prostitution manager Tanya Winters. The player and Gat, with King as their ally, attack the gang's headquarters where King kills Winters, bringing an end to the Vice Kings.

The next section of the game sees the player and Saints member Dexter Jackson working against Los Carnales gang, who deal in arms and drugs. Several LC drug labs are hit and the player eventually assassinates their leader, Hector Lopez. Hector's younger brother Angelo takes charge and orders an attack on the Saints hideout, but they are unsuccessful, and the player kills the Carnales' enforcer Victor Rodriguez. Eventually, the Saints work out a deal with the Carnales liaison Manuel Orijuela, who gives up Angelo's location. The player and Dex attack it and Angelo is forced to flee by plane, which the player destroys, killing Angelo and terminating Los Carnales.

In the final act, Saints member Lin disguises herself as a member of the street racing Westside Rollerz, and gives the player tips from within the gang. The two of them sabotage several of the Rollerz interests, but eventually Lin is found out. She is shot and stuffed into her car trunk with the player by Rollerz financer William Sharp, who then pushes the car into the water. Lin sacrifices herself so that the player can escape and kill Sharp in a car chase. Eventually, Sharp's nephew and Rollerz leader Joseph Price lead an unsuccessful attack on the Saints hideout and fails, resulting in the player killing Price in a car chase.

The game appears to be at an end when the player receives a call from Julius, who tells the player that he is the new second-in-command. However, he implies that he is about to be arrested by corrupt cops, who were waiting for the gang wars to end before they made their move against the Saints. At this point, other members of the Saints turn to the player for their orders. This is followed by a shortened version of the credits, which features only the voice actors in the game, after which the player can engage in three epilogue missions, which involve attacking the Stilwater's mayor and chief of police in order to free Julius from prison. Once this is complete, the player is invited to the private yacht of Alderman Richard Hughes, the only other candidate for mayor in the upcoming election. Hughes thanks the player for eradicating his political rival for him, and states that he is planning to use his mayoral power to destroy the Saints. Before the player can respond to Hughes' ultimatum, a bomb can be heard beeping and the yacht explodes, killing Hughes and his men, and seemingly killing the player, leading to the events of Saints Row 2.

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Oh. Watch yo hey man this shit cost you six.

Hundred dollars in the stove oh whatever watches I could show you a good ten man.

Fuck the broilers levar you're gonna let those bitches disrespect us see what you think.

Fuck you think you're doing just being a civic-minded is all that's so yeah some dumbass cracker went and shit all over this wall we just cleaning it up Hector.

Says buenas noches.

Wrong time wrong place dog you okay.

Blair Julius let's move.

That don't look so bad you should be fine that's Troy you can thank him later hey there Owen safe no more son we got gangs fighting over shit that ain't theirs and you in the way they don't care if you represent or not Julius this is no time to recruit we need all the help we can get son no we need to get our asses out of here in a minute look the rows not a problem come to the churchmen you want to be a part of the solution.

Every motherfucker here knows what we need to do those bitch should be riding around here thinking they own these streets I don't care what Flags they flying rollers Carnales Vice Kings no one's making this nigga scared to walk the road we bout to lock this shit down right now yeah who the fuck's this guy.

Troy and I found it you gonna see if he'll ride with us Julius V wants to run with the Saints he got to be canonized hey he's right Julius everyone had to do it you ready for this player we can solve.


You earned your colors today that's some impressive shit the only other seen who kicked ass like that was Johnny shit took me half the time welcome to the 3rd Street States. Let's get down to business if we're serious about taking back the row we gotta let those motherfuckers know what time it is you break it down and it's all about respect get enough of it they're gonna back off and we're gonna move right on in we got some friends in town I could use some help give him a hand of course you can always drop any mother for the fly on the wrong flag so long as word gets out that the Saints is on the roll I don't give a damn how you do it you feel me.

Dog you don't need my help all right man time for you to buy a piece.

And demands quality firepower.

Don't you go waving this around like a cat gun here me.

Alright man what do you say we take that peace and clean up the rope.


Forget they'll cover up everything.

Amen now that everything's taken care of can you drop me off at freckle bitches I'm jonesing for a fun day.

Good wordplay Brewers has gotten up the same thing bullshit now we're gonna like I ripped out.


What's going on bro Julius called I said you might be stopping by look you looking for something something cuz if so I can get paid over to give you a ride yeah I didn't think so look brother I gotta be honest I'm trying to get a business started here but right now the only hope I get is so funny blind motherfuckers turn her down now you could bring me back some of them fine bitches were turnin tricks to other pimps I'd be able to start seeing some real money but I ain't asking for something for nothing I mean you help me out I'll cut you in on what the bitches make and I'll spread the word that the Saints not a real deal.

Don't push me bitch you don't need teeth to fuck you up I.

Don't have too many of the old school.

Today you're on scissor.

Scissors what a 1.69 Jack Armstrong.


Not kill us please.

The news now from the eighty-nine point.

CA newsroom here's Jeff Booher is an old liquor stores being used as the chronometer now once you go over there and check it out

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