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Tomb Raider 3 Gold - The Lost Artifact Walkthrough [No Meds] Level 4 | Sleeping with the Fishes

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Tomb Raider 3 Gold - The Lost Artifact (TR3 Expansion) No Meds Walkthrough and Gameplay.

Key Moments: (* = dropped by an enemy)

0:40 - [Harpoons]

0:50 - [Flares]

2:15 - [Harpoons]

3:10 - [3xSShells, Harpoons]

4:00 - [SMP]

4:15 - [MP5Ammo]

4:40 - [UziAmmo]

4:50 - [2xHarpoons]

5:15 - (Secret) [2xLMP, Harpoons]

5:45 - [MP5Ammo*]

5:55 - [SMP, Harpoons]

6:30 - [Harpoons, Flares]

7:15 - [SMP]

8:15 - [Rocket]

8:30 - [Grenades]

8:45 - [SMP]

8:45 - Circuit Bulb (Blue)

9:20 - [Flares]

9:20 - Circuit Bulb (Yellow)

9:50 - Use Circuit Builb (Yellow, Blue)

10:10 - [2xHarpoons, LMP]

10:40 - [Harpoons]

10:55 - (Secret)

11:05 - [SShells]

11:25 - [2xHarpoons, SMP]

11:45 - [Flares]

12:00 - [Desert Eagle, 2xDEAmmo]

13:55 - [SMP, Flares]

14:10 - [Harpoons]

15:00 - [SMP, Rocket]

17:10 - [Harpoons]

18:00 - [Harpoons]

19:05 - (Secret) [Grenade Launcher, Grenades, LMP]

19:50 - Mutant Sample (Blue)

20:00 - Mutant Sample (Red)

20:40 - Use Mutant Sample (Red)

20:50 - Use Mutant Sample (Blue)

21:15 - [UziAmmo]

22:00 - [Rocket, Grenades, SMP*]

22:25 - Hand Of Rathmore

23:20 - [UziAmmo]





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So basically to get around this section where I just screwed up well the guy was spawned so that's good.

What's up everybody welcome back the Tomb Raider the lost artifact today we are in sleeping with the fishes so let's go do that let's go wait for this extremely long load screen and there it is we're back in the game ok so we start this level basing the locker guess Lara Croft's putting on some clothes unfortunately we didn't get to see that but over here before you leave there is some harpoons let's grab those and then go through here and before we leave go straight there's actually some flares right here if you want them I guess you can pick them up so let's grab those things and then inside the window you can see me there in the left side there's a frogman and some pickups we're gonna go grab all that stuff but we got to get there first alright so inside of here there's two directions that direction leads to a door you cannot open it looks like you can open it by standing in front of it and using the action button but you cannot so don't even try this is the way you want to go and I'm gonna go ahead and select my mp5 because we got dudes to blow away with it now there's a bunch of other doors around here at least they look like doors they're not actual game doors if you know what I'm saying yeah there's there's a lot of swimming in this by the way so we're going to get used to that I guess so inside of here is where I'm gonna find the dude that I want to shoot up with this thing if he ever comes around the corner there is he shot his gun but he missed completely we'll just stay here and wait and destroy him and the next we will go over around this pool and turn this valve this is what's gonna open the door that we saw earlier and that's actually the right way to go but before we go that way we got some pickups and two grabs so now you can't get up here by the way that's what the door is gonna do is gonna get you up there but these slopes won't let you get up to the top there but you open the door you can get up there so first of all let's go into the water and let's go find some secrets okay now in the water there are a couple pickups right over here in this open area you'll find some harpoons so we'll snag those things and then we will head over here to the left as you leave that area you'll find this cage right there and also on this side you'll find an the one that doesn't have the cage you can actually swim up in here and on the wall you'll find a lever let's pull this thing but be mindful this is going to uh well I say spawn but he actually just kind of activates the frogmen right there and he's gonna come in the water and we gotta fight him so you can either you know use the gun or you can climb out whatever you feel like doing I think it's funner for me to just kind of swim underwater and shoot him up it takes four shots usually to do them and that's all you need to do or you can get out and shooting with the gun if you if you'd like he shot me once though that bastard whatever we'll have to live with it alright so this is that room that we saw before with all the pickup's we got some shotgun shells and the harpoons there so let's grab this stuff there is a lot of swimming in this and it's actually uh kind of one of the more difficult levels to get through with the with no med packs it's possible and I will be doing that but just so you know it it's kind of if you with all these frogmen everywhere there's no there's not really any force damage though that's it's all just like battle damage alright leaving the same way I came I'm going back to this pool area and I'm going to swim out I believe on this side right yes sweet so here's the way that I.

Came taking the right all this is just back at the beginning of the level and here's the door that I opened with a valve a little bit ago and I'm gonna go to the left and pick up a small med pack so let's snag this and continue on now.

That's the dude that I killed before he doesn't drop anything continue around this section there's nothing up here except for this mp5 pickup so we can kill dudes faster with more ammo now let's slide into the water and you'll be kind of stuck down here but there is a lever right here it's gonna open up this gate now that when I gate opens it's also gonna spawn two frogmen and you can fight them but I'm going to actually swim up here okay this is I'm avoiding them right now I'm pick up some easy ammo swim to the right this is gonna lead me to a secret okay you don't have to do this you can actually just fight the frogmen if you'd like but I'm gonna try to avoid them actually completely here is a pickup for some harpoon ammo right there and right here and then we want to swim out into this open area now there is a current that's gonna pretty much suck you over into this opening and that's the only way you can go anyway from what I can tell will swim down this little opening and then to the left there are two ways to go we'll go to the left first this is going to give us the secret that we came here for it contains two large med packs and a pickup for some harpoons the other med pack is right behind me I'll grab it here in a second there it is now let's get back in the water we're gonna go and swim to the other side now and this is gonna give us get us out of here because we can't swim back as that current so we got to go this way I'm gonna go ahead and grab the rocket launcher haven't used it yeah I got five shots I might as well blow some dudes up with it beautiful let's go ahead and grab some mp5 ammo fall in the water now let fall the water right here at the end because there are a couple more pickups to grab here so there's a small med pack and there is the our pens and that's all that's in here now the frogmen are still in the water but you can can you can avoid them completely you may even be may even I get attacked at all by them I'm gonna oh well there's one I realized she's gonna be right there that's fine he's gonna shoot me okay I need to pull out a gun really fast and blow em away let's use the Uzis right to the farm oh don't hit me no I don't see the guy Laura doesn't see the guy oh she sees the guy alright so he did a little bit of damage there's one more in the water but I'm not gonna worry about him here's some harpoons okay and now harpoons are kind of hard to see if you haven't noticed and right here is a pickup for flares there's also a button that's gonna open up a gate underwater we didn't get to see the gate because I went straight for the secret but we can go down there and we'll see that here soon so that's not although there's another pickup in this area it's actually behind these boxes and it also turns that annoying alarm off so make sure you get over here do this if you don't like the alarm we got to pull this box out once and then we got to push this box out once and that will give us the opening we need to grab the small med pack that's inside up here and turn the alarm off oh yes I'm not sure what that other noise is that I don't know it sounds like a bug to me I guess okay so we got the gala pickups we opened the gate let's fall in the water and find the gate there it is right there so there's nothing else in this area so it can continue through all this Azaria that I've been in by the way I mean I was here I kind of just went straight from the secret now this one also sucks you up which means that this is a point of no return you cannot go back so if you missed the first secret you might want to reload the level okay now we're in another area and I'm gonna pause it real quick because I don't want to run out of air while I'm trying to explain this now that area that I just bypassed you can swim up there if you need air there's air there I'm gonna actually bypassed for now and I'm going to go get some pickups and get ready to just go in there because I I need the there's a couple other air spots here too and we need a couple pickups before we go into that section anyway so that's why I'm leaving it first okay so enough talking let's do the game swim up here there is a rocket pickup right here and then if. We continue to swim up to the top of this golden dome there's also some grenades now there are also some other pickups around this area I'm trying to do this in the limited amount of time I have because my breath is so low I don't have a whole lot of time so I'm gonna go ahead and swim straight main keno keeping up toward the top because there is an opening right here that we got to get into that has air let's pull ourselves up and grab the small med pack but more importantly behind this we do a backflip we'll land perfectly on the thing anyway there is this other pickup and this is a circuit something or other circuit bulb so this is what we need to when we get into that one section but that's not the only one we got to get another one so my role fall in the water and I'm going to swim over to this side now I'm looking for an opening it's actually up a little bit right up here so we're looking for this brown stuff right here looks like I missed the mark but here it is and there's the some flares and the other circuit bulb that we need so they're kind of well hidden I mean it was really kind of difficult to find that opening in the top and this little opening is a little bit more obvious but not not as much there's one more pick up in the water if we will get that later for now we're gonna actually go inside of this little submersible thing to use the items alright so pull myself out over here to the right well first of all let me get some bearings in here we have where the bulbs are gonna go so I'll go ahead and put those in first there are the harpoons there's a couple other pickups to do in this section so bear with me we'll get this done using both of these circuit bulbs is gonna open up a door that I didn't show you earlier but if you pay attention there's also something to the right I don't know if you saw it or not I did cancel that I tried that I was gonna like let us say if it would have let me but here's some harpoons and then back behind here we'll find small panes and the large medpac now we have the things.

Let's dive into the water now there's frogmen that have spawned since we use the circuit bulbs now our goal is to go straight over to we want to follow the lights basically these little light bulbs that are in the floor here follow these they'll take you to the door but you don't want to go through the door for now instead I'm gonna swim down I'm going to grab the harpoons that are down on the water now there's no nothing else in this area I'm gonna cancel that view because I want to look over here there's an opening right here that I want to go through I don't want to go through the obvious opening I wanna go through this one because this is gonna lead me to a secret yes a secret so if you want the secret that's it just turn around because this isn't gonna lead you anywhere else but this is a secret and it's a dead end basically now I got to be careful here because as soon as you pick up these shotgun shells this little UFO or submersible thing is gonna swim through the water and it will kill you now I'm not gonna follow it I'm gonna swim down and into that little hole and up here so that way I can get some air and also get some pickups inside up here we will find our Poon's small med pack and I believe some more harpoons after that yes sir that is everything all right so now that we have this it's not that's not the end of the secret there's actually some other stuff in here we're gonna get so the reason why we had to dodge really dodge that that UFO thing or they understand wonder why our submersible thing is because it broke out a wall by the way there's some flares here that I missed because I was running out of air it broke a wall so we can actually swim underneath the thing and into this larger open area and this is kind of nice because this contains the desert eagle yeah the most / powerful overpowered gun in the Tomb Raider series and Tomb Raider 3 has now been claimed and we have some also two.

Pickups worth of ammo for it which is nice and up here we'll have some air if you need it and that's it I wasn't able to find anything else in this section so we now we got to leave we I go back the same way we came so there's to the Frog man I'm just gonna avoid them I really don't need to fight them we're gonna go into another section where they can't go anyway so I'll just I'll just leave them alone now they do tend to do some damage if they're in particular spots like if they're at the end of this they usually get a lot of damage off on me so it's kind of risky not to kill them all he is at the end of this thing but you can immediately swim to the right just do a big circle and go into this area and he won't even know now in here you'll get sucked up to the top as well and you can't they can't follow you you're pretty much in this area and by the way if you think it's the first two secrets you can't go back to get them you're stuck in this area you need to reload if you want the secrets okay so I'm gonna pull myself out of the water there is another opening down there where you can swim however we gotta good to go do this first now this one was kind of peculiar I wasn't yeah remember when I first played this I didn't know what to do you can watch explosions if you're not sure how I reacted to this but I was pretty upset like I never saw this before on a 2 meter game you have to stand here and Ellie and there might be another way to do it but this is the way that I found and I couldn't find any other way to do it but stand here to shoot your guns he finally comes out and. He opens the door for you so well I've got bigger guns they can use against him he doesn't realize that though he's dead now let's grab a small med pack and some flares that are in this room there's also a pickup for some harpoons there's harpoons everywhere in this level but you're gonna be using them avoid the center here if because that that thing will break and you'll fall into the water you can get back I'm just saying that you know if you don't want to fall into water can't be kind of a waste of time I'm gonna push that button and I'll go over here and pick up the harpoons that I mentioned before and then I'm gonna go into back out of this room we're gonna fall in that hole here soon just not yet so these doors are. What open when I press the button inside of the control room now that that's done we can go in here and turn these two valve hand wheels I guess and they're gonna open up some doors that are underwater in the area that I said you could swim to but you really couldn't do much so that's one door open come on.

That's door to open okay and they say.

Spawn these weird-looking sea creatures I believe they are mutated from whatever mutated whatever mutates guys in 2 meter 3 I'm that crystal or an artifact alien.

Artifact or whatever but anyway I found some pickups here one of one of those included a rocket so I got my rocket back from blowing that guy in the face okay we are done in this section let's go ahead and fall in the water I'm gonna go ahead and grab by harpoon gun so that way I can kill these guys that are in the water I'll explain some tactics to avoid some damage to and fight them you want to be behind them that's just usually the general 2-meter strategy is just to be behind your enemy so yeah just don't be afraid they have a really really really slow turn radius or they sit turn slowly so they take a lot more shots than their Trotman counterparts so just be mindful that there are two in here as well I'm trying to find the second the second one but I don't know is that so he's gonna chase me around I'm just gonna kind of do a circle and try to get behind him there we go I hear the other one I don't know where he is I kind of need air here soon well there he is see him so once again I'm just gonna get.

Behind them and try to kill him Wow I missed a bunch okay I need air though so I'm gonna go ahead and I'm not gonna swim up there to get air I'm gonna actually swim over this direction this is a little bit better because if the if the thing follows you I'm gonna run out of life running out of life around live route okay we good if he follows you in here you can just pull out and shoot him with your gun so but he probably it takes a little longer so I'm just gonna rely on the harpoon for time sake all right so I still got a little bit a life left so that's one of the reasons why this is kind of hard to use because he run out of air we're not smart about it so takes a lot of life away pretty quickly too anyway let's go ahead and show this enemy only because I don't want to deal with him I gotta fight another one here soon he's dead I might need to release that last one though I want her to reload her gun because she only has four shots in each clip and this is the only gun she has to reload in the entire game which is annoying I mean I don't have time to reload I'm in under water I'm timed and what were they thinking like if any gun needed to be reloaded it would be the pistols like you know in my opinion that'd be like it's unlimited ammo so you know if you wanted to kind of nerve him a little bit make have a reload time but I don't know anyway there's some pickups in here let's go ahead and wrap those and there's also a secret we'll make sure we grab that too so over here near the entrance to this area not where I fell though up above don't go through the hole you want to swim up and then over to the right and down I think I really grab those will will dang it I guess I forgot about that but there's another pickup over here we'll grab that get some air and then we'll go get the secret actually I'm gonna go ahead and spawn the guy for the city because I don't actually swim into the secret eye at first I kind of spawned the enemy and then I swim away to fight him I'm gonna go swim right here then I'm gonna swim away because that's the secret right there we're gonna go get that stuff here in a second but for now it's just spawn and dude so I can take them back out here fight them and get some air and then we'll get this stuff.

All right now we'll swim underwater by the way that alarm is not the same alarm I think it's a different one from the one that we turned off earlier I don't know I don't know me in these guys take.

What seven shots is crazy reload your gun alright we're good there now let's go ahead and take we now a let's go get the secret so I didn't go all the way down in here because I didn't that guy will it's a bottleneck he'll attack you as you go through here so avoid that swim all the way down to the end and pick up the grenade launcher we got two weapons in this game in this level that's ridiculous man some grenades and also a large med pack that's what consists of this secret I suppose the secrets actually the grenade launcher you have to pick it up to claim the secret so okay now that we've done that I do need air I do need air so we're gonna go get that oh my gosh I probably gonna run out of air there's a little more life.

We'll still get this we still got this those underwater sea creatures are one of the reasons why I was a you know you know kind of saying that this is a hard level they do a lot of damage when they attack you and there's another one in the future too okay so this is one of the doors I opened that spawned one of those dudes I picked up this mutant sample okay we're gonna need that here soon swim out and then go back into this one over here that it's on the left side pick up another mutant sample and this will take you can see you through this to continue the level okay now we're in.

This section just swim to the left or to the right doesn't matter swim up pull yourself out and there's a dude walking around up in there somewhere we can avoid we can avoid him from now we'll come back and take care of him later but we got some stuff to do so let's stand right here pull the box out right here this is going to uncover one of the stations that we need to access we need to put the mutant sample inside of it so let's go ahead and throw the mutant sample the red mutant sample here on the right side and then we'll go to the left side and throw the other mutant sample into it now the reason why we're doing this I'm not sure how it mutant sample correlates to any of this but we're filling a pool so we can swim into it they get the hand of wrath warm that's basically all there is to it alright so there we go we got both of those in there both mutant samples and then on top of this box well now on top of the I'm sorry underneath of the box the exact opposite of on top we push this out there's the guy right there and you see them we gotta fight him later push this out and we'll find some ooze II am oh I think if you want it grab it and then let's continue through this let's go ahead and take out the desert eagle this sexy sexy weapon we're gonna blow some dude in the face with it unfortunately it takes three shots I think they nerfed it in between two hundred three in this game so they realize how powerful it was try to avoid the damage good good good okay so now I filled this pool this pool would not be filled if you have not used both of the mutant samples you have to go find the mutant samples and use them but before I go down in there to grab the samples I'm gonna pull myself up here because there are some pickups you got a rocket and then right above my right above Laura is there's a small med arc of some grenades sorry the small med pack was actually dropped by that guy so we got to go down there and grab that too I forgot about that so here is the dude. Right there and there's a small med pack alright so now we got that let's go and.

Fall in the water and pick up the hand of Wrath more we're almost at the end this level is a very very short level compared to King Arthur Project grab this thing and then we'll swim through here and we'll find a dolphin oh it's so. Nice it it doesn't attack you but it does push you off this lever it always tries to attack you I guess but I'll pull the lever and if the door doesn't open because you got pushed off of it then swim over the tile again and the door will open okay so I basically opened the door giving access to myself for that one dude I'm gonna swim to the other side here though I'm gonna blown away he's the last enemy in this level so we've got this in the bag pretty much let's take this out and he's dead sweet let's move on he only took two chefs from the deagle the desert eagle and we're gonna go get one more pickup one more pickup guys and we'll be done we'll be done with this level this video all that stuff alright so here is some. Ooze e ammo and that's it that's it that's it we're done with the pickups swimming I haven't missed anything I may have but that whale noise is also made by the dolphin I didn't I don't think that usually make those kind of noises though but swim up and into here if you.

Do a dive you learn the level it's just kind of a fancy way to do it but there you guys have it sleeping with the fishes is now complete I did it in 23 minutes and I use no health packs got all the secrets so thank you very much for watching tomb raider 3 the lost artifact on badass games and I'll see you guys next time take it easy

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