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Lego City Tour / Walkthrough : January 1st 2016

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Fairey is going hey what's up YouTube.

It's a fall man and I'm bringing a update for the 1st of the month and as you can see here we have a car show setup got a bunch of custom and modified cars lined up here for a little car show of course we have the Star Wars movie coming out and r2d2 is tired of this little droid rolling around getting all the credit for being so quick with the rolling so he has jumped in one of the Jurassic world pods so he's about to run him over walk to me snap some photos I haven't. Finished the gold shop yet it's pretty much just in the same way we'll kind of do a little overview some reason get somebody working on top of the movie theater there looks like Hawkeye is up there too so just give a broad overview the city for you guys who haven't seen it before I did put that movie poster back there I think that looks pretty good actually I have a friend who has his own sign company and what I want him to do is I haven't talked to him about it but I think he'll do it for me pretty cheap it's just making like the background of that movie poster from the lego movie you can get bigger versions of that online and is having put it from like that wall all the way over to there so be just a background of blue and Lego skyscrapers I think that's going to look pretty good just to kind of clean it up I know my ugly colour is not real great I did finish the roof on the new.

Skyscraper it's kind of bright huh and Syd I do want to start add one more level to sik tower make this one one taller this doesn't look tall enough with just two and I can go one more so I've I think I have pretty much all the pieces to do that looks like I'm still up there with somebody peeing in the pool and I have finished some of these levels if you guys haven't seen them I'll put them in the car as a playlist that I got like bricks for Chris has got an apartment bricks are I got an apartment and I got a couple other ones that are up in there done so you can check those out but here is the new skyscraper a fall towers and it did put the batwing in there that little pie bag so you got Batman standing up there I just put some friends minifigs I do have the gym there obviously did a video on that and the basketball courts at the bottom I should put me and bricks are down there playing a little bball you guys missed it I did go down to Brooks ours basement last week I spent about five six days at his house and we play basketball I shall bunch of different videos and I'll put those in the description or you can just find them all up on my channel but so what I did here is I just kind of I didn't have enough of those white slopes to do what I needed you know I didn't have any corner ones so I knew I was just going to have to do something so I went about half way in and then up I think it could use maybe some more trans clear pieces on the sides I just kind of I was using what I had I think that looks pretty sharp I did see you pictures of skyscrapers like that I was kind of looking to see and as you can see I have added that third floor which I did that last update but you know that fire brigade really doesn't even look that tall next to that skyscraper and do still have the ferris wheel here and though some people don't like it there you know I think I like it I'm leaving it there and I do though want to put a mountain back here so that's my plan at least like probably about right there with a wall just do a mountain right back there just so that I can run the train under it build some maybe even you know some houses back there on top of that it's coming I was envisioning hopefully I'll be able to obtain the pieces to accomplish that so look forward to that this can be a future project it's going to be hard to get back there and work so that's going to be another challenge of my to rearrange these buildings coming over here didn't really change too much up down here looks like bricks for Chris's clothes another deal with Jane do have hand bricks are obviously just got done play a little bball and now we're watching our wives get some exercise both of our wives have got the Fitbit HR so they're kind of competing on their steps every day well me and brick saw are just competing on eating some icecream we got pretty much all the exercise we could handle playing a little bball together and it weighs not let's see I. Don't think I did too much over here so he's getting arrested back here and obviously I it's the first so I haven't got the brick bank yet I'm actually probably gonna run up to the Lego store later today it's obviously already past midnight and I'm trying to pick it up and I'll move the pet shop put it right there once I get it built I think that's going to look good townhouses Bank and I still haven't decided what I'm gonna do with the pet shop make it too wide or just make it taller or just do something completely different with the other one I haven't even taken out of the box yet and then come over here yep bricks Down Under chillin over there and.

Haven't done anything over here I don't think I had anything dusted as I mentioned I was gone for a while so pretty much the city just sat empty I haven't done anything over here like I kind of talked about doing a rally track that will probably have to come after I build the new bank and all the other new sets are coming out I really want to get my hands on those since I finished the roof on the skyscraper obviously I brought down the crane the head up there and here's my house looks like we got just a bunch of motorcycle accidents do you have the snow plow out there even though haven't had any snow yet at this point and come over here just the same. Old somehow the City Museum that put over. Here and then here is my bridge you guys don't know I do put the bridge in right there to run the Train I will do that at the end of the video so you can check it out I did get some new whatever you will call them mermaid drawers just to try to organize this a little bit better after being down at Brookes ours I decided I need to organize my Lego I think that's a really cool shot right there with the car show going on I think that looks really good you guys let me know what you think about putting the mountain back there and I think it's going to look good it's just a matter of being able to get all those burps ugly brick.

Pieces and all the different I mean that's going to be expensive to do it but it will give me some more space on the table so I'm looking forward to that and I also I'm really looking forward to getting something back there to make it this kind of blend into like the city just continues to go on to the other side let me go ahead and put the bridge up and then I'll turn the train off a little bit I definitely appreciate you guys watching if you're new to my channel please hit subscribe I'd love to hear your all's feedback any suggestions you have I will show you the beach is still like that that's what the beach looks like I know some of y'all said probably should just get rid of the beach and I mean them it might be something I do you know I was kind of throwing out some ideas last time and I haven't ruled them out I've probably still will do it eventually is put in a table or just connect these tables from here to there and then make it where you know you crawl in to get out there and work so kind of what I'm thinking about let me go higher show you what I was kind of envisioning was maybe this being water or maybe the part I take out being water so that you know it's a little easier not to have like modulars and stuff sitting on it I could connect that road maybe bring it over have that beat the opening there maybe some water maybe some modulars through here you guys let me know it's kind of the struggle of having a lego city always trying to add more as more sets coming out so it's a dilemma when.

You're unless you just have unlimited funds and a large house that you can build in unfortunately I do not have those two things but you guys let me know what you think I'd love to hear your all's feedback make sure you hit the like button if you enjoyed the video and let me know what you guys think about my ideas with adding on with the mountain let me go ahead and turn on the train now so you guys can check it out see you later bye so before I turn the turn I just want to show you my bridge a lot of people always ask you know what is really holding up the bridge basically what it is is this a bunch of Technic bricks and then like Technic liftarms just kind of put up and down there just to kind of give us some support but it it is stronger than sorry than it looks so let's go ahead and turn on the trains if I can fair which ways which here always have trouble with it let's see here we go Bernie is going okay well I.

Guess that's what will end the city tour the train crashed bridge fail make sure.

You guys hit the like button see in the next one No.


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