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Ice Age 2 The Meltdown PC Walkthrough part 4 - The Mud Bog

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This may be one of the most annoying levels. A few years ago, I was frustrated because the Mud Bog seemed difficult but now, all of these levels are easy but still there are some points where you must be cautious.

On Mud Bog Level 2, you must get the correct eggs into the correct nest but watch out for the mother birds territories or you have to get those eggs again from the wrong nest lol...

On Mud Bog Level 3, I suggest you note somewhere the pattern and note the 4 " piggie like " animals with 4 letters or numbers ( I note from 1 to 4, from left to right ). By each round, the pattern grows with one more jump from one of the creatures.

On Mud Bog 4, the large spider can be defeated by hitting him 3-5 times with pebbles when he's ready to charge, but if you want, you may have luck by hitting him when charging through a special attack, if you can...

And for those who are interested, on Mud Bog 5 you'll have to jump very high with that swamp bird at a platform so that you can reach the destination.

A lot of information, but it's very useful. I won't delete it, so as long as this video still stands on YouTube, the info will always remain here, even if it it's spread already through other guides from the Internet...

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