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Syberia II Walkthrough part 2 - Romansburg (Monastery)

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The only solution for Hans to be cured is to be brought to the monastery.

He is brought, the real cure is in the monastery, but it won't come from the priests...

Update December 2014: Found a way to still monetize this video: I deleted the song that was copyrighted and after that, DONE :D

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Excuse me I'm sorry to disturb you uh sir bless it up now my sister what can I. Do for you um my name is Kate Walker and. My train is currently at the station in Romans burg Oh Oh Roman spurred pretty town but not. The kind of town for pretty strangers pretty solitary strangers I don't intend.

To hang around long brother I'm traveling with an old man haunts Laurel burg and ha ha ha Laurel back did you say farl beg my sister you know him no but I know someone else.

Can you hear it is the sweet song of the meddler if only I could catch a glimpse such rare pretty bird fewer they who say in truth they have spied her beauty it is probably seeking some other medal Alma my friend is very ill you know it.

Is God's will God's will what can I do my sister what can I do maybe you could visit him at his bedside oh oh never my sister never I would incur the wrath of our Lord and patriarch ooh I'm looking for someone with a medical background someone who can tend to the sick our patriarch is a remarkable doctor my sister he kills bodies as well as soul you.

Couldn't help me could you please I am but a simple monk you have to go see our patriot yonder in the monastery you say. That I could find someone to help me up there at the monastery yes at the moss tree oh yes I rang at the monastery but. There was no reply maybe they don't want to let me in can you tell me is there another way in there is no other way my sister why won't they let me into the monastery do relax said let's I'm sorry.

The law is hard but it is the law my. Sister what law I don't like questions.

My sister the law is the law is the law I must absolutely find a doctor for my friend I just do the laundry my sister that is all down here there are some doctors and others do the laundry you're not going to make me late do you.

Hear it is the Mara Alba again why would.

You help me I must finish my chores before evensong my sister what is a.

Morula elder a rare bird ha ha. It can never be seen as it is as white as snow they say that when a man sees it his mind clears and his intelligence grows and grows there seem to be a lot.

Of birds around here yes yes but the only one that interests me is the mellah Alba you live in the monastery I suppose that's right my sister are there many of. You up there a few old monks few are. Those who heat the calling in this age tell me what have we got to do to get into the monastery you must pull the rope that rings the bell my sister but not too hard or you will scare the birds don't skip it a monk will show you in thank you um I rang the bell but the monk at the door doesn't seem to want to show me in there are rules rules and traditions to respect here respect what rules what.

Traditions that some people unless worthier than others okay so how does that monk up there make an opinion about my worthiness by just looking at me it is it is not a question. To ask my sister you're telling me that I'm not worthy to enter your monastery I didn't say no I just I just washed that.

In laundry that's all haha yes you did. Say that you implied I wasn't worthy seminar in consensus I don't understand.

Latin Latin take the birds Arisaka Subic hula pico spiritus meadow la harbor you speak Latin then Oh.

Monks Latin pidgin Latin hmm you seem to.

Know the Latin names of birds pretty my hands pretty birds Pecos very dis.

Woodpecker how about a riff accuse rubra. Chula Robin red breast and marula Alba.

White Raven my sister Femina in consu.

Sous women forbidden no right I get it.

Because I'm a woman I'm forbidden access to the monastery and now I understand that's the rule sister I can't change the rules of course brother women are the source of all sin isn't that so I'm going now I'll be back soon what.

Colonel uh uh miss Walker Colonel you.

Don't have one of those whistles for making bird noises among your many treasures here do you a bird call why I sell them by the truckload during the hunting season I've got a whole collection of them I think I've got just what you need somewhere ha ha.

Thanks for all your help colonel the pleasure is all mine miss Walker.



You you.

Can you hear you hear the meddler Alba.

It is calling to me calling to me.


You you.

Hello anybody there uh excuse me what a.

Woman women are expressly prohibited what the devil are you doing here a woman my name is Kate Walker I'm a lawyer from New York excuse me but I.

Absolutely must speak to you and your monks wouldn't let me in Miss Walker your female presence in this dwelling of monastic retreat is unwelcome it is very. Troubling please leave quickly please forgive my slightly Cavalier methods to get to see you Father but my cause is just I assure you I have no need of assurance my girl remember you are here beneath the gaze of the Almighty I have a friend who is really sick in the village I was told that we must all brave the ordeals the Lord sends us my child my friend is named Hans vorel Berg he has devoted his life to making fantastic mechanical machines his otamatone soothe the harsh daily labour of the people of his day and amused them entertained them he's a genius inventor you know an inventor you see the inspiration of. Such people is often called to humility before the marvels of God's own creation I have come to ask the assistance of the. Priests healer in the monastery my friend is very unwell and very old sometimes a body weary of life refuses treatment that is why we here tend to the soul from what element is your friend is suffering a high fever it started with a kind of fit he felt sometimes we have to just accept the inevitable my child and resign ourselves to the call of time you don't understand.

Maybe Hans is old and frail but he has but one desire to continue his journey we have to learn how to meet our faith my child this is God's will my friend. Needs treatment you are the only one for miles around who can give him the care he needs I need a sign from the Almighty or else I can do nothing for your friend I am sorry miss Walker I really need your help father you're our only hope my girl I attend only to extreme cases grave illness and madness but this is an. Extreme case father there is a rule miss Walker you must respect it bring me the imprint of your friends suffering I know what you were telling me I brought the shroud show me my child.

Right we will go search for your friend.

It's our man he's got some Canton what I. Can barely hear you what news have you got I talked to the hotel guys mr. Martin she checked out of our bed last week headed off with Hansbrough Berg how is she seems their health is fine mr. Martin but what her behavior things. Don't beat about the bush captain please look mr. mas and it's like this I'm afraid that miss Walker has been acting how do you say differently.




Did you sleep well my child yes yes thank you how is Hans alas you brought him to us. So late my child I fear we cannot do much we are going to concentrate on tending to his soul what what did you say the man is worn and old his final hour is upon him but that's impossible your friend is dying you must believe me my child please take care of Hans father. Please dormant yourself no longer my girl I will tend to the poor soul can I see him.

No I do not advise it deranged minds are.

Often too addled by evil and you could become contaminated by its sly malevolence look contagion doesn't bother me I've got to talk with him you understand the rules miss Walker remember the rules no one talks to the sink I just can't abandon Hance like that I must see him immediately you hear okay so be it your friend is in the last chamber at the end of the corridor I beseech thee my girl they no heed to the implications of a sick delirious dying man I will wait for you in the chapel when everything is over for the formalities you understand.

Haunts hunts can you hear me Kate where are we don't you worry you're in very good hands we cannot.

Carry on our journey in these conditions hunts you are ill you have to be cared for I I must go Kate Walker I said I'd keep you company until we reach Siberia I brought you. Here to be treated we don't have the time Kate we've got we've got to go to Siberia Kate walk calm down Hans please no no.

Hans we're at the monastery do you remember invalid Elin it is 7:15.

P.m. father is always punctual he never stays at home he always goes to the factory he locks himself in his office and no Hans vil Adeline is where you were born here were in Romans borg valetti lenez miles away we're going to take care of you Alexei find Alexi - Keon of Alexi - Keon.

Off Alexi he has lived with the you calls he can cure me.

Who is Alexi an old monk a friend he. Knows about you call medicine why do you want me to find this monk Alexei Alexei he can treat me Hans do try to be reasonable nobody here can treat you better than the old patriarch Alexy knows you call medicine the old patriarch is an ass so you really think.

This monk can cure you Alexei can cure like the shaman shaman are the right doctors for me it seems. You rate the UCLES for their medicine youko shaman medicine is very strong Hans all that shaman malarkey is nonsense you know that the UCO's know a lot of things Kate Walker a lot of things I'll be back soon okay kid.

Cheese and dry bread yummy.

Hey you like to eavesdrop eavesdrop no I clean and clean that's all I've.

Just spoken to haunts huh and what news do you bring my sister um he spoke to me of one of your brothers named Alexi ah tempest a doctor a room rather a taxi is not of this world my sister so you don't know this Alexi do. You no no omnis homo men - come on you must know.

Where Alexi is ha ha more's Ultima ratio.

Hello father hello my child you really.

Can't do anything for Hans his destiny is not in mortal hands we must pray pray. For his Redemption but Hans has no reason to repent his fever driven outpourings are not those of a holy man Oh far from it Hans barrel burg is not a sinner the pagan fantasies with which he Sully's the air in his delirium are those of a heretic play female pray to save your friend from the sizzling fires of hell you you're a total crackpot you're a fanatic I will talk to Hans you here I talked to Hans yes he seems better it is.

But an illusion my girl his mortality is teetering on the brink I know about these things he told me about a monk who could help him and what monk might that be miss Walker a monk who has spent long years with the you calls that mysterious tribe from the far north ah your friend is clearly very sick my.

Poor child father do you know a man named Alexi to kion off he was a heretic and charlatan he is not worth the breath my girl it seems Hans varberg considers him highly your friend must have lost his marbles but could I just meet the man anyway no Alexei to kion off has left us. A long time ago miss Walker excuse my insistence father but where might I be able to find Alexi to Keyon of it's very important Alexei II took Ian off is dead my girl may his soul rest in peace may his soul rest in peace.

We absolutely must continue our journey we must don't even think about a child mister for albergue is in no fit state Hans Borel Burke is going to see his dream come true you hear me wretched girl his dreams are almost at an end and there is nothing you can do Hans often told me about the mysterious people of the far north the UCLES they are degenerate heathen savages that worship idols and false gods and resist the redemption of the Lord Hans lived among them for a long time they're like a second family to him please dear girl do not let yourself succumb to the quaint temptations of those pagans their only ambition is to wallow in their so-called primitive paradise and all its lecturing best charity remember that those who live far from God doomed themselves to eternal chastisement okay I think I've heard all I need I'm off go my child but weigh the. Consequences of your actions well.

What on earth is that.




I need something else to activate it.

Hmm yeah.

How's it going Kate okay yes what am I.

Doing here it's a long story are we going yet can. You walk hmm I'd like to but don't move Hans I'm.

Going to find a way to get us out of here.



Some kind of symbol.

Hmmm it's kind of steep but with the sled I could slide down the slope.

What Kate Walker let's go yes Kate Walker we must be quick.

You no do not do no you must stay stop them

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