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Runaway: A Road Adventure (Chapter 4 Walkthrough)

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Game Title: Runaway: A Road Adventure

Developer: Pendulo Studios

Publisher: Focus Home Interactive

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Huh you can't deny it it was amazing the helicopter ride well let's just say it was pretty intense Carl I hadn't piloted a plane for years and admit my palms were a bit sweaty but the important thing is that she got us to the part of Arizona where the Hopi people live we thought we'd find more information on the weird crucifix there fortunately I got the crucifix back along with the rest of my stuff when I went into the cabin to save Gena and luckily the girls had all their wardrobe with them so they could lend Gina and me some clothes we knew it would be great to put on clothing better adapted to the part of the desert we were headed for.

Be careful you guys you gals we won't forget you either.

Well we're on our own you got a problem with that being a look of course not silly hey you don't get mad come on let's not waste any time maybe we'll get lucky and run across an axe I doubt it but you never know.

Wait my bootlace came untied I'll catch up with you I'm gonna take a look from up there hey Gina Gina gee no.

Feeling sorry is not the answer hey who are you I didn't hear you come by my poaching no I don't I did of course that's incredible we show me the object this is it my young friend this is but it's not. The way you are holding it in your hair.

Well it sure looks like a key now it is the key to the sacred holy sacred crypt where is right across from our village oh and could you tell me how the sacred key went to you well I think there's something I should tell it's not mine.

Hey he disappeared.

How did he look great I have a good view.

Wow this place looks like something out of a John Ford movie you've got your hotel your Sheriff's Office the typical saloon from the Old West and there's even an old derailed steam-powered locomotive at the end of town wait stop don't shoot who are you.

And what are you doing in my town and put up your hand so I can see him hey hold your horses I've come in peace look my name is Brian I've been lost around here can you help me out well okay I guess you're not lying come in and we can check.

So you say you're lost huh well maybe you can tell me how you got here then well the truth is I'm not totally lost I'm trying to find a Hopi village that used to be inhabited somewhere in this region I came into this town hoping to find information on its exact location hmm the Hopi village are you an archaeologist or something like that no I know nothing about archaeology I need to find it for another reason you don't look like an archeologist to tell you the truth though I suppose they don't all carry whips and wear hats Oh give it a rest please do you know where that Hopi village is or not this may sound strange but the history of this town douglasville is very closely related to the history of that hopi village really in what way please explain well it's kind of a long story okay well here it goes this village was founded by my great-grandfather James Theodore Douglas he was the owner of a gold mine nearby and in the beginning douglasville was nothing more than a mining camp but it grew bit by bit until turning into a flourishing town everyone was prosperous thanks to the huge profits of the mine and my great-grandfather even got the railroad to run through douglasville however something happened that tragically changed the town's fate the mine and the mine shaft just kept growing and growing until one of them the one with the largest vein of gold bumped into something totally unexpected the hopi village really so what happened inevitable the Indians weren't willing to let white men ravage their lands and j.t Douglas wasn't the kind of man who would give up a fortune just because some Indians got in his way so there was a bloodbath it looked pretty bad for the Indians he didn't have much to fight with and a lot of them died but then something amazing changed everything the Hopi tribes medicine man came into douglasville one morning at dawn stood in the middle of town and cast a terrible spell on it the mine and all the white men that might try to take over hope he lands they killed him on the spot but not before the curse took effect what do you mean by that what happened the mine inexplicably ran out of gold overnight and now one more nugget of goal was ever taken out the people in town started to catch a strange disease that the doctor couldn't cure whole families were driven out of douglasville in fear trying to get away from the curse the final straw was when the train derailed and went out of control through the town destroying everything in its path its last obstacle was the douglasville bank which it plowed into like a wild buffalo as you might suspect JT Douglas owned the bank - that's where he was sitting in his fancy read French armchair brought in straight from Paris when 50 tons of iron flattened him once my great-grandfather had died the few people left in town were hot on their heels to get out of douglasville making it a ghost town that's a fascinating story and you say you're the great-granddaughter of this JT Douglas yes I am by the way my name is sushi sushi Douglas and his town is really mine the deed to it has been passed down from generation to generation until reaching me and I was the first person to use it a year and a half ago I came here to live with two friends Kevin and record but after that it was completely abandoned the three of you live here alone no way Wow sushi I can see you're really informed about the history of the region so I bet you can indicate the way to the remains of the Hopi village right well actually I can't the mine was sealed when all that stuff I told you about happened and from the outside I have absolutely no idea how to reach the Hopi village.

So do you think I could get to the Hopi village by going through the mine if you knew the directions to follow through the mine shafts you surely could do you know your way through the mine shafts to reach the Hopi village me not a chance I've never gone into that old mine I thought you might have an old map of the mine no I don't have any maps of it let me think I guess that if a map exists it would be in the town bank probably inside the safe do you really think the mine ran dry because of the Hopi medicine man's curse well I neither believe it nor deny it what I do know is that the mine ran out of gold even though such a thing seemed totally impossible days before not something very normal don't you think could you tell me the whole story of douglasville again well it's kind of a disability however so what would what the final sequence why did Kevin wrecker and you come live out here it was my idea I felt the need for total isolation so I could devote myself to my greatest passion they had similar concerns so here we are so what's your passion computers in the whole world of technology surrounding them I'm pretty good at it you know I'm gonna continue on my search thanks for all your help sushi see you later see ya and good luck.

Let's see way at the end I see a cell and I can't believe my eyes there's a.

Dead body oh man that guy must've been rotting away for a hundred years all.

Right I don't think anyone will need them to light up the stove five nicely.

Whoa the bank sure is a mess I see the.

Locomotive really wrecked the place when it derailed and smashed into the bank I.

Really don't see anything useful though that metallic object could come in handy.

Okay I'll take it.

You I bet this was JT Douglass's desk Biddy.

A big piece of the floor is missing a.

Blunt object must have fallen down and made that hole I don't see why I would want to go in there.

Hi sushi hi Brian how's it going did you find out anything else um I'm working on it you see there's something I want to talk to you about shoot it's about your great-grandfather's mine sure what is it well forget it whatever. It's about the safe in the bank what about it I've been sifting around the ruins of the bank and I didn't find it anywhere yeah well it wasn't on the upper floor I believe it was in the basement of the bank you know to be on the safe side the bad thing is the way into the basement was completely blocked when the locomotive crashed into the building hey there's a dead body inside of a cell in the sheriff's office yeah it's been there for over a century who was it the town doctor apparently he was a drunkard and a kid died because of him he was in jail waiting for his trial when a train derailed don't you think you should take him out and bury him properly well the door was locked and the way I look at it that cell is that closest that guy ever got to a grave I don't think it would do any good to bury him at this point and that cell is kind of like having your own pantheon how could they let him die there in such a cruel way the sheriff had a key to the cell and he also died the day that train derailed legend has it someone warned everyone that the train was speeding toward the town out of control with nobody at the helm the sheriff rode out to where the train was and managed to climb into the driver's cab of the locomotive but a stroke of bad luck made him fall into the boiler the guy was burned up alive and failed to stop a train and as I already told you due to the derailment everyone fled town and nobody even thought about releasing the drunk doctor who had caused the death of a child back up a bit yes I'm gonna continue on my search thanks for all your help sushi see you later see ya and good luck.

Okay let's make a real Clint Eastwood entrance hey how cool an automatic door.

Opening system and they say the Old West was wild and dangerous well well Wow this looks like a botanical cart okay.

Maybe I'll find something let's see what I find here it's a sort of shed stocked.

With a wide range of gardening tools seeds tools chemicals that kind of stuff.

Let's see hey hey pal hi who are you my.

Name is Brian Brian Bosco I'm Kevin but everyone calls me Saturn nice to meet you BB BB those are your initials right I could just tell you go by BB right away it was logical what with your name well to tell you the truth no one's ever caught so tell me BB you planning on moving to these parts have you spoken with sushi about this what kind of artists are you no no I don't plan on staying I'm just passing through oh well that's something unusual isn't it I mean not many people come around here just for the heck of it well I'm trying to find the remains of a Hopi village the old Indian village yeah I've heard of it do you have any idea where exactly it might be located actually I don't which is odd because I'm quite familiar with the area I often go out exploring to find raw materials for my inventions and I've never come across the slightest sign of that hopi village do you know of anyone who could tell me the story of that village hmm let me think I don't know I think sue she may have some documents from her great-grandfather they might mention the Hopi village of course Rutger hasn't got a clue although you never know and Momma dureena could know something that story. About sushi owning douglasville is true then huh oh yes the whole town belonged to her great-grandfather then it was passed down from generation to generation until sue she inherited it from her father I met sushi on the internet through a chat room we got along really well and became friends quite fast when she proposed the idea of moving away to this town to live at peace with our creative spirits well I didn't think twice I haven't met Rutger yet well he's out of town he told me he was going on an expedition in search of plants and roots when you meet him you'll see what a swell guy he is he joined up with us to move out here so he could devote himself fully to his great passion botanical gardening what do you know about mama dorita well I've only seen her on one occasion I got her to give me an appointment to see if she could do something about my lack of inspiration it didn't work according to her I lacked faith but really I didn't think swallowing a live spider bathed in coyote brains was gonna solve my problems thing you're working on is.

Totally interesting this ensemble I assure you it's not one of my best works my inspiration hasn't been up to par lately you know I just don't seem to be getting any ideas listen about the Hopi village I'm looking for yes what is it do you know any descendants of the Hokies that live around here no not a one though yes wait I remember that Rutger told me he found a Hopi Indian in the middle of the desert one day he said it was a very old man covered with wrinkles who claimed to be the last of the Hopi Chiefs but knowing Rutger I wouldn't be surprised if he'd hallucinate at the whole scene this workshops impressive I see that besides an artist you're quite an inventor yes I like to think of myself as a modern-day Leonardo da Vinci I combine art and science in my creations because both combined on my whole raised on ditch I'll let you get back to your work Saturn Oh wha idea.

Let's see how in the world this works whoa hey what have you done get your. Hands off my catapult sorry I didn't know what it was well the next time you don't know what something is don't touch it you wasted a whole unopened bucket of paint damn the day I decided to build that catapult hey chill out dude I won't touch anything else I hope not.

The rubble and dirt are covering up most of the hole I don't think I'll manage to get down to the basement.

It's undoubtedly the bucket of paint I launched with the catapult know I'd get paint all over me anyway it's totally empty and we won't do Saturn any good if I return it to him that way.

This must have been a supply wagon because that's some sort of strap attached to an iron ring at the edge and there are more similar rings at each end of the wagon on both sides I bet the strap passed through all of those rings over the goods to keep them from moving around on those dusty bumpy old roads okay I'll cut right next to.

The iron ring that way I'll get most of the whole strap it must be sick hmm this.

House looks Mexican and there's a huge guy in the doorway I don't know he seems to be keeping guard but he looks like a nice guy I'll go talk to him to see what happens.

Howdy partner what brings you to these parts what do you want from Mama dorita mama dureena no look I'm searching for the remains of a Hopi village I know it was around this area somewhere by the way my name is Bryan an Indian village yeah Hopi to be exact well I reckon there's an old ghost town called Douglas foul and now there's a bunch of hippies living there no I've been through there already douglasville is not the town I'm looking for thanks anyway though well pal I never heard of any other abandoned villages around here do you think mama dorita could help me sorry but I doubt it mama dorita helps people with other types of problems other types of problems yeah she's in contact with the other side the other side you mean she talks to dead people yep and Santeria and she's a healer I'd.

Love to meet her maybe she might know something about the Hopi village no way mama dorita doesn't do that kind of thing look for a good archaeologists pal. Friend what's up good I'd like to see.

Mahmoud arena I told you that can't be she can't help you with your problem pal I'm sorry when you have other troubles that one's mama dorita can fix up don't you hesitate to come around I see you like gum you're always chewing some oh that's not gum it's mint thought you in tabacky I can't resist it you know helps me pass the time what did you do before working for Marmont arena well I don't like to think about my time all I can tell you is that I'm not real proud of some of the things I did luckily mama dorita came into my life like a shining light and gave it all new meaning now my only mission is to serve mama dorita well I'll just go on my way here all right me too.

Wonder what that's for maybe mom and arena has a cat she puts its food there I may be needing this it's made of clay.

Well Wow isn't that unusual it's got a hole in the middle like a doughnut okie dokie I liked it.

Wow that crater is really big geez.

Someone's camping down there right at the edge of the crater I'll go down and see who it is hello.

Hey friend hi.

No it's impossible I can't get him to.

Open the door them who were that damn you know.

Extraterrestrials oh yeah speaking of. Which who are you and what are you doing here are you looking for them like me no no my name is Brian and I'm searching for an old Indian village Ryan you know the meaning of that name what is it I haven't a clue but my name is Joshua and it means liberation that's something to think about isn't it oh yeah that's real interesting I know well now that I think about it they must have sent you here to help make my communication machine work really my friend no one sent me just because you're not conscious of it doesn't mean they didn't bring you here either I'm Way off here or just a few days ago you never would have imagined you'd be here at the foot of this crater right well that is true but it's all because of so I was right see that's how they do things that's something to think about isn't it you. Wouldn't know where I can find the remains of that hopi village I'm looking for wood yeah that Indian village no I don't have the slightest clue but as soon as I communicate telepathically with trevore I can ask these aliens know everything so what brought you here to.

This crater I mean this is not just any crater people just blindly believe whatever those so-called modern scientists hand him they say that the crater was formed by a crashing meteorite that spells you millions and millions of years ago that's a bunch of baloney I see however I know the truth the crater was formed when a tramp Orion ship landed here you know but what you told me when I arrived yeah what what door were you. Referring to when you said you couldn't get them to open it to the dimensional door between Earth and Tramp or that's why they came here that time they landed with their spacecraft they're setting up dimensional balls on hundreds of planets all over the universe and the one on earth is right here a purple treat her food what is the communication machine exactly if all this stuff I have set up on top of the trailer I built it myself and christened it with the name communication machine because I plan on using it to open the dimensional door and come in physical contact with a time podium why did you. Tell me to help you make it run is it broken yeah after getting here and setting everything up I ran into some bad luck it had hardly been running for an hour when the machine ran out of energy and spot working I took off the plate covering the rota and checked out the batteries it makes it spin but I can't find what's wrong the battery looks like it's in one piece I just don't get it all I can tell is that if the rule that doesn't spin he doesn't produce energy and without any energy the Machine is useless hunk of junk.

How can I help you make the communication machine work hmm I'm not sure the thing is we need energy for the machine and the energy is produced when the world has spent how does the machine work exactly basically the machine is a sort of amplifier that can emit sound at a specific frequency it has a keyboard that hatch with seven bodies to play the seven musical mode using my telepathic contacts I have been told there way to activate the dimensional boys to play a combination of five modes at the frequency revealed all the green really fascinating isn't it what's that panel.

Of spotlights behind there for each spot like pools with one of the musical notes when you play the note the matching spotlight turns on but the truth is they don't really do anything what I mean is you don't need them to activate the dimensional door but I saw something like them in a movie and I thought the communication machine look much more hip with them what's that strange device you're wearing on your head you mean my telepathic helmet it's a telepathic empowerment device that multiplies are human beings and empathic abilities two or three thousand who are you that could communicate with trample you got to be careful when you wear this you run the risk of going crazy because a lot of ideas flash through your brain there are millions of telepathic messages people give up all the time without realizing it fortunately I can clearly distinguish telepathic messages from transport and run no risk of losing my marbles well I'll let you get back to work we can talk later whenever you want Kim.

Nice device it's one of those dirt bikes. It'll go just about anywhere that.

Doesn't make hmm yes we can place the strap between the back wheel of the motorcycle and the rotor on the communication machine that way while the wheel is lifted off the ground I can start up the motorcycle and make the spinning wheel turn the rotor providing energy to the communication machine there's just one detail missing I have to join the ends of the strap together to get the invention to work of course.


Yes I came up with an idea to make your communication machine work seriously Matthews excellent explaining me boy look I thought you could place a strap between the back wheel of the motorcycle and the rotor of your machine afterward we wrap up the motorcycles engine and put it into gear the wheel will pull on the strap as it spins in oh yes I understand now great idea young man you're not as dumb as you looked after all just one thing do you have that slap I've got it you put it in place won't you oh yes that is right up on my alley just leave the strap next to the motorcycle and I'll do it in five minutes the thing is right when you talked to me I had just tuned in a telepathic message from Tran Paul that I simply must be cypher before I forget uh as you wish but don't take too long well.

Let's hope he can get the show on the road I'm dying to check whether my idea works.

Oh man.

I see Joshua hasn't put the strap in place yet I'm gonna have to talk to him.

Joshua yes how come you haven't put the strap in place yet look there is one small problem logically I can't put in the strap without taking apart the motorcycle wheel and I can't take apart the motorcycle wheel because I need a number ten ranch which I don't have oh brother now I get it but such an idiot I shouldn't have joined the ends of the strap until I put it on the wheel the bad thing is I can't cut the strap again Andrey staple it since it to be too short what's worse I don't have any staples left ok Joshua don't worry I'll get us a number 10 wrench and bring it to you ok I just use any boy.

Hey Saturn what you Simona me there's.

Something I wanted to ask you if it's in my power to help could you lend me a number-10 wrench sure take it from the set of tools hanging on the wall I'll let you get back to your work Saturn Oh wha idea let's see you're on the left.

Are the wrenches shoot just the one I need is missing the number 10 hey Saturn.

What's Up now BB the number 10 wrench is missing impossible it's gotta be hey wait you're riding I used it before and left it here in my pocket here kid your.

Reflexes are shot you know well don't worry the wrench must be down there in the street you just have to go down and get it yeah thanks man.

I don't see the wrench anywhere oh I'm.

Afraid I figured out where it is it's fallen into that disgusting trough okay who's the sucker that's gonna stick his hand in there sorry but I'll have to.

Find some other way to get that out of there because I am not sticking my hand in.

It's a sanding block Kevin must have dropped it alright better not leave it lying there I'm sure Kevin will be.

Yeah that's a good idea I'll drop the pot on the trough and with a bit of luck the Reg will come flying out I can't tell if it worked from up here I need to go down and check great there's.

That dumb wrench it's finally mine.

Joshua yes I've got the number-10 ranch.

Oh excellent even by the strap I'll take care of it right away but give me five minutes I was just receiving a telepathic message from Tran Paul oh all right whatever okay let's hope Joshua puts my.

Plan into action.

Great now the strap is on.

Joshua yes I see you put that strap on did you see if the invention works sorry we're out of luck the motorcycle doesn't have one drop of gas left just what I needed wait let's not get desperate we can find some gasoline that's what I like to see initiative I know you will get it and with your help I'll achieve my goal.

Hey Saturn what you Simona me there's.

Something I wanted to ask you if it's in my power to help can I take that tank.

You've got over there it's filled with gasoline isn't it yes it's gasoline but I'm afraid I can't give it to you you see when we came to this town we agreed on a set of rules one was that we didn't even want to hear about money nobody buys or sells anything here what we do is use the noble old system of bartering if you want something of mine you have to give me something of yours in exchange if what you want is a loan of something that's not perishable no problem we're just as generous as the next guy but if it's something you can't return because using it means it will disappear well in that case you have to give something in exchange and I don't think I have to tell you that's the way it'll work with that tank of gasoline okay I get it and what might I offer you in exchange for your tank of gas hmm look one thing has occurred to me you could give me a piece of art you've made I love collecting works by other artists you know it's quite enriching I'll let you get back to your work Saturn Oh wha idea polish the stone.

All right I don't want to give it up but maybe I could get Saturn to exchange it for the tank of gas Saturn hey Saturn I brought you a first-rate work of art it's a small sculpture I've carved in stone hmm what does it portray what does it portray well it's it.

Portrays the fragility of mankind in the savage environment that surrounds us oh yeah that's what I thought it's a lovely piece and I hate to lose it but I give it to you in exchange for the tank of gas well I really understand the concept at all and I like it but it seems like an unfinished work like a diamond in the rough work on it a bit more and we'll talk whatever you say you're the big artist shoot it didn't work yeah okay.

Let's see if I can get him to trade it for the take of gas Saturn I fixed up the sculpture of bed and now. I think you're really gonna be delighted with it how's this museum quality huh hmm yes I.

Can distinguish some softer nuances the man has evolved his delicacy and the surrounding environment is apparent but he's trying to camouflage himself by blending in with progress that's the idea you're trying to convey am i right that's exactly it you understand my ideas perfectly so are you interested in it you can have the sculpture and I take your gas tank in no it still appears to be an incomplete work like a house without a roof when you achieve total mastery we'll talk about the deal oh all right that's fine this guy's one hard egg to crack all.

Right I don't want to give it okay let's.

See if I can make the deal this time around Saturn observe my sculpture now.

Thanks to your advice I think I've created a true masterpiece what do you think oh the light the divine elements symbolized by light of course in spite of it all man cannot bear his fragility and needs to create a superior being that gives greater meaning to his existence that is the point isn't it exactly you figured it out do we have a deal hmm do one thing for me place the sculpture in front of the door to the balcony the Sun will become the final element from which man imbibes the light that shelters him uh whatever you say.

Yes truly majestic don't move it that's.

The perfect spot okay then I get the take of gas right yes yes it's yours oh but there's one thing I forgot to tell you that isn't any normal everyday gasoline it's concentrated gasoline that I make myself in order for it to work you have to mix it with water the formula is simple for every liter of water you put in 40 cc's of concentrated gasoline it is vital for the mixture to be exact yeah do you have any measuring tubes to calculate the exact amounts well look there's one small problem my 40cc measuring tube broke the other day and I haven't bought a new one yet but don't worry next to the gas tank there's a one liter bottle and to measuring tubes you can use that to make the mixture if you say so the tank it's.

Finally in the bottle and measuring tubes let's see if I can use them.

I'd rather ask Saturn whether I can have us water.

Hey Saturn what you Simona me there's.

Something I wanted to ask you if it's in my power to help did I take a bit of water from the machine go ahead you can't say no to giving someone water take all you need I'll let you get back to your work Saturn Oh wha idea a right to the mark okay.

Okay I'll fill it right up done.

Okay I'll fill it right up.

Okay alrighty then let's fill that tank.

And see if we can finally implement my plan ready.

I'll tell Joshua the motorcycles prepared.

Joshua yes motorcycle eyes gasps now so let's put the plan in motion stupendous I knew you would not let me down let me tell you what we're going to do I'll take care of starting up the motorcycle as soon as the wheel starts spinning go up to the switch on the communication machine okay yeah sure okay then go stand by the suite it works.

Amazing we did it young man I knew my idea with a strap would work hey it was my idea hey now I need you to.

Help me figure out the combination to open the dimensional door I need you kid tell me now well alright what do I have to do look I discovered that the spot where I achieved the greatest telepathic communication is down there in the middle of the crater I'll go down there and you push the keys for the music or not that way I will receive telepathic signals which will indicate to me whether the combination is correct or not the only thing that you must remember is that the combination is made up of five beaver at law you understand this don't you you cannot repeat the same note price in any combination either got it different sets of notes but without repeating any note twice in a combination of five notes you are one smart little whippersnapper come on time those people are expecting me.

That noise what a trip. There's an intense light covering the center of the crater I can't see Joshua.

But what's going on.

That strange noise stopped in the light disappear I can't by Joshua anywhere I'm going down into that crater to see what happened unbelievable.

The only thing Joshua left behind is that black mark on the ground and his telepathic helmet oh well I don't think we'll be seeing Joshua again I hope wherever he may be he's resting in well that he found what he was looking for all right.

Joshua won't be needing it any longer the truth is.

Wow the communication machine stopped working well I suppose the motorcycle used up all the gas.

Okay I don't think Joshua will care anymore let's see what I find in here yeah.

Oh man this is the mind that killed Gina and right when I was starting to well let's not think about that I've got to concentrate on solving this mystery I owe it to Gina if I could move that.

Stone away from the entrance I might find the Hopi village through the mind that is one big rock I can't get it to budge an inch I think it's an oil camp a bit heavy but.

It looks pretty deep I can't see to the bottom.

Hey Saturn what you Simona me there's.

Something I wanted to ask you if it's in my power to help hey those enormous.

Rocks you use for your stone sculptures how do you manage to bring them here if you have some sort of moving crane no it's much simpler than that I get the help of Oscar mama dorita's disciple he's amazingly strong and can move stones that weigh hundreds of pounds all by himself in exchange for helping me with that I give him menthol chewing tobacco that Rutger whips up for me that big powerhouse just loves to chew tobacco you know how much you get back to your work Saturn Oh wha idea.

Saturn I found the answer to your. Inspirational crisis really what is it it's a helmet that creates ideas it stimulates brain activity in an incredible way you'll see it'll make hundreds of ideas pop into your mind here put it on.

Let's see yeah I can feel something.

Wow I've never felt so amazingly inspired in my whole life I've got to sculpt what will be my greatest work ever I'm going out right now to get the perfect stone thanks Brian I really owe you one.

No problem man and good luck how about that in the end it'll turn out that the helmet actually works anyway I hope Saturn doesn't become like Joshua.

Okay Saturn owes me one anyway it's very light.

Okay ready it's I can't imagine the.

Havoc that locomotive wreaked the day of derailed and annihilated everything in its path reminds me of a model I got for Christmas one year yep it's almost exactly alike there's the smokestack and to the left is a spout where you filled the water tank and further to the left is the whistle next to the engineers cap.

Okay I'll empty the oil can into the tank of the locomotive.

Okay ready.

It's there we go let's fill that tank up.

A bit more okay.

Ready there we go let's fill that okay.


There we go let's fill that tank up a bit.

That's where you poop okay ready.


Yeah these dried tobacco.

There we go let's build that tank up a bit more.

I could try to go in through the hole next to the broken part of the roof but I'd almost rather go up to the side and enter through the window there.

Okay let's see what's in here it has no. Firewood or other fuel inside. Well alright these logs will make first-class fuel.

Yes now it's the time careful there I don't want to burn my hand off okay this.

Is starting to work I'd say it's the one.

That releases water from the tank if the boiler doesn't have enough I think that's the lover that I think the steam.

Isn't coming in because there's that's the wheel used to increase pressure in the boiler okay I'll turn the wheel once I don't want to overdo it with the pressure make the boiler blow apart while I'm in here great now I think.

There's enough pressure.

Yes a burst of steam blasted out I think. With one big leap I can reach the window.

It must have flown out with the steam through the locomotive smokestack and from the look of it I bet I know what key it is I hope the heat from the I hope the.

Locomotive boiler didn't deform it and it still works wonderful it opened right away.

I don't think I'll take it if I carry it around people will think it's me that reeks I should look around anyway though in case there's something I might need.

Hey Oscar what's up good I need your.

Help what can I do for you well it's a huge rock I need move sorry guys oh well I'll.

Just go on my way here all right me too.

That'd be a knot.

Hey Oscar what's up I need your help what can I do for you well it's a huge rock I need moved I already told you I can my regrets I see you like gum you're always chewing some oh that's not gum it's mint thought you and devaki I can't resist it you know helps me pass the time. Well I'll just go on my way here all right me too I suppose a lot of the pain has.

Come off the client I don't smile doctor Marceau's MARAC but tobacco yeah yeah.

But tobacco lead that doesn't make sense. Anyway yeah I don't think it would be a.

Bomb but tobacco lead it sure great idea.

Yes what for. Oscar brought you some of that chewing tobacco you love so much of course partner here you go thanks a.

Lot Brian no sweat man that's what friends are for and we are friends aren't we of course we are I needed that tabacky like a lost man needs water in the Mojave cuz the last shipment Saturn brought me was running out I owe you one now I've got him wrapped around my little finger friend what's up good I.

Need your help what can I do for you well it's a huge rock I need moved well of course doing favors for my friends wonderful let's go so this is the rock I got a move huh yeah must weigh a ton you think you can push it out of the way so I can enter the mine this little marble of course partner piece of cake.

There you go is that okay that's perfect Oscar thanks pal you're strong as an ox no problem I like doing favors for my buddies I'm out of here I gotta mosey back to mama Doritos in case she needs me all right guy thanks a lot and see you around Happy Trails and be careful if you're planning on going down that old mine that Oscar what a.

Nice guy I'm glad he's on my side and not somebody else's okay let's take one.

More peek to see what I can find there's some medical.

Okay let's take advantage of the fact that Saturn's out after all what you don't see can't hurt you here's.

The deal I'll move the statue onto the catapult.

There we go now let's lower down carefully.

Perfect now let's place right where I want it on the catapult all right.

I hope the Statue lands in the same spot is the Paint Bucket let it fly there we go I hope Saturn doesn't miss the statue.

Great just what I was expecting a hole is opened up in the floor leading to the basement of the bank here we go I can. Use the statue as a ladder good I've.

Made it into the basement of the bank which is where the safe is located like sushi said it's locked I'll have to use.

The right combination to open it I can't move that it's running.

Okay let's take one more peek to see what I can find.

Yeah great idea that always works in the movies here we go okay I guess I'll turn.

The dials yes I've got it.

Let's see what I can find inside of this thing well documents and a map of the.

Mine finally I'm excellent the site of the Hopi villages even if I end up having to re-enter the combination I think it would be better to close the safe.

All right I've got everything I need to walk around the mine shafts until I find the Hopi village let's go in I hope I. Get lucky for once

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