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Fortnite: Save the World - Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - Stonewood (PC)

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Fortnite Save the World Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1! Stonewood Gameplay!

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Name: Fortnite

Developer: Epic Games

Publisher: Epic Games

Platforms: Windows PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS

Release Date: July 25, 2017

Website: http://epicgames.com/fortnite/en-US/home


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What is up guys axe got here playing for tonight and I know what you might be thinking Zack you already have a fortnight part one well guess what I'm gonna be doing save the world which is a PvE mode I wanted to test the water of course with the much more popular battle royale mode and it seems to have work I've already done 25 episodes you guys have been amazingly supportive you left over 7,000 likes in the first episode of that series living it with over 200,000 views so I thank you guys so so much for your support I know a lot of you haven't subscribed yet hopefully you can make that transition click the subscribe button join zackscottgames it's gonna be a blast as we play save the world co-op PvE I think I'm just gonna be doing it solo for now maybe we'll bring in more people later on it depends on how this goes so again I like to thank you for being here as we load in I don't know what this mods about I barely knew what the battle royale mode was about when I started but I can learn as I go I wasn't expecting such a long load time so I don't have like a script in front of me of things to say I just say it from the heart and I tried to you know be gracious for your support you guys left you know so many likes throughout the series and I thank you for that.

A strange and powerful evil.

The storm oh that's a lot of people that's more.

Than Thanos at the end of the world.

Here could you can hear me I need your help can barely hear it the music's so loud your fight begins I'm ready to fight here we go I can climb hello home base run it says.

I better get out of here oh my gosh Oh what the heck are there zombies oh there's a vault. It's a B buck oh boy oh boy let me in.

Let me in the BND oh sorry about your arm there I think I just fell down the stairs for tonight.

So this is the save-the-world campaign. Pretty excited about it be honest Thanks.

Drill is any indication we won't last a second in the storm on our own drill. Well that certainly explains the monsters oh my gosh I think you just.

Found our plan B here read you loud and clear we have survivors in danger please hope let's cut to the chase have. You ever considered fighting the forces of evil because we really need a commander and I think you've got what it takes just because I stumbled in here.

Okay I'll put on these is this a viewmaster Ramirez is counting on you to get those survivors to safety hello ray if you can hear me now would be a great time to hurry up copy that weapons and building systems coming online now yeah back in action.

We got a pack of husks dead ahead what's our firepower situation see for yourself.

Lead the way commander okay.

You it's a husk swarm and destroy this is me.

This is me this is just like lay there fortnight except with zombies.

And no bloom I don't know they might be. Blue excellent what's going on over here.

What is this all about now you got a pistol okay what is. Blocking your path destroying it use your pickaxe to take care of the minecart there we go what's your situation out here Ramirez I've been holding down the fort but no more safe for long well we're here to help all right should I destroy anything else like you mean like what's the what's the point of this do I destroy it what do I do how does this game work how does this model work all right. I really truthfully do not know what this mode is all about I try to go to the cave okay and we're probably all about the whoa we'll need to build our way out of.

The cave enter build mode and select stairs uh.

Yeah build it there you go mine I got a trap okay.

And what is this a sword are there no sort we need some crafting materials try.

Matching up some cars and trees okay hold up smashing whatever I can't harvest resources so building and twine. For crafting interesting so this has like building in crafting and all sorts of stuff and I'm not even really fully aware of all right find six nuts and. Bolts from vehicles what I get some root vegetables there's no like okay there's no all right here we go good choice cars.

Are a trusty source of metal nuts and bolts and mechanical parts all right good job good job b4 done inventory.

Click on the gun icon select it and craft ok they get it I did handmade assault rifle Ramirez come in we gotta come back I've marked the location of the fort on your map let's go protect those survivors okay good deal so it's over here right.

Excuse me so it's over here right we're talking about my map is not that intuitive this is the big fort there's a tornado and more husks.


It's time 40 seconds what. Is there bloom in this mode holy cow Quebec.

Alright sure melee melee ability oh gosh.

I don't know I've taken a lot of damage like melee.

All right it seems pretty straightforward we've.

Had allowed who's down what's our status we can't. Find a way out of here soon Rory we've.

Got your back let's play some traps from getting inside oh there we go. All right so traps in front of the door I actually have a lot of traps survivors.

Are holding up good question can't find are we done.

Head inside the bunker okay here we go Ramirez hello everyone hello everyone.

Aha more goodies for me what I just get Oh a rocket launcher heck yeah I'll take that where is the rocket launcher it's my backpack let's use this instead of them maybe the sword how do I switch this out I did it I did it already great there we go I'm getting some.

Seriously weird readings here what's on the other side of that wall no we couldn't nice work there we go that's how it's done can't.

Go and repair this I'm able to improve the building darn it missile or some sort of rocket some sort of rocket actually wait it's the best sort of rocket commander there's a satellite on board if we have a satellite we can guide Ramirez and the survivors back to our home base then let's launch this thing let's just launch it here we go how do I launch this rocket. Doesn't work all right.

I don't know how many I need there we go got three there we go Senate beat back.

Good idea good idea all right go back outside the four. Absolutely isn't a launch off to space.

I'll back that thing up close the door okay hey I'm going I'm going Wow Wow.

What is it oh geez good lord.

Dead holy cow that was absolutely insane.

Hopefully I can stand on these tracks inside hope to worry about dying here.

Now out now.

All right that's awesome right when's the launch of the rocket oh great.

Whoa this is just over to me.

Alright alright we're doing okay we need to be doing a little bit better oh geez what that is that. Good riddance.

I feel like I could do this alone hey don't talk to me dunno I'm fine see.

That's usually you've almost got em all Oh even more come again.

Do i heal over time at all oh you just do it just do it here we go do they have airstrikes in the other game please just right here I don't care.

Can I do another one of those minor strikes not ready they should totally bring airstrikes into a battle royale mode he'll be so cool all right well I'm.

Not gonna happen uh there it's like by then so almost out of bullets a guess.

All right hold on I gotta keep reloading there we go the rocket is launching space force all the way our fourth sitting feet up I.

Know I know but we're launching a rock and we're out of here let's just escape this planet go to Mars or something oh there's a husk on it Oh detached bring.

Me in that wasn't so bad right that was pretty fun so yeah this is kind of an interesting mode right I don't know I guess it's about there thanks to that launch and we can now connect to our very own satellite absolutely good luck I'm sure it's not bad bad it ain't so bad.

Wow that is poop but it's terrible I still I stand corrected Wow but is that what even worse right there in the space - let's deal with that later so this the earth is like engulfed by a storm is that the deal.

It's your home base name oh my gosh uh what's a good I don't.

Really know um let's just call this the gopher hole there we go I'm - gopher missile I added the banner icon standard Battle Royale standard Battle Royale uh let's see what we got here I don't really know there aren't any Gophers here color let's just go with the V buck how about that and my color I mean I had this perfect last time I this is what I use right now default colors okay apply we're good we got the banner edited we're all ready to go.

Thank is this whole level for Lutz yeah open it up I got some guns excellent.

Next okay some wooden floor spikes interesting I got a gift box what's in store for me now Oh 25 what is this.

Armory slide okay okay so this is. Interesting um current main quest see I've never really done this before so let's see we got what's this event road trip oh my gosh I don't even know I don't even know this is too much info there's a road trip quests okay.

Main quests stone wood stone wood this. Is big I don't know like how far I'm gonna go with this it really just depends on how well this series does let's see defense one home base storm shield defense one so let's just start with this right this would be good I think heroes I can even click anything else map oh wow okay so use code what what is this are these.

Real things oh this is like a global chat ignore that how do I turn that off that's not gonna be helpful whatsoever these are lies don't don't go to these sites and use them okay so I'm play now sure let's current main quest let's stick with the main quest right now stone would you guys leave me comments in the comments below to help guide me content okay sure I'll do this so BRB. All right I think I downloaded it now so let's go ahead and go in and do a home base storm shield defense one and so. Establish your storm shield defend your storm shield we got this every loading into it patek yeah yeah we are here we go so let's see what happens here okay this is me okay so okay I'm finally.

Being rescued trooper Ramirez I don't know what these squad bonuses are measured anything like this it's like gadgets I don't have any gadgets so let's just go in for it um I can't really select anything else I don't know what this timer is let's just launch here we go this is all new to me but thankfully you know I can grow with time I can adapt here we go I can't believe it people are still alive out there and we can save them man this could be our thing why are we start they're not gonna save any one doing oh I get it. I have people I'm looking for to look so. What if they're storms and monsters yeah why not.

He doesn't want to do it so I'm kind of liking like fer just like an avatar situation right there's my best side my.

Backside hey robot yeah pap.

And I'm pop these zombies man they like they like popped out of humans or something that you see like the human face on their back they're wearing humans like a hoodie oh my gosh is this. A storm shield oh my gosh there we go.

Gonna love that is that me you're.

Welcome am I like taking over whoa here we go you are now protected by a temporary storm shield but I think I know how to turn this little home base into something incredible a search if we can upgrade and protect it this storm shield to keep you and everyone you rescue safe from the storm and that's where you and your conscription chops come into play you are a talented builder like Frank Lloyd Wright or Bob Bob the Builder all right.

So activate the storm shield shirt uh you know I don't know how much stuff I need to do here I'm just trying to I'm just trying to collect what I can when I can I thought I can jump better than I jump better than the I feel like I'm jumping better than the actual battle royale game storm shield going up holy.

Goodness good deal you can build everything looks.

Good storm shield permissions we don't have the resources to build that quite yet okay well oh my gosh and here's what we do have the time and resources to build all right let's just what I didn't do that let's get started with the basics okay can't build without resources let me send some for you whoa thanks with the airdrop Supply Drop holy cow yes all.

Right true I do want to search everything let me just die let me just tear down as much stuff as I can we're gonna want to put down in walls let's see do we not.

Want to do Oh No we want to do all right what okay no we got we got walls here we go sure metal is the strongest so why did why did not what why did we not just use the strongest I don't know so the mm let me go ahead and just tear.

This down then oh I can't I don't think I can.

Yeah I don't think I can do I don't think I can get rid of this wall now that I have it it's not like the other game so if you know I mean I do want metal honestly there you go let's put metal here and there I wish I hadn't put wood there but whatever it is what it is.

I have enough to put in a lot of metals so there you go now a door all right.

Oh I didn't you know what I didn't even put one in the very front okay let's see.

So oh yeah you know what my key bindings are a little bit different here how do I.

Do it do I not have what it takes not possible I don't understand out a door I mean I don't have I'm so confused okay I got to do it after the fact there we go I did wood again dang it okay whatever you want to build some floors and ceiling why oh I don't need floors all right all right all right all right fine floors and ceilings I know how to do this so I can switch materials.

There we go good enough looks like we.

Could use some traps indeed ceiling and wall trap okay f5 what is this floors what is this this is a trap electric feel they need this then in Battle Royale alright so there's a sealing trap let's switch it up do I only have how do I switch up the traps press T to trap.

Picker a weird okay so this is gonna be.

A wall trap can't it or pick wall trap no there's no difference okay great for.

Slowing down the enemy and they don't get in the way of your bullets okay you select the two top rows and make sure the bottom three panels are selected make sure to select the low piece you removed to make the door now there we go.

Okay I understand so this kind of stays like this okay okay that's pretty broke the airstrike what.

Okay so whatever reason grenades it all the way number six well geez I just pushed it what the heck how come okay how come okay there's a I see the target obviously but why is it number six miss I got it all right so I'm almost ready.

I'm just gonna go ahead and clear this debris out of the way cuz I don't want to trip over it it sound like something I would do is just fall right over this stuff I don't think that's how it came even works that's what would happen to me obviously I would love to have a shotgun can I'm one of those are those gonna be available yet I'm gonna go ahead and clear out everything here don't do not worry about me nope nope you don't say no to me let's see what's this okay again I don't know.

I can break this this is like poking its ugly whatever this part is what is this it's ugly something into my my bubble here yeah well then just wait I'll do it for you there you go so I don't know I really.

Don't know what's going on here now which button was okay so can I make a shotgun I don't have shotgun stuff that's okay let's just start the fight then shall we this looks pretty good we did a pretty low what's the noise close.

The door all right excuse our increasing.

As expected the shields have gone a little flaky let's see if the storm notices I think it did you've got this commander defend your storm shield okay what the. Heck it's a pitcher throwing bones please leave my shield alone oh no where's the shield stop throwing. Balls at me all right.

They really use some shotguns here right just like a tower defense game right.

Nope what don't throw the balls cab do I.

Need to do something with these little spires coming out of the ground he's got a fish on top of them I don't know what that actually was they look kind of fish like right catch.

Don't throw balls you're not an all-star.

Now you dork all right I wish I have to revote.

I think I'm doing pretty good I gotta. Just defend for a couple minutes I don't think there's any bloom on this mode it's like do I get there there should be no no bloom on the battle royale mode this doesn't give everyone the bigger health or something you know I don't know why there's bloom on battle royale mode wow this is a big boy you hungry buddy eat bullets eat lead big oh boy he's been eating a lot.

Of country cooking huh well let me show you what's cooking lady less super clever all right here whoa. Okay I know whoa combat badges I know okay already.

Reloading hate up excuse me don't stand.

Too close to me you guys smell weird and. You're wearing humans like hoodies which is just kind of gross overall maybe slightly against my morals since I am a human I don't know what you guys are maybe you guys aren't human in a way nope not possible whoa whoa still.

Got five thousands of 5,000.

And keep storm above 80%.

All right seven seconds what's gonna happen here guys I'm pretty good with this ow you hit me way to go was that it was that all there was to it victory nice.

All right storm shield team score I got like so much stuff all right I'll take it that's pretty good didn't even need to build anything I they didn't get close go for hole oh wow.

XP again a skill point nice got enough in the gopher hole but it's like a ton of treasure dude oh my gosh keep it coming booth upgrade keep upgrading my loot no just three okay we'll open on the Play screen share helping it up give me some V bucks all. Right we're good we're good Richenda home base sure okay that was interesting see I knew my name you're on IRA's go. For missile so why not let's see hero XP to level heroes and defenders can be found in llamas and by retiring heroes or defenders and I got a. Mini reward llama claim your free reward llama and loot tab okay whoa okay I got a quest open that up what's gonna happen oh I received base Kyle okay I got hundred bucks - right and some XP and a hundred v bucks what'd I get here standard edition rewards founders daily rewards collect additional rewards daily oh my gosh Warpaint Rose team leader pursuit skirmish I mean.

I got a bunch of stuff man oh that's cool I did by the founders edition deluxe yeah thank you.

I did go ahead and buy everything's upgrade llama token trading for an upgrade llama woah XP boost like crazy I'll take it holy cow armory slide I don't even know man okay tank penny basica I don't know what these blue things are all about but I mean I got like a bunch of people here got some guns there's a shotgun copper Crusader what the heck is all this stuff I literally don't know I got some pizza though that's pretty I like pizza oh my gosh how much stuff copper founders revolt what is this super duck deluxe edition sure yeah I bought the full package guys XP boost I don't even know what all this is party XP buff founders chat unlock founders daily rewards okay so much stuff holy cow who is this cutie Jill who's this cutie.

Alright alright join founder room 6d 7f.

I don't know why I'm here limited edition rewards more upgraded allow me I get I'm gonna be so many rewards you I don't even know what to do with all this stuff dude I literally don't know what's going on alright yeah.

Bass is better than anyone else's gopher hole and how the other commanders should be humbled by your very presence bow down sometimes I just get real honest when I'm on the radio okay anyway thanks to my buzz marketing we've got some legendary heroes hoping to join our team all right the heroes you'd like to recruit dude I don't even know man they all look awesome - legendary constructor heroes and one upgradable shotgun fenders ninja bundle thunders. Outlander bundle they all look pretty cool founders soldier bundle that's an assault rifle pistol man I don't even know I only get to pick one I don't even.

Know dude I really don't these guys look awesome and this is a pistol dude I. Don't even know let's go with this sure sure why not all right cool looking good.

Guys quick shot epic upgrade okay holy.

Goodness right now you have enough skill points to unlock a new hero class purchase the constructor leadership note okay going in skill tree one skill Tier one constructor leadership allows constructors to join your hero squads got it so what do they do don't forget.

To keep an eye on your skill points got some skill trees your Maps boosting the power of your home base and earning new powerful gadgets okay okay the shield is.

Up the survivors are safe Ramirez is a ready for action let's see that status reports oh my goodness there's someone's going on maybe try not.

To cry in the war room if the Raider looks like like wow that's entirely right manner we've got multiple storms converging on home base and no idea how to fight back we'll figure dad but luckily I'm sure.

There's something here got anything here we go in case of an. After-hours emergency contact your 24-hour tech support agent tight call.

This an emergency all right I found the location let's get going yeah so the armory is just a super big place I got these guys.

Okay gosh I'm so confused.

Mini reward llama sure got him candy am.

I one of the good guys I hope so alright great back.

Claimed 10. All right sure oh my gosh guys I don't.

Understand everything that's happening but I'm getting so many characters and survivors let's fast-forward this I got.

Like a legendary schematic again guys this is just incredible all right some.

Survivors I don't even know to do all. These schematics guys legendary wall. Launcher what do I get in shoes let's go with a range schematic here locked and loaded what did I get Oh legendaries fist I thought he had one but let's go for a shotgun oh my goodness.

Let's go with that there we go got it. Holy cow this is like multiple-choice like crazy by Gatsby indeed I don't know.

Get Little Red Riding Hood there.

The guide looks very sad these guys are like farmers I'm so happy I got so many.

Survivors I just don't know what it means for my gameplay right now to have all these rewards legendary top for thunderbolt so I that's funny cuz I just got the other shotguns schematic good now it gives me this one I'm just I'm so so confused pound town take it to pound.

Town all right I'm just gonna.

Fast-forward through this cuz okay I got a choice to make again epics wall trap. Schematic here we go this is it another choice.

EPIK wall darts I guess I didn't realize.

That when I click to open this that it would take so long but I gots me another.

Choice to make rarely survive er okay hello dude I like your sunny sunglasses I have to calm sunny geez let's go with the sniper schematic just because another choice.

Epic marksman what is this oh it's a survivor I got like a Maitland male a legendary schematic legendary lead survivor who do we got up in here okay man for that I didn't realize it takes too long guys Rich's a foul.

Another legendary survivor let's do our sealing trap this time this.

Is legendary by the way sealing gas trap there's a couple more.

Left three more left to be precise by.

Gas stations fortune favors the bold rare trap schematic shirt wall launcher. Sure I'm getting so many things I'm having a really really difficult time just keeping them all keeping this all straight in my head so I've seen him before copper haywire storm let's go for the.

Schematic here oh nice I may or may not already have that I don't know all right to left this one in one more.

Great Gatsby let's go Mele this time.

I hope you guys want to see all this stuff because I don't even know what's going on let's go to the spear okay.

Great Gatsby so it should come now is no.

Surprise that a bulk of this episode is going to be focused a hunt just oh my gosh figuring this out and getting a ton of rewards a ton of loot let's do a floor one this time why not.

All right.

Final one I have a guitar okay Ferro all.

Right I mean this stuff is colorful looks good right this is the last one okay another choice.

To make.

I don't know what I'm doing with all this stuff I have a hundred ten cards so their wall trap I guess wall lights but I won't.

Light the place up I don't a little blind of they'll be so bright the bug I can't see ceiling.

I can't believe I'm opening up all this stuff let's do a drought trap I'm opening up all the stuff without fully understanding what it all does yet so we'll have to figure out the system soon all right we're done with that please what in the world do I do with this I don't know let's just take a step back you know what yeah I've already done everything that I can I'm not gonna buy anything yet with feed bucks I get one of these you're free let's just get one alright this stuff.

Looks pretty basic I don't know what you mean but okay there are a lot of cards. So another choice to make legendary. Ninja so I guess I already started with. Two ninjas is that I mean door to I you know whatever let's do brawler Luna okay.

Okay so what is all of this stuff so I have be like these legendary things like for example oh this is what it just now got okay we're we're done for now loot event oh my gosh so these are a hero Ragnarok so these are that guy looks awesome now is this guy only available in I don't know okay.

This is interesting this is kind of like what they do oh my gosh okay Quest's founder quest.

Oh brother of our marine all heroes so.

These are my guys here.

I don't know why I would retire anybody but so because we're Romero's I'm feeling pretty good about Ramirez but I mean we got some legendary people now so how does this work.

Upgrade inspect me she looks pretty cool she does have a level up available this.

Is just overkill I don't know what's going on with all these bonuses.

Man I'm gonna need I'm gonna need a lot of you describing to me what in the world's going on here so I got Gregson dr. Holmes all right he's a doctor.

And I guess I could level these guys up and you know I'm gonna have to just kind of look at this from from a viewpoint of.

You know I'm gonna have to figure out what to do I can't level this guy up that's fine.

I do not know so non dude all the fenders okay backpack so this is my founders quick shot pistol which I have now that's another pistol right here I have a rocket launcher I could I guess replace you know this I guess I could put that there there we go so that's a bit of an upgrade in itself so this is all it's in my backpack right sorted by rating I don't know yeah okay and then the so I can only bring in three weapons right now and I don't I guess I don't exactly have a shotgun like this is here but what is it just not I haven't I'm. Not able to craft it yet I don't if I don't have enough materials to craft it okay so okay I'll start with this pistol which is fine holy cow we sure did a lot did we not oh my goodness I don't even have enough to buy this kind of stuff do I get currency how does this work I don't want to do it I don't want to do it oh wow see I could just straight-up buy like a copper Ranger schematic here a mystery survivor I suppose defender once.

I play this game more I'm gonna start understanding what these materials and stuff is all about oh no no no 15:3. Let's not let's not do that yet maybe soon oh my gosh I can still claim more of these can't I oh my gosh.

Yeah four zero road trip tickets absolutely so I'm just eating more. Upgrade cards or whatever in schematic cards here we go.

A choice to make.

Another legendary hero here's the pitch it's a fork I regret nothing as well.

It's rare gun singer oh yeah that guy looks like a gunslinger doesn't eat.

There we go the first pistol that's interesting that guy looks like he's.

From Karate Kid skull trooper Jonesy alright. Fifteen free of the upgrade you know I would have to do that just later yeah Vee bucks man Vee bucks quests skills armory oh my goodness well so we've done let's go ahead and finish up quest page one then right because we've done the first two let's go ahead and do this and then we'll call it a day an episode all.

Right here we go so there's the okay there's the bubble we're starting the mission everything's looking good the heroes I'm Ramirez still can I upgrade her now level up did I just do it confirm to level up sure there we go I hope that was a wise choice debilitating shot stealing ranged damage applies applies one second of all in our ability increasing damage taken from all sources okay so we're just sticking with Ramirez for now I don't know if I'm supposed to just level four she's level four right she's level four. Or five I think she's loved before okay so I leveled her up a lot I hope that was a wise thing to do and maybe wasn't what.

Are we doing here okay there we go lunch do I have any gadgets yet at a hero squad what the heck is this there's so much stuff oh my gosh okay you know what let's just take it in so low I don't even know if I can have a squad it's like gadgets no God just yet launch this is like overwhelmingly me with information here like I just like open up all these like unlock paths all of these I have all these cards I'm in a neighborhood this pistol all right so.

This pistol is interesting in the sense that uh can I search this and then since that it's like rapid-fire holy cow alright let's just proceed on so I got some grenades that are number six which is such a weird spot for grenades I might have to start I might remap some of this stuff I don't know oh my gosh whoa whoa what the heck.

On that there he goes dosa let's.

I know this is not as accurate as I.

Would have liked that's okay.

There's someone I'm gonna be up here.

With you.

No matter what the heck what there we go.

How do I get here the fast thanks give me some bullets what the heck happened to my bullets how do we get bullets I guess I just search these things. I'm out of bullets I can't believe how out of bullets I am I'm like totally out of bullets do I find them in little.

Flowers come on lawn mower he I don't have any bullets dude I have like apparently infinite Rockets is that the deal I'll take infinite Rockets I mean that's a pretty good fun yeah bullets are in these flowers okay right no oh hold.

Reload to craft more Oh what oh okay I didn't even know dude all.

Right perfect I hope that's okay some sort of a quick crafting ability here okay stop I've had enough I'm no longer okay it is still I.

Held it for too long and it's still crafting bullets for me okay there we go let's get out of here holy cow.

I was like overwhelmed with bullets Oh sir Oh how did you search the mailbox it destroyed the mailbox okay this place looks like an interesting guy lives here.

Wow look down here look down here.

I'm gonna have to get used to searching everything rather than destroying everything it's abandoned and I can.

Destroy it right that's the philosophy behind this game what's it doing here I.

Have no computer I just did I think I. Did interesting in the lead up to the storm vendor techlabs began developing experimental weapons normally I'd find that kind of thing disturbing but these days I'm all about it all right there.

Should be some oh I just learned one.

I've already done it please have crafted so many bullets oh maybe crap more all right here we go reload more light bullets right there you go thank you.

All right let's craft a few more.

There we go we're all set March the target on your map I'm just gathering as much stuff as I can all right let's head out so I have.

So many bullets dude you don't even know all right where are we going again we have three glue head to the Atlas target is it up top I think yeah it's up top. It's pointing up top so let's go I hope it was the wise to upgrade Ramirez I'm maybe should have switched to a different hero I don't know I'm happy with her though I mean I saw her on the cutscenes I like a bond with her now right maybe we should close this it says no trespassing surely the zombies will will abide by that yeah alright don't worry.

About it if you can't you can't.

I don't know how much searching it you do but I'm sure like searching so.

Now so I have feet like these little meters on the right and it seems like if.

I if I do a certain amount of things then I'm going to like if I get enough supplies then maybe it will little what will it now give me some sort of like a bonus or something taking a look oh is this oh this is uh just paradise got blue glow this looks.

Fine it won't spin that's okay whoa.

There's the target according to the labs computers you place the Atlas on the target ad blue glow and wait yep I'm. Ready to do it place Atlas on the target what does that mean what's atlas on the target oh okay easy gofer missile place the Atlas wait for.

An attack from the West with some basic reinforcements to protect the Atlas okay this storm will be stronger than what we saw at home base.

All right so we're gonna try to put in one way to build a fort you can edit what you fill tad windows doors or to change the overall design when you're in the filled menu you can also place traps if your structure takes damage you can repair it using the same resource okay so this this is good right so an attack from the West means it's coming from here which means you know maybe I can put a door I don't know why I would put a wall but maybe I could oh that's why you put a floor it's okay so I'm gonna put brick floors I think down here theis which. Materials again sure let's just do wood floors.

All right so let's see how this ends up working for us and then I might try to put some sort of nope nope nope nope. Nope.

Okay now can I destroy this slowly but surely right all right all right all.


All right now I don't know how this is ultimately gonna work let's see what kind of traps I have oh yeah let's put some roofs so yeah just drop in a few roofs here I guess it's not so bad right.

And so we're gonna want a couple of different types of traps we got these are the electric traps assuming that these guys even get over here they may not even get over here which is amazing what button do I do with traps there we go okay.

Okay that looks good right we will.

Completely around the Atlas inside there don't forget to place traps nope all right close the door this closes a lot less easier than a built defense inside grid 12 of 16 what.

Okay nice work add blue glow to the. Atlas Open Mission Control when you're ready to begin all right so increase the difficulty for greater rewards how do I do this.

All right I don't know how to do this honestly nova required okay I don't understand here we go start objective difficulty level zero okay.

Okay I don't I don't understand how to increase the difficulty but we should be fine there goes the core temperature oh.

No need to worry.

So they all gonna be coming from this way Wow you dork oh geez no no what what happened dude my weapon broke I was asking for a shotgun all.

Right this is a little bit tough.

All right and it's rude I'm the home team its root root root for the home base please don't destroy my rants cuz it's one two three house no no.

No okay here we go let's go ahead enough throw that down. Reloading reloading wow you dorks to their baseball pitches.

Three Pitt off Wow hey hold up.

Nice leave me alone all right.

Perfect all right I feel like I'm damaging my. Own oh that.

I feel like man I should contribute some. More bullets not possible you don't tell.

Me what's possible right in there I'm gonna blow my whole face aren't I all right there we go I'm.

Kind of preparing it right.

Batters up it's what no it's not let me I built a fort yeah sure it's a bit to be beat up.

All right we got a minute left to defend this bad boy yeah I just strafe as soon as this guy starts starts throwing pitches at me holy goodness this pistol.

Is pretty awesome it's more like an Uzi though out.

All right I would sure like to do a little bit more. Thirty seconds left to go I don't know what ball rush means.

I'm trying to do my special.

All right silver combat badge I'll take it a bronze as well oh nice yeah good job.

Beautiful sky lasers that's a victory for me not too shabby right.

I got some cool stuff probably now you know I'm gonna be honest I still don't know what to do with all my loot I don't know if I switch hero types yet but that's what the comments are for you guys are gonna have a field day with the comments I know for sure so I'll be sure to let me know in the comments below what I need to do what I can do there you go there's some loot level to boot level three lutes alright so I guess we're on level three loot loot chests will open on the play screen absolutely there's some of that blue glow behind me alright home base go for hold so this is uh this is pretty good right I mean I think we did like a pretty good job today and I think so when we open this up we're gonna get more loot hero XP some gold some crap some copper ore crafting in a photo all people survivors and then what's this the only thing we need now is even the slightest understanding of what's going on exactly that's what I crave the most.

Yeah I guess so so I've done the quest page one stone wood quest page one maybe quest page two will be next episode I got so much left to do I really do how do I like upgrade inspect so I can level up available I mean can I even bring this with me crafting can I even craft it do we have what it takes yet I don't know there's so much to figure out and this came for sure so even if I level it up the question is gonna be can i craft it so let's take a look at the crafting here we go so how. Do I even know that's stealing crafting do I have what it takes crafting ingredients see I might be able to do it Lieut here we go man of great llama I'm gonna. Have to just deal with that later I think skilltree won so what do we got going on here this one we can get now too right weak point.

Vision okay and what do we get here.

Unlock squads okay what is this.

Zooom white okay did I do it or not. Okay cool but I don't know what I just did okay great squads oh my gosh so I guess I can do bigger squads or something EMT squad man okay.

Collection Book Resources that's a lot of resources I still got 15 llamas which I'll probably use maybe I'll do them next episode backpack so yeah I have the pistol here so I don't quite have what it takes no so I am lacking on upgrades here and I guess I'm lacking on upgrades on all of this stuff it seems like like even for this I don't have enough of these nuts and bolts to craft anything here so all this stuff here is stuff I already have I suppose and since I used.

Up my rocket last time it's just like totally gone I don't think there's anything I can really do about that I got bullets aplenty I got traps right so these things also. Require more materials to upgrade but this one interestingly I do have enough material to like create these traps so okay interesting for sure so this is there is somewhat of a durability here is that what I'm looking at on the on the the green bar over here is that the durability if so then yeah I can kind of understand I I may not have what it takes to keep up I might end up losing this gun and not be able to have another legendary for a while I don't really know I'm gonna have to gather some more resources and find out it's so it's kind of starting to slowly come together but right now you know we're seeing what's happening here so thank you for watching I had a great time playing to save the world uh you know story thing I am one of the founders here if you take a select game-mode I don't know what kind of is carried over in the battle royale if you take a look some of the stuff you know for forgetting that has carried over I believe if we take a look here so yeah. These guys like this guy war paint and a rose team leader I think that these have kind of carried over he's not he's from. The yeah he's from the battle paths and so she but I think some of this stuff you know we've seen but I don't want to use this yet but some of this stuff we've seen that's not one either that's not one either and neither is that but this one was this one comes for the this one comes from doing the save the world and I don't think anything. There this is not this these are not these are new these are from the anyway toilet paper anyway cancel cancel everything cancel everything anyway thanks for watching I don't know which I enjoy better I probably do a battle royale better simply because you can play like I just enjoy the PvP aspect of it better but save the world is pretty interesting getting some garden warfare like garden op style vibes a little bit with all that you know the zombies coming in but I mean that's about the only reason now there's a bunch of stuff I got a like upgrade and all like all these skill trees I got to explore they kind of hit me with it all at once and I wasn't ready for it so they didn't really ease me into it so I kind of wish I hadn't gotten any of those things initially until I was totally ready but anyway thanks for watching come back next time for some more fortnight save the world I try to run to series kind of off and on I don't know how often I play save the world but it's gonna be kind of casual I imagine I don't know depends on how well this series does if I just keep going with it so if you want to see more you know what to do like these videos subscribe you know thanks for watching goodbye I'm Zack Scott subscribe if you have not if you liked this video and want to help this channel grow all you got to do is click the like button below thank you so much for watching check out these other awesome videos follow me on Twitter and Instagram join my discord and if you want cool shirts like this visit Zack Scott dot shop you

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